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Film / Last Rites

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and God help anyone who paid to see it in cinemas, according to Roger Ebert.

A 1988 thriller which marks Donald P. Bellisario's big-screen debut as a writer-director. And his farewell.Tom Berenger is a Sexy Priest with ties to The Mafia.

Tropes found in this work:

  • The Bad Guys Win: By the end, Michael has renounced his vows - choosing his family, turning over the treacherous Angela to his sister Zena, who kills Angela and her accomplice... Michael and Zena drive off together back to the US.
  • Evil Is Sexy: Angela isn't as innocent she seems.
  • Forbidden Fruit: In the form of a sexy Mexican woman called Angela who comes into Father Michael afraid for her life; she's barely escaped a hit on her and her lover Gino. Unfortunately, Michael's brother-in-law Gino isn't so lucky, getting killed by wronged wife Zena when she catches them in the act. Father Michael tries to protect her, cue crisis between his heart and.... mind, as they eventually wind up in Mexico.
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  • Ms. Fanservice: Angela.
  • Ooh, Me Accent's Slipping: Daphne Zuniga as Angela, according to Ebert,