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    Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 

Playable Characters

The male lead. He's a good boy, but usually gets ahead of himself

The female lead. A kind and cheerful girl who dreams of becoming a Craftknight.

Guardian Beasts

  • Schrödinger's Player Character: Following a questionnaire at the beginning which determines which Beast is summoned, it's revealed to be the same Beast that Shintetsu knew.


A Mechanoid-type that can't speak in the language of humans, but it acknowledges its master as a close friend and always supports him/her.


Shintetsu one promised this Fairy-type Beast to be the fiance of his son, and she is very excited about it (even if it turns out he had a daughter instead).


A young Oni-type King who, for some reason, highly respects Amariss.


A dog-like Beast-type creature that's as smart as a dog. It doesn't take to humans easily, but it loves its master and the people around him/her.



A fellow apprentice in the Silver Guild, Sanary is the younger sister of Master Kouren, the Craftlord of Ruby.

  • Defrosting Ice Queen: She progressively changes into a more typical Tsundere.
  • Go-Go Enslavement: Sanary is victim of this at one point, being dressed up as a Meido. You can watch her serving some enemy soldiers (and secretly enjoying herself since the outfit is cute); and if you keep on observing rather than fighting the enemies right away, the post-battle banter will be hilarious.
  • Lethal Chef: Rescuing Sanary from soldiers has her attempt at cooking attack you in a Boss Battle.

Varil (ヴァリラ)

The son of Libody, the Gold Guild's head. Often referred to as a genius, he is even more arrogant than Chaves.

  • Jerk with a Heart of Gold
  • The Lancer: He tends to act as the second person in charge when he and the protagonist are together. And he uses spears.
  • The Rival: Varil declares himself this to the main character in the first game.


Bron's niece, Razzy dresses as a boy because she believes she needs to act masculine to be a good Craftknight.


  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Chaves has a large muscle bound frame four times the square area of any other human opponent. He is stupidly easy to beat, and the second time you fight him, he can be killed in a few hits. To make things worse, his BFS is no harder for the player character to use than a basic axe.
  • Sore Loser: He claims your victory was because of your Guardian Beast, despite the fact that he didn't summon his. Bonus points if you didn't actually use your Beast in this battle.


  • Internal Reformist: One late game conversation with Kenon has him give this as his reason for remaining in the Gold Guild.
  • Worthy Opponent: Kenon is very respectful and notes his loss was due to the player character being better than them. This is a sharp (and explicitly noted) contrast to the rest of the gold guild.

Ariel & Mariel

Twin sisters.


Shintetsu (シンテツ)

The former great Craftlord of Iron, and the father of Cleru/Pratty.

  • Chick Magnet: His kid got it from somewhere. Amariss, Kouren, and Sugar (assuming she was his Guardian Beast) all fell for him.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: It's clear he died doing something heroic, but it's vague as to what. He put his soul into four swords to seal Parista, giving his life so his Guardian Beast didn't have to.
  • Posthumous Character


A Craftlord that respects Shintetsu, and is a dependable teacher to his son/daughter.





  • Ill Girl: Rumari is cursed with a perpetual 'heat disease' and must while away the remainder of her days in a quiet little town.



Sanary's older brother, and the Craftlord of Ruby.

  • The Mourning After: Though they weren't in a relationship, she never fully recovered from Shintetsu's death.

Other Characters

Master Bron

The owner of the Silver Guild, and a good friend of Shintetsu.


Cleru/Pratty's mother, and the late Shintetsu's wife.

  • Almighty Mom: Despite appearing like an ordinary house wife, she has all the connections and knows all the tidbits required to help out from the sidelines.


Libody's aide.


The owner of the Gold Guild, and Varil's father.


A Summon Beast of Fire that wants revenge against Shintetsu.

    Summon Night: Swordcraft Story 2 

Playable Characters

Edgar Colthearts (Ejji Korutohātsu)

Aera Colthearts (Ea Korutohātsu)

Guardian Beasts

EX-e-LD (イグゼルド, Iguzerudo)




Other Characters

Graham Colthearts

The father of Edgar/Aera.

Blaire (Berg)

The leader of the Craftknights in Cliff Village, and a friend of the late Graham Colthearts.

Orin (Oruka)

Blaire's son.

Tatiana (Tatan)

Blaire's daughter.


The main character's best friend. He's truly a stray summon creature that was rescued by Lynn.

  • Fighting Your Friend: Despite their different sides, he and the protagonist consider each other friends.
  • Noble Demon: He may be working against you, but he tends to fight fair. He's outright disgusted by some of Gedharm's unscrupulous methods, even scaring him off to keep you safe.
  • Not Quite Dead: It seems like he dies in a Monoshift blast, but he shows up again later.

Lynn (Rinri)

A summon creature pretending to be a human living in Cliff Village, living with Ryouga as his sister.

Nina Nina (Nīnya Nīnya)

A summoner whose body was stolen by Passeau, leaving her as just a spirit.

Passeau (Pasuu)

The Summon Spirit that stole Nina's body, she fights against the last Edge Fencer due to having a crush on Ryouga.

Toumei (トウメイ, Toumei)

A Summon Creature from Silturn.

Gabriel (Gabrio)

The leader of a group of humans and summon creatures known as the Wind Brigade.

Xeride (Zelied)

A mechanoid soldier, and Gabriel's best friend.

Gedharm Camcarossa (Gedō Kamukarossa)


An ancient evil that is released by Ryouga early in the story.


    Summon Night: Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari no Ishi 

Ritchburn (リッチバーン, Ricchibān) / Retchie (リッチー, Ricchī)

The male protagonist.

Rifmonica (リフモニカ, Rifumonika) / Rif (リフ, Rifu)

The female protagonist.

Alternative Title(s): Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2, Summon Night Craft Sword Monogatari Hajimari No Ishi


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