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    Introduced in NES Open Tournament Golf 


A professionally ranked golfer, and the hardest character to beat in the game.

  • Adaptational Badass: In Super Mario Kodansha Volume 13, Billy has super-strength, something that wasn’t mentioned or shown in the original game.
  • Silver Fox: It’s implied he’s an older gentleman, but he looks great for age.


An amateur golfer that can be challenged in match play.


A beginner ranked golfer. The player can play against him in the "bet on 1 hole" mode if they have $500, as well as challenge him in match play.

  • Regional Bonus: Only appears in the NA version, but unlike Mark, is the only character within the game to not make an appearance in any Japanese-released game.
  • Shout-Out: His name may be a reference to Steve Miles, one of two men who localized the game for the NA market.


A semi-professional ranked golfer, and the second-hardest character to beat after Billy.

  • Adaptational Personality Change: In volume 13 of the Super Mario Kodansha Manga, he has a habit of flaunting his wealth in order impress others, and he eventually proposes to Princess Daisy and Peach. Nothing in the original game implies he was rich, a show off, or in love with either princess.
  • Shout-Out: Tony’s name could be a reference to Tony Harman, one of two men who localized the game for the game for the NA Market.

    Introduced in Mario Golf (N64) 

Voiced by: Jessica Chisum
One of the first playable golfers in the game, and a generally well-balanced golfer.
  • Adaptation Dye-Job: Perhaps due to color limitations, she has red hair instead of brown when she appears in the GBC version.
  • Ascended Extra: Plum was the only original character from Mario Golf to get her own trophy in Super Smash Bros. Melee, and was a sticker in Super Smash Bros. Brawl.
  • Demoted to Extra: In spite of being of the first playable in the original game, with her having the first character slot on the character select screen, she only made a cameo in the dictionary for the GBC (Game Boy Color) release of the game. That being said, that’s than more the other original characters ever got.
  • Ms. Exposition: She explains what terms mean in the golf glossary.
  • Previous Player-Character Cameo: Only playable in the N64 game, but shows up to explain terms to the player in the GBC version.
  • "Silly Me" Gesture: Her Bogey animation has her hit her head softly with her hand and look at the camera.


A teenager who is possibly trying to become a great golfer, similar to Plum. He is also a starting character along with Peach, Plum, and Baby Mario.

Voiced By: David White
A bright and happy golfer, Sonny is very talented and sticks to a traditional play style.

  • Artificial Stupidity: Out of all the human golfers, his AI is the most awful of them all that he'll often do so many weird shots that put him at a disadvantage.
  • Pun: “It's a Sonny day!”
  • Secret Character: Unlocked by beating him in 3rd Match of the Get Character mode.
  • Signature Headgear: Sonny always has his fedora with him. He only removes when he scores a Bogey or lower, where he hangs it in shame, or an Eagle or higher, where he enthusiastically throws it in celebration.


Totally confident in his play, Harry's philosophy is "If I play my best game, I'll win!"

  • Secret Character: He's unlocked by beating him in 5th Match of the Get Character mode.
  • Sore Loser: If he loses a hole against another character, he will bend his golf club in rage as seen in his icon, and he gets angry upon getting a bogey.


An energetic gal considered the best female player in the circuit.

  • Genki Girl: Though she has a surprisingly mellow voice for one.
  • Playful Cat Smile: One perched atop her face in her artwork.
  • Secret Character: She's unlocked by earning 50 Birdie Badges in Tournament Mode.
  • Vocal Dissonance: Maple’s voice is pretty soft spoken for a girl who gets so excited about golf that upon receiving a Hole-In-One that she ends up jumping up and tumbling backwards.

    Introduced in Mario Golf (GBC) 

Voiced by: Penn Badgley
One of the four playable characters of the game, an unlockable character in Mobile Golf, and the coach of the player in Advance Tour. Becomes the Links Singles and Doubles champion in Advance Tour as well.
  • Ascended Extra: He's the only Mario Golf character not related to the main Super Mario series to become a Spirit in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.
  • Career-Ending Injury: In the five years between the original game and Advance Tour, he trained so excessively that his muscles were too strained to even pick up a golf club. However, he does finish recovering in the latter game, and returns to playing.
  • Child Prodigy: He had apparently started playing golf ever since he was three, and had already become a golfing prodigy at age ten.

  • Cutting Off the Branches: Advance Tour states that he was the one to become Grand Champion.
  • Early Installment Character-Design Difference: In 64, Kid had dark brown skin, black hair, and his lips were more prominent. In the later games, Kid’s skin is far closer to a light tan, his hair would become closer to brown, and his lips became gradually less prominent (partially due to his skin becoming lighter), by the time Advance Tour came around his lips look like any other character.
  • Enemy Mine: Kid acts as Gene’s doubles partner for Advance Tour so Gene can keep his title. Downplayed in that Gene’s not exactly evil or a villain.
  • Inconsistent Coloring: In 64, he has dark skin. But all artwork for him has lighter skin. note 
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: He's clearly inspired by Tiger Woods.
  • Never Bareheaded: Kid wears a hat from childhood to adulthood. In fact, the player will never see Kid take off his hat in any of the games.
  • Token Minority: While it’s harder to say so for subsequent games, Mario Golf 64 has him as the only black character.

Voiced by: Mike Madeoy
One of the four playable characters. Becomes the Marion Singles and Doubles champion in Advance Tour.
  • Cool Shades: Cool, black shades, fitting for a Disco Dan.
  • Disco Dan: His whole persona is that he's cool, but a little bit out-of-date. Even was a professional disco dancer before his golf days.
  • Vague Age: Unlike Azalea, Kid, and Sherry, we don’t have an exact age for Joe in the original game. note  Supplementary material states that he was 18 prior to the first game and is now a college student. If we assume he went straight to college and graduated at 18, then he could be 19-26 in the first game, depending on college type.

Voiced by: Jessica Chisum
One of the four playable characters. Becomes the Palms Singles and Doubles champion in Advance Tour.

  • Girlish Pigtails: She has these in the original game.
  • Inconsistent Coloring: A minor example, in the 64 game and the intro of the Game Boy Color, Sherry’s eyes and hair are green and red, respectively. In the artwork for the GBC game and in Advance Tour, Sherry has blue eyes and orange hair instead.
  • Primary-Color Champion: Sherry has red hair, a yellow vest, and blue shorts, and is the female main protagonist of the Game Boy Color game.
    • This doesn’t apply to Advance Tour, in which she wears a green shirt.

Voiced by: Kathryn Ann Fleming
One of the four playable characters. Becomes the Dunes Singles and Doubles champion in Advance Tour.
  • Expy: It's heavily speculated that she was meant to be a stand-in for Daisy. What makes this interesting is Daisy’s current design at this point. note 
  • Expy Coexistence: Subverted; She's playable in Advance Tour, and Daisy is playable in Toadstool Tour, but the two never appear together.
  • Suspiciously Similar Substitute: Possibly to Daisy, see the above examples.
    • To a lesser extent, Maple, both own a visor with a capital N on top, both are characters that have design similarities to the princesses,note  and both characters are enthusiastic about golfing.

Gene Yuss

An elite golfer that appears suave, intelligent, and sophisticated, though arrogant and self-absorbed. The Links champion in the original game, Doubles champion alongside Kid in Advance Tour.

  • The Bad Guy Wins: In Advance Tour he’s once again the champion and has surpassed Kid. This is downplayed and justified, Gene’s goal doesn’t massively hurt anyone and he’s not a true villain, and the main reason he’s the champion in the first place? Kid had overworked himself and was recovering from injures.
  • Chick Magnet: Surprisingly, Gene is this as he has many adoring female fans, according to the Japanese Camelot Mobile Golf website.
  • Enemy Mine: Come Mario Golf: Advance Tour, Gene partners with Kid in a panicked attempt to keep his Birdie King, title from Ella and Neil. Downplayed as Gene is far from actually evil, he’s just a bit of a jerk.
  • No Celebrities Were Harmed: Gene Yuss shares with traits and is based on Gene Sarazen.
  • Punny Name: His name sounds like "genius".
  • Red Baron: He's known as the Birdie King and the Greatest of the Great.
  • Signature Headgear: Gene always wears a fedora which represents his classy nature, though, the color of which changes between games.
  • Third-Person Person: In Advance Tour, he refers to himself as "the Gene".


A former prodigy from a young age, she was once known as the Princess of Golf, and was the Palms champion in the original game, Doubles champion alongside Sherry in Advance Tour.

  • Child Prodigy: Grace was a prodigy of the School for Gifted Golfers, it’s where she would gain most of her skill as a golfer.
  • Daddy's Girl: Implied, the Japanese website for Mario Golf says he spoils her.
  • Meaningful Name: She's certainly one of the most graceful cast members.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Grace has rather noticeable breasts compared to the other female characters and wears a short, sleeveless red dress that shows off her legs and thighs. Most notable here.
  • Red Baron: She's called "The Princess of Golf".


Former champion of the Marion course. Becomes Doubles champion alongside Joe in Advance Tour.

  • Hidden Depths: The Japanese Mario Golf website profiles for Putts and Gene imply this, though Gene brushes it off saying he’ll need 100 years to get to his level. Additionally, in spite of being poor at putting, he was the Marion Cup Champion.
  • Ironic Nickname: He is abysmal at putting, and bang-average at anything else.


Champion of the Dunes course, before being defeated by Azalea. Becomes Doubles champion alongside her in Advance Tour.

  • Ironic Nickname: The dude is massive.
  • Vocal Dissonance: When we get to hear his voice in the GBA version, his grunts and Kiais are all practically soprano, despite his bulk.

    Introduced in the JPN-Exclusive Mobile Golf 


Napple (ナップル Nappuru)

A cute little girl, if not competitive and spoiled. She constantly practices to improve her golfing skill and prowess, and is a quick learner.


  • Chromatic Arrangement: In the artwork for the game, Thread wears green clothes, Ken has blue clothes and hair, and Napple has red hair and pink clothes.

  • Inconsistent Coloring: In spite of wearing green for his artwork, Thread wears red in the actual game.
  • Younger Than They Look: Thread might look around the same age as Rozary, but he’s only an elementary schoolboy!
A very ordinary elementary school student (What? He looks old!), but very knowledgeable about golf. Not only is he knowledgeable, but his skills are growing as well.


A college girl who loves sports, and is charismatic to the point of being idolized by her peers.

  • Charm Person: Her fellow university students all look up to her and consider her their idol.
  • Inconsistent Coloring: Lisa has dark skin and white hair in-game, but is depicted as light-skinned with brown hair in artwork.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Not as pronounced as Grace or Rozary, but Lisa has a rather slender figure and a pronounced bust.
  • Passionate Sports Girl: She's a lover of everything sports, with golf being at the top of her list.
  • Sultry Bangs: Her good looks are accompanied by one giant bang on the right side of her face.
  • Token Adult: The other protagonists are elementary students, while Rozary is a college student.


A rowdy, childish boy who was raised on the ranch. There, he not only does his daily deeds as a cowboy, but he practices golf as well. He is the champion of the first tournament that the player must defeat in singles.

  • Blush Sticker: Bean has a red pair.
  • Covers Always Lie: The horse Bean is seen with in artwork does not appear in the actual game.
  • Non-Standard Character Design: Downplayed. Unlike other Mario Golf characters, Bean has small, beady, eyes and red Blush Stickers on his cheeks.
    • Bean’s horse has a design that looks different from other animals in the Mario series, due to the lack of beady eyes (with said eyes being colored), lack of anthropomorphism, and the large white teeth it has.
  • Signature Headgear: Bean’s cowboy hat.
  • Token Adult: Inverted. Bean is the only one of the 4 singles tournament champions to be a child.


  • Amazing Technicolor Population: Not in her artwork, but in-game Rozary has purple skin for some bizarre reason.
  • Non-Indicative Name: Her name seems to be based on a set of Catholic prayers dedicated to Mother Mary known as the rosary. Nothing in the game implies she’s Catholic however.


  • Meaningful Name / Punny Name: His name is Powert, an obvious power pun. Additionally, his name refers to his strong drives, and muscular physique, making the name meaningful.


  • Gag Nose
  • Meaningful Name: His nose looks similar to a bird beak, particularly a toucan. Bird also references his shot, which is described as looking like “a bird in the sky.”

    Introduced in Mario Golf: Advance Tour 


  • Chromatic Arrangement: In this group of four, Ella is the red, Neil is the yellow, Buzz is the blue, and Helen is the green.
  • Color-Coded Characters: The boys both have blue (Buzz’s hair, Neil’s outfit) and the girls have red (Ella’s skirt and visor, Helen’s shirt.).
    • Buzz - Blue, Purple, Lavender, Black
    • Ella - White, Red, Pink
    • Helen - Green, Purple, Red
    • Neil - Yellow, Blue
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: Buzz and the Neil are Blue Boys to Helen and Ella’s Pink Girls. This trope is downplayed for Buzz and Helen, however, as they’re both wearing purple, and Helen has a red shirt.

The male player character.
  • Blue Oni, Red Oni: When between Neil and Ella, Neil is the competitive and energetic Red Oni, this can be seen when he’s racing Buzz in the beginning. However, he wears blue shorts and a shirt with blue sleeves, making this an Inverted Trope.
  • Curtains Match the Window: Neil’s eyes and hair are the same shade of brown.
  • Primary-Color Champion: Neil, our main protagonist and hero, wears blue and yellow exclusively.


The female player character.

  • Blue Oni, Red Oni: When between Neil and Ella, Ella is the calm, strategic, and collected Blue Oni as can be noticed in how orderly she is. However, this is an Inverted Trope due her outfit and palette being synonymous with red.
  • Primary-Color Champion: Downplayed with Ella, she is mainly wearing red, but there’s a large amount of white and small amount of pink.


The male rival.

  • Curtains Match the Window: Buzz has blue hair and blue eyes. Downplayed in that it’s teal blue for his eyes.
  • Friendly Rivalry: Buzz is Neil’s friend and respects him, but he became Neil’s rival due to them now being on opposing sides and they both want to become the best golfer.
  • Idiot Hair: Has a long curved one, but, he isn’t dumb.
  • The Unfought: In spite of being one of the player’s rivals, Buzz isn’t ever in a match against the player and hardly has any real in-game presence.

The female rival.

  • Friendly Rivalry: She’s Ella and Neil’s friend, but like Buzz, is their rival opposing them.
  • Idiot Hair: Has a curved one at the top of her head.
  • Ms. Exposition: She explains what terms mean in the glossary.
  • Significant Green-Eyed Redhead: Inverted. She has green hair and red eyes.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Possibly. Helen says she didn’t want Buzz as a partner, which implies she, for one reason or another, dislikes him and doesn’t want to work with him.
  • The Unfought: In spite of being one of the player’s rivals, Helen isn’t ever in a match against the player and hardly any real in-game presence.

Grampie and Grammie
L-R Grampie and Grammie.
The owners of the Coo-Coo course, a one-hole challenge.
  • Grumpy Old Man: Grampie is grouchy due to people not playing his golf course.