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Paul Dooley (born Paul Lee Brown; February 22, 1928 in Parkersburg, West Virginia) is an American actor, writer and comedian. He is best known for his roles in Breaking Away, Popeye, and Sixteen Candles.

A cartoonist in his youth, Dooley began seeking work as an actor after graduating from West Virginia University, also working at the time as a clown. He was a cast member in The Second City around the same time as Alan Alda and Alan Arkin, and also helped to create the Edutainment Show The Electric Company (1971), serving as head writer in its first season.

Dooley has been married twice, previously to Donna Lee Wasser and since 1984 to writer and producer Winnie Holzmann, the creator of My So-Called Life. He has three children with Wasser, while his daughter with Holzmann, Savannah Dooley, is a writer and producer who co-created the TV adaptation of Huge.

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