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  • Anybody noticed that, just like the ninjas, Gangplank has received a buff for being a Pirate? (As of June 2010) Perhaps it hints at a Pirate trilogy to properly versus the Ninja trilogy.
  • A couple of devs have stated that there will be at least one more pirate Champion.
  • Riot will release a lot more lore at some point, likely involving a sort of epic conflict against Noxus. This comes from a post by the game's Lead Creative Designer, Babagahnoosh, here, with the latter part of it noting the fact that much retconning in various champion backstories end up including Noxus being involved in how the champion got to the Institute of War.

Jarvan has Conqueror´s Haki.

How could he otherwise shield himself and slow down people around him when he´s just a Badass Normal Warrior Prince with no magical equipment?

Leblanc hated how she formerly looked, and is obsessed with her new self
Leblanc had severe self esteem issues, and trouble with body image, and was so happy when she took on the new and more attractive appearance of The Black Rose's honorary leader. May even have a Les Yay with herself as you can notice in her dancing animation, she dances with the reflection she see's in her staff's gem (this is also not including all of the Rule 34 of her and her mirror image).
Gangplank's father is not dead
After Gangplank killed his father, he dumped the body. The body eventually made it's way to the Howling Marsh, where Karthus revived him and gave him a crew for whatever reason. The recent attack by pirates on the Demacian Navy was his doing. See the sneak peek of The Journal of Justice.[1]

Nunu's real parents are Popo and Nana.

Fiddlesticks uses corpses as raw materials to make his crows.
Fiddlesticks is the League's executioner; he kills anyone who enters his dungeon, so summoners more or less throw all of their condemned criminals into Fiddlestick's room. However, since the summoners don't want to die, they can't really go in and retrieve the bodies of people who have been executed. While it is possible that Fiddlesticks simply lives in a filthy room loaded with decomposing corpses; it seems more plausible that uses the dead bodies to make his endless supply of crows. The mundane explanation is that he feeds the corpses to his birds so that they have the fuel to reproduce, but the more interesting explanation is that he uses dark magicks to turn bodies directly into crows.

Karthus is secretly Kassadin's great-grandfather.
Being undead its entirely possible Karthus had a family before he died. Kassadin is one of his descendants. Karthus knows this but no one else does. He got involved in the fight to protect his great-grandson. He referred to Kassadin as the inhibitor since he's trying to prevent the Void from screwing over Runeterra. (I.E. He's inhibiting the Void's takeover)

Sivir will be buffed
One of the devs said that they will remove dodge because it's too random, and Jax relies on it a tad too much. Sivir has a passive that allows her to dodge, so maybe she'll be reworked.
  • Done and done. Sivir has been reworked and is awesome. Incidentally, Jax has also been reworked.

C is either:
  • Twisted Fate the Card Master who simply teleported away, which is why Caitlyn never caught him. Caitlyn may be able to use an oracle elixir, but Twisted Fate can teleport - even if she caught him, she probably couldn't have kept him out for long.
  • An upcoming champion.
  • C.C.
  • A Jekyll & Hyde persona created by Caitlyn's subconscious out of the desire for a challenge she could not easily overcome.
  • Vi. VI is 6 in Roman numerals, C is the third letter of the alphabet, and 3 is half of 6. She has a split personality, half of which still enjoys being a criminal.
    • Half Life 3 confirmed.
  • It's possible C has a relation to Vi and Jinx, before she was introduced, Jinx signed some of the graffiti she made with a large X, VI is of course 6 in Roman Numerals, X being 10, and C is 100. Vi's lore specifically mentions a Ragtag Bunch of Misfits taking her in when she was a child, and they use some sort of Roman Numeral ranking system and C would be the leader, 100, Jinx would be 10 and Vi would be 6.

More Noxian characters
Recent Journal of Justice had revealed names of Noxian Grand General Darkwill's two sons: Draythe and Keiran. Both sound badass enough to waste on background characters, moreover, the Journal indicates Keiran's impressive military record. One of them may provide a counterpart for Jarvan IV, for Noxus doesn't have a 'royal heir' character yet.
  • Ironically we have two noxian characters in a row.
  • Confirmed! Enter Darius, the Hand of Noxus.
    • Actually, that's technically Jossed: Darius isn't a Noxian "royal" and he was introduced by executing Kieran.
      • Fridge Brilliance here. Since Noxus has all sorts of bad stuff going on, there's no hereditary rule at all. So, there are Noxian counterparts for most Demacian characters, they are just... not as direct as it could be. Good job, Riot.

Riven is really evil.
While she is known as a Noxus Champion who wishes to redeem her actions, that is really just a cover for her plans to usurp her peers and take control of the Noxian army, and change it to fit her image of a good and glorious army.
  • This isn't really a WMG. It's specifically stated that Riven still believe in her "The Strong will survive" philosophy. The only reason she left Noxus is because they use tactics in which NOBODY survives and rely on Zaun's chemical warfare instead of their own army. The only 'Wild' part is that she seems to have no desire to take over the army. She's more Neutral than Evil though, going by the impression given by her League Judgment.
    • She may also instead choose to join Swain's forces later in upcoming lore, more specifically Darius's forces since he also believe in the traditional Noxian philosophy and aims on "recovering Noxus's past glory", with a plan to dispatch the current aristocracy, which contained the politicians decided to rely upon Zaun's chemical warfare instead of the Noxian army.——hoodie
      • Riven and Swain are set up as rivals, mostly due to Riven having a sense of honor, "It's not if you win, its how you win" to Swain's "victory is all that matters" mentality. If anything, if she does rejoin Noxus, It'll be against her free will if the very mind control looking helmet of her elite uniform is anything to go by.
      • Besides, in terms of the Zaun's chemical warfare that broke Riven, Darius considered the act necessary to demoralize the enemy, so they probably still wouldn't get along. They probably have different, opposing views of what it means to be a 'good Noxus', probably the Noxus Riven trying to restore would be considered by Darius to be inefficient and going to bring Noxus down the drain (so one day or later he's going to decapitate them).

Kog'maw's "Daddy" will be part of a new game mode
A competitive monster-hunt type of game on a new map. Both teams will have minion waves to farm and turrets to hide behind, however both nexuses are invincible. Instead, "Daddy" will periodically appear on the map as an Epic Creature, and each side races to get credit for killing him (possibly by % damage dealt for the point, though any exp/gold reward goes to the killshot team, making ninja kills valuable), racing against the other team to be strong enough to do so without getting wiped out by him or the opponents. After "Daddy" is killed, he reappears somewhere else a few minutes later, stronger. Best of X Daddy kills for a team wins the match.

Pentakill's Fifth Member
The Fifth member of Pentakill will be a champion who uses dual weapons and be their drummer.
  • Or possibly any of the following: Alistair, Anivia, Nasus, Rammus, Renekton, Twitch, Warwick, Wukong, or Tibbers. Udyr also has a shot.
    • Katarina, Nocturne, Olaf, Shaco, Shyvana, Akali, Karma, Shen, Irelia, Miss Fortune, or Heimerdinger as suggestions for non animal dual wielding Pentakill drummers.
  • Gragas is also a possibility since his cask could very easily be turned into a drum.
  • Mundo could also be a drummer with those beefy-ass arms he has. Maybe replace his cleaver with an oversized drum stick.
  • According to the recent skin leaks, Olaf is going to be the fifth member of Pentakill.
Swain is actually serving Tzeentch and just serving Noxus to forward his goals.
His uncanny ability in manipulating and tactics plus the ability to transform into a GIANT DEMON BIRD really gives him away.

Mordekaiser hails from the Shadow Isles, and is one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse
He has an unnatural affinity with illness, striking everyone around him with incurable diseases. He's the horseman of Pestilence. The other three Horsemen are in the League as well. Hecarim is obviously War, Evelynn is Famine, and Yorick is Death. Yorick even has Four Horsemen references in his abilities.
  • Alternatively, Mordekaiser is also Conquest.
    • The Shadow Isles part is confirmed, sort of. Mordekaiser has recieved new lore that states he "was the first of the undead, existing before the Shadow Isles were a whispered threat".

Caitlyn is inspired by NCIS' Caitlin Todd. Maybe not consciously
Think about it for a second. Caitlyn is a good investigator, not unlike the inspiration. Sasha Alexander is an attractive brunette with rather long hair. All adult, human female Lo L characters are designed as attractive. Kate Todd was killed by a sniper, so Caitlyn uses a sniper rifle as her weapon.
  • Not to mention Ari Haswari's sniper rifle is nicknamed "Kate", as in, short for Caitlyn.

Kennen is inspired by Ken Amada from Persona 3.
They're both short and use electricity/light attacks. Also theres an obvious similarity between thier names, and both of them say 'Yes yes yes' in similar ways; Kennen when he's being told to move, and ken when he levels up.

Mordekaiser is General Du Couteau
His introduction implies he was a victim of some scheme or another and he emerged from some corner of Noxus. It is also stated that he has a general like aura around him.
  • General Du Couteau is stated to be a close-combat master, as he apparently defeated Talon and took him as an apprentice. How should the same guy be 10 feet tall, wear armor so heavy you could probably kill someone by dropping the gloves on someone, converge deadly diseases to weak people in his proximity and use metal-based magic?

Fizz's race sudden dissappereance was because they left Runterra predicting one last Rune War that would destroy the world
They were never native of Runeterra, they came from another world and settled down in runeterra in their travels. When Fizz comes back , his town was deserted, the only thing left behind was this message:

So long, and thanks for all the fish

Mordekaiser is Alphonse Elric
Animated suit of armor? Check. Master of Metal? Last time I checked metal is transmutable. As for the impressive hardening of character that seems to have occurred, Runeterra can be a very cruel place and he did show up in Noxus...

Jax and Fiora will eventually have some kind of relationship
It sort of makes sense if you don't think about it too hard. They both fight not for a cause in the league but simply for the sake of fighting itself, although the Institute likely has some kind of hidden agenda with Jax, but let's ignore that for now, they're both justifiably egotistical and Fiora would likely only even consider someone she considered an equal in combat. Given Fiora's backstory, if Jax is being used by the Institute to manipulate things it may cause some angst as Fiora doesn't want to be seen as having any connection to match rigging.

Both have two fingers. From what we've seen of Turian culture and ability, ludicrous skill wielding any weapon is reasonably plausible, especially if Jax were still highly regarded as a fighter among his people. He completely covers his skin to hide his true form in order to avoid awkward questions and break whatever first contact protocol turians have.

If Jax is a Quarian, the skill with weaponry is a bit harder to explain, although every race has prodigies, but his apparel makes more sense. Lo L may take place in a time before the Quarians were pushed off Rannoch, when their immune systems could still adapt to a planet within days or weeks without as much trouble, but with the bizarre and unpredictable nature of Runeterra, Jax figured he'd better cover all his bases and completely covered his body in cloth. Or it might be concealing a containment suit.

Riot axed the Journal of Justice...
...because they're working on a new "Rune Wars" game mode for Season 3 where the players fight faction-based matches for control a shifting map. The teams will be Demacia, Noxus, Ionia, Freljord, Zaun, Piltover, Bandle City and Bilgewater and each team will have to contain at least 3 champions from their native faction and can only pick from a pool of "allied" or "neutral" champions for the other 2. The story will develop organically based on the results across the NA servers.
  • That would be awesome, but somewhat imbalanced towards certain factions, even with neutrals considered. For example, the bulk of Demacian characters are tanks and bruisers (Garen, Jarvan, Xin, Poppy, Galio), with their only carry being Vayne and their only mid options being Galio and Lux. Then you have smaller factions like Bilgewater, who only have four, maybe five champions to their name (Graves, Gangplank, Miss Fortune, and Fizz, who all occupy carry-type roles). Until Riot expands on more factional champions, this probably won't happen.
    • Well, the "neutrals" list would include every unaffiliated champion who volunteered for League service (eg. Nidalee, Malphite, Ryze, Evelynn) as well as all champions enslaved to the League against their will (eg. Cho'Gath, Nocturne, Brand, Renekton) so it wouldn't be TOO much a problem. Also, "allied" champions would, for example, enable Noxus to draw on Zaunite champions like Mundo and Blitzcrank, or Bandle City to draw on certain Demacians. Plus they can always release some more champions to fill the few national gaps (eg. Piltover-based tank) before the mode actually launches because it won't be coming out any time soon. It'd basically be like the "Noxus vs Ionia rematch" event match on a larger scale.

Tibbers is the only thing stopping Annie turning into another Syndra
Annie uses fire, and Syndra uses darkness, but they have one thing in common: overwhelming magic potential. Annie's lore mentions she's absurdly powerful for being a preteen, and shaping up to be a frighteningly powerful adult. So why hasn't anyone done anything to make sure she doesn't go postal? Because she's doing it herself. The only other Champion we've seen use any transmogrification is Lulu, and her spell costs a chunk of mana and lasts for a couple of seconds. Annie keeps Tibbers down to a plushie permanently. In this way, Tibbers is acting like Annie's magical pressure relief valve, preventing her from getting drunk on her own power by constantly siphoning her excess; she doesn't get any sort of buff when he's released, since she pours magic into his dire grizzly form to keep him on the leash and cause the area damage.

This means despite being a bit of a brat, Annie's just an eight-year-old brat with enough power to play in the big leagues, rather than going slowly insane from the magical potential building in her body. If we assume this came about because of her Noxian rebel parents having some Noxian values nonetheless and letting her learn to embrace and use her own power rather than being scared by it, it highlights a worryingly dangerous flaw in Ionian philosophy. Annie was allowed to set her own limits, and quickly adapted and thrived. Syndra tried to have the same reasoning rammed down her throat, and we all know how that went. Ionia's desire for 'balance' is making it slowly crush itself.

Vi's gauntlets were not built, they were appropriated...

Their former owner? Solus Prime.

Fiddlesticks is actually Istvaan, the summoner that tried to summon him in the first place.

If you think about it, it makes perfect sense. Istvaan was trying forbidden magic. There's a chance that the extra-planar summoning was too much for him, and he couldn't fully control or fully summon whatever he latched on to. The magic tore his mind and body apart, remaking him as Fiddlesticks.

...Which brings up some new Fridge Horror right there...

Nocturne is actually benevolent and trying to save the world from doom.

He ONLY targeted Summoners and no one else, and a JoJ interview (of debatable canonicity at this point, but I digress) indicates that he truly despises Summoners, and not just because they're enslaving him as punishment for attempting to systematically eliminate them. Here's the thing, though: what if he has a truly legitimate reason for killing them?

After all, they've demonstrated some truly incredible lapses of judgment by way of enslaving other Eldritch Abominations and letting known war criminals, terrorists, murderers, power-hungry sorcerers, openly malevolent undead, violent psychopaths, and other highly dangerous and/or unstable individuals get a free pass just by agreeing to work for them, and there's no small amount of indication that quite a few of the more powerful individuals in their employ are far too powerful for them to control, so what's to say that he wasn't trying to kill them because of how arrogant, myopic, idiotic, and flat-out morally bankrupt they generally are? The nightmares that plagued them could have very easily been the equivalent of warning shots; when they failed to heed them, he just cut to the chase and killed them. In fact, it's entirely possible that he's an extradimensional policeman of sorts who monitors the waking world through dreams for anything indicating a possible threat to reality, and that the Summoners just so happened to be a big enough threat to warrant lethal force.

Kog'Maw's "Daddy" is Cho'Gath.

Both come from the Void, both are abominations, both have a very big appetite for just about everything.

  • This would suggest the three void creatures in the game, all of them voracious eaters, represent three stages of their life cycle. Juvenile Kog'Maw uses the acid-spitter method of eating to break down stuff in order to digest anything at all. This destroys anything unique about his meal, but still lets him grow naturally. The next stage, Cho'Gath, is still a bit, well, dumb about its appetite. All they care about is eating more more more, turning that mass directly into size to get a bigger mouth to gulp bigger prey down while only inheriting shadows of they attributes. Finally we have the mature Kha'Zix, who has inherited enough brainpower from previous meals to not only realize the benefits of a small, mobile form, but is smart enough to pick and choose what it eats and wrings the DNA from, actively honing itself into a better predator.
    • Cho was here well before Koggy, and Khaz was stated in an AMA to potentially be very powerful, but decidedly weaker than the other two Void critters in his current state. Also, Koggy's quote suggests that his "daddy" is on his way as opposed to having actually arrived, and comments from Riot staff indicate that said father is vast in scale and too large to be a champion.

Hecarim used to be a good guy.

The new Treeline quotes have the female (and good) spirit telling Hecarim not to trust Mordekaiser and to remember who he once was. The two spirits are also said to have been a king and queen, but not as the Shadow Isles. So perhaps Hecarim used to be one of their knights, then one day Mordekaiser showed up like he did in Noxus, but this time he led a revolution, killed the king and queen and imprisoned them in the Treeline, then put Hecarim's spirit into the centaur armour he wears now.

Kha'zix is a primal Zerg
His motivation, methods, and speech all nearly perfectly match. Perhaps "the Void" isn't some Eldritch alternate plane of existence, but the people of Valoran not realizing they're opening portals to outer outer space and using relativity for their teleporting shenanigans, and someone from Zerus decided it was a good place to chow down on some essence.

Riot will someday release a Token Evil Demacian.
We have Veigar for Token Evil Yordle; Riven for Token Good? (Neutral) Noxian; Syndra (and Zed?) for Token Evil Ionian and now Zac for Token Good Guy from Zaun.
  • Viktor, while crazy, isn't exactly evil, and neither are Darius and Kat. Also, this certainly makes sense; considering that Demacia seems to have certain aggressively nationalistic overtones, I could picture an evil Demacian as being a sociopathic, jingoistic asshole of a General Ripper.
    • Alternatively, we already have the character: Jarvan IV. He's not a moustache-twirling villain, but he's definitely the coldest and most battle-hungry of the Demacians (even Garen can show surprising restraint in lore, while Jarvan simply treats every threat like a nail and he the hammer), he's got the most "threatening" voicework and spell effects, and in a way he's responsible for Kalamanda becoming what it is. And the Riot posters have insinuated his story isn't done by half...
    • Not to mention his strong resemblance to prince Arthas Menethil, who in his eagerness to defend and avenge his people became their demise.
    • A further morsel of food for thought: his Lunar Revel skin? Lu Bu.

Ryze is a Sage
I was already having suspicions from the scroll on his back. Then I read his bio. "...who felt a more raw and primal connection to the magic of Runeterra..." The magical symbols he painted on himself are to prevent a transformation. Or maybe they create a constant half-transformation, explaining his inhuman appearance. Could be similar to Orochimaru's Cursed Seals...

Fiddlesticks has something to do with Itachi.
Overpowered? Check. Crows? Check. Mind Rape abilities? Check. A fighting style involving confusion/disruption? Check.
  • He IS Itachi under a Genjutsu; Itachi was successfully summoned by Istvaan, but killed and replaced him.
  • Itachi's soul fused with Istvaan's due to the failed summoning.

Ahri the Nine-Tailed Fox is Kurama... the Nine-Tailed Fox.
I know Nine-Tailed Foxes aren't exactly unique to Naruto, so I was willing to give it a pass... until I saw she was carrying a Fire Style: Rasengan around. Thought about it a bit, and I think I've worked out how the lore can be unified:

During or after her time sealed in Naruto, Kurama came to a Heel Realization over her Blue and Orange Morality and started to see humans as more than ants. Thus, after she is freed from the seal, she realizes that being the Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever is rather likely to make her Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds (or get her fat ass sealed again even if she doesn't actually attack anyone, because of her history). Cue the story as written in League of Legends lore (once you blur the details). Oh, and she bases her attacks off Naruto's Rasengan either because she is intimately familiar with it and it's based solely off chakra control (you'd think since she's made of chakra, she'd have good chakra control), or in honor of Naruto.

The League is a evolution of the Holy Grail War
Think about it, Summoners are described as "gifted spell casters who have the power to bring forth a champion to fight as their avatar in Valoran's Fields of Justice." Sound like a master to you? With the destruction of the holy grail, actually killing the participants has been removed, and over time, humantarian concerns have changed the system to what it is now.

Aatrox's people were the original Hemomancers.

He uses blood-themed abilities in a manner similar to Vlad, so it's not too much of a stretch to think that the style is based on them.

Leblanc is secretly everyone in Runeterra
The Rune Wars, the League games, the rise and fall of powerful civilizations; these are all the product of a bored supreme being with too much time on her hands. She has a great love of strife, political intrigue and conflict, so has constructed an entire world to suit her purposes, where she can play as long as she likes.
  • For bonus points: the Rune Wars were real, and never actually ended before almost total extinction. Leblanc was the sole survivor of the magical devastation that scoured the land, and decided to create a hypothetical situation in which another method of solving disputes had arisen before the apocalypse occurred.

"C" is Vi's Sister
Vi is hinted to have a sister from Lyre, the senile Piltover hermit in the Howling Abyss, who says "You look like your sister! Er, wait, I'm not supposed to talk about that..." Judging from his reaction, while Vi is on relatively good terms with the other Piltover law enforcers, it's likely her sister is still a criminal. In contrast to Vi's aggressive, straightforward tactics, C has a much more calmer demeanor while dangerously cunning which is how she was able to elude the Great Detective from Piltover. C was possibly one of the criminals who left innocent people to die in the mining shaft where Vi constructed her gauntlets which is why Vi no longer mentions her sister.
  • I wouldn't be surprised if she ended up being a new champ, and was more on the Chaotic Evil side. Vi is Chaotic Good, since as much as she likes to wreck stuff, she does it to put away criminals. Jinx is, at least according to Riot, a Chaotic Neutral; she's by no means a GOOD person considering how much destruction she causes, but if she wasn't actually harming people, she'd be more like Ziggs in terms of morality. Thus, it would make sense to complete the triangle of characters connected to Vi; a Chaotic Evil who is actually incredibly calm and reserved, the exact opposite of Vi and Jinx. Instead of getting Vi's attention by wrecking Piltover, she'll do something worse; maybe an attempt to kill or harm Caitlyn.

Jinx is Vi's Sister
Expounding on some of the above, I believe Jinx may, in fact be Vi's sister. We have heard hints from Lyre that Vi has a sister, and one of Jinx's quotes states specifically that she does: "You think I'm crazy? You should see my sister." Based on that, what else would seem more crazy to a violent sociopath than another equally violent individual using their powers for good? The two also share a portrait background in common (granted in different states of repair). Also, looking at Jinx's story, why would she seek out Vi as a nemesis instead of stuffy sheriff Caitlin if there wasn't something more personal involved?

Jax is a Darkin
He kept a low profile out of necessity to stay alive all these years, but joined the League to attract the attention of the other four Darkin for reasons. The High Summoner recognized Jax for what he was and let him in no questions asked. However, he still wanted to keep a low profile and would obviously stand out as a demon-looking thing, he keeps his body completely covered and thus can pass as Ambiguously Human.

The Elder Yasuo was charged with protecting was actually killed by...Janna.
"The Elder was killed by a wind technique. Who else could it be?" - Well, she is the avatar of the winds...

Jinx is a mutant
Not to say how or why she got the mutation, but it grants her something of a superpower that manifests as her passive, Get Excited! When emotionally hyped, she is genetically tuned to have her adrenaline level skyrocket, allowing her to achieve high sprinting speeds. Using her excitement from destroying buildings to kick up her speed is how she is still evading the authorities to this day. This could also tie into her mentality, some greater meaning in her getting a kick out of destruction to the point of abandoning morality altogether, and if rumours of possible origins in Zaun turn out to be true, this could be even more plausable, given their immoral scientific practises and large amounts of biological productions over Piltover's mechanics and engineering.

Rammus is dating Cactus from Plants vs. Zombies
The ad for Blitzcrank's dating service has a picture of Rammus and a cactus. In Cactus's lore from Plants Vs. Zombies, it says that she has been dating an armadillo. Therefore, it is quite possible that Rammus is that armadillo.

Mordekaiser was the Prince of the Shadow Isles, and Thornmail is his backstory
The Song "Thornmail" is about a nation facing a foe that they cannot defeat, and are trapped by ("We cannot fly"). In their despair, they turn to a mythic item that they believe will help save their realm, a suit of armor that "humbles the foe with it's grace".

The act of using the armor is "Our deadliest fate (we) embrace". Thornmail works by causing a portion of the damage dealt to the character back to the enemy that caused it. In other words, you must still be attacked in order to use it's strengths.

Mordekaiser is mentioned in game as both being part of the Shadow Isles, but not really belonging (the West Altar in Twisted Treeline will advise Hecarim not to trust him). This is backed up by the Lyrics "Creatures of Darkness are still longing for your fall, Keep them in thrall, it's time to Smite and Ignite".

The song repeatedly refers to the bearer of the Armor as "my Son", and Mordekaiser's old lore mentioned that he had a "noble grace".

Diana is an offspring of a Solari and Lunari

It might explain why she feels more home towards the moon than the sun, but still managed to perform well as a Solari acolyte. My theory is that there was a Lunari survivor where a Solari member took pity on and they're married, and has a daughter. But then, the Solari elders found out about this forbidden relationship, and killed them. But then, they couldn't bring themselves to kill the baby Diana. Instead, they took her in, raised her as a complete Solari acolyte and hopes that she forgets about the moon. Unfortunately, the DNA can't be messed like that, leading Diana to feel more relaxed on the moon, and then... you know.

If there's another Shurima champion down the road, it'll use another Egyptian Mythology theme

Well we already got Anubis (Nasus), Sobek (Renekton) and now Ra (Azir). Who's next? Set? Horus? Osiris? Isis? Geb? Anhur? Bastet? Serqet? Neith?
  • Horus and Ra are the same being, Ra-Horakathy.

The Ascension ritual requires an act of selflessness to trigger.

While we don't have the details of Nasus' or Renekton's Ascensions, we do have a fairly complete picture of Azir's. He attempted it once, but due to miscommunications Xerath hijacks it for his own benefit. The thing that releases the power? Azir's emancipation of every slave in Shurima, an act he appears to have undertaken solely for the benefit of his best friend. (And it's not as though there's the opportunity to come clean and stop the hijack, otherwise Xerath would) A few thousand years later, Sivir's blood returns Azir to life. When he notices her collapsed body, he realizes three things: 1) Holy crap she looks like me. 2) Holy crap she's been perforated. 3) Holy crap she'll die here without help. At which point, he abandons all thought of his empire and takes her to the "Oasis of the Dawn." No reason to care about Sivir or even recognize her beyond family connection, but he carries her bodily to this pool of extremely potent healing magic, which heals a substantial stab wound in minutes. At which point something miraculous occurs. The Ascension ritual, as if on cue, begins to kick in again, bathing Azir's human body in golden light and transforming him into his Ra form.

In life, Kalista was either from Mount Targon (Pantheon and Leona's home) or Ionia.

Her classic skin looks very, very similar to Hoplite armour, and due to using spears is fairly similar to Pantheon's classic skin. The second part is because of the fact that she has a Blood Moon skin and ONLY Ionia champions have Blood Moon skins (it's a festival that's only in Ionia, think Tanabata for Japan). Plus, she could have been the Ionian Spear Master.
  • Don't forget Ionia also draws inspiration by ancient greece, as shown in Varus' background and the isle's name.

Thresh will bring back an army of powerful souls as an army.

Cling, clang go the chains. Someone's out to find you. Cling, clang, oh the chains... the Warden's right behind you. Drag the chains, drag the chains, with all the strength you may... Drag the chains, drag the chains... 'ere they drag you away.

Once Thresh has collected enough souls, he will bring them out as an army of slaughtering spectral warriors and monsters. Why would they serve him? They don't want to, and they aren't aware they will be.

Bound to his lantern by ghostly chains, the souls know nothing but the urge to flee, flee from Thresh, flee from their torment, and will desperately kill anything and everything in their path to get away from him. Driven to their utmost by their terror, no man nor beast nor monster from hell will deter them, for in the other direction, forever following them and holding their chains, is Thresh.

With fields of men, women and creatures' bodies and souls ripe for the taking, Thresh reels in the screaming, bloodied souls and their victims, his collection expanding exponentially. He suffers no loss, and only stands to gain from the tortured, senseless madness of the strong spirits he has captured and broken.

The Poros are the Frozen Watchers.
It makes some sense. Poros are the few animals that can actually survive the Freljord, despite being small and fluffy are also nigh indestructible, and are found friggin' everywhere on the continent. The statues in the Freljord are also round in shape, mimicking the shape of the Poros. Even so, the Watcher may have already escaped the Abyss and have taken on the form of the little critters to make their way around the continent, preparing to freeze everything they can.

URF mode won't return on the week of April first
It would be just like Riot to troll us on April fools with the announcement of a special mode, except it won't be URF like we all think. It'll be Ascension or Doom Bots.

The one who founded the Solari was none other than Jonathan Joestar.
Think about it. A warrior that could call the raw might of the sun down upon his enemies in combat? Sounds a lot like what a Ripple user could do. Also explains the Rakkor and Solari: They are descendants of Jonathan's followers.

After a slipspace incident, Jonathan Joestar was transported to Runeterra, where he wandered the land, helping people out where ever it was needed, defending them from evil, using his Ripple. Overtime, he amassed a large number of followers, who wanted to learn the sun based fighting style. After learning that his vampire arch nemesis DIO had also landed in Runeterra, and had amassed his own cult worshiping the moon at Mount Targon, Jonathan sought out to defeat him once and for all. A mighty battle ensued, with Jonathan's followers battling those of DIO's. DIO was eventually defeated, but not before he inflicted a mortal wound upon Jonathan. Jonathan made his way up to the summit, where he unleashed his final Ripple, founding the Solari tribe, before dying of his wounds, surrounded by his followers.

But how to worship the warrior who could call down the power of the sun?

The Rakkor are descended from those who thought Jonathan was a fighter who fought as a way of life, and so therefore adopted a spartan - like discipline. They don't live quite at the summit, just as how their ancestors were never really close to Jonathan.

The Solari are, of course, descended from the followers who were close to Jonathan, hence, they saw his kind-heart, strong will and his reverence of the sun. They still haven't figured out how Ripple works.

Though the Lunari were crushed, DIO's soul remained, and over the eons, waited for the right opportunity. DIO implanted an idea of worshiping the moon into the young Diana (think inception), and thus, was responsible for her becoming a heretic of the Solari.