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YMMV: League of Legends
  • Acceptable Targets: Rule number one if you are Brazilian playing in any server other than your own: Do not, under ANY circumstances, say you are Brazilian, or ever say anything like "BR" and "Huehuehue." If you do? Expect MASSIVE Flame Wars to break out and loads of Unfortunate Implications.
    • In fact, just speaking in Spanish or Portuguese (the distinction doesn't particularly matter to English speakers) draws fire, especially if the individual(s) can't speak a little English for the sake of important communications. This applies especially since the server splits, any encounters with the aforementioned speakers tends to get the reaction "why aren't you people gone already?".
  • Accidental Innuendo: Teemo's quotation on Tristana could sound like a totally lame Double Entendre joke.
    "If there's one person I'd trust to take on a difficult mission, it's Tristana — all day long!"
  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Morgana's story claims that she was cast out and branded a fallen angel because she opposed the tyranny of the angelic order, although it grants that she is not by any means innocent because of her use of dark magic.
    • Some argue that Demacia is even more of an evil empire than Noxus.
    • The League itself. It's supposedly a United Nations-esque organization with the sole purpose of stopping war on Runeterra - a purpose for which they shelter known criminals, bind Eldritch Abominations, employ Omnicidal Maniacs, interfere with off-world civil wars, kidnap benevolent extra-planar guardian entities, lure newly sentient creatures with promises of knowledge, recruit the experienced soldiers in the world (and small children) and then make them compete in the most brutal Blood Sport in the world. On top of that, despite supposedly being the final arbiters of justice on Runeterra, they are willing to forgive their own members for atrocities that should be considered gross personal incompetence worthy of dishonorable discharge at best, and horrific war crimes at worst.
      • This is PRECISELY why Vayne joined the League: so she can eliminate targets she otherwise wouldn't have been able to get at, many of whom are League champions. She's also very upfront about her displeasure in regard to the League's acceptance of all sorts of horrible things.
  • Author's Saving Throw: "Hi, guys, we halved all the IP gain so you now have to play up to one hundred games to unlock one champion" "Wait, what?" "No, nevermind. It was just a bug."
    • "Hi, guys, we rebalanced IP gain, but don't worry, it should be exactly the same as before!"
    • Jayce's original lore drew such an outraged outcry from the fanbase (especially fans of Viktor, who was made to look like not only a weakling but the worst kind of hypocrite) that Riot rushed out a new lore as soon as they could that didn't make Viktor look so bad, or Jayce like as much of a Marty Stu.
  • Awesome Ego: We could say nothing else about Draven aside from this and we would still be mostly right.
  • Awesome Music: A Champion Approaches.
  • Base Breaker: Evelynn has always been a highly controversial champion, but the massive overhaul she was given in the so-called "Stealth remake" has taken this Up to Eleven. The community is split beween those who think the new Eve is awesome, those who think she's WORSE than she was before (when Riot had deliberately nerfed her to Joke Character status), those who think she's not very good but at least better than she was before and those who, regardless of whether she's better or worse, are just infuriated that she plays nothing whatsoever like she used to and is Evelynn In Name Only.
    • Darius as well. There are those who see his ultimate as perfect for kill stealing, as such they think he is toxic in team fights. There are others who think he is overpowered due to his high-damage potential and high health. Then there's those who think he's just fine if you know how to counter him.
    • Some of the reworks for some champions, especially Karma and Trundle, have given rise to camps complaining that the changes ruin the character (either gameplay- or lore-wise) and others that welcome the changes as refreshing updates for notoriously ignored champions.
      • Changes to Heimerdinger have similarly been highly controversial, as Riot continuously nerfed his turrets after it became apparent they were far too powerful on release, eventually landing him into Joke Character status. That said, he still had a small but resolute fanbase. After the previous rework, much of Heimer's abilities were drastically changed (especially on his turrets), leading to players who don't play Heimer to declare him fixed and/or OP, while former fans cried he was Ruined Forever.
  • Bellisario's Maxim: There is a decent amount of Fridge Logic in the game; go with A Wizard (Summoner?) Did It.
  • Broken Base: Game balance will be forever flamed over.
    • Try reading the forums some time, about... any topic.
  • Butt Monkey: A common portrayal of the Support role among the fanbase. The last person to pick a character frequently gets this role foisted on them.
  • Cargo Ship: Udyr and Innervating Locket.
  • Character Tiers: Argued over, as always. Exacerbated by patches on champions, items, and game mechanics, and by the fact that the game is so contextual: a champion who dominates public Summoner's Rift matches might be useless in competitive play, or on another map. Let's leave it at that, particularly given the game's popularity and associated plethora of places to express your opinions.
  • Complacent Gaming Syndrome:
    • A commonly-used accusation over anyone complaining about newly-deemed overpowered champions and disagreeing in turn ("People don't want this clearly Game Breaker champion to get nerfed only think so because it's all they play" versus "This champion is just doing something new that stops people from doing what they conventionally did before - learn to adapt"). Needless to say, it's on the YMMV tab for a reason...
    • In Classic, the standard metagame (Bruiser at top, AP carry mid, AD carry & Support at bot, one roaming jungler) is so ingrained into the fandom that unconventional setups — which are usually unconventional for a good reason - often result in complete curb stomps, because the other team has no idea how to deal with, say, three mid or two on roam.
      • Especially apparent when even the creators of the game change certain aspects to prevent/mitigate unconventional playstyles and enforce the standard meta.
    • Dominion. Every game starts off like this. Step one: One person goes bottom, four go top. One person gets the mid turret and then joins the fight at the top later. Step two: If you capture the top, then everybody runs around and tries to push the mid or the bottom... when the other team respawns RIGHT THERE next to them. Step three: They leave one person (maybe two) to defend their captures while everyone else constantly pushes. Step four: If you have a Twitch, Rammus, Teemo, or Evelynn, then you steal their nodes while they're too busy pushing another one. If you don't, the other team does and they win.
    • It won't take you long to get into a game when two (maybe even more) players have their minds set on a champion/category/lane and neither is willing to simply let the other take the champion/category/lane they want.
      • This can be exacerbated by the "Stop Having Fun" Guys who populate the game. People want to win, so naturally they want to play a role they're good at—and, even more than that, if you "take one for the team" and step into a role you aren't good at, those same people will blame you for the inevitable loss. Sometimes Failure Is the Only Option, but rare is the player who will accept that gracefully.
  • Complaining About Things You Haven't Paid For: The game is downloadable free of charge. Paying for new champions, boosts, and skins are completely optional. Yet for some reason, every time the servers go down or are choked by a bunch of players, everyone's complaining and calling them incompetent.
    • There's another subgroup who twists this further, and says that paying gives them the right to complain, but that free players shouldn't be allowed to.
  • Crack is Cheaper: How some feel regarding the Legendary skins - after all, it is an optional feature, but they can cost over $20, in the case of Pulsefire Ezreal.
  • Crack Pairing: Zac X Riven has become oddly popular of late, particularly after players realized Riven's Bunny Girl splash art was an Early-Bird Cameo for him.
  • Creator Worship: The champion designer Xypherous is loved amongst the community for his champions. News that a champion is being designed by Xypherous tends to get "First day buy!" responses. In addition to that, he's also loved on the forums for discussing his intents and history behind his champion designs openly, calmly and clearly.
    • IronStylus works in champion design and lore rather than mechanics, but receives a similar level of adoration from the fanbase, if not more. His twin masterpiece champions, Leona and Diana, made him beloved in the fanbase to the extent that every player who cares at ALL about aesthetics and story gets excited at news that he's designing a new champion.
  • Dork Age: Kitae's handling of lore was seen as a huge Dork Age from the views of the Lore Forum users, made worse by her complete apathy to the situation. To make matters worse, her attempt at new champions being uninspired designs from DOTA 2 only makes things worse.
    • Though to her credit, Kitae and the Lore Team (however it may be) are essentially doing legwork to the overarching story in League of Legends consistent. For example, Warwick's original story said he was a scientist who got cursed by Soraka for his crimes, yet he displayed no scientific knowledge in game. Also events such as Freljord have had great success, at least until the event was over and people wanted to know who was the winner.
  • Ensemble Darkhorse:
    • Jarvan is extremely well-loved by fans for his excessive badassery and being Rated M for Manly.
    • Lux. While she is often compared to Morgana, she is still more or less beloved for a fun and unique playstyle and being the second female champion in the game after Kayle to not have huge boobs and skimpy clothes (whilst looking fairly human).
    • The devs and tier list writers consider Mordekaiser one of the worst and most useless champions out there. Now go ask players.
      • Probably reasonable in the dev teams view, Mordekaiser is one of the few champions who don't have any form of skill crowd control or mobility skills and has a short skill range, and his movement rate is low. In other words, for Mordekaiser there is always a huge limit of what tricks he can use (almost none apart from summoner spells and getting an ad carry's ghost), no matter how good a player is; a decent Mordekaiser player may instantly farm up to great wealth and surpress the enemy team by a juggernaut style approach, but he has no tricks to guarantee kills and no tricks to save himself from any coming doom, which in high skill gameplay situations this means Mordekaiser cannot unleash a player's true skill and may make him impossible to farm to optimal performance.
      • However, in a mediocre gameplay situation, Mordekaiser's wide array of short range AoE skills and excellent farming potential makes him usually practical to farm up to wealth and nuke with said AoE skills, given the enemy team don't intentionally interfere with his early farming. And saving tricks from being annihilated isn't as necessary given that well cooperated ganks are not as common as in high skill gameplay situations. With bonuses when in team fights, Mediocre players are usually mistaken into focusing a low health Mordekaiser with filled shield, wasting skills on him instead of his teammates, and completely ignoring the ghost Mordekaiser captured, just to found themselves slaughtered afterwards. This pretty much explains why Mordekaiser is being regarded as one of the finest champions in the League in fandom.
    • Nasus had awesome voice acting and is considered one of the most balanced characters in the game.
    • Despite having very little mention, there's a fair number of threads requesting that Professor Stanwick Pididly be made into a champion.
    • Urf was meant to be a one shot joke, but he became so popular with the fanbase that he's been given a spot on Warwick's costume roster and a spot on Summoner's Rift. He's even the star of several fanmade flash games.
    • Riven has been getting this treatment too, due to her moe-ness as well as just how badass she is. Helps that she's voiced by Cristina Vee.
    • Ever since Jax was Rescued from the Scrappy Heap, he's been consistently well-loved by the fanbase due to being both highly unique and fun to play, not to mention manly as hell.
    • As the game's first dedicated female tank, as well as being one of the most sensibly-dressed and well-covered females in the League, on top of being the personal pet project of one of the most well-liked members of Riot's staff (who based her on his wife), Leona has become one of the most popular female champions in the game.
      • Her lunar counterpart, Diana, enjoys a lot of popularity for largely the same reasons.
    • Draven has also gotten a lot of popularity due to his egotistical personality, Large Ham, his manly appearance, and voiced by the same guy who did Jax.
    • Jinx. Her unique design and fun personality, along being featured in the music video showcasing her awesome theme has made her really popular very quickly. Her popularity is also notable for attracting the attention of those outside of the League of Legends fandom who may never have even played the game.
  • Evil Is Cool: Renekton oozes coolness due to being a savage croc with an awesome voice.
    • Katarina is this AND Evil Is Sexy.
    • Sion is basically Arnold Schwarzenegger if he was a berserking zombie warrior.
    • Let's just say that every evil champ has some badassery to them.
    • Thoroughly averted by Veigar.
    Veigar: I am evil! Stop laughing!
  • Evil Is Sexy: Evelynn, Katarina, and Morgana are all prime examples.
  • Fan Dumb: Look on the boards. The League of Legends fandom is not thought of highly among gamers, to the point where many cite the community as a reason for not getting into the game.
    • It tends to overlap with Hate Dumb, too. It gets criticized for not being enough like Defense Of The Ancients. Yes, you read that right, a video game, which is especially prone to being criticized with They Copied It, So It Sucks, is being criticized for NOT ripping off another game completely.
    • Such complaints are especially egregious because DOTA is free-to-play, and there's nothing stopping people from just firing it up if that's the gaming experience they want.
    • People who call Rammus a slow turtle, wrong on both counts.
    • Seeing reports for not follwing the Metagame in the tribunal. Made even worse when the player with an unorthodox choice is one of the statistically better players on the team.
    • Anytime a champion or aspect of gameplay is reworked, for better or for worse, a significant number of They Changed It, Now It Sucks topics will raise.
      • The Trundle relaunch in particular caused a massive backlash from Trundle Players who treated the change as though the character was being murdered, and derailing topics and raging at Rioters left and right about it.
      • The same could be said of all champions that get majorly reworked (gameplay-wise or story-wise). Karma, Sejuani, and Trundle all got flak for their reworks even though they succeeded in getting more players to play previously extremely unpopular champions. Special mention goes to the adorable individuals who claim a champion is Ruined Forever despite never having played them and would have kept it that way if it wasn't for all the attention surrounding them.
    • The leak of Lucian concept art before he was announced immediately led to an influx of racism accusation threads on the forums. Naturally some of these have valid points but are still prime candidates for Snark Bait and others are just filled to the brim with ignorance. Special mention for the Insane Troll Logic along the lines of "Lucian is black. Violent black men with guns is a negative stereotype. Therefore the champion Lucian is racist" despite the entire point of the game being killing. It's even speculated that the reason that Riot held off on making a non-ambiguously black champion for this long is that its playerbase would be too immature to handle it...
    • Riot may have held off due to Tabu, the Voodoo Shaman. To wit; he was black, used voodoo, and his file name was the 48th Slave. It may have sounded like a great idea at the time but in retrospect...
  • Fandom Rivalry: Players of Defense Of The Ancients have a massive superiority complex to League of Legends, just as players of Heroes of Newerth do. According to the average player, it is physically impossible to like both, and anyone who mentions even so much as playing League in those games sometimes gets reported just for playing League. Oh, and there are currently five people who like all games at once - Don't let some of those people fool you, as they always pick their favourite and then spend the rest of their time trash-talking League and occasionally Heroes.
  • Fan Nickname: Numerous.
    • All champions with more than 5 symbols in their names have shorter nicknames for typing. Usually just first letters of the name, but any short name that clearly identifies the champion in question will do. Veigar is sometimes called Vivi, Gangplank is Pirate, and Alistar is Cow.
    • Certain champs get their perceived overpoweredness reflected with a spin on their name. For example, Win Nao the Senechal of Demacia, Free Win the Blind Monk, Gankplank, and Feed-lesticks.
    • Second accounts are called "smurfs" (more or less officially, as Pendragon himself has one and calls it a smurf too).
      • This one extends outside of LoL.
    • The new Proving Grounds map has been affectionately nicknamed 'Murderbridge', due to the fact that its a bridge upon which lots of killing happens. Of course, it is also actually what the file for the map is called.
    • The Rated M for Manly champions Pantheon and Jarvan IV are affectionately nicknamed Mantheon and Jarman respectively.
    • With the unveiling of Jayce's initial backstory, Viktor's jarringly out-of-character actions therein have earned him the moniker "Viktim".
      • Jayce himself wound up saddled with the names "Dirk Hardpec", "Blast Hardcheese", and "Big McLargehuge", amongst others, thanks to his somewhat uninspired "hero" aesthetic. The first one was actually a placeholder written as his name on his background for the public beta environment.
    • Malzahar's Malefic Visions attack, due to the fact it spreads like a virus after killing the original target and because of the general spacey theme of the Void, itis often called "Space AIDS".
    • Most people know you're referring to Master Yi with the name "Samurai Fisher" due to his goggles having the similar glow effect.
      • Due to this "pro as heck guide to master yi", Master Yi is commonly nicknamed Dunkmaster Yi. Jarvan IV and Darius have also had the title Dunkmaster bestowed upon them by the fanbase as the animations for casting their ultimates resemble a one-handed and two-handed dunk respectively.
    • Vladimir's Sanguine Pool is an ability frequently used as an escape. Due to its ability to make Vladimir untargetable to things that are not already homing in on him while also speeding him, it gained infamy for its ability to completely save Vladimir at the last second or let Vladimir not help allies in need despite appearing to and was dubbed "Trollpool".
      • Fizz's Playful/Trickster abilities makes Sanguine Pool looks like it needs supplements when directly comparing escape abilities. Playful immediately makes Fizz hop on top of his trident to be invulnerable and untargetable to anything up to a very short duration and lets him cast Trickster which then has him jump away onto a nearby location - such as over walls. And place your allies back into impending doom, naturally. Needless to say, it did not take long for it to be known as the "Trollpole".
    • Kayle has been referred to as Samus, due to her similar design, similar Knight Templar attitude, and the fact that a limited edition skin exists that does nothing but take her helmet off.
    • Even during season 3 when Riot switched to a "3.x" naming convention for their updates, it still is common for patches to be named after the champion they introduce (Thresh patch, Lucian patch, Yasuo patch, etc.).
    • Aatrox and Thresh are often known as "Anthrax" and "Trash," respectively, among Dominion players due to them occupying the bottom-most tier within the Dominion metagame.
  • Fanon: The very popular interpretation of Ryze is that he has literally been incarcerated in a real place called Rune Prison, which is why he has that rocking physique. It doesn't help that he has a joke explaining the source of his tattoos as said Rune Prison.
    • Fans of the lore generally believe that the first name of General du Couteau (Katarina and Cassiopeia's Disappeared Dad) is Markus.
    • One fan-held belief that is equal parts amusing and kind of disturbing is that, of the three yordle girls, only Poppy is Hidden Buxom under her armour. Kind of makes sense though when you consider that, as the only yordle of EITHER gender to be a melee-based bruiser (not counting Rumble, who rides a Mini-Mecha) she'd be a prime candidate for Boobs of Steel.
    • For some bizarre reason, the popular portrayal of Lissandra in fanart is that she wears that huge, Lady Gaga-esque hat-helmet thing to conceal her large, fluffy cat ears.
  • Fan-Preferred Couple: Katarina and Garen. Garen's background clearly shows he has a thing for her, but whether she would reciprocate is undetermined.
    • Jarvan IV/Shyvana is another very popular couple in the fanbase, despite certain Riot staff stating a preference for Jarvan IV/Quinn.
    • Some unusual members of the player base have started shipping Soraka with Hecarim. Seriously.
    • The Korean and wider Asian fanbase tends to pair up Ahri with Sona, of all people, despite the two having never interacted in lore at all; you can find tons and tons of Ahri/Sona art on a casual Google search. This seems to be largely due to the two of them being the most popular girls in general.
      • This does actually have a certain amount of sense to it: Ahri is explicitly based on the gumiho of Korean mythology, one of whose specific traits is a sort of telepathy. Now, given that the only way Sona can communicate verbally with others is through them being able to hear her thoughts...
    • Similarly, the Asian fanbase seems fond of shipping Lulu and Veigar together... or at least, Lulu to Veigar. Poor Veigar's willingness on this seems to vary, depending on the artist. It's taking root in the NA community as well.
      • This has gotten so prominent, so quickly, that it may be on the way to becoming canon; on the updated League site, Lulu and Veigar are now listed as mutual friends. The "friends" listing is used elsewhere to include canon romantic interests like Ezreal/Lux.
    • Let's not forget Ahri/Wukong! And even that is teased with them being friends according to the site. Even the web-animation series La La La Dema Cia ship them and gave them a tragic love story.
    • There's quite a bit of support for Pantheon/Leona. Considering these two are the paragons of Rakkor (Pantheon is the strongest in the military, Leona is the most powerful in the "church") and childhood friends, it's fairly reasonable.
    • There's a frighteningly large number of people who love to ship Riven and Zac. Specifically Battle Bunny Riven and Zac, since he first appeared in her splash art. While it has its roots in LoL's Rule 34 crowd, it's since begun spreading to the mainstream. It helps that, despite his monstrous appearance, Zac is actually a pretty sweet, normal guy.
    • Rengar and Nidalee
    • Riven and Yasuo, ever since Yasuo's conception and his interactions with Riven, half of which are sympathetic, and the other half link to the fact that it was most likely Riven who killed his elder. Despite this, it's a popular couple, or at least on its way.
    • Korean webcomic Syndra and Zed's Ordinary Life has recently popularized Syndra and Zed, due to them being both evil-esque Ionian outcasts. It's also loaded with Alternate Character Interpretation.
    • Much to Ezreal's horror, fans often ships him with... Taric.
    • Along with the trope below, Miss Fortune and Gangplank are often paired together regardless that Gangplank is a pirate that Miss Fortune disliked, he can totally resist her charms, they bicker each other over the course of Bilgewater's future direction. Before the League Judgment was discontinued, after all, Miss Fortune's past implied that after seeing her mother killed, she was rescued from drowning by a young pirate implied to be the young Gangplank before he dialled up his brutality (he's kind of a rowdy boy).
  • Foe Yay: Warwick pretended to befriend Soraka so he could later betray her and get her (physical) heart to help stabilize a potion which turned him into the wolf creature he now and will cause him to lose his human mind if he does not. This forced Soraka to step out of the grove she lived in and sacrifice her very immortality by harming others with her powers to help him in a losing fight against supposed men who killed his "wife" - clearly, she did not think plainly of Warwick to do this. The possibility to interpret "heart" in the story in a metaphorical manner does not help.
    • Implied that Diana has a thing for Leona.
    • And then, of course, there's the "Garen gets out of bed in the morning on the hope that he has a scrap with Katarina" thing.
  • Game Breaker: Inevitable, given the competition-oriented gameplay. Who/What exactly is one constantly changes, due to rapid updates, and what exactly is a "Game Breaker" is massively different depending on your level of play.
    • Twisted Fate, whose most notable abilities are an extra effect added to his next autoattack (but is highly unique in that it swaps between 3 options continuously in a pattern, requiring one to be chosen by the player when it pops up. Or you can miss the one you wanted entirely), and a teleport that reveals every player on the map. Considered to be useless by many people, and there were large numbers of threads asking that he be buffed. Then he single-handedly won a match against one of the best teams on Earth.
    • Kog'Maw was considered pretty weak when he came out, but when play shifted towards really tough characters, Kog turned out to be the best tank-killer in the game.
    • Vayne was disgustingly overpowered on release, easily on the same level as release Xin or beta Twisted Fate. She was intended to be a DotA-style hard carry, but there was one problem with that: she was pretty much a hard carry from the get-go. Seriously, she could blow off half of a tank's life at level two or three with nothing but a Tumble-augmented autoattack that applied the Silver Bolt true damage. It only got worse from there. She's been hit with increasingly severe nerfs since then, but has remained a strong ranged carry in spite of them. Seems pretty telling of just how broken she was on release.
    • Hell, Graves was also this on release; one early Buckshot could blow off massive chunks of life, and his passive allowed him to relentlessly attack the enemy lane with almost no fear of death. His scaling was less spectacular than some of the other carries, but the fact that he still was a carry meant that he'd be terrifying when fed anyways, and the early strength meant that he'd get fed with far more regularity.
    • After the order of effects upon death were patched, Maokai gained the unique ability to combine the Guardian Angel with his Vengeful Maelstrom to do this quite literally. This bug breaking the game is itself a Game Breaker, meaning Maokai could never lose.
    • Morgana's Black Shield, for its ability to make the target temporarily immune to all forms of crowd control (an incredibly powerful ability given how much of a major role these play in the game).
    • It's been notoriously hard to balance Mundo on Twisted Treeline... but he's unlikely to be fixed, as Riven, Shyvana, Poppy, Mordekaiser and especially Singed have begun to overshadow him.
    • Ryze is more likely to get hit with this charge than most champions. Extremely short cooldowns, high damage output over a long period of time, and tank-like durability make him extremely effective in almost any situation. He's also one of the least expensive champions in the game. And his rather simple play style (amounting to memorizing two completely targeted combos—you don't even have to click on targets if you use smartcasting) leads to the backlash you'd expect.
    • Xin Zhao, as released, was a Leeroy Jenkins... who won battles single-handedly. Then he got nerfed, started riding a very unsteady nerf/buff wave that constantly left his viability in question, and then eventually became a full-on Joke Character who was completely worthless against anyone even slightly decent until he got remade and became a decent, if not spectacular choice.
    • They're still trying to figure out how to balance healing spells properly. Taric and Janna haven't got messed with much, but Alistar's was reworked entirely, Soraka (as of late August '11) has been re-specced as The Red Mage, and Sona's, well, Sona. It's interesting to note that the latter two have some of the highest win-loss ratios as champions.
    • Many of the champs with high learning curves have eventually become this once people get the hang of them. Lee Sin? Underpowered on release, buffed massively, then people began to realize that the sheer strength of his kit coupled with his new numbers was simply too much. Orianna? Took a bit for people to get the hang of her, but it soon became clear that she was staggeringly overpowered by way of being able to do the vast majority of tasks in the game far better than the champs dedicated to them. And Rumble? Initially thought to be worthless, then people noticed how he was the strongest pusher in the game and had some of the highest, most consistent damage in the game coupled with a terrifying ultimate that could annihilate entire teams when placed right. This is a common theme in League of Legends: champ with a heavy learning curve is released, people slowly learn what said champ can do, people realize that Riot underestimated just how much a master of said champ could pull off and realize that the champ is extremely overpowered, champ gets nerfed.
    • Darius has split the community into the group that that thinks just mediocre and the group that thinks he's a kill-stealing bastard that's just toxic to the game.
      • To truly understand how bad this case is, one must understand that Darius's kit is built around his Ultimate that instantly refreshes on a killing blow, and because it inflicts True Damage, no amount of armor or magic resist can protect an enemy from him.
      • At release Darius was far worse, with his passive stacks dealing absurd damage even at level 1, having mixed damage on his autoattacks making him hard to counter, and his ultimate originally had a half-second grace period after the dunk where if the victim died it would still refresh. This meant that the three or four sequential ults that were supposed to happen once in a blue moon if you were doing amazing were commonplace.
    • Zyra and Jayce were both considered overpowered on release, the former far more so than the latter. They were both considered to be the best champs for their lanes (mid and top, respectively) by a long shot. Zyra had ludicrous burst even with minimal AP, a LONG-ranged snare with an incredibly fast travel speed, untouchable poke and zoning, and tank-tier initiation, not to mention incredible scaling and further teamfight utility. She received the single largest nerf in League history but still remained one of the best mages in the game, something that attests to how ridiculous she was on release. As for Jayce, he was virtually unbeatable top thanks to being almost completely unapproachable and impossible to duel or even trade with due to his hammer form E, a low-cost knockback on a very low cooldown that also hurt like a bitch, while his cannon form sported incredible poking and burst that was even more effective in the melee-heavy top environment. He also snowballed fast and hard and became an utter terror when fed, essentially becoming a second carry. His nerfs, while certainly justified, were nowhere near as heavy as hers, but that was mostly because you could at least do okay and farm against him top, while the best that you could do against Zyra was survive.
    • The most commonly banned champions according to the current trend: Annie, Elise, Evelyn, Kassadin, Nasus, Riven, and Shyvana could be considered either actual or close to Game Breaker status, although this is mostly from lower ELO perception as mid to high ELO players have naturally learned how to deal with these champions.
    • Pre-nerf Rengar was this. One Savagery/Empowered Savagery combo was enough to bring a vast majority of champions, squishy or not, down to half health or lower. Getting away from him was nigh impossible due to his high mobility around brush and movement speed boost from his ultimate. He's since been toned down to a reasonable level.
      • Current Rengar is this, in the sense that his "triple Q" exploit (involving ulting, readying Savagery, then using Empowered Savagery JUST as Savagery comes off cooldown then using Savagery again for massive damage and attack speed to follow up) is quite capable of outright eviscerating a squishy champion.
    • The remade Black Cleaver at the start of the Season 3 preseason period was arguably the most overpowered item in the history of the game. Giving huge damage, HP, cooldown reduction, armour penetration AND armour shred, Riot made it worse by inexplicably not making any of its stats Unique, meaning they could be stacked. It was not uncommon to see physical damage dealers buying boots and 4 Black Cleavers and wiping the floor with everyone else.
      • Worse was that if combined with the % Armor Pen mastery and the Last Whisper, which also gives % Armor Pen, certain characters could buy a Black Cleaver and Last Whisper then run around dealing True Damage to everything for most of the game.
    • Try to find a game to join in which Blitzcrank isn't banned. We'll wait.
      • To explain: Blitzcrank is often banned at low ELOs because his trademark move, "Rocket Grab", is one of the most powerful initiators in the game, as a move that can near instantly grapple an enemy and draw them to you, which, when used in conjunction with teamfighting, will often lead to a quick death for (if the Blitz is competent) usually either the Support or more often the AD Carry. Higher ELOs tend to pass over him, as Blitzcrank is often cited as Difficult but Awesome, and that really competent ones are rare enough that banning him constantly is usually worthless compared to someone like, say, Thresh.
    • Speaking of Thresh, Thresh. This one requires some explaining, but the short of it is that he has theoretically infinite armor and AP gain (less broken than it sounds) and his kit has a ridiculous amount of packed-in utility eclipsing most other supports (more broken than it sounds).
      • Unlike every other suppport (or champion in general) in the game, Thresh does not gain Armor on level up. However, this is remedied by his passive: every time a small monster or minion dies, they have a chance of dropping a soul, whereas champions and large monsters always drop them. Thresh can move near a soul to obtain it, which permanently grants him Armor and Ability Power, and there is no limit to how many souls he can grab. Essentially, this means there is no limit to how much Armor and Ability Power he can have, and he is the only support in the game that gets stronger by allowing his friendly AD Carry team mate farm without farming himself. Thresh's Q is Death Sentence, which is basically Blitzcrank's grab, but with a slightly shorter range, a slower pull-in, a lower cooldown, and with the additional option for Thresh to immediately jump to his victim's current position. But wait, there's more! The most infamous (and hated) thing about Thresh is his W, Dark Passage, AKA "the lantern." Thresh throws his lantern towards a spot of his choosing, where it stays for up to 6 seconds. If an ally right-clicks it, the lantern disappears and the ally is pulled right to Thresh, essentially giving his ally a reset button to erase any mistake they make. While the lantern is active, all allies near it gain a shield for up to 4 seconds that absorbs all forms of damage, with the shield getting stronger the more Ability Power Thresh has. Thresh's E is Flay, which passively gives him bonus magic damage (again scaling off his AP) on each autoattack he lands - and keep in mind Thresh's autoattacks are long range. He can also activate Flay to either knock all enemies in a cone AWAY from him, or all enemies in a cone TOWARD him, as well as slowing them for about 2 seconds. Thresh's ultimate is simply "The Box," which places a pentagon made of green energy walls around him: when an enemy runs into a wall, it disappears, inflicting massive damage (scaling with his AP), and slowing them by 99% for 2 seconds, and while the damage and slow will be halved, enemies CAN be affected by more than one wall. Thresh is the single-most picked support champion in the game, but given his kit and passive, he can quite easily fill ANY role his team needs. Common complaints are that if not for his lantern, Thresh would be acceptable, but his entire kit as-is simply gives too much.
    • On Dominion and Twisted Treeline there are several, but none have ever come close to Kassadin.
      • To clarify: Kassadin has high utility, high damage, and good mobility. His traditional weakness is that he's squishy. Players realized he could build defensive mana, magic penetration, and cooldown reduction items, abuse his ult's stacking damage and low cooldown, and abuse the wall-heavy configuration of the Dominion map for even stronger mobility, still-potent damage, and still-potent utility—with none of the tendency to blow up if focused. His mobility was by far the worst part of him—to the point that he can practically be everywhere on the map at once. He was so infamous that he was the first champion on Dominion to receive map-specific nerfing. The first nerfs he has received have simply made his power level comparable to that of other truly OP champions, although it's be hinted that he will see more.
      • Jayce, Nidalee, and Kha'Zix are the next three after Kassadin on Dominion. They are not at the same level as Kassadin, but are certainly headaches. Lulu, Talon, Wukong, Rengar, and Teemo have all had their times in the "spotlight." Zyra, Amumu, remade Evelynn, and remade Karma have been consistently high-tier.
      • In a bit of irony, the aforementioned Thresh is practically a Joke Character on Dominion. Not only does he have to go out of his way to utilize the aforementioned soul mechanic (leaving him squishy), his high cooldowns do not sit well on a map where turrets "die" in ten seconds, and his lantern is significantly less powerful when Thresh can't risk heading into initiation range.
    • Post-Rework Master Yi. His E ability (Wuju Style) now makes his basic attacks hit for added true damage upon activation, and the amount scales with his attack damage. As a melee assassin, he'll be building a lot of attack damage. His ultimate (Highlander) adds 40% attack speed, gives the same amount in movement speed, and makes him immune to slowing effects. If he wants you dead, you're not going to do much to stop him. So long as he can make it to the late game, he'll become a walking blender that hits for high amounts of true damage every autoattack that you can't escape from.
      • Pre-Rework Yi while being considered a competent but easily counter AD assassin, had a second configuration based on AP due to his Q being AP rather than AD scaling (a very unusual early game holdover). By building lots of AP, his Q could become incredibly powerful, and also scaled up his W, which not only healed him, but upped his Armor and Magic Resist considerably. This essentially meant AP Yi could Alpha Strike his opponent (a near instant untargetable close move) and then immediately use his W to essentially become immune to damage from his target (unless being interrupted by CC). Worse, when his Ultimate is active, any kills used to completely reset his cooldowns, so he could spam his Q over and over again. It was quite common to see Yi Penta kill entire teams easily if they were all grouped up close together (since his Q damages up to 4 enemies at once).
  • Genius Bonus:
    • "Lux" being a Meaningful Name. The word "lux" translates directly to "light" in Latin.
    • Ahri is referred to as a Gumiho, not a Kitsune. Gumiho are Korean fox spirits that are mainly distinguished from Kitsune by being Always Chaotic Evil and living on a diet of human livers. However, some stories claim that if a Gumiho can refrain from killing and eating humans for 1000 days, they will lose their evil nature and become human. This is Ahri's main goal, to become human while refraining from devouring human souls.
  • Germans Love David Hasselhoff: Due to the nature of the game, it is quite regular for some champs to be very favored in certain regions in detriment to others. It is especially noticeable in competitive play: one specific example involved Rumble, who upon release was deemed worthless for the NA pros while the European scene realized he was pretty much broken.
    • Worth noting that the infamous meme "Brazilians Love Mordekaiser" does 'not' fit in; it was all a joke made by a north american player. Morde numbers are unimpressive both in Brazil as well as the rest of the world.
    • Despite the Japanese League of Legends community is known to be really small (since PC gaming is very niche in Japan); "cute" champions such as Fizz, Ahri, Sona, Lux, Annie, many yordles (such as Teemo, Tristana, Lulu, Kennen, and Veigar), and lesser extent Kog'Maw have gotten a lot of popularity among the Japanese playerbase. In fact, it's common for Japanese League of Legends fanart to depict the said "cute" characters more than manlier champions such as Darius and Garen; and it wouldn't be a surprise that if Japan gets their own League of Legends servers, the said cute champions will be the most played champions among the casual Japanese playerbase. Competitively speaking however, the Japanese meta is relatively similar to the Korean meta because the Korean servers is where most professional Japanese players look at.
      • If the booru sites are to be trusted, Lulu is pretty much the second most popular characters for the Japanese/Asian player-base, only beaten by Ahri.
      • Similarly, Ezreal and Varus has also gotten a lot of popularity in Japan, due to the fact their appearance easily fit into the Bishōnen character archetype (not to mention that they are viable competitive choices).
  • Good Bad Bugs: Typing /d in the chat bar for the dance emote while Garen is casting Judgement amusingly causes him to spin in place forever if he doesn't move, sans the damage and golden particle effects of the ability. This was, regrettably, somehow fixed and Garen just stops spinning at the end of Judgement's duration.
    • If an enemy team surrenders but their Nexus is destroyed conventionally by their opponents, the Nexus explodes twice!
  • Growing the Beard: Not the game itself, but the skins. Back in the days all the skins were just recolors (of both the loading screen and the champion itself). Now you will have to look hard to find a new skin that is not a remodel with brand-new loading screen art.
    • And these days, it's becoming more and more common to get new particle effects and secondary changes (like Teemo's mushrooms instead being Easter eggs in his Easter Bunny skin).
  • Harsher in Hindsight: The champion Diana was somewhat inspired by Lady Gaga, who made a song about the late Princess Diana and her death a few months ago. IronStylus admits that it was a bit creepy.
  • Hate Dumb: Of course there's lots of Hate Dumb, a lot of people hate it because it's popular, or because it's not Defense Of The Ancients or Heroes of Newerth.
    • On the forums, this happens a lot. Before a champion's even released, everyone's bitching about how they're OP or UP.
  • Hell Is That Noise: The shriek Ghost Bride Morgana lets out as part of her recall animation is blood-curdling.
  • Incest Yay Shipping: While uncommon, several sibling pairs are shipped together, notably Garen and Lux, Jinx and Vi, as well as Morgana and Kayle have somewhat of a following.
  • Internet Backdraft: When the forums saw the first draft of Jayce's lore, fans of Viktor and his character went nuts. It talked about how Viktor stole Jayce's tech, then Jayce went and single-handedly defeated Viktor and his acolytes. Many who saw Viktor as a recluse who believes in credit where credit is due denounced the lore as poorly written and demanded it be changed.
    • The discovery that Lux's ult was going to be renamed from Finales Funkeln (German for Final Sparkle) to Infinite Light did not go down well with fans who enjoyed the Touhou reference and even a lot of people who didn't get the reference complained as well. This is despite the fact that Riot has gone out of their way to explain why they have decided to change it.
      • Eventually Riot met the fans half-way and re-renamed it Final Spark.
    • In the patch before Syndra's release, Riot redesigned Diana's Dark Valkyrie skin to remove the helmet from it. This was theorised to be because, with the helmet on, Dark Valkyrie Diana looked far too similar to Syndra (although since Diana was out first it's technically Syndra who looks too much like Dark Valkyrie Diana). The fans exploded with rage at this change as not only was the helmet the main thing that differentiated the skin from her base skin (apart from the Absolute Cleavage), it caused the skin to lose the thematic link to Leona's Valkyrie Leona skin and frankly it just looked a lot worse without it. Unlike in the prior examples, however, Riot simply ignored them and went ahead with the change anyway.
  • Iron Woobie:
    • Lux feels like she lives an empty life on the inside, but she doesn't let it show.
    • Poppy saw her father get murdered by Noxian assassins, and continued with her delivery anyway.
    • Being the only survivor of Unfriendly Fire Deadly Gas caused Riven to break her gifted sword, self-exile herself from her city-state and wander for a way to serve the philosophy of power she has followed her entire life rather than other, more self-pitying methods to cope.
    • Nasus. He was forced to war against several members of his race who wanted to enslave the mortals they protected as opposed to guiding them, his brother has spiraled down into insanity past the point of no return and will be forced to be put down someday and he was abruptly brought to a world far away and different from his own without warning and without no known way of returning — and yet, he's making the best of it, by managing the Institute of War's archives and Siphon Striking you into oblivion on the battlefield.
  • It's Easy, so It Sucks:
    • Even though Sona isn't considered overpowered, she's still looked down upon because it's entirely possible to play her well just by spamming Q-W-E and pressing R occasionally. (Ask those players whether they'd rather have a competent player running an easy toon at their side, or The Load, and they go curiously silent.)
    • Graves, Garen, Darius and Ryze frequently have this applied to them in discussions. Many more champions too, like most of the fighter or carry champions. To reply to such complaints, it gets to the point people go the logical extreme by saying the game in general and adapting to the characters' basic gameplay isn't very hard.
    • Karthus' ultimate is nicknamed "Press R to Win" for a reason, and his passive actually makes him more deadly if he gets killed. Many a team has been aced by killing Karthus, only for his teammates to keep them around for Death Defied and an uninterruptable Requiem to clean house.
    • In general this is a criticism of the game when compared to other MOB As; the gameplay is simplified and less unforgiving in many respects.
  • Les Yay: It did not escape the community's notice that in one of their Easter Egg interactions Vi calls Caitlyn "cupcake".
    • IronStylus has made a few ambiguous comments that Diana might have a thing for Leona. The ambiguity has only led to rampant speculation. Naturally, doubles as Foe Yay.
  • Love It or Hate It: Veigar's voice is alternatively considered hilarious or grating.
  • Magnificent Bastard: LeBlanc is strongly implied to be responsible for the disappearance of General Du Couteau, and the subsequent promotion of her compatriot Swain to the opened position. There's also some very subtle evidence that she disguised herself as Jarvan IV to start the Kalamanda war.
    • One can get a close-up of Swains Magnificent Bastardry through the Journal of Justice, just read a bit behind the lines and it's pretty clear that the entire Kalamada event was orchestrated by him. Much of this is speculation, but the signs are obvious if you know where to look:
      • There were lots of smaller inexplainable cases going on, which neither Noxus or Demacia admitted to doing, which raised the tension heaviily. That made the elusive leader of Noxus leave the city for the first time in forever. On the way to Kalamada, Swain got Grand General Boram Darkwill assassinated, blaming Demacia, had Le Blanc disguise as Jarvan to start a war, thus becoming the only general of the militaristic Noxus to actually be at the battlefield, boosting his claim to the throne strongly. Only one of Boram Darkwill's sons went on a full campaign against him, the other generals either stayed out of it, or got behind Swain. The climax was when Keiran Darkwill, having probably seen many of Swain's League battles and knowing how to fight him, challenged Swain to a duel. However, the "Swain" he was fighting was using spells exclusive to Le Blanc, and one of her quotes, heavily implying Swain had gotten her to disguise as him, taking Darkwill by surprise. It worked, and the Journal of Justice ended it's run by delcaring Swain the new Grand General of Noxus.
  • Mainstream Obscurity: It's the most played game in the world. But most hours played isn't the same thing as most widely played. It hasn't reached the recognition of something like World of Warcraft even among gamers (as the reaction to Ensemble Darkhorse Draven being pushed by the fandom to various victories in a GameFAQs Character Battle showed).
  • Mary Sue: Ezreal's lore can very easily make him fall into this category. Out-of-the-charts young prodigy in both magic and Indiana Jones-like archaeology. In the end he decided to improve his archaeological skills, but it didn't matter because it turns out he discovered a magical artifact which also made him an extraordinary wizard. His "curse" is being requested to compete with the greatest warriors in the world, something other warriors would be eager to do. He hasn't got a single defect we are aware off, he is one of the most quoted champs in other people lores (Rammus, Amumu, etc.), and of all the champions with Ship Tease he has the strongest so far (his possible relationship with Lux is hinted at on the Howling Abyss map). Not to mention, he's named after one of the main designers of the game, Ezreal.
  • Mary Tzu: Swain
  • Memetic Badass:
    • Little is known about the General Du Couteau (not even his given name), but everyone agrees he's a badass. He's said to be the single greatest blademaster in the entire world.
    • IronStylus, concept artist of Riot Games, got a thread on himself like this due to being a popular Rioter from posting often on the forums.
  • Memetic Mutation: Has its own page.
  • Memetic Sex God: If the Riot employee Jeff Jew is mentioned, his sexiness will be also.
  • Moe: Lux is a young and cheerful magician with an endearing and innocent-sounding voice to match.
    • A lot of yordles can easily fit into this trope. Lulu, Tristana, Kennen, and Teemo in particular.
    • Also. Fizz.
  • Misaimed Fandom: On almost every single one of Phreak's champion spotlight videos, there are people saying that his builds don't work that well or that he plays terribly. Despite the fact that these videos are to demonstrate the mechanics of a champion, rather than how to play them well.
  • Most Wonderful Sound:
    • "Pentakill!"
    • "Ace!", caused by the deaths of all players on one side, means that you're safe to push and destroy towers for a while. (Assuming nobody has the summoner spell "Revive".)
    • "Shut down!" for when someone on the enemy team is on a killing spree.
    • For newbie players, the jangle of coins that comes from last-hitting a minion, especially if heard a few times in a row.
    • For Yasuo players and their allies, the metallic clang from landing a second Steel Tempest in less than ten seconds, since it means his next casting of it will generate a tornado — and possibly an ultimate if it's up.
  • MST3K Mantra:
    • Following the release of Graves, one thing has been pointed out. Gun: two barrels. Ability: three simultaneous shots.
      • Note that he isn't the only one. Another gun-related champion would be Miss Fortune. Weapon: twin flintlocks. Ultimate: shooting more bullets than any flintlocks are capable of shooting in a very short time.
      • Zed's ultimate also qualifies, since it's animated for two shadows plus Zed, but only leaves one. In this case though, it's because the second shadow was too hard to balance.
  • Narm: The Season 3 Championship series trailer. While the music is cool, the video is just a bunch of pro gamers running around an empty building with an overuse of Adrenaline Time that would make Zack Snyder blush.
    • Narm Charm: The Road to the Cup video made to promote the Championship itself did a much better job of making pro-gamers look badass both by being animated and by going completely over-the-top. Hilarious, but still awesome.
  • Nausea Fuel: Urgot's character design is very heavy on the squick.
  • Older Than They Think: No, Wukong he's not based off of Goku. He and Goku are both ripoffs of someone else.
    • Likewise, Ahri is not based off of Naruto.
  • Paranoia Fuel
    • Whenever stealth-based characters such as Shaco or Twitch disappear, you're going to be seriously worried about an ambush.
    • Both Nocturne and Twisted Fate have abilities that let them travel great distances instantly. Twisted Fate's allows the entire enemy team to see where you are. Nocturne's prevents you from seeing where any teammates not right next to you are. Both can be quite a scare when you're alone.
    • Warwick's Blood Scent lets him see enemies that have less than 50% health in a pretty big radius. If you hear howling and see a pair of evil-looking eyes above your head, you'd best call for backup. Or run.
    • Fiddlesticks isn't really much of a threat early game, more of a slight annoyance with a silence, fear, and refusal to die with Drain Health. He becomes a major problem after he picks up Crowstorm and starts roaming. If you can't see him, there's a chance he can jump over a bush or wall with Crowstorm active. Not only is the ability devastating if you're standing in it's area of affect, it's also incredibly shocking due to its accompanying sound effect of "LULULULULULUCAWCAWCAWCAW."
    • Once Karthus gets his ultimate, you're guaranteed to be keeping a constant eye on your health, because even if you're on the opposite end of the map, he can hit you.
  • Rescued from the Scrappy Heap:
    • Evelynn got this big time. Revive/Smite + AD + jungle + Evelynn = #1 ban in Draft mode or freewin in Normal mode.
      • Was. She's since been kicked back to the Heap.
      • Rescued once again after the long-awaited "Stealth Remake" update in July 2012. Eve is now viable again.
      • Highly debatable. The broad consensus is that, even if she's better than she used to be, she's still one of the weakest champions in the game. Evelynn fans were NOT AMUSED.
      • After a couple sets of buffs and tweaks, she's more or less officially left the heap and been accepted as a strong, dependable pick.
      • During the Season 2 world championship she emerged as an AP mid, and dominated games with her percentage damage ultimate and powerful roaming ability ending up at a 100% win rate. It has been said that the only reason Moscow5, one of the best teams in the world, lost was that the other team banned them from Evelynn. As Phreak said, welcome back to the game, Eve!
      • then of course Riot nerfed her hard again (changin her ult from a % of the enemy's maximum HP to a % of their current HP AND nerfing its cooldown with no compensation) and people more or less dropped her like a hot potato. This feels tragically familiar...
      • and AGAIN back to the heap with the Season 4 vision/ward overhauls leaving Eve back in 'stupid good' tier due to nothing being able to stop her from ganking. To put this in perspective: her ban rate shot up '60% in the first 2 weeks of the preseason!
    • Much the same thing happened to Katarina. Her remake fixed all her problems (aside from the ease with which her ultimate is stopped, which is crucial to keeping her from going completely out of control) while leaving all her strengths intact. She's gone from worst champ in the game (picking her in Ranked was a good way to have someone dodge or lock in another troll pick) to one of the most frequent bans across all EL Os, being considered borderline overpowered at best and downright broken at worst.
    • Same thing also happened to Twitch. Despised by the community for most of his time in the game (first for being the most overpowered champion in the game by a landslide to the point where if he wasn't banned, the team who didn't get him had absolutely zero hope of winning unless the rest of Twitch's team was utter trash, then for being nerfed to the point of troll-like uselessness, albeit not to the same extent as Eve, Kat, or Heimerdinger), he received a remake that kept what was good about him intact while either removing the things that made him as problematic as he was or altering them to keep the skills mostly intact while eliminating the abusive parts of the skills.
    • Kennen is a very notable example. He was considered the worst caster in the game, and for a good reason: low damage spells, bad ultimate, easy controllable. After the remake he is more or less perfectly balanced.
    • In early days, Teemo was reviled for being so cute. Now he's arguably one of the most popular characters in the game and one of the official mascots.
      • Debatable since he's still one of the most-hated champions in the game, just not for his cuteness.
    • Vladimir was once hated due to his ridiculous durability, high damage, and obnoxiously effective laning abilities. After steady nerfs that left him nearly useless, he finally received a set of buffs and tweaks that have more or less left him as balanced as he's going to be in his current state, which is to say that he's a highly effective (and annoying) top.
    • Xin Zhao was massively overpowered on release, got nerfed immediately, and more or less rode an unsteady wave of nerfs and buffs that gave his usefulness a very push-pull quality. The problem was that he was from an era when the devs were just figuring out how to make melee DPS champs work, and as such had a rather problematic kit. If he was buffed so that he could actually see some use as a viable competitive pick, he was unmanageable for pubs; if he was nerfed so that he could be strong but not overwhelming in pubs, he was damn near troll pick status competitively. Riot more or less gave up and left him at troll pick tier until July 2012, when he received a remake that addressed both of his main issues and left him strong but not overwhelming at all levels of play.
    • Urgot was a Tier-Induced Scrappy for awhile until people learned how to use his transposing ult, not to mention realized just how thoroughly he could dominate virtually any lane.
    • Yorick and Caitlyn were both severely underpowered on release, and the act of even selecting them was enough to provoke a queue dodge. Then they got buffed (Yorick got an absolutely massive buff, Caitlyn got a series of smaller buffs) and gained renown as some of the best laners in the game. In fact, Yorick's first buff was so massive that it actually made him brokenly good in lane, forcing Riot to nerf him a bit. Even then, he's still known as the best solo top laner in the game.
    • Skarner was considered an incredibly weak jungler on release because he would run out of mana long before he would be able to do anything remotely useful. He recieved a buff that compensates for these issues and makes him a viable ambusher. He fell off again as more mobile junglers entered the scene, but a kit rework is already on the way to save Skarner from the heap yet again.
    • Sejuani was thoroughly disliked upon release due to the general sloppiness of her kit: she had to jungle because she was too weak to lane but she was literaly the worst tank/jungle in the game, only her ultimate was her saving grace. One kit rework later and Sejuani left the heap as an extremely deadly ambusher with a LOT of crowd control and mobility, on top of being a proper Stone Wall level tank.
    • Syndra was deep in the heap for a long time. Her combination of extremely complex play, really poor numbers (she had terrible mana issues and really bad AP ratios) and buggy skills resulted in her immediately shooting right to the top (or bottom) of the "Lowest Win Rate" champion list, dragging down her teams in a DISTURBING number of games (at one point she had a win ratio of a mere 21%, the lowest of any champ in the entire history of the game). She'd widely been considered to be by FAR the worst champion Riot has ever released. However, a series of buffs and bug fixes, as well as the meta shifting away from the assassins (which have allowed other mids like Morgana and Anivia to come back into play as well), have allowed her to leave the heap. Her absolutely asinine burst damage coupled with the potential for a multi-man stun with Scatter the Weak and her ability to manipulate some teamfights have turned her into a powerful niche AP mid pick in competitive play. Bjergsen, formerly of Ninjas in Pajamas and now Reginald's heir apparent on TSM, is perhaps one of the most famous Syndra players in the world, as the first time he busted the Dark Sovereign out in a game, he scored a Pentakill and led his team to victory. It was at that point that people realized "Huh, maybe Syndra's pretty good after all." She's seen sporadic play at the highest level since then, mainly due to her very high execution requirements, but people are now wary enough to take Syndra seriously when they face her.
  • Scapegoat Creator:
    • Morello is a particularly big case as the Lead Champion Designer. Occasionally crosses over with Mis-blamed for people who don't realize what he, or other reds, actually do. He has embraced the title of "Nerf Master Suck Town" bestowed on him in a patch preview comic; other devs often commend him on his impressive forum aggro tanking abilities.
      • He has since taken up a new job where he further acts more as a manager not in charge of the precise details of the game. Needless to say, he's still blamed for innumerable individual decisions regardless.
    • Shurelia has her own personal hatedom that partially stems from her DarkShurelia persona. Naturally, she also has legions of fans White Knighting for her as well.
      • She was also Mis-blamed for Kayle's rework (she was doing it, but it got handed off to someone else part of the way through...and accusing one person entirely ignores the rest of the people who also worked on it, because they've stated they don't do that alone). She also worked on changes to a number of support champions to reduce them from having a dull and unstoppable sustainability use in the lane, which was met with claims of ruined, "hating" support and placing the blame on her despite Lead Champion Designer Morello expressing himself outright that they were terrible gameplay problems (and of course, other people worked on it too). So, then, anyone upset about either these accused anyone of defending her to be White Knighting, and the anger ran freely on both ends.
    • Similarly, Zileas gets plenty of flak on his post about Game Design Anti-Patterns from amateur armchair designers who take every opportunity to try to disprove them, point out their presence in-game as a form of hypocrisy (while completely missing the point), or try to argue that it's the reason League of Legends will never cater to "hardcore" gamers.
    • Every time someone complains about the Magma Chamber map not being released while saying that a new champion being announced for the next patch shows the Riot Games needs to be working on it more, someone has to be reminded that the map designers are not the same people who make the champions. Or for that matter, people complaining about characters being released while bugs aren't being fixed when, again, the designers and the programmers are likely different people.
    • Kitae and the new Lore Team, with no reason given for champions to join the league, retcons galore, and behavior very much like Matt Ward in terms of Lore.
    • Certainly T, a man hired by Riot despite having ZERO experience with working with games beforehand. His claim to infamy? He created Darius, and insisted he wasn't toxic or even the slightest ridiculous. Certainly T is also the man responsible for Zyra, Zed (an assassin that has very little risk, but huge rewards), and Thresh. Every single one of his champions has been declared overpowered, toxic, or both, with the only exception being Zed; Zed was considered somewhat underwhelming on release, but the release of new items (such as the aforementioned remade Black Cleaver) were all that were needed to push him over the top. He has however redeemed himself for the most part due to being friendly, open-minded and active on the forums.
  • The Scrappy:
    • Any champion that is "cute" is being regarded this way by the "Stop Having Fun" Guys, especially Teemo, who is a cross between Team Fortress 2's Scout and Pikachu. Except armed with a blowgun. And poisonous.
      • Especially Teemo, since running over his mushrooms is agreed to be one of the most annoying things in the game. Dying to them, enraging.
      • Riot released a statistic regarding how often Teemo dies. 75 Teemos are killed every second on all LoL servers combined. Many players felt it was just a good start.
    • Recently, Fizz has gotten a lot of hate within the League of Legends ever since some professional players play him in season 3. Not only because of his annoying, but difficult gameplay mechanics (massive mobility "hit-and-run" style, his Playful/Trickster can avoid most of the most deadly attacks and spells, and his damage over time from his autoattacks that actually gets stronger the less health you have that serves as his main killing damage), but many people in the forums completely hate for his cuteness. It's also not uncommon for players to ban Fizz in lower ranks for both his annoying gameplay that is difficult to counter properly AND his cuteness.
    • Most agree that there are few or no overpowered champions. But quite a few champions are commonly considered useless and many players will ditch out of games ("queue dodge") when a teammate chooses them.
    • Vladimir is pretty much this all the time - if he's considered underpowered, he's obviously disliked for that reason. On the opposite end, many find the only thing worse than getting grinded down and killed by an enemy in the lane is getting grinded down and killed by one who simultaneously heals himself pretty much the majority of the time he damages you to quash your hope entirely.
    • Darius is commonly hated. People playing against him dislike his true damage, cooldown-resetting-if-it-gets-the-killing-blow ultimate while being fairly easy and straightforward to play in general with the aforementioned payoff in his ultimate to easily punish any mistakes your team makes. People playing with him dislike how many Darius players are likely to overuse their ultimate and take the lion's share of gold from killing blows for a champion whose fairly unwieldy in teamfights against good play even without considering how his scaling is mediocre while the rest of the team languishes from lack of items... and the Darius player probably will let the kills they've accrued go to their head and proceed to complain about the rest of their team being terrible when it all blows up.
      • Somewhat acknowledged by Riot themselves. In their recent guide to reporting, the stereotypical "toxic" player is represented by a Darius.
  • Scrappy Mechanic:
    • Malzahar's Voidlings. Unlike other champion's pets/clones, they are directly uncontrollable.
      • Similarly, Yorick's Ghouls. Likely because he is able to have all of them out at once plus his directly-controllable revenant, and it would be quite hard to control them specifically, and possibly a Game Breaker to have all of them whaling on a target at once.
      • In a different vein of taking issue with champion pets, Elise's little spider companions while she's in spider form that follow and move around her render hitting a skillshot that stops when hitting any enemy target upon Elise... rather difficult.
    • The Flash summoner ability, being an ability that allows a player to instantly move their champion a short distance away to a different spot, is considered to be one of the absolute most powerful summoner abilities in the game, considering the emphasis on positioning and coordination within the game. It can be a get-out-of-jail-free card whenever available on the defensive and make powerful ultimates for champions that demand very proper placement, coordination and positioning to be used at their best be significantly easier to use. While initially going for a complete removal, Riot instead nerfed it so it no longer dodges homing projectiles and has a longer cooldown. Outcry stopped... for a while, because people still got tired of entire teams running Flash.
    • Stealth is heavily hated to fight against, Evelynn and Twitch inciting your team to either stay together all the time with an Oracle's Elixir on someone to avoid letting them take advantage of their stealth, or just forcing you to never go out of the range of your lane's turret while laning. Riot Games has noted this and stated they want to remake stealth mechanics, but have been frustrated by their attempts in internal testing, and currently a good remake has yet to be attained.
      • Teemo's mushrooms are abhorred by many players. Fearing stepping on slowing mines which drain your health away over time that are completely invisible is paranoia-inducing, especially when the game's anti-stealth measures aren't really feasible to reveal every brush and corner he could place them in. Stepping on them consecutively however is instead just really, really annoying.
      • With the new stealth rework this has been fixed, Riot's position is that while they wanted some traditional stealth archetypes with long-term strategic stealth in the game it broke gameplay too much and resulted in them opting only for short-term stealth. Twitch and Evelynn are now reviled for the more reliable true damage poison mechanics on Twitch and Evelynn still being invisible to normal wards and minions.
    • Dodge. A percentage chance to have every autoattack against you instead not affect you, it was largely unreliable without stacking up the stat with runes aside from a few niche instances on some champions who naturally had it in their kits (and then it was basically a huge amount of damage reduction against anything which autoattacked majorly, but was easily invalidated by the Sword of the Divine item) due to there being precisely one item which provided the stat (Ninja Tabi, 12% dodge) for a long time after the stat was removed from the Phantom Dancer item while making the item cheaper. The stat has been removed entirely, Ninja Tabi and Sword of the Divine changed, and the only champion that really had it be a key component of their gameplay, Jax, was completely reworked.
    • Darius' ultimate. To clarify, it's a single-target nuke that deals a moderate amount of true damage but increases in power with each stack of his passive that his target has. Here's the problem: the cooldown refreshes on a successful kill with the ability. While obviously intended to be for cleanup and quickly eliminating highly dangerous targets that could pose a serious threat to the carry or mage, the ability is, predictably, abused by selfish, kill-obsessed jackasses who care less about actual teamwork and more about their K/D ratio. These people will also do incredibly stupid things to get kills, like using it to kill ONE low-health target surrounded by three high-health champs with large amounts of disables between them and think nothing of it, even having the nerve to mouth off to their team when they get yelled at for it. The biggest problem, however, is that these people will very frequently resort to camping near gold-dependent champs, then flashing in and ulting a low-health target that the other champ was just about to kill, thereby robbing them of much-needed gold and essentially hobbling their team, as a well-fed Darius cannot singlehandedly carry a game, and the people stealing kills will frequently use that gold for glass cannon builds that will not accomplish anything other than getting them bursted down in seconds. To add insult to injury, these types of players are almost universally extremely rude and abusive to their teammates. There's a reason why Darius is dreaded in pub games: because your teammates will either feed him and make him unmanageable, or a Darius on your team will throw the game for you by way of their egocentric douchebaggery.
      • Part of the problem was dealt with, in that the Ultimate was changed so that, while it would still refresh on a successful kill, the player now only had twelve seconds to use the refreshed Ult to try to continue the chain of executions before it went on cooldown anyway. This has made Darius considerably more manageable for everyone involved.
  • Ship-to-Ship Combat: Those who care about such things are split between those who prefer shipping Jarvan IV with Shyvana and those who prefer pairing him with Quinn.
  • Stoic Woobie: Nasus is implied to be one in issue 8 of the Journal of Justice when Senior Summoner Ralston Farnsley tried to get an interview with him about his homeworld. He didn't get much aside from some mumbling about his brother and the Cycle of Life and Death before "he went back to brooding".
  • "Stop Having Fun" Guys: The fanbase is from DotA. To put it lightly; if you don't know what DotA had a bad reputation for... it's best just look at the trope name.
  • Stop Helping Me!: Several Champions in the game possess abilities that, when used correctly, are devastating and clinchers, but when used poorly, can save an enemy from death or make their efforts at killing your allies easier. This has become a bit of a meme in the community, usually to the tune of "I'm _________! I'm helping!" To name a few;
    • Jarvan IV's Cataclysm
    • Alistar's Headbutt
    • Anivia's Crystallize
    • Blitzcrank's Rocket Grab
    • Gragas' Explosive Cask
    • Janna's Monsoon
    • Lee Sin's Dragon's Rage
    • Singed's Fling
    • Volibear's Rolling Thunder
    • For the record, sending an enemy carry flying toward your team so that they can dispatch him/her is good. Doing the same for an enemy initiator, tank, or anyone who *wants* to get closer is bad.
    • A common meme in the LoL community is the phrase "I'm Jarvan! I'm helping!" This is said whenever Jarvan IV gets his teammates killed by trapping them in his ultimate, preventing them from escaping or maneuvering.
    • Janna's ultimate has gained some notoriety for just how easy it is to screw one's team over inadvertently by repositioning enemies to where you really, really don't want them to be.
    • Their actual damage utility aside, to say that Malzahar's pet voidlings have gotten Malzahar players into trouble before would be an understatement. Riot took notice of these complaints and made significant AI changes to alleviate a lot of the problems caused by the voidlings. They now attack whoever Malzahar is using his ult on, hide in the brush with him... and dance along with him. And yet stuff like THIS inevitably happens.
  • Surprise Difficulty: Anyone who doesn't read up on a champion a bit before trying them out might run into this. Some champions are listed as "Easy" or "Medium" when they're actually a bit tougher than other champions in their "Difficulty" level, and vice versa. Thankfully, people may practice in Co-op vs. AI if they don't know how a champion works.
    • Inverted with Sona, who had a difficulty rating of 'Hard' when released despite being very simple to operate. After a great deal of laughter and mockery, Sona's difficulty rating was eventually dropped to the lowest possible value.
    • Not to mention, a lot of people assume that because bots have Artificial Stupidity, that they can just think "Co-Op vs, AI? FREE EXP/IP!" and just spend half an hour dinking around and are somehow surprised to find bots at level 18 with tank-like stats, free gear, and loads of crowd control (and Anti-crowd control) or finding bots focusing on a turret and it going down before they can do a thing.
    • The recommended items for champions frequently are not what you should buy, according to the champion's dedicated players. They're not awful, sometimes even good, but (perhaps intentionally, in order to promote experimentation) the most devastating/effective items for that champion are often left out.
  • Tear Jerker: An example from the competitive scene: After the end of Season 2, Chaox was released from Team Solo Mid after they found Wildturtle more suitable for the role. As he was leaving he shared a heartfelt goodbye with Dyrus who was reduced to a sobbing wreck.
  • Tier-Induced Scrappy: Anyone who gets hit too hard with the balancing patches.
    • Kassadin is a common ban due to how powerful and mobile he becomes once level 6. 2014 had statistics quoting his ban-rate was 90% and upwards at times.
    • Morgana is almost ALWAYS banned early on because she's nearly immovable in lane, thanks to her CC, ability to shield herself against enemy CC, long ranged farming skill and ability to self-heal from all her damage spells. This is without even mentioning her devastating, battle-winning ultimate.
      • Not much of the case for season 3, where the meta shifted to burst damage assassins, slow burn AP laners like Morgana fell out of favor. With the nerfs to assassins shifting the meta for season 4, less mobile mid laners can come back into prominence.
    • Freaking Teemo. Nothing is more annoying than stepping on explosive mushrooms that damage and slow you every 3 seconds.
    • Amumu was Mis-blamed for AoE teams' overpoweredness.
    • Evelynn is one of the most controversial champions in the game, having run the gamut of "almost completely useless" to "severely overpowered," multiple times.
    • Previously considered considerably overpowered, Jax was whacked so hard with the Nerf hammer that "being Jaxed" has entered the community's parlance as an Unusual Euphemism for a popular champion being brutally and excessively nerfed to near-uselessness. Subsequent patches have yet to make him very powerful and ignored some issues, but he is at least playable now.
      • Jax's main shortcoming was that, in addition to being very item-dependent, he was very skill-dependent as well because they have passives attached to them (his ult primarily). As a result, he could have sometimes be a liability early-game where he was very easily harassed but later on, he started to really push damage out. The same can be said for others like Tristana who relies on her "E" skill for harassment early game but later on gets a much bigger range, and Sivir who easily runs out of mana early game and relies on an easily dodged-skill for harassment. But later on, those two become machine guns capable of ruining a turret if one doesn't stop 'em.
      • Both Jax and Sivir were remade once the Dodge Mechanic was removed, so they may have the same status as before.
    • Katarina at one point considered to be one of the worst characters to have to lane against to the point she was a Game Breaker. She has since fallen behind other champions and is dependent on an easily-stopped ultimate, making her dead weight against an experienced and/or prepared player. She has since been revamped, but since the ult wasn't really changed, it may not have been enough.
      • It's far, far worse post-remake. Old Kat's main problem was that her main nuke stopped really being relevant around midgame unless she was heavily fed, while Shunpo was on too high a cooldown to consistently be useful as a secondary nuke. It was her ultimate that really brought the damage, but if the enemy team was at all coordinated, that became useless as well and turned Kat into nothing but dead weight. Her remake fixed all of that by giving her far more consistent burst and infinitely better farming while keeping the passive that still made her useful even when she was at her worst more or less intact. It instantly shot her from being the worst character in the game (even Eve had more use) to one of the top bans in every single ELO.
    • At launch, Sona was considered overpowered due to the sheer strength and usefulness of her buffs and heals (even accounting for the Necessary Drawback of being a Squishy Wizard); some players were known to ragequit if they died while laning against her. Today she's falling behind due to being the Jack of All Stats of support. So Okay, It's Average is definitely her problem.
      • It should be noted, though, that she still sees regular play in tournaments, because while she isn't fancy, she's reliable, particularly her Crescendo ultimate.
    • Soraka was a cornerstone of a strategy in which the team keeps a single carry-type character alive to bear down of their opponents by sheer attrition. Later nerfed and temporarily considered to be nearly equal to Evelynn in uselessness to many, though she's being reconsidered to be very useful to babysit and save that precious physical carry on your team... a similar strategy in which support champions with heals sustained their lane partner to a less extreme but still very significant extent later which made them nearly impossible to budge became popular with Soraka, so that aspect of her was nerfed... to not make her useless, her Starcall ability was remade and buffed in range to allow her to zone out enemies. You guessed it, people still hate fighting against her.
    • Don't mistake this for some champions you never see like Tristana, Soraka, Gangplank Taric or—for that matter—the other 36 members of the Original Forty. Unless they're in the free champion rotation for the week, you often don't see them because people, especially veterans, are more interested in the new champions than toons they've played for years. The Originals 40 aren't bad, they're just "old news." Unless they get an overhaul, like how Alistar's passive was changed to "Trample." In ranked matches, you see more variety.
    • Yorick was released in an Obvious Beta state. He had a Game-Breaking Bug that would cause allies temporarily resurrected by his ult to constantly die again and again and be caught in a Fate Worse than Death and make the team lose the match. His ghouls also rarely lasted long enough to cause any form of threat whatseover so people just kited the ghouls or ignored them and shot him instead.
      • Then he was buffed, deserved a nerf, and is still largely considered impossible to beat solo-top when played well. His personal damage-scaling is low, but he easily makes up for it by casting his ultimate on a farmed ranged-carry, giving his team an almost second example of their best source of DPS for at least ten seconds. He's got a rework on the way, supposedly to bring him more in line with the "Necromancer" champion Riot had intended.
    • Akali is infamous for being really freaking good. As in "gets into a 1v3 fight, kills two and gets away easily" good. On the other hand, her reliance on her stealth-smoke and being a sustained-damage melee champion makes her less popular the higher level of play you go up on, as those aspects mean she will require a lot of teamwork to work in teamfights where countered her for the enemy team is fairly easy with focus-fire, hard-CC, and pink wards/Oracle's Elixir against her smoke.
    • Like Evelynn, Twitch was intentionally overnerfed because new players had no way to deal with him. For the same reason he is literally never chosen as a weekly free character.
      • Well, he was initially overpowered to a truly ridiculous degree. Even pros complained about him; he was seen as a walking pentakill who could otherwise be staggeringly inept and still massacre the enemy team thanks to his ultimate, which gave him an ENORMOUS attack speed and range boost while making his attacks deal full damage no matter how many enemies they pierced. He could even outrange towers and could very easily destroy them after murdering the enemy champs trying to take cover near them, as his ult lasted for a long time and didn't have an ammo limit (unlike his first ult remake). It was so bad that there were multiple tournament games where teams who were otherwise getting stomped into the ground were still able to stonewall the enemy simply because Twitch would annihilate the enemy team every time they showed up.
    • Shaco gets hated on because of how infuriating he is. While not very hard for experts to counter, people dislike tower-hugging since it gets boring; and in solo-queue, they don't trust other players to know how to deal with them.
      • There's also the fear that enemy Shacos tend to stomp while ally Shacos feed.
    • Darius is absolutely loathed by quite a large percentage of the game's community for having a kit utterly overloaded with damage, most especially his refreshable, massive-true-damage ult. While it's generally agreed that he's not overpowered per se, it's only because there are a number of champions who exploit his flaws (lack of hard CC or escapes, limited range) to counter him completely and those who don't counter him get destroyed so one-sidedly that they might as well not bother. Additionally, his ultimate means that even a Darius who has a terrible early game can still come back and do immense damage late-game even when purely tank-built, largely by Kill Stealing- which annoys his OWN team as well as the enemy, who feel like they wasted all their effort trying to shut him down.
    • Fiora was released, assessed by the community, dismissed as utterly useless and has never been seen again. Oh sure, some diehards keep trying to make her work as a non-standard AD assassin mid, but no-one plays her seriously because she simply brings NOTHING to a team that a dozen other champs don't do better. Riot don't even seem to care as they aren't making any attempts to improve her or rework her, despite being on a binge of champion reworking. She's simply been forgotten by everyone (except the Rule 34 artists). She's 'had a rework in the works' for a long time but that's all that's been said: they're planning on it (kind of like Poppy, Sion and Warwick, who are also worth mentioning sine they haven't been viable in years). Its even worse after the rework to Master Yi, which explicitly made him much better than Fiora at the job she was made to do.
    • Similar to Fiora, Mordekaiser seems to have been simply pushed off the side and forgotten. A completely obsolete champion design, his flaws (no mobility, no CC or utility, no range, only moderate sustained damage with no burst) mean that he fills absolutely no roles on a LoL team at all. Again, Riot don't even seem to notice and he's not slated for a remake, despite needing one more than almost any other champion in the game.
      • Edit:This is conceptually incorrect. Much like Vladimir, Mordekaiser is notoriously hard to balance. Prior to a few huge nerfs, Mordekaiser was unbeatable in lane. His shield was vastly nerfed, thereby crippling his early game invulnerablity to being shoved out of lane. But, Morde is the single best farmer in the entire game. It's not unheard of for him to easily get over 300 cs in a game. And a notoriously powerful AP carry once he gets fed. His ghost can alter the course of a team fight. He has huge damage on low cooldowns. As someone put it on a certain reddit related site, he's like the military concept of a tank. The unmovable object with a huge gun. Tanks aren't mobile. They are a gun on wheels. His lack of mobility and cc is the reason why he's not picked in the current meta, but if he had those in his current kit, he'd be unstoppable. If he can get to a target and just drop his combo, someone dies. He just has to catch them.
      • The comparison of Morde with a tank is fishy at best. Modern tanks are one of the most mobile units in the arsenal of an army used to quickly shift the flow of a battle. A competent battalion commander can obliterate his enemy. A more fitting equivalent (still not quite right) would be a Doppelsöldner with it's Bihänder. This said his status as a troll pick in competitive play has largely been dismissed since Roccat used him in the second week of the 2014 EU Spring Split?. No one saw it coming either, and Mordekaiser proceeded to dominate the mid lane.
    • Jinx is becoming more and more of a problem. In spite of being nerfed twiced in which her level damage scaling and health were reduced, she snowballs hard. An early level Jinx with a few kills later on is no problem. A late game Jinx that has plenty of kills under their belt can take out champions in bunches. So it is gotten to the point where in order to counter her, people have to make sure she gets no kills which is hard to do. A Jinx with even a few kills early to mid is a problem.
    • Sion is here due primarily to pairing up with Poppy as Riot's self admitted greatest failures. Sion is bad because he's supposed to be a melee tank but scales off magic damage and his kit has terrible synergy. 2 of his abilities scale purely on AP, the other 2 on AD. No matter what you build, half his kit is useless. He has a total overhaul on the way at some point.
    • On the flip side is Poppy, who is the most extreme example of imbalanced risk-reward in the entire game (even moreso than the aforementioned Fiora). IF she gets to late game she is terrfying, but even by carry standards it takes her so long to get good that she's totally impractical. If this troper may quote one of his favorite youtubers: "If your team looses in the first 30 minutes and you picked Poppy, you can't help." Also has a total overhaul on the way.
    • Another on the list for " rework on the way" is Warwick, who has not been viable in 3 years. Every jungler is better than him for a single reason: map presence. Warwick has zero CC until lvl 6, when he may lock down one target with his ultimate, then he's useless again until his ultimate is off cooldown. Virtually any jungler can gank several times and get his/her lanes going before Warwick can help his team at all.
  • Toy Ship: Amumu is sometimes implied to have a crush on Annie which may not be entirely one-sided.
  • True Neutral: As the leader of the Kinkou Order and the Eye of Twilight, Shen is required to protect the Balance Between Good and Evil.
  • Ugly Cute
    • Kog'Maw. It helps that he chases his tail as one of his idles, hums a cavalry charge as his joke, and does this as his dance. His skins are also pretty adorable, turning him into a butterfly and a reindeer.
    • Maokai's saplings have glowing green eyes and a large mouth made of grooves in them. They also have amusingly short limbs that mesh also amusingly by their moving animation resembling a sprint from a normal human being that is highlighted by the glowing leaves attached to their head, and make a sort of "Whhhhheeeeeeeeeeee" sound while being thrown through the air.
  • Unfortunate Character Design: The chest hair in Gangplank's old portrait really looks like it could be sprouting from... somewhere else.
  • Viewer Gender Confusion: Kayle's heavily armored design leads to many jokes on the forums.
  • Vocal Minority: The majority of the very, very large playerbase has no major qualms with the game's balancing or believes that any egregious issues will be sorted out in due time. You'd never know that from logging on the General Discussion message boards on the official site though and taking at the (seemingly) Unpleasable Fanbase. Dozens of purely complaining threads decrying how the game is Ruined Forever by a certain champion/strategy or how Riot is an incompetent greedy company that is ruining the game for its playerbase. These all drown out the well written threads that discuss the game in a positive or neutral tone and especially the ones that are voicing legitimate concerns.
  • The Woobie: Amumu.
    • Yorick's entire family is long dead, all traces of his life are long gone, and he's been trying to finally pass on for hundreds of years to no avail. His backstory just makes you feel incredibly sorry for the poor guy.
    • Skarner. In his judgement you will just feel sorry for the guy.
    • Riven deserves a mention. After what she went through, it's hard not to see why she left and went on the path to atonement.
    • Nautilus. Being left for dead sucks. Being left for dead while being dragged down by some kind of sea monster sucks more. Waking up on the friggin' ocean floor to find that you've been totally abandoned and that your suit has fused to your skin sucks even more than that. Making your way to land and finding that not only is your mind going, but that there are absolute zero traces of your existence really, really sucks. Poor dude.

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