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YMMV / Summon Night: Swordcraft Story

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  • Complete Monster: Master Lubert is a traitorous and greedy man whose lust for power would lead him to a series of reprehensible crimes. Working with the army nation Deigleya, Lubert secretly helped them attack and invade Wystern in order to control the ancient monster Parista. Blackmailing fellow Craftlord Ureska to his cause, he forced him to help hide his secret and eliminate anyone who might find out about it. Once the main character and their friends catch wind to this, Lubert orders Ureska to kill them only to commit suicide after losing to them due to guilt and to free his family from Lubert. With Parista about to awaken from his seal Lubert makes his final move to kill the main characters himself. Defeated, he laughs off the ideals of the heroes and calls Ureska a useless fool for following him despite it was him who coerced him in to doing it. All of this leads to Parista awakening and unleashing monsters around the town, with Lubert being the first victim.
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  • Scrappy Weapon: Swords, ironically enough. Despise the constant presence of swords in the theme of the game, and every dialog mentioning weapons relegate the swords as Jack-of-All-Trades, gameplay-wise they're the worst weapon-type that you can work with. They're astoundingly fragile in comparison to about everything else, their damage and DPS is outdone by spears, knuckles and drills not too long into the plot. To wit, as you progress through the sword techs, they start to veer into the Broadsword subtype exclusively, meaning they'll be as slow and heavy as axes, but without the resistance and the damage output that these got. Thankfully, both sequels remedy this situation thoroughly.

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