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AdventureQuest's characters that, while not ..., are very important to the development of its all-encompassing storyline.

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Group/Affiliation: Unity
Race: "Elf"

Famously known for his... extense vocabulary, Falerin is the Caelestian god of Evil, who is on Lore with Lorithia's permission as the Loremaster in Isle d'Oriens. He does not generally stick around for fights, and teleports away when swords are drawn.

Falerin was disincorporated during a confrontation with the Dhows, splitting his body into various pieces. These pieces of Falerin were mostly gathered during the Mostly Harmful War Special Mission. Two pieces still remain, however— the Loremaster whom we defend and Ardendor, a far more playful and childlike version in control of Falerin's body and under the direction of Epsilon. He successfully gathered back his last piece: Ardendor when Dhows' true form was revealed, and has now been conferred the title of Lorian Demipower of Lore: Discovery, Knowledge and Secrets.


     Glenn Galrick 
Group/Affiliation: Unity, formerly The'Galin, N.O.V.A.
Race: Human?

Galrick, son of Glenn, is an interdimensional traveller who has come to help against The'Galin. He was born in the nation of Neld, which was destroyed by the nation of Vandar. He became a reluctant communicant of The'Galin for revenge, but changed sides after meeting Falerin. He has since tried to redeem himself by assisting Unity.

He seems to have fallen in love with The Huntress.

He was "killed" by Ryuusei Cartwright in the Rise of Omega, although he lives on in Terra as Falerin's agent.

  • Affectionate Nickname: He occassionally calls Celestra "old woman", to which she'll reply by calling him "kid". Given her age...
  • The Atoner
  • Awesome Anachronistic Apparel: Inverted. He wears a black cargo pants, red trainers, a long-sleeved sweatshirt and a black T-shirt with "100% Ebil" on it, which contrast with the medieval-inspired Lore. Justified, because he's bought the outfit in Terra.
    • It is even remarked by the Chosen, when they first meet: "Who is he, and what is that he's wearing?"
  • Badass Beard
  • Battle Couple: With Celestra.
  • Crusading Widower: As a result of the Vandarian attack on Neld, his pregnant wife (and his brother) died. With time, he would be left with "nothing and no one to live for", and would give in to anger, due to the waste of human lives and the destruction of Neld.
  • Happily Married: To Celestra.
  • Heroes Want Redheads: He quickly falls in love with The Huntress.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords
  • Heroic Willpower: In the IIRC sessions, Galrick was turned into a monster by Cartwright but he managed to overcome his condition, returning to normal.
  • Heroic Sacrifice
  • The Medic: While on Terra, Galrick went to medical school and became a doctor... which is very noticeable when most people in-game can use magic/potions to heal themselves. (Then again, in Terra, 'normal' magic cannot be used.)
  • Not Afraid to Die
  • The Only One Allowed to Defeat You: Ryuusei Cartwright seems very pissed at the idea of Galrick escaping from his control and won't let anyone but him have the pleasure of killing him.
  • Pint-Sized Powerhouse: He's notable for being smaller than many other characters, including Celestra (who even calls him "pint-sized Terran warrior" once). As for power, he can hold his own against powerful enemies and is known to be a competent warrior.
    • At one point, he also shared some of The'Galin's power during his brief stint as his communicant.
  • Pointy Ears
  • Telepathy: It allowed him to be a communicant material for The'Galin, though Falerin himself (and particularly, one of his avatars, The Traveller) took advantage of it, too.
  • Unwitting Instigator of Doom: Had he not 'accepted' The'Galin's offer to stop the Vandarian attack on Neld, Lore wouldn't need to deal with the Devourer's coming (or would have been delayed at best). Not that he'd wanted to do it.

    Garavin, a.k.a. The Eternal 
Garavin and his daughter, The Huntress, survived The'Galin's original coming to Lore, but he was cursed with undending life and charged with keeping watch over the clock that counts down to the return of the Devourer. After The'Galin left Lore (again), the curse was lifted, and The Eternal finally passed on.

Sometimes called Trae by his lifelong friend Nel, Tralin is a Drakel king of a human kingdom, he is the communicant of the creator goddess of Lore, Lorithia, and is also the Avatar of Life. He guides you to know what you must do to survive the coming of The'Galin.

His wife is Queen Kithia, and his son is Prince Shirian.

  • 100% Adoration Rating: Basically, everyone saw no problem in him becoming a noble despite being a Drakel (they, at the time, remained hidden and obscure to the other races). Even the closest contender would have refused the appointment if Tralin could be chosen instead. In fact, when Darin and Jano (pre-Heel–Face Turn) tried to incite trouble about this, they failed miserably.
  • Affectionate Nickname: Nel always calls him "Trae".
  • Battle Couple: With Kithia, occasionally.
  • Black Sheep: Not only within his family (as he turned on his family's tradition of following the Water Lord), but within the Drakel in general as well (as a kind and helpful servant of a human king and as T'Palo).
  • Childhood Friends: With Nel.
  • Fire-Forged Friends: With Darin.
  • Happily Adopted: Even when he was old enough to be Draynor's grandfather (in human years, that is), he was adopted by the king, who had no children of his own and wished for him to become his successor.
  • Happily Married: To Kithia.
  • Near-Death Experience: After drinking a Metanoia Potion and casting relentlessly spells againts the Devourer's undead forces in Tranquil Fury mode, he collapses from exhaustation. After both the Devourer and the Water Lord tried to claim him as theirs, Lorithia steps up and claims him as her communicant, telling him to return.
  • Necromancer: While not a usual practicioner of this art, he's apt in it.
  • The Philosopher King: So much that he didn't really care about being nobility when Draynor offered it to him, because he didn't desire power of that sort, nor would he refuse it if it was given. His interest was, as always, in knowledge and for the well-being of all people. It was the reason why Draynor chose him as his successor.
  • Royals Who Actually Do Something
  • Sorcerer King
  • The Stoic: King Draynor II often wondered if his apparent stoicism was a trait of all Drakel or something specific to Tralin, though.
    • Not So Stoic: When King Draynor died at the hands of the Brilhado, he was openly crying, along with Delnar. And then, goes straight Tranquil Fury territory against the hordes of undead. He showed renewed anger when Jano was infected by the Cold and was given a Mercy Kill.
  • Telepathy: As a communicant of Lorithia herself, he possesses this ability.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: With Diviara, whom Tralin allows to disrespect him by calling him "Drakel", even when he is a king and the communicant of Lorithia.

Governor of K'eld Ner in Deren, friend of Tralin, opponent of the Devourer. He is an expert tactician and communicant of the Water Lord.

    Beleqwaya Melamin 
Group/Affiliation: Unity; ArchMages
Race: Elf

Beleqwaya is an ArchMage and traveler of great powers who has no home. He wanders Battleon looking for a number of Spell Components, and will gladly share his treasures for some help in finding them.

He helps with the summoning of Lauren in The Final Battle. He battles and defeats Ryuusei afterwards, but both burst into particles in the process, and were sent into the Deep Void. Fortunately, he regained his form after you ventured into the dangers of the Void.


    Giliara Celegra 
Good brother of Diviara, friend of Tralin, and opponent of the Devourer. He dies trying to retrieve the Orb of Creation.

    Amilara Celegra 
Group/Affiliation: Unity
Race: Brilhado

Amilara is a Necromancer, and the (until recently) estranged son of Diviara. He views undead as no different from ordinary people, as shown by his friendship with Cagliari. He was being hunted by Cartwright in order to pressure Diviara, and went into hiding. He returned for the showdown with Cartwright in The Manifestation.

Nowadays, he's usually seen with his father.

    Cagliari Lux 
Cagliari is an undead friend of Amilara. Cagliari has been revealed to actually be an acolyte in Luminova (now Darkovia) in the past, helping out Seth Cay Dhows around the church, not knowing the dark plans that Dhows had. He is the Communicant of the Lady of Light, even after he was killed by Dhows through repeated striking after Lux realized Seth Cay's motives.

     Knights of Order 
A group of of people tasked with mantaining balance between the Shadow Universe and Lore.

Lord Barrius

Lord Barrius is the leader of an order of knights hidden throughout Lore, and ElBhe's owner, who protects the balance between the Shadow universe and Lore.
  • Authority Equals Asskicking: He's the leader and most likely the strongest, with what being able to fight (or simply, distract) an Eldritch Abomination and having resided in the Shadow Universe for years.
  • Dual Wield: His two swords are called Lodestar, for offense, and Eventide, for defense. Their elements are Fire and ***, respectively.
  • Heroes Prefer Swords
  • The Leader: Of the Knights of Order. (Or at least, co-leader alongside Kalanyr.)
  • Shadow Walker: He is known to have mastered the art of walking among Shadows, and shared it with ninjas.
  • The Stoic
  • Unknown Rival: Algern. However, it's not that Barrius doesn't know that his former pupil wants to defeat him, it's just that he thinks he's weak, and thus not worthy of his attention.


The Shadowkitten, ElBhe, has been spotted around Greenguard Forest, and was supposedly attacking Ashwood Village, a small town on the edge of the Forest. Besides being a half of Lord Barrius' NPC, it has been revealed that ElBhe is his shadow self.

Kalanyr Arkan'ett

Kalanyr is an Archmage of untold age and immense power. He wields the powers of Nerf and Buff, and is powerful enough to control a nerfkitten.
  • The Ageless: Sidhe are practically immortal. (They are able to die, nevertheless.)
  • Badass Cape
  • Glowing Eyes of Doom
  • Heroes Prefer Swords
  • Heroic Build: For a wizard, he sure looks buff.
  • Kryptonite Factor: Apparently, that's what normal iron is for sidhe like him.
  • The Leader: In a way, he's the co-leader of Knights of Order alongside Lord Barrius.
  • Ludicrous Precision: Kalanyr tends to be rather precise about he speaks, even though the Chosen is accustomed to people not saying the whole truth about stuff.
    • In Looking for Leads: Ku Ku!, the Chosen need the Knights' help, but they are busy dealing with a Ku manifestation, and the Chosen asks what are they. He answers.
    Kalanyr: Well, you could say that they are the personification of the remainder of an equation, which considering that an equation should always balance out to zero...
    Zephyros: I don't think <Character> was looking for the technical description, Kalanyr.
    • Or (in the same quest):
    «You»: As I was saying, I'd be happy to help with your Ku problem. How many do we have to deal with?
    Zephyros: If we're lucky? Just one.
    «You»: ...Not much of an infestation, is it?
    Kalanyr: 46.
    «You»: That's... awfully precise.
  • Misplaced Retribution: In the Jr. Squires of Order quest, he's in bad mood because the knights can't figure out some weird magic issues on Dragonclaw Island, and he threatens people (read: The Chosen) with nerfkitten infestations.
  • Mystical White Hair
  • Our Spirits Are Different: Sidhe are actually nature spirits that come from outside the plane of Lore. As a result they bear some resemblance to elves.
  • Really 700 Years Old: He's a sidhe that's over 6,000 years old, yet he looks as if he was in his thirties.

Aelthai (a.k.a. Miss Fixit)

Aelthai is one of the Knights of Order who has been elected as spokesknight to inform players of the changes made to Lore.


One of Knights of Order. He's an archaeologist as well, attempting to stop bandits from stealing precious ancient artifacts. Runs the Museum of Lorian Natural and Cultural History in Deren.


Member of the Knights of Order, researcher and inventor.


See Assassin Class Trainers.


Radagast is a Knight of Order, despite his frequent lapses of judgement and hazy sense of reality.

One of two pranksters who try to cause "the ultimate prank" on April Fools Day 2009. Instead, they wind up summoning Loco and become his brainwashed (and gullible) minions.

     Eukara Vox 
Former student of Master Archanius, she is a teacher at Battleon's school. The Truphma are after her to keep her from taking Archanius's place, but fail as she becomes the guardian of imagination, creativity, learning, and thinking.



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