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    Summon Night 


Aya Higuchi

Aya is a high school student from a different human world, and a member of the student council. She was summoned to Lyndbaum after hearing a voice that asked her to save Lyndbaum.

Hayato Shindo
Hayato is the captain of the basket club in high school. He is always positive, and is the type that acts first and thinks later.

  • Ho Yay: In a poll to decide the which ending would be animated in the special DVD that came with the Nintendo DS version, Kir was chosen as the partner for him in the “romantic” ending.

Natsumi Hashimoto

In high school, Natsumi was in the Volleyball Club. She starts out very confused and insecure about his situation, but gradually comes to comprehend and love Lyndbaum.

Touya Fukazaki

Touya belongs to the Kendo Club in high school, and is also the vice-president of the student council. His specialty in Kendo is the Do Uchi (a slash at the torso). He has a very realistic and technical way to deal with anything. He believes that no one can go against fate, but he also believes that one has to become an adult in order to decide their own destiny.


Cassis Servolt

Cassis is a very energetic young girl. She is very talkative and friendly, but this could be a problem because, sometimes, she talks too much.

Claret Servolt
A very mysterious young girl that suddenly appears before the main character and his friends, she start to live together with the Flat Gang to help the protagonist to find a way back home.

Kir Servolt

A quiet person that has a hard time relating with those around him. It’s difficult for him to show his emotions, which is why he isn’t good with facial expressions.

Sol Servolt

He is the “silent-type”, A little dense, he is the kind that often loses the right time to say something. He actually is a very kind young man.

The Flat Gang




An orphan that grew up alongside Lipre in the same orphanage. They are always together and have a couple-like relationship. His trouble-maker personality made him end up as a thief, much to Lipre’s dismay.

He appears briefly in Summon Night 4, vacationing with the other Orphans before Fizz and Rami go missing. Originally mistaken for a kidnapper due to his appearance, he ends up fighting a real group of kidnappers that show up.


An orphan abandoned at the front door of the house that would become an orphanage, and the Flat Gang hideout, in the future. She grew along Gazel, and the two are inseparable.

In Summon Night 4, she, Gazel, and the orphans are taking one last trip together before Rami is adopted by the Lorange family.


One of the orphans that had lived in the Flat hideout. He hates the fact that he is very weak, and dreams of becoming a strong warrior like Leid, so that he could protect his family.

In Summon Night 4, he is working as an apprentice for the Freedom Knights.


An orphan that grew along with her sister Rami in a orphanage that is actually a hideout for a group of bandits called Flat Gang.

In Summon Night 4, she is now a teenager, but still a prankster tomboy. When she learns about Rami's impending adoption, which would separate the two, she attempts to run away with her but ends up in trouble.


Rami is a very shy and innocent orphan that was raised by the Flat Gang crew.

In Summon Night 4, she gets interested in the art of summoning and gets some lessons with the first game’s main character. Her affinity for the art leads to her adoption by the Lorange family.


Wizell Caliburn

A famous and powerful Craftknight.

Summon Night 3 reveals that he was one of Ordreik’s allies, not to mention a very skilled swordsman. It is unknown if he is still working for the Colorless Faction by the time the first game takes place.

Ordreik Servolt
Ordreik's Summon Night 3 outfit
The leader of the Colorless Faction. Wishes to gain the power of the Demon Lord, but his initial ritual was imperfect, leading the the main protagonist being summoned to Lyndbaum along with only part of the Demon Lord. Entrusts his offspring to take responsibility for the failed ritual and watch over the human, while he is busy attempting to summon the Demon Lord's other half.

In Summon Night 3, his plans were to restore the ruins on the Forsaken Island to become a god.


The leader of the Optius Gang. He's also Ordreik's bastard son, who becomes the vessel for the Demon Lord's other half.

Demon Lord

The Supreme leader of the Demon race from Sapureth. His power is feared by all, and he was considered a god even in his homeland.


    Summon Night 2 


The male protagonist.

The female protagonist.



One of the Demon Kings from Sapureth. He is extremely powerful and was feared as “The Spawn of Madness”. However, his summoning contract locks him into a child-like form.


A normal fox that gathered Mana and became a humanoid Youkai because she wished to play with humans.





A mercenary that rescued Keina, and fell in love with her. His true identity is Fordyend L. Affinities, prince of the Saint Kingdom.

  • Faking the Dead: Fordyend was announced dead by sickness, freeing Forte from his unwanted obligations.


Keina's little sister, who was summoned to Lyndbaum to be one of the Elgo guardians.


A Shrine Maiden from Silturn that wished to be reunited with her sister Kaina, and got her wish at the cost of her memories. Forte found and took care of her, leading her to fall in love with him.

Lu Afrarn
Lu Afrarn
The last survivor of the Afrarn clan, one of the few famous families of summoners to not become nobility, instead living in secret inside the Forbidden Forest so they could guard the barrier that seals demons there. Lu had been raised by her now-deceased grandmother and lived her whole life inside the forest, talking like a child even at adult age.

Mei-Mei's Summon Night 3 outfit
A fortune teller with a sweet tooth and a love for sake.

Minis Mahn

A snob little lady from the Yellow Faction, first appearing in the light novel “To The Place Where You Should Return” (帰るべき場所へ, kaeru beki bashou e). In Summon Night 2, she crosses paths with the protagonist and quickly becomes friends with Yuel.

Minis also appears in Summon Night 3, investigating the Forsaken Island together with her friends.

  • Heroic Bastard: "Summon Night 2 ~ My One And Only Prince" reveals that her mother, Famy, had been lovers with King Sufort, but kept things secret due to their different stations.

Nesty Bask

The adopted son of Rail Bask – one of the masters in the Blue Faction. He is a very cold, intellectual and responsible person.

    Summon Night 2 ~ My One And Only Prince (Light Novel) 

Diminye L. Affinities

Appeared only in the light novel "Summon Night 2 ~ My One And Only Prince". The princess of Saint Kingdom, and Forte's sister.


The son of the knight that took care of Forte, and Forte's best friend. Although he and Diminye are in love with each other, he mainly enters the tournament in order to request the official formation of the Freedom Knights.

  • Keep the Reward: Wins the tournament, but declines Diminye's hand in marriage, not wanting to force her into it.

Sufort L. Affinities

The king of Saint Kingdom, and a legitimate decedent of the original King of Elgo.

  • I Have No Son!: Pronounced Fordyend dead out of disappointment, instead of just granting them freedom.
  • Not So Different: To Forte; particularly, Forte and Keina's love reminds Sufort of himself and Famy.

    Summon Night 3 


Aty's Summon Night 5 outfit
The female heroine.

Rexx's Summon Night 5 outfit
The male hero.


Alieze Martini

Belfraw Martini

Nup Martini

Will Martini


Please refer to her entry in the Summon Night 2 folder.




Ordreik Servolt

Please refer to his entry in the Summon Night folder.

Wizell Caliburn

Please refer to his entry in the Summon Night folder.

    Summon Night 4 



The female protagonist.


The male protagonist.

Dragon Children


The male dragon child.


The female dragon child.


The dragon child of Ambiguous Gender.



Please refer to his entry in the Summon Night folder.


An Arozaid, which is the term used for half-breeds of both human and Summoned Beast descent.

  • Half-Human Hybrid: Her mother was a High Fairy summoned from Maetropa, and her father was a musician.

Gian Crastof
An Arozaid, whose family was involved with the Colorless Faction.

Guardian Dragon

The Solstice Dragon that guarded Lawsburg castle. He later reincarnated into the Dragon Child that the protagonist partners with.

Luchell (Refer to the Summon Night Ex-These folder)


Please refer to her entry in the Summon Night 2 folder.

    Summon Night 5 



The male protagonist.


The female protagonist.

Partner Forms

Loreilal’s Great Giant – Steel Hero Dy-Tho-Ter
He is a reliable little brother and is always willing to help the protagonist.

Ninja Commander Kagerou
He is a bit impulsive sometimes but is a honest and good little brother. Since he never wants to be set apart from the lead, he is always following the protagonist, and they are always together.

The World Warp War heroine – Maetropa’s Guardian Beast Pariet
She is a spoiled little sister that always wants to be together with the protagonist. She is not used to words and usually doesn't talk much, but she has a habit of waving her arms whenever she needs to express her feelings. Therefore, it is easy to know what she is thinking.

Archangel of the Halo Spiniel
The type of little sister that is very shy and gets easily embarrassed. Nevertheless, when the subject is the protagonist, she suddenly gets very obstinate and powerful.

Playable Characters


Calis Noirarm

A descendant of Elzine Noirarm, a character from Summon Night 1 and 2.

Cyda Afrarn

A descendant of Lu Afran, from Summon Night 2.

Ruelly Kamishiro







Aty (Refer to the Summon Night 3 folder)

Clesea Kamishiro

Erst Brattern





Ghift Brattern



Lorah (Laura)

Luchell (Refer to the Summon Night Ex-These folder)





Luchell's new familiar.







Rexx (Refer to the Summon Night 3 folder)




    Summon Night 6 





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