Drinking Game: League of Legends

Welcome to the bar! Drinks spawn in thirty seconds!


  • Take one sip every time you recall.
  • Take a drink every time you die.
    • Take another for each ally killed by who/whatever you were fighting.
    • Take another if you somehow get a kill from beyond the grave.
  • Take a shot whenever a player is executed (killed by minion/monster/structure). Have a victory drink if you manage to deny the enemy team gold this way.
  • Take a drink every time you finish an item. Finish the glass once you reach your full build.
  • Drink in shame if you buy the wrong thing in the store. Drink even more if you bought another item after the wrong one so you couldn't use the undo button to reverse it.
    • Or if you completely waste your ultimate.
  • Take a drink after a team fight for each unique phrase other than "You have slain an enemy" you caused the announcer to say (Double/Triple/Quadrakill, Legendary, Shut Down)
    • Finish your glass if you get a Pentakill!
  • Take a drink every time someone threatens to report another player.
  • Down a shot every time you feel like yelling "Stop Helping Me!" at your Jarvan/Anivia/Janna/Alistar/etc.
  • Take a drink every time you run out of mana or energy at a really inopportune moment.
  • Take a shot every time you fail-Flash a wall and it cost you your life.
    • On the other hand, drink and laugh as you make your getaway if your opponent wasted their Flash or similar spell actually getting through the wall.
  • Take a shot each time you completely miss a skillshot on your intended target but hit someone behind him/her out of pure dumb luck. Take another if it finishes them off.
  • Finish your drink and Head Desk if an ally is AFK for the entire match. Feel free to drink some more if he reconnects much later and dies over and over trying to engage level 12+ enemies when he's level one.
  • Take a shot every time you accidentally Kill Steal.
    • Take another if you're a support or tank and a carry really needed it.
    • Take two if the person yells at you for it and doesn't believe it was accidental.
    • Take a shot for questionable accusations by players, like by the support towards the adc, or if you've done most of the work fighting the champion. Take another one if they go afk and feed afterwards.
  • Take a drink and Face Palm when someone on your time tries to imitate a famous player's crazy playstyle or unconventional build and fails miserably at it.
  • Take a shot whenever you try to help a team mate get a jungle buff and end up stealing it instead.
  • Chug your drink whenever your champion is channelling an ability for more than one second. If you're feeling hardcore, do this for recalls as well.
  • Take a drink for each time you pull off a daring escape when your team gave up on you.
    • Two if it's unconventional (eg. Quinn's backflip, enemy knockback sends you to safety, Baron or Vilemaw disables your pursuers...)
    • Finish your drink if you manage to just walk out without using your abilities.
  • Take a drink whenever you land a blind skillshot (into the fog of war) to score or secure a kill.
    • Two if it's at max range
      • Three if it's global, or extremely long range (like a Lux, Ashe or Jinx ultimate).
  • Finish your glass whenever a knockback or movement effect causes you to land a gap-closer or pull (such as Ammumu's bandages or Blitzcrank's hook) from BEYOND its max range.
    • Downgrade this to just a single drink if a Thresh is on your team and you used his lantern, otherwise liver failure is guaranteed.
  • Take a drink for each crowd control in an unbroken chain. Examples include juggling with knockup without letting your opponent touch the ground, or chaining stuns so the opponent gets no control in between the abilities connecting.
  • Take a sip for every count of any variation of "throw" or "feed" in chat.
  • Take a sip for every count of "noob team" or a premature "gg".
    • Down the bottle if it's a support, especially a Soraka saying it.
    • Finish your drink if it's the complainer who's failing and/or throwing the game.

Summoner's Rift
  • Take a drink every time a tower goes down,
    • And two for an inhibitor.
  • Take two drinks if your team takes Dragon,

Twisted Treeline The same as summoner's rift, but:
  • Replace Baron Nashor with Vilemaw.
  • Take another two drinks for a triple kill.
  • Drink every time you control both altars.

Crystal Scar
  • Take a celebratory shot every time you manage to control all 5 points.
    • Conversely take a shot of shame if the enemy controls all of them simultaneously.
  • Chug while you are capturing.
  • Take a drink and snicker to yourself every time you cap a point by yourself completely uncontested (likely through sneaking behind enemy lines and ninja-ing an unguarded point).

The Howling Abyss

Role Specific

Champion Specific
  • As Gragas, take a sip every time you use Drunken Rage (drink even more if you feel like being beyond smashed by the end of a match).
    • Alternatively, take a drink all the time all game if you're a real Gragas player.
  • As Singed, take a shot and laugh maniacally every time you use Insanity Potion.
    • Playing against Singed, take a sip every time you hear him laugh (beware, very likely to cause liver failure).
      • Also applicable for playing against Lux.
  • As Master Yi, take a shot for every tower you manage to backdoor, two for an inhibitor.
    • Take a shot for every kill and cooldown refresh you get while Highlander is active.
  • As Shen, take a drink of shame if you use Stand United on an ally and they die before you can even get there.
  • As Heimerdinger, take a drink should you stun an enemy champion with CH-1 Concussion Grenade. Take another if you do this blind! Chug should you hit multiple enemy champions with it!
  • As Darius, take a shot every time you run out of mana just as Noxian Guillotine would come in handy and you have to chop your target down the hard way.
  • As Thresh, drink in frustration every time you throw your lantern to teammate(s) in trouble but no one clicks on it.
  • As Ezreal, Draven, Ashe, or Jinx, take a shot for every enemy you manage to kill with your ultimate that you weren't even aiming at.
  • As Jinx take a shot when you catch an enemy with your Flame Chompers!
    • Take a shot if the Jinx you're playing against wastes all her mana on using rockets early in the game.
  • As Garen, Lux, or Jarvan IV, raise your glass/bottle and shout "DEMACIA!" like a cheer every time your champion does before drinking.
  • As Teemo, take a sip every time one of your mushroom traps detonate onto at least one enemy champion. If the mushroom kills an enemy champion, finish the glass.
  • As Twisted Fate, take a drink of shame for every time you fail to lock in the card you were intending to for Pick A Card.
  • As Alistar, take a drink of shame every time you knock back an enemy with Headbutt in a position that is actually favorable for them. Take a drink of triumph for every Headbutt canceled into Pulverize that you pull off.
  • As Pantheon, chug triumphantly should you manage to damage at least one enemy champion with Grand Skyfall. Chug twice should you kill at least one enemy this way!
  • As Janna, take a drink of shame every time your Monsoon doesn't work as you hoped. Do this as well if you continue to channel Monsoon and get yourself killed for it.
  • As Blitzcrank, finish your glass for every time you pulled an enemy champion from the fog of war with Rocket Grab.
    • Down a shot if you accidentally kill your opponent with your Rocket Grab. Two if someone calls you out on it.
  • As Sona, take a shot for every Power Chord you apply onto a champion. Take a sip instead if you don't feel like having your stomach pumped afterwards.
  • As Ryze, take a sip for every time your passive makes Overload immediately available to you again (pretty likely to kill you if the match lasts at least 30 minutes).
    • As Cassiopeia, take a sip for every time Twin Fang gets its cooldown refreshed from hitting a poisoned champion (pretty likely to kill you if you can somehow still aim enough to poison champions while drunk).
  • As Swain, drown your sorrows if your Mana Meter runs out at the most inconvenient moment and everyone gangs up on and kills your defenseless human form. Also applies to Anivia if you were counting on Glacial Storm acting as a no-man's-land between your and their team and you all get jumped the moment it stops casting.
    • Hardcore mode: After a full teamfight, chug for each second you spent with your ultimate active.
  • As Anivia, take a drink every time you miss a QE or RE combo.
    • If you get egged, start chugging right from the bottle until you resurrect. Finish the bottle while laughing if there were enemies nearby who failed to finish you off.
  • As Ahri, take a sip for each Charm you land.
  • As Malzahar, take a shot for every champion killed in a row with a single Malefic Visions.
    • Finish your glass every time your ultimate is interrupted by someone, and drown your bottle if this ends up killing you.
  • As Mordekaiser, drink each time your ultimate gets you a champion's ghost.
  • As Leblanc, take a drink every time you successfully juke an opponent, and finish your glass if you fail and get killed.
  • As Zilean, chug a glass every-time you ult a champion who's near death, but then proceeds to try and escape, but only manages to die after your ult as worn off, wasting it. Chug another if this proceeds to get you and any of your other allies killed.
  • Bard:
    • Chug during the duration of your Magical Journey while trying to flee the enemy team. Celebrate and finish the drink, if the enemy took a Magical Journey with you, to their doom at the hands of your waiting teammates at the end.
    • Take a sip everytime your Bard fails to do their job at supporting the team (Missed stuns, locking down his own team to be killed with Tempered Fate, leading the enemy team to yours when you aren't ready for a team fight with Magical Journey.) Down the bottle(s) if it becomes apparent that your team's Bard is doing this intentionally to troll your team, and file a report for Griefing: Assisting the Enemy team post-match lost.