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Characters / Adventure Quest Battleon Town

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AdventureQuest's main town, where The Hero (and the townspeople) resides and where lots of things happen.

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     The Chosen 
The Hero of AdventureQuest and only playable character.



    Robina the Hood 
Robina loves adventure, gold, and fighting monsters. She is often quoted for saying something along the lines of 'Steal from the Rich and give to the Monsters. How else do you think they have so much gold when you defeat them?' She specializes in Ranged weaponry and sells such things to travelers in Yulgar's Inn.

Aria met the Frogzard Hunter a very long time ago, and he taught her how to raise and train animals. She runs a pet shop in the town of Battleon, selling pets and pet-related things. She can also rename your pet.
  • Fluffy Tamer
  • Missing Mom: As revealed in both DragonFable and AdventureQuest Worlds, Yulgar is her father and Grams, her paternal grandmother (maternal in DragonFable), but her mother's identity and fate has never been mentioned yet. Although a quest in DragonFable does reveal who she was

A water elf who posesses psychic powers.

    Hans Olo 
Hans is Yulgar's apprentice, as well as Yulgar's cousin's roommate's nephew. He ran the inn while Yulgar was off fighting the Devourer.

He also has a crush on Aria, which has led him through several misadventures as he tries to impress her.


A War Maiden selected by the Elves to lead the Union. Daughter of the House of Embers.

Twilly is a Moglin who has been around Battleon for a long time, he's quite a good healer and he knows quite a bit and is willing to share his knowledge with you.

Twig was formerly Smbdoll's personal Moglin. His owner left him out in the Guardian Tower for too long, though. Twig speaks wif a wisp and weally, weally wikes fwish and ice cweam!

    Sage Uldor 
A blind sage, Sage Uldor hangs around the Inn. He's also a pretty competent wizard.

His powers allow him to knows a few things others don't. He helps in the Drakel war, explaining the situation and directing the players towards Dewlok in Granemor. During this war, he saved the Combat Practice Trainer's life. Because of this, the Trainer has his current job and Uldor has a back door into the Drakel Black Market.

Also, he was instrumental in discovering the "shadow master" during the Devourer Saga's Epic Quest.

Group/Affiliation: Good/Unity
Race: Human

Yulgar is a middle aged man, who is believed to be a warrior in his younger days. His favorite posession is his old and rusty axe named Betsy. He is renowned for having the only weapon shop in Battleon, and millions flock to his inn to get their hands on the newest equipment.

He has a notorious problem for running out of the best items, the so-called rares. He is shortsighted as well, and will kill any mouse he sees. As a side job, he also acts as a DJ for the Battleon Disco.



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