Unfortunate Character Design

Might not be sold in the 'hood.

You may have noticed that one of the Yo Gabba monsters is a flexible salami-like creature with one gaping eye at the top. I'm pretty sure I sketched the original design for that in the margin of a chemistry textbook back in 1985.

Let's face it, some characters look odd. Something about their design makes them look ugly, or freaky, or... phallic.

The design is obviously unintentional (or at least probably not intended by the majority of the creators), and not meant as a Parental Bonus or Getting Crap Past the Radar. The offending part is pretty obvious. And it is so distracting that it can never be unseen.

See also: Fashion-Victim Villain, Nude-Colored Clothes, Accidental Innuendo. Will often be Nausea Fuel.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • Digimon: The Savers redesign of Yatagaramon also suffers from this. He has a white mane that really stands out thanks to his mostly black and purple design. Said mane is braided into a single rope that dangles freely with a bell to each side of it. Guess we should call the savers version the four legged crow.
  • The Antibodies in Brain Powerd have cockpits in their crotches, covered by a long, narrow strip of armour that extends when the pilot wants to climb out.
  • Near end of Yakitate!! Japan, Kirisaki transforms into a giant hulking bread monster made of all the breads the Pantasia team has ever made over the course of the series...with Suwabara's turtle bread covering his crotch. Even better, when he's finally defeated, he shoots his crotch-turtle at Azuma as a Desperation Attack.
  • Zorc Necrophades from Yu-Gi-Oh! has a dragon head on a long neck protruding from his crotch.
  • Hello Kitty: Hello Kitty's main pose is putting her finger to her.. "mouth" as if pondering something. However, thanks to the lack of clear digits on her hands, it can easily look like she's flipping you off.
  • Hellsing: One unit of Catholic Knights introduced in the last arc has uniforms modeled after Spanish penitents (as seen in the picture above), which unfortunately is also how post-The Birth of a Nation KKK members dress.
  • Mobile Suit Gundam 00: The MSJ-06II-ED Tieren Zhizhu, which was intended to guard the Orbital Elevator, besides some other weapons it also has a 30 mm Machine Gun turret attached to it, fair enough, the placement though makes it seem pretty phallic like, see for yourself.
  • Shiro from Deadman Wonderland has a skin-tight bodysuit that's very close to the same shade as her skin, meaning that at first glance she looks totally naked apart from some body paint (which are actually patterns drawn on the suit) and it's even worse in the black-and-white manga since you can't make a comparison between the color of her face and the fabric and realize she is wearing something.
  • Dragon Ball Z: In a random segment in the Cell Saga, Imperfect Cell crosses paths with a sports team who harasses him before getting killed. One of the athletes' heads looks just like a penis — enough so, in fact, that when Team Four Star adapted the scene for Dragon Ball Z Abridged, they had to censor the man's head themselves because otherwise it triggered Youtube's vulgarity filters.

  • A crucifix in the St. Charles Borromeo Catholic Church in Warr Acres, Oklahoma, depicts Jesus with a distended stomach and abs — which some critics say looks a bit too much like an erect penis and scrotum. The clergy response was basically "whatever", and they refuse to discuss the controversy any further.
  • Nearly all reconstructions of Tsintaosaurus depict it with a vaguely phallic-shaped unicorn-crest on the head, although some modern theories speculate it had nothing of the sort, and what people believed to be a horn-like crest was in reality only a fragment of a totally different-shaped head-ornament. But if that wasn't enough, some old illustrations (and an infamous toy) also gave it two, inflatable sacs at the base of said crest.
  • Red McCombs Superior Hyundai in San Antonio, TX has a statue of a Native American in the classic "how" pose, with his left hand resting at his side. Approaching it from a certain direction driving along Loop 410, though, makes his left thumb look like something else entirely.
  • Liverpool, UK, boasts a locally infamous statue of Queen Victoria which is holding an Orb and Sceptre. From the front and right side, the Sceptre looks like a Sceptre, but from the left side, the bottom of it looks like... something else.
  • A particular statue of William Penn at the Philadelphia City Hall is notorious for this among news photographers, since if you photograph it at a certain angle the placement of his right hand is pretty suggestive.
  • Among other figures of the past, the Château de Versailles has a statue of General Emmanuel Leclerc, Pauline Bonaparte's first husband. If the fact that he is the only naked figure in a gallery otherwise filled with fully-clothed statues is not weird enough, the sword resting on his right hip can easily look like another kind of sword from certain angles.
  • A sculpture called Domestikator was moved from the Louvre in Paris to the "edgier" Pompidou Centre after some people thought that the human figure was penetrating the animal, which the artist claimed was not the intended meaning.

    Card Games 
  • For Yu-Gi-Oh!, guess where the biggest drill on Drillago is. Not to mention the two drills on its boobs.
  • Magic: The Gathering:
    • Uktabi Orangutan, a.k.a. "Sex Monkey." The flavor text even does some Lampshade Hanging on the position of the two monkeys in the background and a later parody card shows the two monkeys again, but now one of them is pregnant.
    • The art on Gorilla Titan prompted the creators to give it the flavor text "I want a banana this big."
    • Ekundu Cyclops depicts a female figure riding what appears to be a giant phallus (with the twin moons in the background as testicles).
    • In a crossover with Unfortunate Implications is the Ninth Edition version of Paladin en-Vec, which depcits a knight wearing what appears to be a KKK hood. Even worse, it's a white knight with protection from black.

    Comic Books 

    Comic Strips 
  • The Far Side:
    • There is a comic of a sleeping dog dreaming of having caught a car and howling atop it, called "When dogs dream". Larson said later he drew in the car's transmission box where it was supposed to be, but when the editor cleared it to be published newspapers were inundated with mail from offended people thinking that the dog was supposed to be having sex with the car. The caption has been changed to "When car chasers dream" to rectify this.
    • Gary Larson was flustered when a reader pointed out that an old woman he drew for the cover of In Search of the Far Side looked like a giant phallus. His editor responded, "So?"

    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 
  • Foodfight!
    • In an early scene, when Dex Dogtective asks Daredevil Dan to be his best man, Dan starts... well, he's supposed to be crying tears of chocolate, since he's the mascot for a chocolate product, but just about everyone who's seen the movie will say it looks more like he's violently spewing feces from his face.
    • Cheasel the Weasel's head and neck look extremely phallic. That they're constantly bobbing and wiggling around does not help. The texture of his brown fur has caused some to call him "poop rat". This is due to the cheap budget the film was made with. The original trailer shows a less unfortunate looking model, however the film had to be re-built from the ground up after the original version was stolen.
  • The Little Mermaid has a priest whose knees closely resemble an erect penis during the scene where Eric almost marries the disguised Ursula.
  • The Rapsittie Street Kids Believe In Santa shows one overhead shot of Ricky where his dreadlocks make him look like a literal pile of crap.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • The alien in Alien Trespass is... well, phallic. The director, in an interview with Fangoria, stated that he pointed this out to the art designer, who answered "I was afraid you'd say that" and put tentacles at the top to try to counteract this. Its spaceship looks like the female counterpart, as well — and again, the art designer's response when called on it was "I was afraid you'd say that!"
  • Bill Corbett on the Romulan ship in the Star Trek reboot movie: "Look, a giant space sphincter!"
  • The Last Airbender: Many reviewers commented "The princess has penis hair!" due to a particular shot from behind Yue that makes her hair look, well, phallic.
  • While the costume design in The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure is shoddy as-is, Toofie's is especially bad, as his eyes make him appear as a meth addict.
  • The Dream Demons from Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare resemble sperm.
  • The Great Goblin's throat from The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey resembles a scrotum.
  • Star Wars: A Tauntaun's tail looks like a dick when it is viewed from the front. Proof. Ew.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Yo Gabba Gabba!: Muno is a one-eyed monster who... looks like a giant red dildo. Charlie Brooker said he looks like "a Dalek's cock".
  • Doctor Who has had more than a few unfortunately designed monsters:
    • In "The Web Planet", there's a scene where a biological tentacle on a wall (called a "bio-gun" in the novelisation) squirts a sticky white web at the Doctor and Vicki before slowly going flaccid and shrinking.
    • "The Krotons" features a Cliffhanger where a long, prehensile, biomechanical... thing with a slightly bifurcated head with a hole in the end shoots out of a hole in a wall and starts thrusting the Doctor to the floor. The Doctor gets around it in the next episode by having the end spray white fluid on a Mauve Shirt instead of on him.
    • One of the most famous is probably the ambassador from Alpha Centauri in "The Curse of Peladon" and its Sequel Story "The Monster of Peladon". The cloak he's wearing is a last minute attempt to cover it up. The complaint simply changed from "It looks like a giant dick," to "It looks like a giant dick with a cloak on." There was even some speculation that he could be a companion for a while, though the design soon put paid to that.
    • Davros's design in "Genesis of the Daleks" is great, so long as you aren't seeing him from the back, where the back of his chair is shaped like a hand flipping you off. note 
    • The Organic Technology ship controls in "Terror of the Zygons" are very slimy, veiny and turgid. Much like in the example below, Tom Baker is clearly having a great time handling them as suggestively as he can in the scene which requires him to use them. This may be a theme with his take on the Doctor. (Later lampshaded in "The Zygon Invasion" in the Twelfth Doctor era, where the Doctor insists Zygon controls only work if you 'titillate' them.)
    • Don't forget the infamous Creature from the Pit, with its many... protuberances. There was even a scene where, while trying to communicate with it, the Doctor picks up a longish, fleshy... thing from the Creature's midsection, looks it up and down, massages it slightly and then puts the end of it in his mouth, sucking and blowing on it. It is probably Accidental Innuendo but knowing Tom Baker's notoriously morbid sense of humour it may have been an intentional attempt at Getting Crap Past the Radar. The costume designer and Tom laughed about it in an interview with Doctor Who Magazine — apparently it had originally been even worse and the costume department had made heavy last-minute alterations to it to improve it, but were ultimately powerless to how badly the design had been botched up.
    • Then there's the Vervoids which look like either a, uncircumsized dicks or b, vaginas with prominent clitorises. A newsagent once refused to stock an issue of Doctor Who Magazine with an image of one on the cover on the grounds that it contained a "graphic sexual image".
  • The Blessing from Torchwood: Miracle Day is revealed to be a fissure underground which some have remarked looks like a vagina.
  • An episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus featured a scene where a man comes into an apartment to sign a man's severed leg. The reveal of the leg was from the knee down, making it look like a giant bell-end. Executive Meddling was mentioned in one of their documentaries.
  • An in-universe example occurs in How I Met Your Mother, where a Running Gag in season 2 is that Ted's boss is completely unaware that the skyscraper design he wants to present to their clients happens to be incredibly phallic, complete with a semicircular roof and two spherical entrance halls at the base, which are surrounded by wild foliage.
  • The Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode "Doublemeat Palace" had a demon with an incredibly phallic-looking tentacle that squirted venom at Buffy. And then Buffy's lesbian best friend chopped the tentacle off with an axe... According to the creators, the symbolism was completely accidental, although a dialogue joke was made about it in a later episode.
  • In Ressha Sentai Tokkyuger, ToQ-Oh is built in a way that the Red Ressha can unfold and extend a large red cylinder from the mecha's crotch. Which would be bad enough if it were just something people could do with their toys at home, but it was actually used once in the show.
  • Kamen Rider Gaim: The title character's Super Mode is primarily white with a pointed helmet. It's modeled after samurai warlord armor, but Westerners are more likely to associate its shape and color with the KKK.

    Myths & Religion 
  • The hoods in the page image are capirotes, which are worn by penitents during Holy Week processions in Spain, and have nothing to do with the Ku Klux Klan and predate it by hundreds of years.

  • The OrganWise Guys is a company dedicated to promoting good health among children. Fair enough. They also use various mascots to represents different types of health. Still fair enough. They have an anthropomorphic Stock Femur Bone called "Calci M. Bone" to promote good bone and dental health. Still fair enough. Then they made a poster depicting her wearing a hat. Suddenly the bone looks like a different part of the body. And to make things even better, her name has a "®" symbol after it, meaning that the poster literally says "Calci M. Bone®".

    Tabletop Games 
  • In early Rifts supplements, artist Kevin Long illustrates a vast number of Humongous Mecha with guns in their lower torsos as alleged anti-infantry position, which end up looking, well, phallic.

  • Cirque du Soleil's Luzia has a few characters who are cacti. One of them has a long, straight arm jutting out from his crotch.

  • A really surprising number of the 1980s Battle Beasts figures were like this, with their cybernetic armor sporting crotch fins, guns, sliding panels, or just highly suspicious protrusions.
  • The toyline exclusive My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic character; Emerald Ray has a cutie mark resembling the BP Logo.
  • Emerald Ray has nothing on Walking Talking Pinkie Pie. The plug covering the screw that holds the toy's battery lid closed is located right beneath the tail. So... you need to yank the plug out from beneath the tail and then screw it to turn the toy on... I sense I've gone too far.
  • It's quite common for a Transformer to have some sort of unintentionally amusing crotch design. A particularly unfortunate example is Scattershot. That silver-bordered black shape? That's a heat-sensitive sticker that you're supposed to activate by rubbing. And if that weren't bad enough, he can easily be mistransformed so that the nose and cockpit of his spaceship mode is protruding forward from there instead. The original toy of Megatron is likewise infamous for having a trigger on his crotch. There are also a good number of Mini-Cons that have unfortunately-placed Powerlinx connectors.
    • Transformers toy designers don't seem to be all too familiar with dinosaur anatomy, as at least two such figures have gimmicks located in unpractical places. The Beast Wars Dinobot mold (and its repaints, remolds) has a rod sticking out of its cloaca that you have to push in to activate a feature; while Transformers Cybertron Beast Megatron has a Cyber Key slot in the same place. (Apparently it's because tails frequently end up as arms or arm-wielded weapons in robot mode. Apparently, Hasbro didn't think fans would realize this means in beast mode you're shoving things directly where the sun don't shine. Which means, apparently, Hasbro doesn't know kids very well.)
    • The figure of Beast Machines Obsidian has a tiny machine gun dangling under his cockpit. Since the cockpit is his chest in robot mode, this means that the gun ends up hanging down from between his legs... Thankfully, the toy's more cartoon-accurate configuration, in which his legs are "fused" together, makes this far less obvious.
    • A good number of planes, such as G2 Smokescreen, have a design where the front part of the plane becomes the upper body, leading to a plane canopy in their chest and the nosecone on their crotch, but it's not especially noticeable. Beast Machines Ultra Jetstorm, meanwhile, has a long, flexible cockpit with a bulbous head, designed to "look around" in vehicle mode. In robot mode, it's tucked between his legs, but still has working joints and can hang low or point forward with relative ease. Yep, it's the first Transformer to have an articulated wang.
    • TJ Omega released a video called Top 5 Inappropriate Transformers on this subject, featuring a variety of questionable designs, misbehaving gimmicks and oddly placed kibble.
    • Beast Machines Silverbolt, a figure widely regarded as one of the least successful Transformers figures ever, turns into (what is said to be) a condor, but the robot head isn't hidden in the least, and remains visible between the legs. The head also has a tall, thin, tubular shape, and can easily swivel forward, making it look like the condor has a grinning erection. Even if you transform it according to the instructions, it's clearly a head coming out of a condor's butt. This could easily have been avoided, as the toy has a big torso-piece which the small head could have retracted into. In robot mode, the condor's head ends up on his belly, staring at his own crotch — not much better.
    • Beast Machines Blackarachnia has enormous, unmovable middle fingers, which make her looks like she's constantly flipping others off. Ironically, this probably would have fit perfectly for her Beast Wars incarnation.
    • It has been noted by some that Transformers Prime Megatron's crotch looks like the face of the twins Skyquake and Dreadwing, two of his most loyal servants.
    • Combiner Wars Silverbolt's two heads wind up in dubious places. Superion's head has his ears poking out of Silverbolt's chest, forming little rubber nipples: only mildly unfortunate. Where Silverbolt's head winds up in Superion mode: much more unfortunate.
    • Transformers Cybertron's Backstop was originally designed to feature a genuine left hand, but on the toy's final release, the appendage is formed out of his rhinoceros mode's rear end, and as many fans have noted, it's sorta shaped like a poop scoop. Since the rhino's tail forms his middle finger, he's also one of the few Transformers who can flip the bird.
  • A lot of bootleg transforming dinosaur toys have their dino-heads ending up in questionable places in robot mode, hence Transformers fans dubbing them "Dinocock Prime".
  • Torch/Fire from Slizers has his head between his legs, while Granite/Rock's action feature requires you to repeatedly push a giant rod into a hole on his butt.
  • The rhino-like Vako from the BIONICLE Master Builder set used a bent "pipe" piece for a tail that connected at the bend in its middle, so half of it stuck backwards like a tail, and the other half hung between the legs due to there being no friction to hold the piece in place. Worse, both ends were outfitted with an extension, not just the tail part that was meant to be seen.
  • Catty Noir from Monster High was meant to resemble a black cat, but her bright pink lips against black skin has been criticized for looking more like a blackface caricature.

    Video Games 
  • Kingdom Hearts II: This Dusk looked a little happy to see our keyblade hero.
  • Yoyo's battle sprite from Bahamut Lagoon makes it seem like she has a giant chin, due to her clothes' neckline making her neck look like it's part of her face. (Thankfully, gets a better sprite halfway through the game.)
  • Final Fantasy:
    • The popular recurring Cactuar enemy stands in a particular pose supposedly inspired after a Japanese EXIT sign, but some Western players think it looks more like a swastika.
    • Zeromus's second form from Final Fantasy IV appears to have a massive, ribbed equine penis continually jizzing blood out of the end. This particular appendage was removed in the DS version.
    • In Final Fantasy VI, Kefka Palazzo's final form is clothed in nothing but a waistwrap. Unfortunately, one of the folds ended up in the wrong place, which makes Kefka seem like he's a little too happy to see you. This was promptly acknowledged by many, many people. This may have been subtly referenced in Dissidia: Final Fantasy, after using his Ex-Burst, Kefka goes "That was titillating", implying he is actually getting off on the destruction.
    • In Final Fantasy Tactics Ramza's sprite changes from chapter to chapter. His last costume contains pants that, due to the sprite artwork, look like they are totally skintight and riding quite far up his butt crack. Fans of the series have affectionately dubbed the disturbing garments the Buttpants.
    • Final Fantasy IX:
      • Garnet's trance form in Final Fantasy IX has some design elements that bear an unfortunate resemblance to a bare bottom. Made all the worse by how lovingly well-rendered her (tightly) clothed bottom is even out of trance.
      • Likewise, it wasn't such a good idea to give Eiko pants that are almost the same color as her skin, since it makes her look like she's nude from the waist down. Add to that the fact that she's six years old and looks very, very young and most fans react with Squick. Most other art and her in game sprites make her pants a much darker red to avoid this.
      • The Stroper enemy looks very phallic.
      • Zidane Tribal, at least in Dissidia: Final Fantasy. The point at which his tail sticks out of his pants should really have been placed just slightly higher up in order to look like it was actually coming from the base of his spine; as it is, it looks far too much like he's pooping it out.
    • With Final Fantasy XII's character design being extremely realistic, Vaan's drawn-on chest... shadow... things seem very much out of place. Depending on who you ask, they either look like really odd sunburns, or signs of emaciation.
    • Dissidia Final Fantasy (2015) textures Exdeath's loincloth sash to have a weirdly regular pattern that makes it look like a pack of sushi rolls.
    • The Final Fantasy X HD Remaster retextured the main characters in a more cartoony style that some players found fell straight into the Uncanny Valley. A particularly common comment is that the characters, with plasticy skin and exaggerated lips, now resembled deluxe sex dolls.
    • The new animation used for Cactuars in Final Fantasy XV gives them what appear to be really tight, cute butts.
  • Most golems in Baldur's Gate wear loincloths that look just a little too much like giant flapping dongs.
  • Silver the Hedgehog, whose debut in Sonic the Hedgehog (2006) meant the addition of a third new main hedgehog to the series. Except one of the very first things just about everyone noted about his design is that his head quills look like the stereotypical shape and symbol for marijuana.
  • Ganon's sprite design in The Legend of Zelda has confused a lot of people with some of his poses. Is he pretending to be a catgirl when Link walks in?
  • On the subject of strange 8-bit sprites, Mario in the original Super Mario Bros has eyes shaped like letter "L"s. It's possible they were supposed to look like they were reflecting light, but that doesn't excuse the fact that his head is permanently twisted at a 90 degree angle to the rest of his body.
  • Pokémon:
    • Most infamously, Cloyster looks a bit like a vagina with horns stuck on it—this, however, may be intentional (or the developers realized after the fact), because in HeartGold/SoulSilver, there is a young couple Trainer duo who use Cloyster and Onix. Coincidence?
    • Palkia, especially when you factor in its Breath Weapon moves like Hydro Pump.
    • Jynx's original design was so controversial that Nintendo actually had to redesign her. Just compare her original look to her new one.
    • Back when the FurAffinity boards allowed people to publicly report potential site violations, a perfectly innocent and accurate drawing of a Floatzel was reported for not being marked as mature content.
    • Reshiram has an unfortunately-placed tuft of fur.
      • Blaziken and Beartic have crotch-tufts as well. Thanks to an unfortunate 3D model, Blaziken's looks particularly phallic in Pokkén Tournament, and some of the animations in that game happen to include close-ups of the strangely-shaped "tuft of feathers", which really does not help.
    • Kadabra has a weird, um, segment connecting its tail to its underside.
    • Magmar and Castform have two bulges on their head and bottom, respectively.
    • Registeel's sprite in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl has its right arm raised in a Nazi salute. For the European release (as well as all versions of Platinum), it was lowered.
    • Some people have noticed how Keldeo's official artwork makes it look like it has a butthole.
    • Speaking of buttholes, male Torchic have tiny black spots on their rear ends in an... unfortunate location.
    • Combusken resembles a penis. Humorously, it doubles as a Visual Pun for English players, since chickens are also called cocks.
    • Eusine's official art for Crystal. Look carefully at his right hand... looks kind of like he's flipping us off, doesn't it?
    • Lance's sprite in Gen II looks like he's flashing the player. This has led to the meme "Lance is a pervert".
    • Many people have commented on how Oshawott's seashell resembles a penis.
    • Poor Gardevoir led to a lot of Rule 34 fanart because of the slit up the front of her (sometimes his, to make it worse) "dress".
    • Probopass is based on the Moai of Easter Island, and also resembles an Anti-Semitic caricature.
    • One of Golem's attack animations in Pokémon Stadium and 2 is to roll over onto its back, leaving its legs pointing forward at its opponent. It uses this animation when it's commanded to use Mud-Slap, an attack which involves spraying brown gunk at the enemy and— yeah...
    • Metagross gains a large spike on its front when it Mega Evolves, and it led to sex jokes almost immediately after its reveal.
    • Medicham's legs resemble a pair of boobs, with the yellow spots as nipples.
    • Hawlucha has a layer of feathers which resemble a camel toe.
    • Complete Forme Zygarde has a white hexagon on each knee and foot, and two green hexagons beneath each white. Good luck getting that out of your head.
      • 10% Forme Zygarde doesn't have it much better; it has a green hexagon placed right on its rear end, looking very much like a big anus that it shows off to the player when sent out. Even worse, it sometimes glows white, drawing more attention to it.
    • Team Flare's soft-serve ice-cream hairstyles look more like poo to some detractors.
    • The eyes and nose on the mask Yamask carries with it come together to form something that looks like a very simple 'dick and balls' graffiti.
  • In King's Quest III, because of the limitations of the graphics, the protagonist's sprite has, for eyes, a solid line of red pixels, making him look like Cyclops.
  • In the Xen level of Half-Life the Gonarch's egg-sack looks like a huge scrotum. That said, with such a name, it definitely is intentional, at least according to Half-Life 2: Raising the Bar.
  • This Metal Gear Solid 4 promotional statue. Snake's outfit is not unfortunate unless you're allergic to shameless female-aimed fanservice, but the placement of that lamp seems to be trying a bit too hard.
  • The dragons in Adventure look less like dragons and more like freakin' ducks.
  • The player character in the NES game Code Name: Viper has the same three-color palette limitations as most sprites did in the era. Brown was used for his hair and outline and green for his jacket and boots, while a pinkish flesh tone was used for his skin... and his pants, which has the very unfortunate effect of making him look like he's undertaking his mission with no pants at all.
  • The Orc Chasm in Kingdom of Loathing is shaped quite a bit like a vagina, though given the name this was probably intentional. The valley beyond it was originally represented by two mountains a short distance apart from each other with a row of trees at the bottom, looking uncannily similar to two knees and pubic hair. This was allegedly accidental on the artist's part, and it was eventually edited to use the same graphic as its predecessor. The level 9 quest was revamped again in August 2012, and the Valley of Rof'lm'fao was split off into a separate zone that used the original graphic.
  • This article should tell you everything about what's wrong with the box art for Touch Detective 2 1/2.
  • Sakura's character select artwork in Street Fighter IV: Just try to unsee this image (site is NSFW).
  • Barricade from Transformers Universe, according to TFWiki, has a crotch shaped like Bonecrusher's face.
  • Pokey's sprite in Earthbound made him look like a cyclops due to his real eyes being obscured by his hair.
  • Mega Man:
    • The Yellow Devil MK-II in Mega Man 3 is supposed to have manly pectorals, but to some it looks like it has a pair of boobs.
    • Zero of the Mega Man X series is "famous" for having a pair of Power Crystals in an unfortunate placement. It's made even better in Mega Man X4 when he yells what sounds like "titties!" when he uses the Shippuuga / Hurricane Fang move.
    • Oil Man in Mega Man Powered Up initially resembled and acted like a blackface caricature. Non-Japanese releases changed his black parts to blue and made his lips yellow, but it still didn't help that the character still acts like a stereotype. The Archie comic's depiction of Oil Man uses his Western colors and has his scarf cover his mouth at all times.
  • Super Mario Sunshine: There is a Dummied Out enemy that is essentially a three eyed giant onion with a suspicious looking hole that it poops out enemies from. Why Tramplin Stu even made it past the concept stage and got semi-programmed is a mystery.
  • The cabinet for BEMANI game Otoiroha is infamous for resembling a toilet.
  • Similar to the London Olympics logo up at the top, a lot of people had fun pointing out that the logo for Resident Evil 6 looks like a man bending forward to suck off a bipedal giraffe.
  • As soon as the titular villain of Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric begins flying around, he looks a little too much like a sperm for comfort. Considering what the rest of the game has to offer, though, this is the least of your worries.
  • In Xenoblade Chronicles 2, one of the blades you can summon, Dahlia, is a rabbit/centaur-like woman with Gag Boobs literally larger than her head and a rear end so large it looks like her spine is broken when viewed from any angle other than directly from the front or behind. Her physique is comparable to a jelly bean, or perhaps a beanbag chair. It's not commented on in-game, so it's clear the character designers were trying to make her "sexy" and vastly overshot.

    Visual Novels 

    Web Comics 
  • Invoked in this Penny Arcade comic, based on a real conversation between the artist and writer. The image is no longer on the site, but Tycho showed a vertical banner meant to be hung in one of their convention halls. Gabe was positioned below Tycho, giving a thumbs up, but his hand happened to be placed exactly on top of his crotch, making it look like Gabe was giving Tycho an eager handjob.
  • Frequently lampshaded in Homestuck where the characters's sprites have no arms.

    Western Animation