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Carla is a 31-year-old female, chemical engineer and all-around geek who lives in Panama City, Panama. She has been around the web since computers still beeped/eeped/squeaked in order to go online (aaahhh, '96— good times, good times). Has since then been reminding people across the globe that she actually lives in the small country in Central America, not the beach town in Florida.

Science/astronomy nerd. Fangirl through and through. Compulsive shipper, but a reasonable, open-minded one. Dabbles in web-design, making icons, graphics and fanvideos. Lives to write and hopes to write to live, eventually; mostly fanfiction, but also some originals. ADCD is commonplace, but never final. There is no such thing as schedules, only random sparks of inspiration. Dreams of going into space, and visiting France.


Obsessively ships Carla/TV Tropes. Disagreement is heresy.

Fandoms include mostly anime & manga, cartoons, some literature (mostly Harry Potter and other Young Adult series), a few movies. Also quite a few US and British TV shows: generally sci-fi, sitcoms, drama or procedural. And Disney Channel.

Kyoudai dot net is her baby. To note: the snark is free at Carla's.

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    We shall folder it, because it's LOOOOONG. 

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    We shall folder it, because it's LONGERRRR. 

Visitors' comments yaaaaaay~!

  • You actually had the patience to track down and make a list of every article you've contributed to? You are my TV Tropes hero!!! ~ Aspie
    • What can I say, I like lists. *is borderline OCD* ^^;;; ~ C.
  • Squee!! Finally, someone else who likes Saint Seiya that I can understand (seriously, it's annoying not to be fluent in Spanish or French) *glomp* ~MiniKaylee
    • Haha, yeah, it doesn't have a very big English-speaking fandom, does it? Always nice to meet a fellow fan! ~ C.
  • So, Carla/TVTropes... is that Cargo Cult, or...? ~ Amused Troper Guy