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Awesome Music: League of Legends
For a free game, League of Legends sure has a lot of Awesome Music.

Champion Themes

Skin Themes

Map Themes
  • Welcome to Summoner's Rift! Unassuming and wholesome, the ambient music that everyone has listened to at least once.
    • The long awaited update to SR came with this login theme.
  • The New Twisted Treeline. Set in the Shadow Isles, the music captures the darkness of the land perfectly.
  • The Crystal Scar Theme. The music synchronizes with the action of the game, changing the tune whenever a point is captured, a quest is completed or when nearing the end.
  • The Freljord Music. All of it.
    • Starting with the Avarosan's Theme, a calm and soothing theme, exemplifying Ashe's quest for peace and prosperity. As the largest and richest tribe, the Avarosan control the fertile lands of Freljord and they share their goods freely with allied tribes.
    • Following afterwards is the Winter's Claw. Sejuani's tribe and by far the most warlike. The spirited, uplifting and dramatic theme reflects Sejuani's traditional Freljordian views and her allies' readiness to wage war.
    • And ending with the Frostguard, Lissandra's tribe. The song reflects Lissandra's and the Frostguard's decieving and insidious nature, and her tenuous alliance with Trundle and his tribe. The Frostguard and their leader hide behind a mask of benevolence and seniority, while they plot to overtake Freljord through Trundle's army and bring back their Frozen Watchers.

  • The game's main theme, A Champion Approaches. As the Draft Pick pre-game music, any person who plays Ranked knows this piece very well.
  • The April Fool's 2013 joke, Cho'Gath Eats The World, included this 8-bit rendition of the League theme.
  • The Astro Teemo theme. Pump that Teemo techno.
  • The Season 2 World Championship Opening Ceremony was about as epic as you'd think.
  • When the third competitive season began, we were given this orchestral piece to get us pumped for it.
    • For the Season 3 World Championship, Riot presented us with "Hybrid Worlds", combining a thrilling orchestral section with epic guitar riffs from none other than Wes Borland.
    • And then there's the Opening Ceremony for the Grand Finals, featuring live performances of "Hybrid Worlds" and "The Purifier's Resolve" by the original artists!
    • And then for S4 worlds... there is Warriors, signifying the epic battle for the S4 world cup, done by Imagine Dragons! Imagine Dragons proceeded to perform the song live at the World Finals.
  • In order to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup, there is a brand new login theme. It is sure to get your blood pumping for a good game!
  • Do you remember the Pentakill band led by Karthus, Mordekaiser, Yorick, Olaf, and Sona? Well, Riot have released this piece of absolute metal goodness, "Lightbringer". Pentakill rises, people. Pentakill is finally real and it's rising. A full album named Smite and Ignite is going to be released on June the 3rd, with all songs named after in-game items.
  • Warriors, the 2014 League of Legends World Championship theme. Crosses over into Moment Of Awesome as it's done by Imagine Dragons. Anyone who's tried to get better at League understands exactly what the lyrics mean.
    Here we are, don't turn away now, We are the warriors that built this town.Here we are, don't turn away now, We are the warriors that built this town. From Dust.
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