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Heartwarming / Attack of the Clones

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  • Anakin and Obi-Wan's relationship is rather tense all things considered. But despite their animosities, Anakin still considers Obi-Wan "The closest thing I have to a father." Despite their differences, Anakin still considers Obi-Wan an important part of his life.
  • Yoda teaching the Younglings, and them all helping Obi-Wan, is a purely adorable scene.
    • The fact that Yoda is so accessible to his students, both past and present, that Obi-Wan can just walk into his classroom and ask for help is quite touching.
  • Even if he is understandingly scared that his former slave boy has turned into something as powerful as a Jedi, Watto seems genuinely happy to see Anakin again, almost like a crusty but funny uncle you don't see very much.
    • Anakin is clearly much less enthusiastic about the reencounter, but his politeness and amused smile at Watto's antics show that he does hold some appreciation for Watto too after all.
  • The Anakin and Padmé relationship attracts some bashing, but Padmé's Anguished Declaration of Love at the end of the film is actually a bit moving.
  • And in the picnic scene, Padmé asks Anakin if he is going to use his Jedi Mind Trick on her, but he tells her that they only work on the weak minded. While it was clearly meant as love banter, Anakin is communicating that he finds Padmé to be a strong-minded person.
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  • Jango Fett may be a ruthless bounty hunter, but you can't deny he's a very doting father to his clone, Boba Fett. Boba clearly adores him in return which makes Jango's death pretty tragic despite him having it coming.
  • Though this definitely is more of a Tear Jerker than anything else, Shmi Skywalker, after having been tortured by the Tusken Raiders, at the very least, got to see her only son one last time in her final moments.
  • The secret wedding of Padme and Anakin. Especially the close-up of Padme taking hold of his new mechanical hand.
  • While it's mostly a funny moment, Obi-Wan's interaction with the Death Sticks dealer has a bit of a heartwarming tone to it. After using a Jedi Mind Trick to convince him that he doesn't want to sell death sticks, the second thing he tells him to do is "go home and rethink your life." Here we have a Jedi Knight, a galactic peacekeeper and law enforcer approached by a drug dealer and instead of turning him in or something, he attempts to get him to walk away from his shady dealings and try to turn his life around for the better. It's easy to miss, but it makes it easy to understand why Obi-Wan is one of the most well liked characters in the Canon.
    • Behind the scenes, Daniel Logan (Boba) grew up without a father. The first thing Temuera Morrison (Jango) said to him was that their roles would be easier if they actually referred to each other as "dad" and "son" outside their characters. They've stayed in touch ever since.

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