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  • Sidon Ithano, aka the Crimson Corsair, who appears briefly in the The Force Awakens and offers Finn a job on board his ship, is fairly well-liked for his wicked cool design and appearance. It helps that he's an In-Universe Memetic Badass and A Father to His Men, who, in his Force Awakens tie-in story, willingly gives up his escape pod in a collapsing spaceship for his crew- and escapes anyway. Not to mention that his tie-in story reveals that Kix from The Clone Wars found out about Order 66 after Fives did and was captured by the Separatists, only for an accident caused him to go into cryostasis into the time of the Sequel Trilogy. A surprising number of people wished that Finn had joined Ithano's crew because of how awesome they are.
  • Dr. Aphra, Triple Zero, and Beetee, for striking a great balance between hilarious and terrifying. Became strong enough that Aphra got her own comic series with Triple Zero and Beetee as major characters, and Triple Zero and Beetee got a mini-comic of their own. Aphra also won a Hasbro poll and got her own action figure as a result, even beating out the fan favorite Ahsoka Tano.
    • Rae Sloane, the sympathetic major antagonist POV who made her first appearance butting heads with Kanan in A New Dawn, then ended up becoming a recurring character in other material including returning as a major antagonist in the Aftermath trilogy, being promoted to Grand Admiral, ending the trilogy as the founder of the First Order.
  • Eli Vanto for channeling Pellaeon as this canon's The Watson to Thrawn, as well as him being a Naïve Newcomer and Token Good Teammate.
  • Sana Starros, Han's ex-girlfriend like Bria Tharen (who was a part of the rebels that stole the Death Star plans) and Salla Zend from Legends, also implied to have been together with Aphra. Fans of the EU were let down when it turned out that she wouldn't be the female lead in the upcoming Han Solo movie.
  • Star Wars: Darth Vader characters Aiolin Astarte and General Karbin of the Cylo Directive both have some fairly decently crafted personalities and skills that make them stand out amongst the already interesting cast of Cylo Directive cyborgs trying to surpass the force through science.
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  • Star Wars Dooku: Jedi Lost character Lene Kostana made a big splash with her role as a Properly Paranoid Anti-Hero obsessed with preparing the Galaxy for a potential Sith resurgence.
  • Cultured Warrior Gardadun, Roach (a recruit struggling with substance addiction), and unhappily reactivated Imperial commander Tabor Seitaron from Battlefront: Twilight Company all made an impression on the fandom.


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