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Whether if it's a lazy beat, terrible vocals or horribly-written lyrics, not even music is immune to its faults. These, however, stand out for all the wrong reasons, so we’re listing all of them here.

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  • The entry must pertain on their performances and works. Any moments on the artist themselves will be deleted.

  • Dr Zulu 2010: I confess, I used to listen to Akon as a teen. For the most part, he didn't bother me. That is before I heard his last single, "Sexy Bitch". But, even there, I thought it could begin well. The "plot" was that Akon met a young woman at a club, heard dirty rumors about her and wants to reassure that she's not like they thought she is IE a "regular whore". So, he tries to find the nicest words to say about her without being disrespectful and what is the best thing he could say to her? "Damn you're a sexy bitch". Really!? That's the best you can come up with? There is not two other words with 3 syllabes you can come up with who will sounds less disrespectful? I guess that's why we never heard anything from him ever again.
  • Bengson 26: Enrique Iglesias may have jumped the shark with the song "Tonight (I'm Fucking You)". Just before the chorus, Enrique says he doesn't mean to be rude to a girl. What is the next line? "But tonight I'm fucking you." Enrique, this isn't romantic, this is what gets you sprayed in the face with Mace.
    • fluffything: For me, it's the implications of the song that make it a DMOS. Now, songs about sex and one-night stands are nothing new. Songs about guys hitting on girls (and vice versa) are nothing new. However, the thing is that those songs are often about trying to get the girl/guy to want to have sex with the singer. This song? Enrique is basically telling the woman in question that he's going to have sex with her no matter what. Now, while it could likely be unintentional, he's essentially singing about sexually assaulting (if not outright raping) someone. "Tonight (I'm Fucking You)" might as well be renamed "Tonight (I'm Raping You)" due to the utterly horrific and downright appalling implications the song has. I don't know who wrote the lyrics to this song (whether it be Enrique himself or anyone else), but, they really need to think about things if they believe a song where the guy outright says he's going to sexually assault the girl is attractive in any way (Hint: It's not.).
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    • Maxiboy 136: The icing on the cake is the title itself. It doesn't sound romantic - it sounds like a threat.
  • Scarlet Nebula: I had a lot of respect and sympathy for Rihanna after the abuse. Flash forward to 2012 where she does a terrible song with Chris Brown called "Birthday Cake" which is basically every sexual rap/hip hop song but it's not sexy. It's the single most disgusting track I ever heard. Rihanna, what were you thinking?
    • Yellow-Spider-Kitty: I personally feel like Birthday Cake falls into the So Bad, It's Good territory, but the part I can't even ironically tolerate is Chris Brown's part in general, add some really awful lyrics ("Girl I wanna Fuck You"), the 2009 abuse incident alone, and the over all fact that could have easily been done by another rap, makes this song leave a sour taste in my mouth.
  • TT 454: Genesis is an absolutely glorious band with a diverse discography, and almost every track they released is good. But there is just one Genesis track that I, as well as many all-era Genesis fans, consider to be awful, which is the song "Who Dunnit?" from Abacab. It is a painfully repetitive and annoying spoof song, and one of the very, very few Genesis tracks that can actually be considered poor.
  • Cabbit Girl Emi: I'm not even a fan of Mike and the Mechanics, but Paul Carrack's "Don't Shed a Tear" is easily one of the worst songs ever, or at least lyrically. The song involves him dumping his girlfriend, but the first verse makes it sound absolutely petty. He comments on how she's like a candy store making his pants tight or something among those lines. It makes him sound very hypocritical and that he only cares about getting his rocks off rather than actual love. Disgusting.
  • gene0129: The bong interlude in Waking the Cadaver's Perverse Recollections of a Necromangler was pointless and did nothing positive to add to an album I already disliked.
  • Blue Butterfly: Turbulence by Bowling For Soup. I guess we're not a fun self-parodying pop-punk band with riffs anymore. Instead it's time for soft pop-rock songs with the lyrical creativity of 'random thing is a metaphor for love'.
  • Kenya Starflight: I love Owl City to death, but did the song "Alligator Sky" really need the random rap solo in the middle? It's completely at odds with the nature of the song and of Owl City's music as a whole, and spoils the listening experience. Thank goodness there's a non-rap version of the song available as well.
  • CJ Croen 1393: Oh "Synchronicity" trilogy, you've kept your fans waiting for part three for almost three years if I'm not mistaken. And then, lo and behold, it came out! So, the fans get the happy reunion and the epic battle with the dragon they wanted! And then Rin and Len... die? That's right. They die. Really? That's how you end this? Rin never gets to see the outside world again? Len doesn't get to go home and live a long happy life with his long-lost twin? No? Our heroes just die? Well, then that's great, that's just great. This means we waited up to three years, just to have yet another song where the twins die.
  • This1person: Miley Cyrus's performance on MTV's music video awards. The song itself is lackluster at worst, but Miley air-humping, spanking other people's asses, and twerking were the most disgusting parts about that performance because it contains some disturbing implications on maturity of females. Of course, Hitler is not very enlightened at this turn of events.
  • bisonx: Brentalfloss's Contra WITH LYRICS video. It's not a bad video, and it's rather catchy, but what really bugs me is when he says the "R" powerup stands for "rarely helpful", when the powerup actually gives you rapid shots to your gun in the game. To top it all off, he sings more about the Konami Code as the song's chorus rather than the game itself.
  • Heartland 86: Celtic Thunder is my favorite group, but they seem to be going downhill since George passed away. Their newest album, The Very Best of Celtic Thunder, is a collection of their greatest hits, but with the two newest members mixed in with the original recording. I haven't heard all of it, but the version of Heartland, which is my favorite piece of music ever, sounds quite odd. It starts out as the version from The Show, but then in the second chorus, Emmett O'hanlin's voice comes in, and it is not mixed properly. The other guys are singing normally, but Emmett is singing in a very operatic voice, and it sounds like he is singing with the radio rather than as part of the group. I heard it on Youtube, so I thought it was someone's homemade video they made of them singing with the CD. It just sounds really weird.
  • Brony Of The Octaves: Linkin Park's new approach to music following A Thousand Suns with albums Living Things and The Hunting Party. Not trying to sound like someone who will complain about how they change their style of music, but it feels like the band has lost their touch, the creative flow and experimentation that was present on Meteora, Hybrid Theory, and even a bit of Minutes to Midnight. I usually can enjoy a band despite changing in a different direction (I liked ATS around the time I was getting into NIN), but with Living Things, it felt like a huge step backwards. Mike's rapping doesn't even have "flow" or "rhythm" to it, it just feels like he raps for the sake of rapping. While The Hunting Party is alright at best, it still feels weak in compared to other albums, feel generic. It doesn't help the band knows this and has even thrown a Take That! to those who feel that don't like their style on an ATS song called "When They Come For Me". It's like "Really? The reason people want you to return to your old style is because that's what you were best at, now you just sound as generic as everything else". I know some people love Linkin Park's new style, but for me, it just sounds like they've become Linkin Park In Name Only.
  • neonhitch: While I wouldn't call myself a hardcore fan of her, I do enjoy my fair share of Nicki Minaj music from time to time. I personally have no interest in becoming a female rapper, though I feel that the majority of her music is great. There was even a time last year when I thought that every song of hers was, in its own way, a masterpiece. That is, until she released 'Anaconda.' I cannot tell you how upset I was about the song 'Anaconda' and the music video. All that she's really even doing is twerking, and basically saying "fuck the skinny bitches," repeatedly near the end. I couldn't stand that. I myself am skinny and was very offended by this - wasn't she skinny before she got plastic surgery? That, and the fact that a great artist like her would waste her time on such a thing. At least in other videos, she didn't make everything about her and her posterior! I haven't been as big of a fan of her music since then, and the last song that I actually heard from her or where she is featured is 'Feeling Myself,' which was just okay in my opinion.
  • Maths Angelic Version: I've enjoyed the Evillious Chronicles story in spite of my general dislike for dark works and overly complicated plots. However, the end of "Wooden Girl ~Thousand Year Wiegenlied~" triggered the long overdue onset of Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy and Angst Aversion. It starts off cute and heartwarming: Michaela is a forest spirit who befriends an outcast, Clarith. Michaela is turned human and enjoys spending time with Clarith. Shortly afterwards, disaster strikes, and Michaela is killed despite Clarith's attempt at keeping her safe. This is not too bad out of context. The disaster isn't a Diabolus ex Machina, and there's no obvious time at which Michaela is doomed by idiotic decisions. However, it was the last straw. It made me realize that if mothy creates something beautiful, he'll just cruelly destroy it in no time. The series will just be a lot of suffering and crushed hopes, so what is the point of caring about anything that happens in it? And if there is something to care about, why should I get invested in it when it will just make me sad in the end? I still enjoy the songs, though.
  • Heavy Metal Snail: Speedin' Bullet 2 Heaven will probably go down in history as the nadir of Kid Cudi's long fall from grace. Between the amateurish and dull instrumentation, painfully bad singing, cringeworthy lyrics and unnecessary length, it easily solidifies itself as one of the worst releases from a mainstream artist in a long time. However, the absolute worst moment comes not from the aforementioned problems but rather from the Beavis and Butthead skit that comes at the end of the song "Men in the Night." Not only does it go on far too long and is not that funny to boot, the worst aspect of it is that most of the dialogue is talking about how "cool" the song was and praising both Kid Cudi and the album. This would be bad even on a decent album but on an album as bad as this, it becomes especially irritating because after listening to some awful music, you have annoying characters talk about how great it is. Even worse, this is repeated several times throughout the album. It comes across as extremely masturbatory and self-congratulating, especially in an album as wretched as this.
  • Maths Angelic Version: "The Christmas Shoes" could have been a sweet, if sentimental song about a guy who learns the value of selflessness by helping a poor boy. It starts off okay. The main character stands in a line and sees the poor boy in front of him trying to buy a pair of shoes for his mother. The DMoS is when it turns out that the boy's mother has "been sick for quite a while" and has very little time left, which means that she might not even make it through that day. This turns what could have been a cute song into something that's just nasty:
    1. The boy emphasizes that his mother will look beautiful in the shoes, because apparently beauty is important to a poor dying mother. He talks about her looking good for Jesus, but I'm pretty sure Jesus isn't the kind of person who'd care about someone's lack of pretty shoes - especially not when that someone has perfectly valid reasons for not having any! Another problem with this is that a dying person usually isn't a pretty sight anyway, and a pair of shoes won't do much to help.
    2. The Skewed Priorities. First, the boy is poor, and he wastes what little money he has on shoes his family doesn't need. Second, his mother has very little time left, and he wastes time buying shoes instead of spending time with her?! Third, the protagonist sees nothing wrong with this. Even if the little boy doesn't understand that what he's trying to do is stupid, the protagonist - a grown man - should gently point it out.
    3. After telling the story, the protagonist focuses on how the experience affected him. He seemingly doesn't care what happens to the boy after his mother passes away, which makes his (the protagonist's) compassion look shallow.
    4. The main character says that God sent the little boy to teach him what Christmas is all about. So a poor boy's mother suffers for a long time before finally dying at Christmas of all times, but God is fine with that because some random guy learned a lesson.
  • Mew Lettuce Rush: P!nk's song "Please Don't Leave Me" was a major DMOS once I came to the realization that it was basically glorified Domestic Abuse from the perpetrator no less! ( the line "you're my perfect little punching bag" makes me throw up in my mouth now in particular). If the song were sung by a male it would have never become popular much less been made. While she is generally a talented artist with some truly great songs, I don't ever want to listen to this one again.
  • cricri3007: I've listened to a few of Dan Bull 's raps and I really liked them. Sure, his "Battlefield 1 vs Infinite Warfare" rap "battle" was disappointingly one-sided, but I've found worse. His Overwatch Rap is simply bad. Not for a lack of trying, mind you, but rapping about 21 different characters in less than four minutes just wasn't possible. So we get a rap that's too fast and where each characters only get 1 brief line. It's more confusing than awesome.
  • IAmNotAFunguy: The music video for Beyonce's song "Formation" is one that puts me over the edge as someone with a profound support of law enforcement. The video shows Beyonce sitting on top of a half-submerged police car, and at one point shows a young black man pointing a gun at sever officers while their hands are up and they are standing against a wall with graffiti reading "Stop shooting us!" This song and video was a response to incidents where young black males like Michael Brown and Tamir Rice were shot and killed by police officers, but 95% of these cases were the result of these young men acting like thugs and attempting something violent against the police officers on scene. Beyonce herself as well as her husband Jay-Z clearly ignore this fact, and she designed the song and music video specifically to vilify all of America's police officers and picture them as nothing but armed assassins out to execute African American males.
  • esq263: Band-Aid's "Do They Know It's Christmas". Just because it's a charity song doesn't mean it should get a free pass, especially when it includes something downright offensive. It's bad enough that it gives a one-dimensional portrayal of the second-largest continent in the world, which is condescending in itself, but then, after discussing the hardships the people who live there encounter, it includes the line "Well tonight thank God it's them instead of you." Right, let's all get down on our knees and thank God that other people are starving, suffering, and dying instead of us.
  • Allthegoodnames: Daft Punk typically make truly fresh and creative dance music with clever use of samples. However, they have one tragic exception: "Robot Rock." This track barely even qualifies as a song. The entire track consists only of a 5-ish second loop taken (with no alterations or anything) from the song "Release the Beast" by obscure 80s funk band Breakwater, overlaid with a voice saying "ROCK. ROBOT ROCK." over and over again. That's it. There's no attempt at transforming or remixing the material - it's just a loop of somebody else's song, republished under the Daft Punk name. How lazy can you get?
  • Yellow-Spider-Kitty: I find Future's works decent, but his song Karate Chop has an incredibly awful lyric by the guest artist Lil Wayne, the lyric is simply "Beat the pussy up like Emmett Till", seeing how brutal Emmett Till's death was, the lyric is Main/Squick at best and rather depressing at worst.
  • BlahaIsAFraud : Rebirth by Lil Wayne, a half-assed attempt at rock music from a legendary rapper. He recovered from this with later works but Rebirth has gone down in history as an atrocious album.
  • Melancholy Utopia: I voted Katy Perry's "I Kissed a Girl" as my most hated song... until Meghan Trainor's "All About That Bass" came along and beat it by 100 miles. I really can't stand this song. It was to the point I sadistically enjoyed Bart Baker ripping it apart, someone I otherwise don't really like. But enough prolonging, and let me explain why it's terrible; 1) I would like to make it perfectly clear that, as a skinny girl, I have absolutely no problem with songs about positive big body image, but only if the girl is naturally a bit bigger and tries to work out. A good example of this kind of song is MIKA's "Big Girls", which I often mention as a body image positivity song done right. What I do have a problem with is saying skinny girls are undesirable because they don't have big butts. I have a small butt myself. But apparently I'm undesirable because boys only want to grab onto some meat. Then again, why should I care? Oh, right; because the song mentions that twice. ("'Cause I got that boom boom that all the boys chase, all the right junk in all the right places", "She said that boys like a little more booty to hold at night"). So, basically, you're saying I should only have a big body to make guys horny? Is that it? You're not supposed to make your body look good for yourself? I'm not a person, just a hunk of flesh meant to be a sex object? Okay. 2) Meghan Trainor isn't even that fat. She's one of the last people on Earth who should be singing this song, and try to be a representative of those girls who actually have a problem with their weight. 3) The version of the song on Just Dance 2016 has lyrics which are a 100 times better and more on point. Couldn't this have been the official version instead? Then I would have tolerated it, at least. 4) I've never seen a song which lyrics contradict themselves so much all at once. She sings: "Tell them skinny bitches that, nah I'm just playing, I know you think you're fat, but I'm here to tell you every inch of you is perfect from the bottom to the top"... oh, really now? Didn't you just say a second ago being chubby is the ideal body form? So we who are skinny have too little flesh on our bones, but we're also perfect somehow? Mind Screw at its finest.
    • cartoonnetworkfan: I think "All About That Bass" is pretty insufferable as well, but if there's another song she was involved in that's infinity times worse than that one, it's "Marvin Gaye" by Charlie Puth. First of all, the production of the song does not sound remotely like Marvin Gaye. It's just the same old doo-wop production that Meghan Trainor uses in most of her other songs. Second, the name drops of Marvin Gaye songs come off as incredibly awkward, especially the "Mercy Mercy Me" line (which if I'm correct, is a song about the environment, not sex). Finally, it uses the same "let's get it on" cliche that a song one year before used. Never has a song been this unsexy since "Afternoon Delight" and "Muskrat Love".
    • rage24: A lot of her songs are pretty awful, but "Me Too" has to be the most obnoxious. It's 3 minutes of her singing about how awesome she, that's it. The chorus is literally "If I was you, I'd want to be me too, I'd want to be me too, I'd want to be me too" x2.
  • Scsigs: I've officially changed my choice from Simple Plan to Fall Out Boy, though I don't know the rules about general pages rather than the individualized ones. If I could list both, that'd be great, but I can't, so here we go. I'd also list All Time Low here if I could. Fall Out Boy used to be a great band. I've grown to love their music from their first 4-5 albums. However, that's where my love for their music stops. I like a few songs from AB/AP, but the album doesn't hold a candle to their previous work at all. Now we have MANIA, which is even worse. I've sampled each song, but they all suck. They're either bland, or offensively bad. Now, the band has delved into Pop before and electronics, plus have brought on Rap artists before. However, those were all in service to their music, since it was experimentation in mixing these elements with Punk and Alternative Rock to create an entirely new and fresh sound. Here, they're just noise with bad production values. I don't even know what they were thinking. On top of this, 'Young & Menace' was something that should've been ejected from the album entirely and spun off into its own promo single, not just simply moved down the tracklist (you can claim iTunes got that wrong all you want, guys, but we all know you moved it down the setlist because you realized you were overstepping your bounds on how far people will support your shitty Pop music) because it was bad. Only the most hardened FOB fans would defend a shitty song like that. MANIA is their worst album by far, but that's not even the end of it. They also try so hard to cater to the Millennials & Gen Z-ers in their audience because in their music video for 'Wilson (Expensive Mistakes)', they shamelessly use fidget spinners and other memes. You read right, fucking fidget spinners. On top of that, the line "I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color" is a line Pete wrote just to get emo kids to say, "he's so right" because it's relatable to them, pandering at its absolute shameless. They are trying way too hard to stay relevant in these times. Then there's just the repeated lines and lyrics that they run into the ground on each song, it's ridiculous how repetition does not make songs sound good. I don't care what the fangirls say. This is Fall Out Boy's Jumping the Shark moment. 2018 is where the band's spirit has finally died after being creatively bankrupt since Save Rock & Roll came out. They're repeating every single mistake they made in the 2000s; the constant touring, music making, merch stuff (even more now than back then), promo deals, Pop shifting, whatever. A band isn't meant to shift sounds like this, or be this kind of money-making machine, or be run into the ground like this this fast. It leads to creative and physical burnout, which, frankly, they already hit in 2009, so I don't know what anyone expected after their reformation. I hope they finally put the band to rest again, permanently. Work on other projects, take a break, have lives. Just do something other than be on this sunk ship, please. Your music's only getting worse and I don't think you guys care to make it better. Yeah, Fall Out Boy is dead.
  • Sampa CM: To me it's the song "I Begin to Wonder" by Dannii Minogue: The song is not that bad, but my DMOS comes from the video: Ther is a part where Dannii is dancing in front of a black screen, while a bunch of Neon letters float around her; I'm assuming the letters read "I Begin To Wonder" in different languages: French, Portuguese, Arabic, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, you name it. It's cool and all, except for one detail... They forgot Spanish! How could you not include Spanish in an otherwise nice presentation? "I begin to wonder, in that language, would read "Empiezo a preguntarme", and, as Hispanic, I felt so offended to have been excluded like that.
  • Vanilla Lime: I might get hate for this, but I had to get this one off my chest. I find Donald Glover AKA Childish Gambino's "This is America" to be the most overhyped song of 2018. Though I found its music video to be alright and its cinematography to be really neat, if you take the video away, the song is just another generic mumble rap piece. I don't care if it's suppose to be satire on mumble rappers or not, if your song needs a music video to make sense, your song is not a good one. I respect Glover, but this has to be one of my least favorite things he's done.
  • A Haunted Mind: To me, the Culture Club song "God, Thank You Woman" flies far past being just a narmy, mediocre Silly Love Song from a So Okay, It's Average album and goes straight into DMOS territory. Why, you ask? Because of the fact that the lyrics specifically use the word "woman", when almost all previous songs had used the term "lover" to be neutral towards all sexualities. As a bi dude, this was very disappointing to hear back in the 80's and almost wrecked my fandom of the band, which I didn't get over until the mid 90's.
  • A Haunted Mind: I think Dead or Alive is a perfectly serviceable group (not a huge fan, but I don't hate 'em either) - but I just can't ignore the lyrics of "Brand New Lover". The speaker wants to leave someone because they're too nice? Never thought I'd ever see a song with a Designated Hero, but there you go. To add insult to injury, it completely goes against the lyrics of their other songsnote , being the musical equivalent of a Big-Lipped Alligator Moment. On the other hand, the instrumental is insanely catchy, so just listen to that instead.


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