Awesome: League of Legends

In-story examples:

  • Over the years Riot have released numerous animations to promote the game, and every single one of them has been lauded for their high creativity and quality.
    • At the start of Season 1, Riot released a complete CG animated trailer showing off the action of a full match. Kayle vs Morgana! A colossal Cho'Gath demolishing a tower then being bullrushed out of Ryze's way by Alistar! Master Yi dueling Katarina, then teaming up with Ryze and Ashe to take down Warwick! Ryze's Big Damn Heroes moment to save Kayle from Nasus! This is the video that undoubtedly persuaded many, many players to give this game a go.
    • Unknown to many, Riot actually made an even better CG cinematic for the release of Dominion, but ultimately decided not to release it for reasons unknown. Nevertheless, it has come to light! Jarvan, Irelia, Teemo, Lux and Ryze vs Swain, Mordekaiser, Miss Fortune, Cassiopeia and Malphite. Give thanks.
    • A more sedate, yet still awesome, example of LoL CG is the Mac version trailer. Packed with more fanservice than you can shake a stick at, it's guaranteed to make even fans who don't give a damn about the Mac version Squee with delight.
    • Riot raised the bar even further with "A Twist of Fate". The animation quality has improved to such incredible levels that the human champions are almost possible to mistake for real people and the action is indescribably awesome, especially the sudden and unexpected appearance at the end of Baron Nashor.
    • The Road to the Cup video, to promote the Season 3 Championship, is their first 2D-animated video, featuring animated renditions of the pro-gamer competitors performing moves from their favourite champions. While it's heavy on the Narm Charm, it's still undeniably awesome, especially when Dyrus smashes his way out from inside the cup tower with Jayce's Mercury Hammer. Even better when you learn the animation was done by none other than Studio Mir.
    • Jinx is the first champion to get her own fully animated music video, 'Get Jinxed' in the lead-up to her release. Featuring a beautiful mix of 2D and 3D animation, it is incredible.
    • Riot has released yet another amazing, and surprisingly brutal cinematic in the form of "A New Dawn". Featuring an entirely new cast of champions, outside of Katarina who makes her return from "A Twist Of Fate." Especially awesome is the use of Nautilus, who is outright colossal compared to the other, human sized champions, and Rengar, who's fuzzy appearance is masterfully rendered.
    • How much do Riot love cool videos? Even the latest legendary skin release is a good enough excuse for an awesome half-animated video.
    • The upcoming champion Bard has an AWESOME piece of animation as part of his introduction, done again by Studio Mir. The animations are ridiculously fluid and the video makes you hungry to learn more about Bard's backstory.
  • Maokai made the first HEXAKILL in LoL history when he became sentient in the middle of a 3v3 and killed everyone.
  • Swain's successful ascent to the position of Grand General of Noxus.
  • Udyr actually defeats the Ice Witch in his new lore.
  • Kassadin deserves a mention for staring into the Void... and retaining his humanity (just his human form) that he resolves to protect Runeterra from the terrors of the Void. A heroic Void-based champion.
  • Shurima: Rise of the Ascended features gorgeous visuals and breathtaking landscape shots. It's truly a step-up in art and cinematography compared to the usual lore overhauls that we tend to see. (YMMV on the storytelling part, however.)

Meta examples:

  • After months of delays and THOUSANDS of pages of community complaints, the Pulsefire Ezreal skin is finally complete. How can a simple skin release be a Crowning Moment of Awesome? By being ORDERS OF MAGNITUDE more awesome than ANYTHING Riot have ever released before.
    • On the other hand, simultaneously an Epic Fail when Riot revealed that, despite being a purely ornamental piece of bling with no gameplay effect whatsoever, this single skin will cost $25!
    • While certainly on a lesser scale, another high-value ultimate skin goes to Spirit Guard Udyr. Udyr is a significantly harder champion to make skins for because of his four different stances changing his model, so the fact that you have something like that for a character like Udyr is quite a step up.
      • The interactive motion comic that coincides with Spirit Guard Udyr's release definitely counts, as well.
  • On the 11th of July 2012, League of Legends officially became the most-played PC game in the world, beating out even World of Warcraft!
  • Everyone who was in attendance or watching online knew that a musical performance would open up the Season 3 World Championship finals at LA's Staples Center. What no one knew was that said performance would include a surprise appearance by none other than The Crystal Method, who performed Lucian's theme, "The Purifier's Resolve," live for all of the summoners. Watch it, and the rest of the awesome performance, here.
    • Oh, and you know the guitarist in the suit of lights? Yeah, that's Wes Borland of Limp Bizkit. When Riot have a party they pull out ALL the stops!
  • The music video for the 2014 League of Legends World Championship theme, Warriors is pure Visual Effects of Awesome. It sums up EVERYTHING the grins to pro is in League of Legends.
    • What makes it even better? It was sung by the Imagine Dragons, who are pretty big fans of League themselves.
  • Somehow not mentioned already, but The Summoner's Rift VU. There are no words to describe how awesome it is.
    • Best part? This is PRE-BETA footage. It's gotten even more work since then.

Gameplay examples:

  • One word: PENTAKILL
    • Even more so when it's happening by the Pros in the LCS. The background shouting and the commentators going apeshit adds a whole new level to the awesome.
  • Using Pantheon's ultimate, Grand Skyfall, and literally dropping in on a fight. Bonus points if you kill someone on impact.
    • Along the same lines, using Shen's ultimate on a low-health ally to save them, then appearing at their side to reverse the situation. The shield and the "incoming ninja" sound that it makes can cause a Mass "Oh, Crap!" as bad as anything Pantheon does.
  • Any time you escape from a gank. Bonus awesome if it was against a champion who could change your positioning, like Singed or Blitzcrank. More bonus points if post ganking, you escaped a global ult that would've killed you (such as Ashe's, Draven's or Jinx's).
  • Every single summoner (yes, that includes you) will have a crowning moment in game. It could be your first Pentakill, it could be an amazing game-saving play you made up on the fly, it doesn't matter. Some had 5 of them last week, some will get theirs years after starting. But at some point or another, you WILL feel like a legend.
  • The newest graphical rework for Garen gives his ultimate attack an impressive effect on a successful execution. And by impressive, we mean a gigantic shockwave that ripples almost an entire screen's worth of area. As if using it the right way wasn't satisfactory enough.
  • Doom Bots of Doom. This game mode grants a twist to the Coop Vs AI gameplay for people who say it is too easy. After picking your champions and entering the loading screen, you see that all bots have selected the same icon, which is Ziggs with a supervillianesque look. You then enter the game into a darker Summoners Rift, where the music got replaced with the Twisted Treeline Theme. Did we mention that every champion bot has gotten a gimmick that no normal champ has? Lux's abilities are split up in multiple projectiles, including her Ultimate, Karthus gains invulnerability randomly even when he is not dead and Ziggs bombs home in on you. Additionally,they can get Bonus Dooms that grant them small bonuses like Anivia's Rebirth or Garen suddenly being in nearby bushes. However The Computer is a Cheating Bastard does not apply fully, as they still are limited in vision and intelligence as their normal counterparts, what grants for an extreme satisfaction should you take them down.

Community examples:

Examples from competitive play

  • First, a brief montage (several moments here are expanded on in-depth below).
  • In the final match between pro teams Fnatic and SK Gaming at the IEM Katowice tournament, one of the closest and most nail-biting pro games ever is decided when xPeke executes the most incredible Nexus backdoor in the history of LoL.
    • It's worth noting that this is the #1 moment on the top 20 pro-LoL moments list above. It's LoL's equivalent of Daigo's legendary full parry, for many of the same reasons. It is regarded as the defining moment for competetive League of Legends play.
  • European League Champion Ship series 2013 Spring split, week 4, day 2: Fnatic vs the Copenhagen Wolves. One of the best, most intense and closest matches in LoL history; about half way through the commentators start yelling with excitement during a close teamfight and practically never stop until the end of the game as the action rages non-stop and the advantage swings from one side to another with incredible plays all around. Suffice it to say that if anyone ever says that LoL is a boring game, just show them this match and they'll shut up forever. But the most awesome thing? The Copenhagen Wolves were at the bottom of the ladder, having only gotten their first win the night before after 9 consecutive losses while Fnatic were the top team, having won 9 out of 10 games and on an unstoppable win streak. The Wolves take the victory!
  • North American League Championship series 2013 Spring split, week 5, day 1: compLexity vs Team Dignitas. Another David Versus Goliath matchup surprisingly similar to the Wolves vs Fnatic match listed above- coL were near the bottom of the ladder, Dignitas at the top and on an almost unstoppable winning streak. Another highly intense, well-played game sees ANOTHER incredible upset as compLexity deal Dignitas a defeat that NO-ONE expected!
  • NA LCS 2013 Spring split, week 6, day 1: Team SoloMid vs compLexity. The weekend prior to this match saw Chaox, TSM's AD Carry, getting benched due his attitude, forcing the team to bring in WildTurtle as a substitute. This match would be TSM's first test, to see if they could mesh with their substitute carry. The match itself proceeded to turn into a 46 minute tug of war, both teams going back and forth, with the results standing on the edge of a knife, all while WildTurtle held his own throughout the game. The final teamfight ended with WildTurtle getting his fist Pentakill in the LCS, not only earning TSM a victory, but also cementing his spot as a permanent member of the team.
  • EU LCS 2013 Spring split, week 6, day 2: Copenhagen Wolves vs Evil Geniuses. The Wolves seen to have a tendancy to create high-tension, explosive-action, edge-of-your-seat-close matches, especially when they're the underdogs. Over 45 minutes of high-intensity clashes which leave the commentators hoarse from yelling and in the end the underdog Wolves do it again!
  • EU LCS 2013 Spring split, week 9, day 1: aAa vs Gambit. Nearly a full hour of battle from what most people would have expected to be a Curb-Stomp Battle by Gambit. Incredibly close all the way through with amazing plays by all parties. The underdogs don't win this one, but they sure give Gambit a run for their money.
  • EU LCS 2013 Spring split, week 10, day 1: aAa vs Evil Geniuses. Another lengthy, tense, exciting clash, although by now aAa have proven they're not so much the underdogs and Evil Geniuses have been shown to be mortal. A masterful performance by aAa carry Nono with a bizarrely unconventional Ezreal build is the highlight, leading to a thrilling victory by aAa when they pull a Kansas City Shuffle by rushing past EG to storm their undefended inhibitor, forcing EG to launch an uncoordinated assault on their own base, leading to their defeat, Nono ending the game on a score of 14/1/13.
  • Again on EU LCS 2013 Spring split, week 10, day 1: Fnatic vs SK. A grudge match between the two arch-enemies turns into another bruising, drawn-out 51-minute slugfest. Fnatic's unconventional composition, including an Urgot/Blitzcrank bot lane and an AD Ezreal mid goes head-to-head with SK's Irelia who is "channeling his inner Chuck Norris" to quote the commentators. Another close match ends in "one of the longest teamfights in competative League of Legends history", with Fnatic finally defeating SK again to go 4-0 against them in the LCS season.
  • NA LCS 2013 Spring split, week 10, day 3: MRN vs CLG. You have not seen a miraculous comeback until you've seen this game. CLG steamroll MRN mercilessly for the first 20 minutes before slowing down and eventually stalling, while MRN slowly turn the pressure back on them off the back of Nientonso's unbelievably powerful Tristana and ClakeyD's fearless Heroic Sacrifice initiations on Jarvan IV. However, with only a single turret left in MRN's base after a near-disaster mid-game it remains INCREDIBLY close right up to the end when MRN wipe CLG out in a furious fight and blitz up through the middle to take the CLG nexus with literal seconds to spare until CLG can respawn and crush them on the counterattack!
  • On the flip side of the coin from all these tense, close, underdog upset games, SK vs Gambit match 2 in the EU 2013 Spring semifinals. Gambit annihilate SK without mercy, crushing them so decisively that SK actually surrender the match less than half an hour in, even though this will see them knocked out of the tournament (or at least reduced to the 3rd place playoff). As a fine example of the sheer power of a truly skilled and coordinated team in high level play (Gambit play like a well-oiled machine and despite their loss here SK are no pushovers) the match deserves its place on this list.
  • NA LCS 2013 Summer split, week 1, day 2: CLG vs Dignitas. The very definition of the word "epic". 71 minutes. Over 70 kills. Over 200,000 gold across both teams. A nail-biter right up to the finish. The longest match in LCS history and one of the longest games in recorded pro LoL history as well. The advantage swings back and forth until it reaches the endgame where both teams are both winning and losing at the same time. In the end, who won? Why not watch and find out?
  • NA LCS 2013 Summer split, week 3, day 1: Velocity eSports vs Curse. Another epic, close game where the lead swings back and forth. Velocity takes an early lead by sabotaging Curse's jungle, Curse responds with first blood, Velocity grabs early turrets, Curse score more kills and take dragon control, Velocity steal Baron from Curse, Curse split push down Velocity's bottom inhibitor, it just goes on and on. At the end of the day only one team can win and Velocity finally man up and force their way through Curse, using their superior carry strength to let them smash down the Curse nexus while simply IGNORING Voyboy's Shen who is trying to race them for their own.
  • NA LCS 2013 Summer split, week 3, day 3: CLG vs TSM. The penultimate match of one of the most thrilling weeks in LCS history sees these two veterans slugging it out for a full hour. CLG's early domination begins to spin its wheels in the face of TSM's stoic base defence, as Doublelift's pick of Urgot lacks the siege potential to directly crack TSM's base towers, TSM's item choices largely negate Link's Zed and Reginald's Karthus is monstrously powerful. In the last minutes, CLG abandon their usual strategies, throwing caution to the wind and sacrificing their players to backdoor enemy inhibitors, while TSM leverage their raw power to bull straight through CLG's defences that they'd been kept away from all game. At the very final moment, Nientonsoh on Elise becomes the hero of CLG as TSM's all-or-nothing bullrush slams into him like a water balloon into a brick wall, Nien picking up a triple kill while CLG's super minions smash down TSM's last turret and nexus, Dyrus on Kennen helpless to stop the endless wave of minions from winning the game for CLG.
    • Props to the crowd at MLG Anaheim, as well, who were so hot during this match, which at its peak drew chants for both TSM and CLG.
  • EU LCS 2013 Summer split, week 3, day 2: SK vs Fnatic. 19-0. That was the result of the last 19 matches between Fnatic and SK at the start of this match. SK hadn't beaten Fnatic in a professional match in 2 years and were understandably eager to change this, especially after beating League leaders Alternate the previous day. An epic slugfest erupted- for most of the game SK held an advantage over Fnatic, but a blundered engagement in midgame cost them dearly, losing almost their entire team, allowing Fnatic to snatch Baron buff and several turrets. Despite SK's superb play allowing them to reclaim the advantage, the game remained balanced on a knife edge as SK could never reach the stage where Fnatic were no longer a threat to them and one misstep could cost them even worse than the last one. After more than an hour of play, did SK finally break their 2-year drought, or did Fnatic rally to make it a round 20 wins in a row? SK did it!
  • OGN Champions League, which is the Korean equivalent of the LCS, had CJ Entus Frost's Madlife, known for being one of the best support players in the entire world and is a Season 3 All-Star to boot, pull out an absolutely mind-blowing Thresh hook. Against an Ezreal, he read that he would Arcane Shift seconds in advance, threw the hook out to where he thought Ez would go, and caught him, securing the kill in what would end up being a total Curb-Stomp Battle in favor of CJ Frost.
  • EU LCS 2013 Summer Playoffs match 1: Alternate vs Evil Geniuses. This best-of-three playoff between the new blood of Alternate and the old guard of Evil Geniuses is one of the bets you're going to see. The first game is fairly close, with both teams looking good at different points, until Alt take control and secure the hard-earned win. After some serious discussion, EG come back with a new plan in game 2 and curb stomp Alternate in return, winning the game in less than 30 minutes. The decider, with a guaranteed position in Season 4 and potentially their Esports careers on the line, is the closest of all. The advantage swings back and forth as the teams clash head-on again and again. The close match is finally decided when EG take an amazingly quick Baron behind Alternate's back and use the surge of power to become unstoppable, dismantling Alt's defence, smashing their base apart and securing themselves a safe place in Season 4.
  • Intel Extreme Masters season VIII - Cologne 2013. The tournament in general is one big crowning moment for Gambit Gaming, their first major event since reuniting with their former support EDward (who had left for America for the Summer Split of the LCS). Gambit, once one of the most feared European teams, had been on somewhat of a slide, but IEM Cologne showed that, with EDward back on the team, They're Back! No enemies at the tournament could really even slow them down, culminating in the final match against Fnatic where Gambit went Up to Eleven on poor Fnatic, completely annihilating them in a Curb-Stomp Battle so brutal that the commentators couldn't believe it. After an unfortunate first blood when Diamond got caught scouting out the enemy jungle before the minions spawned, Diamond responded by going on an absolute rampage with his Evelynn, ending the game 11/1/10 and leading Gambit to a crushing 30-5 victory in barely 22 minutes.
  • OGN's HO T6i X Champions Summer 2013 had an amazing finish where in the grand final between SKT Telecom T1 and KT Bullets when it came down to a 5th game tiebreaker, unlike other leagues, OGN stipulates that that the 5th game in a final is a blind pick instead of the normal tournament draft. This resulted in a mirror match of Zed vs Zed for the midlaners, SKT Telecom T1's Faker playing Zed against KT Rolster Bullet's Ryu playing Zed. Despite not doing too much else where in the game but providing gank assistance, FAKER demonstrated that he could outplay anyone else in the world in a Zed vs Zed duel by killing a 100% HP Ryu, from only 25% HP. This is the duel here, broken down with a slow motion replay just to underline how incredible FAKER's reflexes and mechanics are. To further emphasize how big a deal this is: that Shadow Slash he uses to finish the duel is activated within 1/8th of a second of it being available after he uses Living Shadow to switch places.
  • NA LCS 2014 Spring split week 1, day 1: Cloud 9 vs Team Solo Mid. Cloud. 9. Pick. Teemo! Like Nick Fury showing up at the end of Iron Man, like Derpy Hooves getting a plot-relevant, name-checked, voiced appearance in "The Last Roundup", Hai locking in Teemo completely overshadowed every other detail of this game. As stated on the memes page, highlighting Butt Monkey Joke Character Teemo on champion select before switching to the champ you're really going to play is a popular form of audience trolling by the LCS players, but in the first game of the new LCS year Cloud 9 do it seriously and make it work! Despite C9 being unstoppable champions in the 2013 Summer split and defeating Fnatic to clinch the Battle of the Atlantic for NA, the majority of the crowd were betting on old favourites TSM to take the win, largely due to their acquisition of EU star mid laner Bjergsen. While Cloud 9 got off to a slow start, as the game wore on it became increasingly apparent that TSM simply did not know how to deal with an AP Teemo mid, the champion's unpopularity meaning that they had simply NO experience playing against something that quirky and irritating. Cloud 9 smothered TSM, grinding them down and barring them from their own jungle with the threat of Teemo's invisible mushroom bombs keeping them to the lanes. Eventually, Cloud 9 finished dissecting TSM and winning the first game of the new year... with a TEEMO!
    • This is likely a Call Back to TSM's own epic moment, with team owner Reginald picking Teemo at the World Championship in 2013 against Gaming Gear and getting a partial standing ovation for it. This pick caused what may have been the loudest, most enthusiastic cheer during the entire World Championship and totally overshadowed the game. Making it better, Teemo wasn't even useful then due to Oracles (removed in Preseason 4) and pink-ward spam (nerfed hard in preseason 4) negating his stealth and his mushrooms entirely. TSM lost this one, but it seems Cloud 9 didn't forget it.
  • NA LCS 2014 Spring split week 1, day 3, Dignitas vs Cloud 9. A tall order for Dignitas, facing off against the most powerful team in NA. Cloud 9 had only lost 3 games in the entire 2013 Summer split and were already off to a flying 3-0 start to the 2014 Spring split going into their last match of the Super Week. Almost no-one gave Dignitas a prayer against such powerful opponents, with the online poll showing 90% of viewers expected a Cloud 9 victory and a straight 4-0 sweep. The reality was startlingly different as Dignitas crushed Cloud 9, starting by focus-banning mid-laner Hai in champ select to force him onto Riven, then counter-picking him with Scarra's Gragas and bullying him mercilessly in lane. Scarra and ADC player Imaqtipie played a blinder of a game, Dignitas wiping the floor with Cloud 9 19-3 and exploding with excitement as soon as the Nexus fell.
  • EU LCS 2014 Spring split week 2, day 1, Team Roccat vs Supa Hot Crew. In week 1 of the NA competition, Cloud 9 made history by playing and winning with Teemo. In week 2 of the EU split, Team Roccat matched them for audacity by picking Mordekaiser. Another Tier-Induced Scrappy, Morde had never been picked in the LCS and was broadly considered competatively inviable thanks to his obsolete kit- while Teemo at least received a strong stealth buff with the vision changes in Season 4 that made his shrooms much harder to detect, Morde had just been forgotten. But like Teemo, Morde was something that the pro players simply weren't used to seeing and they paid for it. An immovable brick wall in mid lane, Overpow's Morde farmed and pushed and farmed and pushed, while Moopz on Morgana (itself an unconventional mid pick) struggled to find any relevance. Late game, Morde's Children of the Grave ultimate was stealing -as the commentator's pointed out- up to 56% of the maximum HP of whoever it was cast on and turning the victim into an enslaved ghost when they died. It didn't all go Roccat's way as jungler Jankos struggled early game with his Pantheon, but by the late game the pressure was just too much and Roccat bulled their way through Supa Hot Crew to victory, proving once again the effectiveness of an unexpected champion selection.
  • NA LCS 2014 Spring split, week 2 day 2, XDG Gaming vs Evil Geniuses. EG, former contenders from EU who had jumped the Pacific to play in America, had not had the greatest season up to this point and were starting to get desperate. So in a season that had so far largely been characterised by the same team compositions over and over again they did something radical- they went back to one of their classic compositions from season 2 and ran an Urgot/Soraka bottom lane (additionally, while they picked the omnipresent Mundo, they dared to run him in the jungle rather than the top lane). After a shaky start where Urgot uncharacteristically failed to dominate the bot lane, EG eventually managed to claw a respectable lead, until an absolute disaster of a teamfight at dragon saw them lose 4 members for no return kills, giving XDGG an uncontested Baron. But EG stood their ground with their fearsome siege/poke team and turned the pressure back on, mid-laner Pobelter in particular playing out of his mind on Gragas. Eventually EG's pressure was too much for XDGG to withstand and they were split wide open, EG closing out a comfortable, very impressive and well-deserved win with their unconventional composition- especially gratifying for the fans who were tired of the same Lucian/Thresh vs Jinx/Annie vs Leona/Caitlyn matchups in every single game.
  • SK Telecom T1 K winning OGN Winter 2013/2014, becoming the first team to win an OGN tournament twice and ending the season with a perfect 15-0, not having dropped a single game. Faker also got the MVP award, thus being the only player to win the award twice.
  • EU LCS 2014 Spring split, week 3 day 1, Team Roccat vs Fnatic. Arguably the biggest and closest slugfest of the season to this point. Fnatic are an undefeated 5-0, while Roccat are showing themselves to be highly favoured underdogs. Despite a shaky start, Roccat push Fnatic to the limit, turning teamfights around on them, dropping Pantheon on them, managing to evaporate a tank-built Mundo and playing the map superbly to counter every advantage Fnatic try to take with one of their own. An incredibly close match more than 50 minutes as the advantage see-saws back and forth, but in the end Fnatic get another sneaky Baron and crucially catch out and assassinate Roccat's ADC, allowing them to power through Roccat's base and end it.
  • EU LCS 2014 Spring split, week 3 day 2, Gambit Gaming vs Fnatic. With Fnatic still undefeated after their narrow brush with Roccat above, the League leaders are still looking strong, but if anyone can beat them, Gambit can. With Diamond on his fearsome Evelynn and Alex Ich playing Zed (on his own birthday no less), Gambit looks set to take it to Fnatic, but Fnatic put the mighty Xpeke on Fizz to meet Zed head-on in the mid lane while Soaz picks a highly unconventional Gragas top. A horrible start for Gambit as EDward facechecks the Fnatic blue buff results in both himself and Genja going down before they even reach lane, but Gambit rally as Alex repeatedly dominates Xpeke and Diamond catches a 1v2ing Soaz out to let the bot lane get a bit of revenge. An intense slugfest erupts as Gambit surge ahead before starting to slow as Fnatic adopt counters to Alex's Zed and Darien's Mundo is repeatedly overwhelmed by sheer force. The game sees many brilliant plays, especially one legendary Super Mega Death Rocket from Genja that picks up Xpeke -blind- from clear across the map. After a long and closely-fought match, Gambit finally grind Fnatic down to nothing and topple the League leaders, ending their 7-game win streak. Happy birthday, Alex!
  • EU LCS 2014 Spring split, week 4 day 1, Fnatic vs Alliance. This smelled of a mismatch. It'd been a rough start to the season for Team Alliance- an all-star team masterminded by Froggen made up of the best players he could find with huge expectations behind them coming into the season, they'd so far turned out to be a massive disappointment. The only team not to pick up a win in the first week and, despite winning both games in their second week (albeit against other comparatively low-ranked teams) they'd slipped to 2-6 by the end of the 3rd and were now faced with the daunting propect of the 7-1 League leaders Fnatic. The audience vote saw 90% of fans predicting a Fnatic victory and even the commentators lampshaded what a David Versus Goliath matchup this was. As it turned out, Alliance seemed to have finally found their form- where their first week's losses stemmed from poor team coordination and their 3rd week's from poor individual performances, here they did everything perfectly. The laners won matchups they really should have lost (Wickd on Trundle in particular doing INCREDIBLE work to stay even with Soaz playing, of all things, a top lane LeBlanc!), the team coordinated spectacularly and they simply outplayed Fnatic again and again, leading to a hard-fought but decisive victory that stunned everyone. The all-stars looked for the first time like they finally might be living up to their potential.
  • NA LCS 2014 Spring split, week 4 day 2, XDG vs Dignitas. XDG (the former Vulcan) had not had the greatest of seasons and were on a bit of a losing streak when they came up against Dignitas (at the time the 3rd place team). Fan support was behind Dignitas as well, with 88% of fans predicting their victory. Despite XDG getting the highly-prized Olaf pick for jungler Zuna they found themselves up against it very early in the game as Dignitas effectively won all 3 lanes and rapidly took control of almost the entire map. Dignitas got a little overconfident and XDG started to claw back some space in the mid-game with a number of well-placed pickoffs, but were still playing from behind... until Dignitas took the classic Schmuck Bait and made a badly-timed attempt at Baron. Benny applied pressure and was even on the verge of driving Imaqtpie's Lucian off altogether and then the rest of the team arrived. A perfect Leona ultimate from Bloodwater later and Xmithie had himself a triple kill on his Sivir, XDG had themselves a Baron buff and control of the game and from there they never put another foot wrong. Dignitas, demoralised from their blunder, folded like damp cardboard and XDG executed the greatest comeback so far in the season, a pointed reminder NEVER to underestimate the underdog in the LCS.
  • NA LCS 2014 Spring split, week 10 day 1, Dignitas vs Evil Geniuses. Both teams experienced a bit of a shakeup with goldenglue replacing long time midlaner Scarra for Dignitas and Ken filling Krepo's support shoes for EG. EG bring the main surprise this game by going back to Nautilus as their jungler, to make a very pick-heavy team comp, capable of blowing up anyone they catch but weak in teamfights compared to Dig's more all-around lineup. The match gets off to a manic start as lane swaps result in both of Dig's bottom lane and EG's top lane turrets all going down in rapid succession. However, Dig start to rapidly pull ahead as they pick up multiple kills against EG. EG's only bright spot in Innox on his top lane Lee Sin, able to drive Cruzer's Shyvana back until he's taken both of Dig's top lane turrets as well. Still, things are looking dire for EG, eventually being beaten right back to their inhibitors, losing the middle one before they can drive Dig off. However, EG begin to claw ground back with a succession of well-played teamfights, culminating in a decimation of Dig when they catch them at Baron. The previously one-sided match becomes an intense, closely-fought slugfest as the game draws on and Dig's gold lead becomes less and less relevant as everyone gets closer to a full build (of special note is Kiwikid's Karma who uncharacteristically for a support picks up ENORMOUS amounts of AP until he's doing devastating amounts of damage to the MR-lacking EG team with his Inner Flames). In the end though, the pressure becomes too much for Evil Geniuses and they fall off the knife edge, Dignitas overwhelming them and taking the hard-earned win in the more than 50-minute game, the commentators full of praise for Evil Geniuses' stoic defence against the odds.
  • NA LCS 2014 Spring split, week 10 day 1, CLG vs TSM. Another clash of the old rivals, but CLG have something to prove; with 1st and 2nd place being effectively a 2-team race between TSM and Cloud 9 and TSM beating CLG 3 out of 3 games so far this season, CLG (who have already defeated Cloud 9) want this win to show they're still a team to be feared. The odd pick this time is WildTurtle on Twitch, an uncommon choice that proves its power during a devastating teamfight near Baron where he picks up a triple kill. Both teams go at each other with bloodthirsty abandon, butting heads all over the map, but CLG seize a critical advantage when they turn around what looks like a lost teamfight with masterful play by Dexter on Lee Sin and Doublelift on Lucian. After grabbing an incredible Baron, CLG seem to stall, putting all their effort into trying to grind down TSM's top inhibitor turret with little success. Just as the Baron buff wears off and the commentators are talking about how CLG missed their chance CLG make a vicious engagement which they play to absolute perfection, wiping out TSM without dropping a man (just barely), letting them power down the turret they'd spent the last 2 minutes futilely chipping at and use the 40 second respawn timer to smash through TSM's Nexus turrets and win the game in one shocking play!
  • NA LCS 2014 Summer split, week 8 day 1, compLexity vs Curse. The longest LCS game ever as these 2 teams fight to the finish. Curse use early aggression with their Rengar/Orianna combo to take an early kill lead, but compLexity fight back with superior map control to gain objectives and maintain the lead in gold. The advantage swings back and forth and the gold becomes less and less meaningful as both teams pass 100k and almost every champion ends up with a full item loadout, turning it into a game of pure skill. The tension ratchets higher and higher as coL pressure in to try and take Curse's inhibitors and the commentators start to crack up under the strain. Right when the game is balanced on a knife-edge, Curse go all-in in a last ditch attempt to stop the pressure, starting the teamfight guaranteed to end the game. While Prolly on Ziggs and Westrice on Renekton get locked down and murdered, marksman ROBERTxLEE on Lucian and support Bubbadub on Morgana manage to slip away from the fight and head straight for the vulnerable Curse Nexus, kez on Elise barely managing to break free from the melee to join them. Curse desperately try to get back in time to save the game, but are just a hair too late and compLexity become the well-deserved victors of this record-breaking game!
  • EU LCS 2014 Summer split, week 9 day 1, SK Gaming vs Millenium. With the two teams separated by only a single game, this mid-table clash is of pivotal importance to both of them. The game swings wildly backwards and forwards all the way through- although MIL get first blood and a couple more early kills before SK can strike back, SK play the map better and control the objectives, staying ahead on gold until they start winning the teamfights. fredy122's split-push Nidalee is doing a superb job of pressuring MIL's bot lane and CandyPanda on Lucian is doing considerably better than his counterpart in the game's featured matchup, Creaton's Corki. Just when it looks like SK are on the verge of taking control, however, Millenium get their hands on an impressively well-planned Baron and strike back. The game remains incredibly close all the way through, to the point that at the 40 minute mark the teams are more or less exactly equal on kills, towers and total gold. After a close teamfight that comes out in their favour, SK try to rush Baron to secure their hold on the game, but a DARING suicide steal by Kottenx's Elise puts paid to that plan and after holding SK's 5v4 push off until he can respawn, Millenium push again. Heavy poke from Jesiz's Twisted Fate brings Kottenx critically low and SK pounce, only for Millenium to play the ensuring teamfight PERFECTLY, wiping out SK and taking the well-deserved win, with special props for the way they shut down EVERY attempt by Jesiz to use TF's teleporting ult to catch them out by meeting him with perfectly-timed stunning skillshots the second he rematerialised, sealing his fate.
  • NA LCS 2014 Summer Split Playoffs, TSM vs Dignitas, game 1. The first game in this best-of-five series at the start of the playoffs was a masterclass in how superior strategy can let a player single-handedly win the game for his team without actually carrying. In a drawn-out and highly tactical 55 minute match, Dignitas put their hopes on a single, unconventional pick- ZionSpartan's Nasus top lane against Dyrus on Maokai. It was a bizarrely low-kill game, ending 15-6 in TSM's favour, but all game long Nasus farmed his Siphoning Strike until by the end he was getting more at 600 bonus damage off each usage (on a skill with a cooldown of 2.4 seconds once CDR is maxed) and the low-damage tank Maokai couldn't hold him off forever. Nasus forced his way along bottom lane with agonising slowness, taking down the inner turret with a few devastating blows, eventually driving enough minions into the inhibitor turret to allow him to repeat the performance and repeatedly bringing down the defenceless inhibitor- even teleporting to a ward placed near it for a cheeky backdoor where he took a Nexus turret! Meanwhile, TSM and Dignitas poked and probed at each other, Dignitas having to give way before TSM's deadly catch potential, but TSM held back by the threat of the Nasus in the bottom lane if they called up their Maokai to help then engage a fight. Finally, after Nasus was eventually caught and killed following another inhibitor kill, TSM pushed hard up the mid lane while he was respawning... When he finally respawned, ZionSpartan watched and waited for the right moment then, when TSM surged at Dignitas' turret and it was apparent that the defence would hold, he teleported straight down to TSM's base and headed straight for the last remaining Nexus turret. Facetanking it while he smashed it to powder, the only member of Dignitas to be able to escape the fight was an already critically wounded Maokai, who desperately threw himself at Nasus only to be casually dispatched. With almost no HP left after tanking so many turret shots, all alone in the midst of a sea of enemy minions and with Amazing on Lee Sin desperately trying to protect his crumbling Nexus by killing the Nasus, ZionSpartan brought his massively farmed Q down one more time to destroy TSM's Nexus and basically single-handedly win the game for Dignitas, despite ending on a score of 2/1/0. Even though Dignitas would go on to lose the series to TSM 1-3, this game entered into legend.
  • NA LCS 2014 Summer split Grand Final, Cloud 9 vs TSM. At the end of one of the most intense seasons the NA LCS has seen, it all comes down to the 2 favourites in a best-of-5. But while the fans are backing old favourites TSM, Cloud 9 have never lost a split and in fact have never lost a match during a finals series to this point. And indeed, in the first game C9 take the win, breaking what was at one point a fairly close match into a dominating victory. However TSM don't lose focus and during the second game they strike back viciously, with C9 carelessly letting Dyrus get Alistar and Bjergsen get his infamous Syndra, a mistake they come to regret when Bjergsen puts Hai on tilt, leading to a sudden and brutal win to even the series. In the 3rd match TSM make a team selection mistake of their own by letting Hai have his Zed back and he makes them pay for it- while the ensuing game is very passive, with only 12 total kills across both teams, Hai gets six of them and Sneaky's Kog'Maw just provides too much long-ranged pressure, letting Cloud 9 take the series lead again, 2-1. With everything on the line, Bjergsen reaches deep and pulls out the secret weapon, Xerath, and Dyrus gets his hands on the formidable Ryze. TSM come out strong this time, scoring early kills in a bloody level 1 jungle skirmish and crushing C9 with 15 kills to 3, including a late-game quadrakill on WildTurtle's Tristana. It comes down to the wire going into the deciding game, with C9 on the red side in a series where the team on the red side has so far won every game. In another INCREDIBLY close match TSM look shaky after an alarmingly early series of trades sees early inhibs go down and a devastatingly bad teamfight (where Bjergsen uncharacteristically whiffs his Orianna Shockwave) costs them the Baron, but they strike back decisively to limit the damage, hold Cloud 9 off with cautious play and eventually it all comes down to one final, lethal teamfight. After the chaos settles, TSM have smashed Cloud 9 4 kills for 1 as WildTurtle goes on ANOTHER rampage, racking up his second Tristana quadrakill and Team Solo Mid blitz into C9's exposed base to take the nexus, the game, the series and the title of NA Champions, finally dethrowing the undefeated Cloud 9!
  • 2014 World Finals Group C, day 3, Fnatic vs OMG. This one was an intense match. It was very close on the kill score, with the teams trading back and forth on teamfights and constantly drawing on them, turning this game into one of the longests in the Worlds. More than one hour of gameplay caused some very strange situations, like THREE Guardian Angels being popped on the same teamfight. But what makes this game deserve a spot here is still to come. With 64 minutes in, Fnatic are trying to enter OMG's base and blow their exposed Nexus, but OMG engages and gets a 4 to 0 teamfight. End game? Not yet, because xPeke's Syndra SOMEHOW holds OMG's raid until Soaz respawns... AND INSTANTLY TELEPORTS TO THE OPPONENT BASE, making every single soul watching the game scream as they are about to witness another Fnatic backdoor. Soaz ends up dying, as do xPeke and Cyanide, and OMG's Nexus? ONE HIT SHORT OF FALLING. Yes, one hit, no euphemisms. Even a ward basic attacking the Nexus could take it down, but it didn't Bonus points on Gogoing having good timing on his Ryze's abilities, especially on his W and Q, swiftly killing Elise to stop the destruction of their Nexus, enabling them to fight another time, win at 71 minutes and even kick Fnatic out of the group stage!
    • However, some people still believe this result only happened thanks to bizarre in-game interactions between Mobility Homeguard boots, Maw of Malmortius and Recall. Case in point: OMG's jungler, Loveling, was hit by a Living Artillery at the very last moment of his recall to try defending his base, and despite being tagged with Living Artillery's vision and having Maw of Malmortius triggered, his Homeguard still activated, giving him precious seconds to destroy the Rumble. Remember - one more hit from anyone would've changed the Worlds completely. Riot released a note about this, but it's still a major YMMV on the competitive scene.
  • 2014 World Finals Group D, day 4, KaBuM e-Sports vs Alliance. Yet another case of David Versus Goliath, this time in Worlds. KaBuM, as a Brazilian team with close to no international experience, lost all their other five games and had last place assured on the group. However, they were showing some improvement, playing fine versus Najin White Shield and Cloud 9 on their second games. Alliance was carrying the EU pride on their backs after SK Gaming's (and later Fnatic's as well) elimination from the tournament, and defeated the favorites Najin on the day before without surrendering a single kill. People that expected a stunning win from Alliance got what they wanted... just not from Alliance. Starting by picks and bans, where KaBuM banned out Wickd's Irelia then first-picked Ryze, forcing him to lock in Kayle, and later getting their well-known Jinx-Morgana bot lane as well. After that, midlaner TinOwns as Ahri goes on a rampage, getting amazing kills while on the other side Froggen, even playing Fizz, made a lot of suicide plays that didn't end well for Alliance. The casters pointed out after the match that not only Alliance lacked good wave clear, Wickd did nothing with his Interventions, going to the point to use it on a Froggen THAT JUST ACTIVATED ZHONYA'S HOURGLASS. At the end, while the kill score was very close, the control of the game fell easily on KaBuM's hands and they got the first win for a Latin American team on the Worlds history, on what people called "the biggest upset of LoL history". Even better, that result, combined with Cloud 9's later win against Najin, eliminated Alliance from the tournament and turned their single win into a tournament-defining win!
  • 2014 World Quarterfinals, Day 1, Samsung White vs Team SoloMid. Samsung White went into the Quarterfinals as the favorites to beat TSM in an expected clean sweep, expecting the Korean squad to roll right over the NA LCS Champions, and they proceeded to do just that for the first two games of the series. In the third game, however, Samsung White's arrogance came through in Champion Select, allowing TSM to punish the Korean Squad for their poor composition, giving TSM their first win off of any Korean team, and marring Samsung White's perfect record up until this point. In game 4, Samsung White shaped up in champion Select and took their revenge, beating TSM 3-1 overall.
  • 2014 World Quarterfinals, Day 2, Samsung Blue vs Cloud9. Just as their sister team was the favorite against TSM, Samsung Blue was the favorite to beat Cloud9, but what nobody expected was for Cloud9 to take control of the first game of the series and beat the Koreans soundly. After that, Samsung Blue proceeded to best Cloud9 for Games 2 and 3, proving the descriptions of being better at C9's game than C9, but Cloud 9 did not make it easy for them, with several memorable moments from the series, of particular note C9 Hai's attempted Ninja Stealth Mission as Zed to try to backdoor Blue's Bot inhibitor. Game 4 looked like it was going to once again be a stomp for Samsung Blue, when by chance Cloud9 caught out Blue's Mid, AD Carry, and Top laner in back to back kills. With no guarantee that they would get to take out Blue's Heavy hitters again for the rest of the game, Cloud9 rushed down the Mid Lane and pushed for Samsung Blue's Nexus in a base race, with only Blue's Jungle and Supports standing to fend off the NA squad while waiting for their team to respawn in the most intense 40 seconds of the series. Cloud9 had succeeded in exposing the Nexus and had brought it down to thirty percent of its health when Dade, Acorn and Deft respawned and aced the low health NA squad, before rushing to finish off C9's nexus to win the series 3-1.
  • 2014 World Quarterfinals, Day 3, Star Horn Royal Club vs Edward Gaming.
  • 2014 World Quarterfinals, Day 4, Najin White Shield vs OMG. It's not just that OMG beat Najin White Shield that made it a CMOA, it's that they did it in a 3-0 clean sweep.
  • 2014 World Semi-Finals, Day 1, the much awaited match between the two Korean powerhouses was about to happen. Everyone knew it would be an epic to witness. What no one expected as that SSW would end up destroying their sister team in another 3-0 clean sweep, the same sister team that always beats SSW.
  • 2014 World Semi-Finals, Day 2, Star Horn Royal Club vs OMG. inSec's Fiddlesticks and Pantheon plays ensured crushing defeats on OMG at games they are present at.
  • NA LCS 2015 Spring Split, Week 2, Day 1 had an odd case in which the crowning moment of awesome wasn't for a game, team or player, but for one champion: Kalista. One of the most extremes cases of Difficult but Awesome in the game, Kalista was being called broken since her release due to her amazing Martial Poise passive, however, her different and strange mechanics for a marksman explanation  and lack of a defined build made her entrance into competitive scene a hard task. Then Cloud9's Sneaky, CLG's Doublelift and TSM's WildTurtle all picked Kalista in their consecutive games and DESTROYED their opponents with her slippery and amazing teamfight potential. Special props for Doublelift and his support Aphromoo for pulling the Ballista combo (Rocket Grab from Blitzcrank into Fate's Call to pull the grabbed enemy to Kalista) to destroy TiP's XiaoWeiXiao.
  • NA LCS 2015 Spring Split, Week 4, Day 2. Counter-Logic Gaming vs Team Solomid. Undoubtedly one of the most hyped up matches in LCS history, CLG and TSM had up to this point, won 6 games and lost 1, tying them both for first place. To increase the stakes even further, The respective owners of the teams had agreed to a bet, stating that the owner of the losing team would have to dye his hair pink. The game starts and CLG have an early lead, with Doublelift and Aphromoo killing Dyrus in a 2v1 in the top lane. That lead continues when CLG keep getting dragons uncontested by TSM. This comes back to bite them later when they manage to push TSM into their base and destroy one of their inhibitors. Then, the dragon respawns for the fifth time. TSM goes to fight CLG off of it, and CLG completely whiff the fight, letting TSM have a free dragon and even a tower. (Note: the fifth dragon gives an extremely powerful buff to the team who kills it. If CLG had gotten it, with their advantage, the game likely would've been over.) After this point CLG seem to lose their footing as TSM manage to win a second teamfight in the mid lane, guaranteeing them another tower. CLG seem to completely lose their cool, with their main damage dealer using his only escape ability into the enemy team and their midlaner whiffing his ultimates on numerous occasion. TSM win a second teamfight, (again, near the mid lane) allowing them to rush the base and the towers and win the game, executing one of the most amazing comebacks in LCS history. Here's the loser's pink hair in action, for the curious
  • NA LCS 2015 Spring Split, Week 8 Day 1. TSM Vs. Gravity. TSM comes in fresh off their winning IEM Katowice and plays Gravity, one of the mid-tier teams. Gravity has a fairly normal comp until they go to their last pick, locking in their mid-laner's favorite solo-queue pick... Urgot. Who is, at the time, widely considered the worst champion in the game. The commentators stop talking mid-sentence and stay speechless for a good five seconds. Gravity WINS, too, meaning Urgot now has a 100% win rate in the NA LCS.
    *stunned silence*
    *cough, cough*
    Riv: No, that's in the middle-"
    Kobe: "Don't say anything, yeah well of course it's in the middle, this is Keane! But I'm still stunned they let him play it!"
    Riv: "Oh dear..."
    Kobe: "I- They finally unleash the Urgod!"
  • EU Challenger Series 2015 Spring Split, Week 5. You tend to see different things in the Challenger Series... and then you have teams like Mousesports. Completely winless, out of the running entirely and in a two-game series vs. second-place Gamers2, they chose to go out with a bang and unleash some serious Confusion Fu on Gamers by picking utterly asinine, bizarre team compositions consisting almost entirely of bottom-tier off-meta champions. With the two games they played featuring picks like Gangplank, Varus, Olaf, and Teemo against hot meta picks like Kalista and Nidalee the commentators completely gave up trying to figure out what Mousesports were even doing and could barely speak about Mouse's team without making fun of it. Gamers never figured it out either, dropping both games to Mousesports and falling to third, giving Mousesports their only two wins of the entire series.
  • CBLoL 2015 1st Phase, Semifinals, INTZ E-Sports vs Pain Gaming. The semifinals from the Brazilian LCS were pitting two of the top teams in the country against each other. INTZ was the season's flavor, having 5 wins and 2 draws in 7 games on the group stage and impressive plays after impressive plays, instantly skyrocketing and being called "the best Brazilian team in 2015". On the other side, Pain Gaming has a lot of experienced players and has been on the top teams of the Brazilian scene for years, even almost making it to the 2013 Worlds. However, they were on an inconsistent phase, whiffing games to teams they shouldn't despite having a strong line-up with the main Brazilian ADC and midlaner, brTT and Kami, and former Millenium support Dioud. Lots of people were expecting INTZ to win by a close margin, but when the first game started, Pain managed to hold INTZ's jungler Revolta amazingly, controlling the pace of the game and slowly taking their turrets, to the pont the score was 12-5 for Pain when the Nexus turrets in INTZ's base fell. However, a single milissecond of lapse by Pain costs them hard as Tockers on Azir and Jockster on Janna make great use of their ultimates to zone they from the open Nexus and kill the entire team blitzing into their base. The camera cuts out to a replay, and when it's back, Yang on Maokai, Revolta on Nidalee and Micao on Ezreal are destroying Pain's Nexus, in which they suceed mere seconds before Pain can respawn and answer, pulling one of the most amazing comebacks the League of Legends has ever seen! INTZ then proceeds to win a close game 2 and curbstomp the already apathic opponents on the game 3, winning 3-0 on what most people expected to be a close series.