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Hi, my username is Unicorndance, and I am a troper.

If you're wondering why most of the work pages I made are for kids' books, fanfiction, and video games, it's because those works are easier to take in in one setting, so it's simply easier.

     Tropes that apply to me 

Works I like.

  • Sailor Moon
  • Tokyo Mew Mew: However, I only like the English dub, which is called Mew Mew Power, because I do not speak Japanese.
     Comic Books 
     Comic Strips 
     Live Action TV 
  • All the songs from Songdrops except for Dead Armadillo, You Turn My Pinkies Blue, any of the serious/relaxing songs, The Wheels on the Bus are Falling Off, The Duck Song 1, Lazy Saturday Afternoon, and Tarantulas (but I like the nicer version).
  • I Don't Want to Cry.
  • Do the Barbie.
  • Most songs by Judy Pancoast
  • "High Hopes" (not the new one, the one about the rubber tree plant)
     Video Games 
     Western Animation 

     Tropes I've Launched 

     Work Pages I've Created