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Foe Yay can refer to different things:

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  • 101 Dalmatians: The Series, Cadpig and Mooch had this going on for a while, particularly in the episode "My Fair Moochie".
  • Adventure Time
    • Marceline and Princess Bubblegum seem to be enemies - at the very least they're highly antagonistic to each other - but the episode "What Was Missing" drops anvil-sized hints that they were previously a lot closer and still yearn for that relationship again.
    • The Ice King is way too obsessed with being Finn's "friend", even if he wasn't a creepy old pervert and Finn wasn't a thirteen-year-old boy. Entire episodes have been created just so everyone can confirm once more that Ice King is a stalker, sexual predator and enjoys the company of his most hated enemy far too much.
      • The Gender Flip episode, which turned out to be a fanfiction by the Ice King about a girl version of Finn being in love with him.
      • In said episode, Fionna and the Ice Queen went on a date together.
  • Fanon will go there occasionally in Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers in the form of a one-way admiration of the Queen for Zach. Depending on the Writer if it's because he's a Worthy Opponent, but often justified by the fact that she's pretty much absorbed the Life Energy of Zach's wife. Not to say it can't go really twisted directions.
    • Chris Rowley didn't help matters, either by posting his speculations about Her Majesty's "private" life on the fan list, or by commenting her Evil Gloating over his unconscious body in "Psychocrypt" had "S&M vibes."
  • Jimmy and King Goobot from The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius
    • For some, the relationship between Jimmy and Professor Calamitous could tell.
  • In one episode of Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Dr. Robotnik actually marries Sonic.One of Robotnik's captives was rescued by Sonic in order to find his High School Sweetheart. However, this girl was also Robotnik's unrequited crush at the time, and Robotnik's motivation in locking him up was to prevent them from reuniting. Eventually, they do, and to distract Robotnik, Sonic dresses in drag as the crush and weds him. (This would be potholed to Attractive Bent-Gender, but that doesn't even cover it). Still, it doesn't excuse his kissing Robotnik five times, not to mention licking him after splattering him with cake...
    • Sonic seduces Robotnik again in "Sonic is Running". He slips on a dress and says to presidential candidate Robotnik, "Oh, Robotnik. You men in power are so...powerful! Isn't there somewhere we could be alone?" Robotnik is all too willing to comply, simply because his "wife" for the election is a robot.
    • There's also the business of Scratch trying to seduce Sonic's ancestor in "Robotnik's Pyramid Scheme".
    • Wes Weasley's debut episode has Robotnik making his point about who he's trying to catch by pointing to a photo of Sonic, which for some reason is signed "To Robotnik. Love, Sonic."
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  • Trevor Goodchild in Æon Flux is explicitly depicted as Aeon's lover and submissive as well as being her nemesis. He's so obsessed with her that, in one episode, he's shown with a whole harem of women who look similar to her. They also have a tendency to have sex in the middle of battle.
  • Aladdin and Mozenrath in Aladdin: The Series. As you can see here.
    • It's hard to believe this wasn't at least partially intentional. It's hard to think of a Mozenrath episode that doesn't either turn Aladdin into a Distressed Dude or have the two of them end up wrestling on the floor at some point.
      Mozenrath: I'm going to put my essence...into your body.
      • Heck, it started as early as Mozenrath's very first episode.
      Mozenrath: Look, the important thing is, we found each other.
    • Mozenrath has this with Jasmine, too. He seems to be rather fond of her, and he strokes her chin when the gang gets captured sneaking into his city. She also has a very impish smile on her lips when she tries to use her whip on him a bit earlier.
      • He also refers to her as a "cutie" at several points, and tells Aladdin to "give the Princess my regards". Xerxes then starts making kissing noises as Mozenrath smiles.
      • Also, this:
    Jasmine: Please, Mozenrath! Leave my father alone! I'll give you anything!
    Mozenrath: (gives her a suggestive look)
  • The Amazing World of Gumball episode "The Ex" where Gumball finds out Rob has a new Archenemy. The title is really all you need to know about that.
  • As Told by Ginger: Blake Gripling towards Carl Foutley. Deep down he wants to be Carl's best friend, but as Carl turns him down time after time, he tries to best the youngest Foutley whenever he can. Blake also has a dislike for Hoodsey, Carl's best friend. To a lesser extent, there's also Miranda and Ginger.
  • Atomic Betty: Betty and Penelope's interactions can be read as such at times. In particular, at the end of the episode "No Business Like Snow Business" Betty gets on the boys' hockey team, unbeknownst to Penelope and her friends who swoon over "him" from the stands. Then Betty takes her helmet off. Penelope storms off angrily while her friends just laugh it off.
  • Avatar: The Last Airbender has its own page.
  • The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes!: Hinted in "Prisoner of War" between Captain America and Madame Viper.
  • When Barry Allen, The Flash dies in Batman: The Brave and the Bold (offscreen prior to the teaser), Weather Wizard, Heatwave, and Captain Cold just basically can't stop gushing about how fantastic he is and how "All Batman does is kick and punch like a child throwing a temper tantrum." Then when Barry comes Back from the Dead they nearly squee when they see him.
  • Batman: The Killing Joke: Normal for Batman-Joker but in this case, Batman seems to have this for Joker. When he comes to Arkham Asylum, he tells commissioner that he's there "because he needs to be there" (a line not there in the original), furthermore the fact that Batman has to be cajoled into a sexual encounter with Batgirl and then barely sees her after that, and he admits to Joker he's been thinking about him, makes the finale where Batman tries to reach out to Joker and then laughs with him, even more weird and strange than the original did.
    • Pretty much Paris Franz's obsession for Batgirl is almost a reflection of Joker's obsession for Batman.
  • The Batman: Joker/Batman. The Joker's lines towards Batman...
    "Back off Tubby! Batsy's mine!"
    • "The Batman? What if I hadn't been decent?"
      • Later in the same episode: "Can't stay away from me, can you Batman? I guess opposites do attract."
    • "If you really want to get inside my head, Batman...I'll take you so far'll never find your way out!" *puts the miniature sized Batman in his mouth and swallows him down*
    Joker: Do you really think I'd send a flunkie to eliminate my favourite sparring partner? I reserve that pleasure for me alone.
    Batman: Then why-
    • Not to mention his penchant for invading Batman's personal space...
    • In Batman: The Animated Series, Harley blames Batman for keeping her Pudd'n's attention away from her (after the infamous scene where he ignored all her attempts to seduce him, because he'd rather plan Batman's next overly-elaborate Death Trap).
      • Joker awaiting Batman to show up and break his little midnight jewelry store robbery in "The Man Who Killed Batman", looking frustrated as if his date hadn't shown up.
    Joker: There's a certain rhythm to these things. I cause trouble, Batman shows up. We have some laughs and the whole thing starts all over again!
    • Batman Beyond: Terry gets his fair share of uncomfortable moments it's his Rogues Gallery. Several of his enemies go through odd fixations with him, and special mention goes to the time when Inque makes out with him in order to keep him from warning Bruce Wayne to not come rescue him via their com link.
    • Even Batman: The Brave and the Bold gets a dig in (episode "Game Over for Owlman!"):
    Joker: Oh, an entire wing [of the Batcave] pour moi? I knew you cared!
    • Batman: The Dark Knight Returns gives us "Batman... darling..."
    • Batman also got some villainesses after him, kissing him when they get the chance. Catwoman for one. And Talia, daughter of Ra's al Ghul. Poison Ivy, though her kiss was to use her Drugged Lipstick and part seduction. Another villainness Cheetah (though Batman was purposely seducing her and the power of Kevin Conroy's voice probably did its work). Harley Quinn by far is the luckiest, getting to snag two kisses from the much stunned Dark Knight.
  • Ben 10
    • Ben and his Evil Counterpart Kevin get very close before Ben realises what a sociopath Kevin is, and even afterwards Ben often tries to help him and is rather sad at what he's become (as opposed to all his other enemies, who he usually just beats down no questions asked).
    • "Alone Together," where Ben and a Highbreed named Reinrassic III are trapped on a desert planet and forced to team up if they want to survive. In the end, "Reiny" (the Highbreed; guess who gave him the nickname?) decides to stay behind after declaring he has been "contaminated" by "Ben-Ben" and thus, does not want to spread the contamination for the rest of his species.
      • In the Season 2 finale, "War of the Worlds," Reiny returns to convince the rest of the Highbreed Council that Ben's genetic fusion of the Highbreeds with various other alien DNA was actually a blessing that would allow their dying race to persist. He's in turn made the new Highbreed Supreme and ends the war by calling a truce and shaking Ben's hand as a sign of respect.
    • From Race Against Time, the live-action movie, Eon has a persistent and disturbing tendency to grab Ben by the arms and shove him against a nearby wall while muttering some at times very suspect dialogue.
      • What makes this worse is that Eon intends to turn Ben into a younger version of himself using the Omnitrix so that his more youthful incarnation can use the Hands of Armageddon to start a Chronian invasion of Earth. He briefly succeeds in this endeavor. Race Against Time is relegated to "alternate timeline" status in Ultimate Alien, but there it turns out that Eon is Ben and he's going around various other timelines enslaving all of the other Bens and turning them into his flunkies. Yeesh.
    • Gwen and her own Evil Counterpart, Charmcaster, also have this. When Charmcaster first sees Gwen in her debut appearance in Alien Force, she has this to say: "I've waited five years to say this... I love what you've done with your hair."
    • Albedo and Ben also have their fair share of Foe Yay in Alien Force and Ultimate Alien. Ben's first reaction to seeing Albedo is to ask Gwen and Kevin "who's your handsome friend?", referring to Albedo (granted, it's because Albedo looks exactly like Ben until the his version of the Omnitrix is damaged, inverting his color scheme).
      • It's hard to think of a single episode with Albedo in it that doesn't feature him and Ben tussling on the floor.
      • Albedo also seems to have an obsession with Ben that goes beyond his desire to take the Omnitrix. He ends up blaming Ben, and only Ben, for all the misfortune that befalls him. Ben, in turn, remains highly antagonistic towards Albedo even after Albedo stops being a threat.
      • Although sarcastic, at one point, Albedo does invite Ben (and co.) out for chili fries with him.
    • In one episode Tetrax (an alien made of living diamonds) grabs Ben demanding "Give me Chromastone," another crystal alien. Once Ben becomes Chromastone, Tetrax stabs him with a crystal shard, turning him into another Diamondhead.
    • Omniverse gives us Princess Attea of the Incursean Empire. Having stepped up her game and matured tremendously since Alien Force, it seems her fixation on fighting Ben goes WAY beyond just him ruining her missions. By the time of "The Frogs of War," she forbids her troops from firing on Ben so that she can have the pleasure of taking him down, uses an unknowing Ben as a Spanner in the Works so she can take the throne from her father, and even harbors a schoolgirl crush on Bullfrag (Ben as an Incursion), which Ben notes to be reciprocated as Bullfrag (he blames it on his DNA). At the end, after Attea negotiates a ceasefire with Earth by handing over custody of her captured father to the Plumbers, she makes a pass at Ben while departing, asking him if he (as Bullfrag) wants to come with her. Ben declines, prompting Attea to lash out with her tongue and lick Ben (her equivalent of a kiss) and then wink at him. Ben's initial reaction is disgust (after all, he was just licked), but he seems to warm up to it not too long after.
    • And speaking of Omniverse, there is Princess Looma of the House of Red Wind, although she's not explicitly evil; she just happens to hail from a particularly war-oriented society. In the interim between the original series and its sequels, it's revealed that Kevin fought and defeated Looma in exchange for an engine for his car, but thanks to Tetramand customs, this also made Kevin Looma's fiance, set to be married in three years' time. Not wanting to be burdened by such a commitment, he sets up the entirety of "Many Happy Returns" as a Batman Gambit to pawn off Looma on Ben. It works. Despite Ben's ever-growing Chick Magnet credentials throughout the franchise, he is decidedly vexed and dismayed about this predicament, and with good reason: he's now engaged—against his consent—to a Proud Warrior Race Gal who is rather clingy.
  • This is a really odd example, especially for the age it was aimed at, but in the Care Bears Movie II, Dark Heart and the human Christie seem to have feelings for each other. At least it seems like he hits on her a lot. Him being an evil...magician? demon? hateful thing with no origin? and her being a human who makes a deal with him, the foe part comes in when she helps the care bears escape and is (nearly) killed in the process and he begs the care bears to save her. And then he turns into a boy with blue eyes. And then they're all friends at the end and go swimming together.
    Dark Heart: (after Christie saved his life) You saved me. Why?
    Christie: Good or bad, you're still a person... or whatever you are.
    Dark Heart: If you knew what was good for would have left me.
  • Challenge of the GoBots: Leader-1 and Crasher were revealed to have been romantically involved at some point in the past, although whether Crasher was actually a Renegade at the time is unclear.
  • Clone High has Scudsworth totally fixated on John Stamos.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door: The Delightful Children From Down The Lane and Numbuh 1. Mind Game Ship, indeed.
    • Numbuh 3 had some of this with King Sandy for two episodes when he wanted to marry her.
    • Numbuh 5 and Heinrich. Also counts as Les Yay. This actually was one of the more popular ships in the fandom.
    • And Numbuh 5 and her own sister.
    • "Operation: T.R.E.A.T.Y." was chock full of this between Numbuh 1 and Chad Dickson (Numbuh 274). Flashbacks to their close friendship, the Chained Heat situation — the entire thing reads like two exes being forced to work together after a bad breakup, and you wouldn't have to change any of the dialogue! The fact that Chad mockingly calls Numbuh 1 "Nigey" — the Affectionate Nickname Nigel's ex-girlfriend used to call him — does not help at all.
  • For some, Courage the Cowardly Dog and Katz. In a few episodes he gives Courage a fighting chance and often plays sports with him. In his words, he says, "Care for bit of sport before dying, dear boy?"
  • The Red Guy and Super Cow (a.k.a Cow) in Cow and Chicken. He tried to play with her in an episode called "Can Cow Come Out to Play?"
  • Taken to its logical conclusion in The Critic when Jay Sherman is seduced by a beautiful woman at his sister's debutante ball. Jay eventually learns that the woman plays Humphrey the Hippo on television, an Expy of Barney that Jay hates. She explains that she became attracted to him after he criticized her while she was making a public appearance as Humphrey.
  • Danny Phantom.
    • Danny and Vlad. Vlad's first appearance alone has him creeping into Danny's room just watching the boy struggle in his sleep, then there's Danny's foot massage request in "Torrent of Terror", not to mention the multiple attempts Vlad has done to try and lure Danny into the dark side which when taken in a different context, sounds almost seductive.
      • And of course "Eye for an Eye" which is a treasure trove of subtext quotes ("I'm rubbing your nose in this mess you made, Daniel, doesn't it smell yummy?" and "You forgot to take your supplements, have a dose of vitamin-ME!" for example).
      • That episode also has them seeing each other naked.
      • Then there's the fact Vlad made a prepubescent female clone of him... whom he only planned to use to perfect a male clone.
      • The Slade-Robin similarities don't exactly help, either.
      • Given Vlad's obsession with Danny's mother and desire to make Danny his son, Freud would definitely have something Oedipal related to say about it.
    • Dark Danny and Danny have one-sided Foe-Yay, with Dark Danny being the one generating it. At one point, he forces a Time Medallion inside Danny's body while Danny screams in pain.
    • Valerie and Danny in their secret identities also get a bit of Foe-Yay, which is especially egregrious considering they dated for a while as their normal selves.
  • Numerous Distressed Dude situations aside, Darkwing Duck had its brush with this when bad aim with a Love Potion led to predictable disastrous results... namely, Darkwing falling in love with Negaduck instead of Morgana:
    Negaduck: Go jump off a cliff!
    Darkwing: The only thing I'm going to jump is you!
    • Occasionally with Darkwing and Megavolt, due to being Friendly Enemies.
    Megavolt: Hey, I thought you lost your confidence.
    Darkwing: Maybe so, but I'm not going to lose my friends.
    Megavolt: (tearing up and embracing DW) That's so sweet! It's great to have you back
  • One episode of Donkey Kong Country had King K. Rool stealing a love potion and using it to turn Candy and later DK into his willing slaves. It's exactly what it sounds like.
  • Doug and Roger, dear God.
  • Duck Dodgers: Dodgers and the Martian Commander. The episode Enemy Yours goes out of its way to make them act like disgruntled lovers, what with Dodgers panicking when he finds out that Marvin has other archenemies and Marvin making excuses to his current archenemy as if Dodgers is some Psycho Ex-Girlfriend who is trying to sabotage their current relationship.
    • Canon example: Dodgers and the Martian Queen. Seriously, the woman veers between wanting to destroy him and wanting to marry him. However, it seems a bit one-sided, as when confronted with the Queen's feelings, Dodgers usually either exploits them to his own advantage, or outright rebuffs them. If he manages to remember that they were ever engaged in the first place.
    • When they really did get married, he had no problem with it, until Marvin tricked him into leaving her. When Dodgers found out he was duped, he seemed pretty mad.
    • Even after I.Q. High reveals to her that Dodgers is an idiot she still finds herself strangely attracted to him.
  • The Fairly OddParents
    • The episode "Snow Bound" had Timmy and Vicky Locked in a Freezer (well, a cave, but the effect is the same), leading to a surprisingly touching bonding moment, a near-complete mental breakdown on Vicky's part, and hugging. And early in that episode, Timmy's dad explains that women often say the opposite of what they mean - for instance, Wanda calls Cosmo a moron when she means "I love you." A simple joke, or the writer implying/foreshadowing that Vicky is Tsundere?
    • In another episode, Timmy wishes to have the body of a sixteen-year-old, and Vicky instantly becomes massively infatuated with the "Norwegian supermodel", enough to want to marry him. Foe-Yay-tastic!
    • Vicky seems awfully fond of putting Timmy in dresses. Who can forget that maid's dress from "Homewrecker"?
    • In one episode Timmy tells Vicky that he can't sleep because he has dreams about her giant butt. Sure, he was just provoking her to test a new wish, but still...
    • The time that Timmy's attempt to serenade Tootie, in order to get her back to loving him instead of his brother (It Makes Sense in Context), got heard by Vicky instead.
    • Vicky turning nice after being saved was very creepy and one-sided, and his probably the farthest Vicky has ever gone to like Timmy.
  • Family Guy:
    • Peter Griffin and Carter. While trying to get him wealthy again, they portray characters from Dawson's Creek. Peter played the girl, and he tried to kiss Carter. While Carter grudgingly tries to hold him back.
    • Meg and Connie. The latter is one of the main sources of the former's abuse, but there have been a few occasions of affection. For example, in "Dial Meg for Murder" a toughened Meg knocks Connie unconscious and gives her a deep tongue kiss, and Meg shows some affection for her in "Stew-Roids".
  • Kyle and Sigmund from Fanboy and Chum Chum. To summarize, the two used to attend the same school for wizards, before Kyle was kicked out for turning one of his teachers into... er... raspberry flan, and was moved to a regular school. In "Sigmund the Sorcerer", Sigmund visits the town he now lives in to give a magic show, and is invited (or, more truthfully, invites himself) to Kyle's house for dinner. Kyle is acting extremely soft and non-snarky throughout the entire episode, and he is evidently envious of Sigmund's more advanced skills in wizardry. Sigmund, on the other hand, refers to Kyle with pure mockery and arrogance. When Sigmund says "You know, Kyle, I must say, that I am very impressed with you", Kyle chokes on his drink slightly and asks hopefully "Really?", clearly indicating his respect for Sigmund and concern in his opinion. Blatant Foe Yay aside, at one point Kyle even submissively offers to spoon-feed Sigmund after he expresses his discontent at the cutlery being non-self-moving.
  • Parodied in Freakazoid!! with the Lobe's obsession with the titular character.
  • Gargoyles: If you want enemies who "because of their defined roles, the two characters must fight, but (at least one of them) would subconsciously rather be doing something else," look no further than David Xanatos and Goliath. It's clear from the get-go that Xanatos wanted the gargoyle clan leader to be his friend, not his enemy. Xanatos seemed genuinely disappointed when he realized Goliath couldn't be convinced to work peacefully with him, doesn't even try to hide how much he enjoys fighting either with him or against him in combat, and then there's this thing involving them both being "fathers" of this clone who shares the best and worst traits of both of them...
    • Thailog could be seen as the ultimate nadir of a spiral of obsession. Xanatos' every move screams Stalker with a Crush...from moving an entire castle across the Atlantic, to building his Steel Clan robots in Goliath's likeness at the end of the Five-Episode Pilot, to modelling his Powered Armor after him...Even the (male) mutates are all built like crosses between Goliath and furries. Indeed, it's hard not to get buckets of Foe Yay out of Xanatos' actions throughout his villainous career...and when Goliath agrees to move back in with him, the cloning, robot-building, etc. all a Stalker who's finally got the object of his desire?
    • Goliath/Demona, Brooklyn/Demona, and Macbeth/Demona are all canon.
  • Generator Rex
    • Rex is very committed to taking Van Kleiss down, while Van Kleiss generally acts quite friendly towards him and says things like "you're very important to me." Van Kleiss claims this is because Rex is important to his master plan. Uh huh. Sure.
      • We also get a scene where Van Kleiss brings up quid pro quo, which Rex repeats as "squid pro whatever". Definitely not dipping into tentacle porn territory, no sir.
    • There's also Rex and Breach. One episode had Breach kidnap Rex to put in her dollhouse while referring to Rex as her "new favorite" and "shiny thing." It's decidedly one-sided on Breach's part, as Rex finds the whole situation rather creepy. It's also a rather unique case in that the episode with most of the Foe Yay never showed the two directly interacting.
  • Gorillaz: Murdoc has hints with both his male bandmates, though it's stronger with 2D, who actually once announced "Awww, I love you, Murdoc!" in an interview and puts up with everything Murdoc does to him (which has included stealing both his girlfriends and his internal organs).
    • This could be due to 2D's naivety, who always falls in Murdoc's traps, because he still obeys him, in spite of the fact that Murdoc has kidnapped him, keeps him locked and constantly abuses him, especially in Phase 3. Even in the early years, Murdoc was beating him and treated him like a Butt-Monkey.
  • Despite not looking remotely humanoid, Bill Cipher gets this sometimes with Dipper, especially in Sock Opera. But that doesn't compare to him and The Author. In fact, I've so little idea where to start that I'm just going to give a link to the page that already goes over it all.
    • While possessing Dipper's body Bill hit on his crush, Wendy a bit, which she oddly doesn't react to. This most likely was purely to troll Dipper, because Wendy had officially let him know she wasn't interested only two episodes previously.
    • Gideon has a huge Yandere Villainous Crush on Mabel, and winning her over is one of his two main motives during the course of the show.
  • A particularly squicktastic example in He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (1983): He-Man/Skeletor. Seriously.
  • Dr. Claw sometimes falls into this territory in his extreme hatred for Inspector Gadget, what with his constantly spying on him (even at home!) with his hidden cameras and replying to things Gadget says as though somehow the inspector could hear him through the monitor, randomly having pictures of Gadget on his person and Gadget dolls, and always saying things like "I've got you right where I want you" and "I'll get you next time, Gadget! Next time!"
  • Invader Zim
    • Zim and Dib, who are obsessed with each other to unhealthy levels even for people trying to kill each other, basing their entire lives around the other and never missing an opportunity to try and prove themselves the better of the two, even when frequently forced into reluctant alliances. It's rather disturbing, but also quite sad, as they are literally the only people in each others' lives who care about the other at all.
    • "Dark Harvest" has this bizarre line from Dib:
    "You see, Gaz? To defeat my enemy, first I must study my enemy, then become my enemy, then move in with my enemy, then wear my enemy's clothes, then-"
    • In "Vindicated" it's revealed that Dib goes through Zim's trash once a week or so. Also in "Bolognius Maximus":
    Dib: Y'know, anyone who watches you obsessively every day would notice that you never actually eat any of the food.
    • They display severe co-dependence in the un-aired episode "Mopiness of Doom", in which Dib "retiring" to follow "real science" like his father results in him becoming bored and listless, while Zim, no longer having an enemy to fight, becomes depressed and unmotivated.
    • Tak was technically Zim's girlfriend for a while (although she did it to humiliate him and he did it For Science!), and Dib showed signs of having a crush on her.
    • In the first episode, having just met Zim, Dib decides the most appropriate course of action is to handcuff him. With handcuffs that, in his words, render aliens "completely helpless". Handcuffs that he was carrying with him for the slight possibility that he might encounter an alien. He then chases him around with the handcuffs.
    • Jimmy's relationship with Lucius is loaded with this - even if it is largely one-sided, given how much Lucius hates Jimmy. That said, Jimmy gives Lucius the Affectionate Nickname of "Lucy", has kissed him several times, and even once stalked Lucius in his sleep ("Friends watch friends sleep!").
  • Kim Possible and her Evil Counterpart Shego. Two women who jump at each other for close combat whenever they meet, stopping only to exchange witty banter and fashion snark? When the show returned for a fourth season with Kim and Ron as the Official Couple, the producers ramped up the Foe Yay by having Shego save Kim from an alien Amazon because "I am not going have this she-thing defeat Kimmie! That's my job!" and even turn good and immediately become close friends with her for a while... The fact that this pairing is only marginally less popular than the Official Couple in the fanbase probably says the most about how noticable it is.
    • Not to mention that Shego's plasma has the ability to melt through steel, yet Kim never seems to come away from their fights with more than a few bruises.
  • The Legendof Korra:
    • For a man who supposedly hates the Avatar, Amon certainly has a lot of interesting interactions with her. During their first mutual meeting, he caresses Korra's face and leans in reaaaallll close, speaking to her in a low, seductive voice. He later performs a Villainous Rescue, saving her from Tarrlok, and as she runs there's a long slow-mo shot of their eyes meeting. He also seems to consider her a Worthy Opponent, warning his men not to underestimate her and setting out to capture her himself. Finally, in the Season Finale, after being unmasked, he throws one last look at Korra of debatable meaning before fleeing.
    • Tarrlok frequently pesters Korra to join his organization, even sending her very expensive gifts over and over "until you give in", and compliments her appearance at a dance. Then he kidnaps her, and while there is a legitimate reason given, there are certainly many other implications. In episode 9 he makes a comment about how Korra ruined his plans and how now he's going to start a new life with Korra as his hostage.
    • You could also make a case for Mako and Tahno having some of this because of that sexy wink Mako sends Tahno during their Pro-Bending match. And whether it was intentional or not, the only other person who had gotten the sexy wink from Mako before Tahno was Mako's girlfriend Asami.
    • After the trailer was released, some fans started shipping Korra and Kuvira together. This is made even better by the fact that the creators describe them as being similar.
    • Bolin and Kuvira are also getting shipped, on account of Bolin being in her army.
  • In one episode of Legion of Super-Heroes, Superman is fighting a villain his age, Drax, who comes from the Phantom Zone. Toward the end of the episode, as the fight draws to its close, Drax literally pins Superman to the ground and leans down, smiling, just inches away from Superman's face. It looks very... suggestive, to say the least.
  • Bugs Bunny and Elmer Fudd from Looney Tunes. Heck, the two end up running off to get married at the end of the cartoon "Bugs Bonnets," thanks to the influence of a set of personality-altering hats.
    • Not to mention Bugs and Daffy Duck. In this Kids' WB! promo, Jeff Bennett describes them as "two big stars who just LOVE each other," and the cartoon "Beanstalk Bunny" has Daffy actually kiss Bugs when he reveals his escape plan.
    • The courting rituals of actual roadrunners involve chasing the mate around and giving them food, which Wile E does in some of his traps. Roadie might have the wrong idea.
  • Charlotte and Vendetta, from Making Fiends, are a bit too into each other, aren't they?
  • The Mask had this moment with Pretorius in "The Bride of Pretorius": "Mask, your powers are bizarre, unpredictable and beyond the realms of science ... and if you were a woman I would marry you." The Mask is suitably squicked.
    • Ironic, given earlier in that episode the Mask was holding Pretorius in a tango pose asking "do you come her often" in a more than flirtatious tone.
  • Ruby-Spears' Mega Man: Suspicious dialogue aside, there's not much to suggest this between Mega Man and Proto Man—until "Bro Bots." Proto Man pretends to "go straight" (*snicker*) and join his little brother—nothing wrong with that. Until the park scene, anyway—blatant hand-holding on Mega's part, plus his confession that "I've always wanted a real brother relationship with you." The last fight in the episode has the two brothers fighting on a ridiculously small space over a gigantic pool of acid. This would be perfectly innocent if Protoman wasn't very obviously straddling Mega Man, and if Mega didn't wrap his legs around his older brother's waist—and if their almost falling into the acid didn't bring their bodies even closer together. "Real brother relationship", indeed.
  • The Mighty Ducks sees Dragaunus grabbing and manhandling Wildwing while cloaked, along with all the rolling and grabbing that goes on during their fights, trying to convince Wildwing his friend is never coming back. Extra points for Dragaunus being voiced by Tim Curry.
    "You're mine now".
  • Mike and Kane of Motorcity have Foe Yay out the wazoo. Mike is deeply, personally hurt that Kane lied to him and used his fake affability to try and make Mike his loyal enforcer. Kane however genuinely did feel affection for Mike, going on and on about how Mike betrayed him - him personally - and never misses a chance to berate Mike for it, which is peculiar given that lots of other people have defected from Kane Co. who he doesn't care about at all.
  • Vexus and Jenny on My Life as a Teenage Robot. Also, Ms. Wakeman and Vexus.
  • My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic: Daring Do has shades of this with both her Arch Enemies.
    • Dr. Caballeron originally tried to join Daring Do on her adventures as her partner, but she told him no. So he decided instead to become her enemy and beat her to any possible treasure he can and ruin her in revenge.
    • Played straighter with her other enemy Ahuizotl. When they confront each other in “Daring Don’t” and are fighting over a magic ring, Daring actually mocks Ahuizotl by flirting with him when he threatens her for the ring, acting like his threat was a marriage proposal, and even giving him a bedroom eyes look and telling him she loves him.
      Ahuizotl: The ring, Daring Do! Give it to me!
      Daring Do: Now, Ahuizotl, you know I love you, but I can't give you the ring till I've properly proposed.
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas: Come on, there's really no reason why, when he decided to show, Jack had to announce his presence to Oogie Boogie looking like he's trying to seduce him.
    • Then there's Oogie's Shout-Out comment to Santa, sounding like Oogie's going to rape him.
    • The Show Some Leg scene! Seriously, that's probably the reason for the Oogie/Sally ship!
  • Skipper and Julien in The Penguins of Madagascar:
    "And after this is over, I'll have four sweet, sweet words for you."
    "Ohh, 'I love King Julien'?"
    "Ye-NO! 'I told you so'!"
  • Perry the Platypus and Dr. Doofenshmirtz of Phineas and Ferb practically embody this trope. At the very least they're the epitome of the Friendly Enemy, treating their adversity as a job more than any actual effort to harm one another. Then there's the episode where Doofenshmirtz acquires a new nemesis which is presented as him having an affair, culminating with them on a relationship talk show together "My nema-nema, oooooh my nema-nema-nema..."
  • The Powerpuff Girls:
    • Blossom and Mojo Jojo. Sure, he is a Card-Carrying Villain and she's The Cape, but when one digs deeper, they're Not So Different. In fact the only real difference seems to be that Blossom wants to be admired and Mojo feared. They can be ruthless, they like to lord it over others, and they are at the same page intellectually. Mojo is the person Blossom goes running to for help when confronted by an alien menace the girls can't defeat in "Forced Kin", suggesting that she respects him; and Mojo considers the girls as his only real obstacle to world domination, also suggesting a considerable deal of respect. Mojo is obsessed with the girls, and Blossom has outright stated she prefers brains over looks - while being dressed up as Mojo Jojo in a costume party! That last one goes beyond subtext into outright Getting Crap Past the Radar category...
    • On a similar note there's Buttercup and Ace and Bubbles and Him. Yes, Bubbles and Satan.
    • That one time Him licked Professor Utonium's face when he was under Mind Control.
    • The Powerpuff Girls being 'Nice' to the Rowdyruff Boys.
      • Brick's... um... 'flirting' with the girls.
    Brick: You can't stop a good thing, babe.
    • Also... Embracing him also while giving him some 'sugar', as Blossom would say.
    Bubbles Oh! Oh! I want the blond! I think he's cute!
  • ReBoot has Bob and Hexadecimal. It isn't exactly one-sided either, as Hex is able to make even Bob's canon love interest jealous, and he's never as hard on her as he is with Megabyte. Their relationship almost becomes canon after her Heel–Face Turn, and she kisses him before her Heroic Sacrifice.
  • Robot Chicken
    • Boba Fett has a bit of a... personal... obsession with Han. Boba talks to Han while frozen in carbonite. Boba even holds Han's hands.
    • Sailor Moon did her magical costume change to fight the villain... who then proceeded to get a hard-on, which made everything awkward, so they both decided to call off the fight. Later the villain reported to Queen Beryl and her yelling at him turned him on again. Later, Queen Beryl obsessed over a photograph of Sailor Moon and she got hard also.
    • Kim Possible and Kim Jong Un. No, you did not misread that.
  • Samurai Jack needs to be mentioned... Aku has turned into a woman and tries to seduce Jack. Slowly, developing a full relationship with him. Repeatedly. Likely done to make Jack suffer as much as possible when he finally learns the truth but still he doesn't have to do personally.
  • She-Ra and the Princesses of Power: It says something that the primary ship in the show is Catra/Adora, despite them being firmly on opposite sides. They have a very close relationship both before and after Adora defects, many scenes center around Catra's feelings of betrayal and Adora's lingering feelings towards her, and they even have a romantic (yet antagonistic) dance together at princess prom.
  • The Simpsons
    • Homer and Ned Flanders, come on! It's the Trope Namer for Stupid Sexy Flanders, for God's sake! Homer has also kissed and hugged Ned, filmed him naked in the shower, and Ned puts up with every Jerkass thing Homer does.
    • In the comics, it's shown in the future that grown-up Maggie is married to her grown-up arch-enemy the mono-browed baby, who always talks over and for her, much to her annoyance.
    • Also, Bart and Sideshow Bob to an extent. It gets to a point where Bob can't kill Bart in one episode because he's grown accustomed to his face, literally.
      • The Treehouse of Horror XXVI segment "Wanted: Dead, then Alive" has this in spades, where there is some (possibly romantic) subtext between Bob and Bart (Bob showing his "I ♥ Bart" tattoo on his back, taking Bart's body home after killing him and playing with him as if he were still alive, realizing that Victory Is Boring without Bart around and talking to his corpse). Bob even decides to revive Bart because it brought him some excitement in his life..
        Bob: "And now, Bart, let's bring the old spark back to our special relationship."
  • South Park:
    • Both Cartman and Kyle spend a large amount of time thinking up ways to get back at each other, usually due to Cartman doing something morally questionable and Kyle trying to stop him. The subplot of a three-part-special consisted of Cartman trying to force Kyle into sucking his balls, and travelled across the country to get him to do it. At one point he even wanted to film it. The episode ended with Cartman actually imagining him doing it, complete with calling him a 'dirty girl'.
      • He said (in the expanded version at least) he did it to humiliate Kyle, not for any actual sexual pleasure. This is further backed by the creators Matt Stone and Trey Parker themselves, stating it was for the sake of humiliation only. Still-it doesn't help the implications of it all being written in big, bold letters.
      • "Tonsil Trouble", where Cartman gets HIV from a mishap while taking his tonsils out, and in turn infects Kyle as revenge for laughing at the irony; the two must travel crosscountry together to find the cure, and Kyle will frequently tell people that it was Cartman's fault that he has HIV only to be met with many, many gay jokes (they're even called "Lovers" near the end of the episode).
      • In "Le Petit Tourette" Cartman begins faking Tourettes and Kyle does everything in his power to stop Cartman from appearing on Dateline NBC, but initially and unknowingly ends up saving Cartman, whom had actually lost control over what he says. The episode ends with a relieved Cartman hugging Kyle and exclaiming "You must... really care about me", before skipping off.
      • Cartman saved his nemesis from the center of the Smug Storm, just so he could continue hating and tormenting him (because he thrives on his angry reactions). Kyle returns the favor in "It's a Jersey Thing" and Cartman notes, "Deep down inside, you're a monster. But you're my little monster!"
      • Cartman's life is empty without Kyle to rip on and make fun of, while, in "Cartmanland", Cartman's misery is what gives Kyle reason to believe in justice, and in turn live and believe in God.
      • During the events of "Cartman Finds Love", Cartman realizes the new girl likes Kyle rather than Token, going against his preconceived notion that "blacks belong together". So what does he do? Pretends to be in a homosexual relationship with his enemy to get Kyle out of the way, of course. Kyle himself is rightly distressed/enraged that Cartman started the rumor in the first place.
    • Craig and Tweek in "Tweek vs. Craig", where they beat each other to a pulp. Almost naked. In winter.
    • Remember that one episode, back in Season 4, when Wendy and Cartman, who are usually enemies, pair up for a debate and subsequently fall so hard in Foe Yay that Wendy dreams about Cartman riding into a mountain meadow, shirtless, on a white horse?
  • The Spectacular Spider Man:
    • Happens between rival villains Hammerhead and Silver Sable, who apparently dated before the series started.
    • Some as usual between Spider-Man and Osborn.
      Spider-Man: You are the bossiest damsel in distress I have ever rescued.
    • Also as usual between Spidey and Venom.
    • Hell, it could also count between Spidey and the Symbiote itself, considering the dialogue and the latter's actions after getting "dumped."
    • Spider-Man and the Green Goblin
      Spider-Man: Ooh, nice banter. Aim still needs work.
      Goblin: Practice makes perfect.
      Spider-Man: Keep telling yourself that.
  • Spider-Man: The Animated Series has Venom and Spider-Man, most notably in episode 9.
  • Spongebob Squarepants
    • Mr. Krabs and Plankton... really.
    • And to a lesser extent, Squidward/Squilliam. Come on, the former was "voted most likely to suck eggs in high school" according to his rival.
      Squidward: Don't be intimidated Squidward. Try to imagine him in his underwear. (imagines Squilliam in his underwear with a muscular body and boxers) Oh no, he's hot!
    • SpongeBob displays massive amounts of Ho Yay towards Squidward, despite Squidward never failing to remind SpongeBob how much he hates him.
  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars gives us Asajj Ventress and Obi-Wan, with dialogue like this...
    Obi-Wan: (Deadpan) And I thought that this mission was going to be unpleasant.
    Ventress: (Sensuously) The pleasure is all mine, my dear Obi-Wan. I've missed you.
    • This is almost certainly a reference to the comic portrayals of Ventress, which had her obsessed with Obi-Wan to the point of imprisoning him in her fortress and keeping him in a gimp mask.
    • Up to Eleven in the Season 4 finale, complete with Enemy Mine
    Obi-Wan: What a lovely sight to wake up to!
    Ventress: Don't flatter yourself Kenobi, you've never been much to look at.
    • To an extremely disturbing degree, Darth Maul's psychotic obsession with (revenge on) Obi-Wan. Obi-Wan is the one thing that Maul remembered through his shattered mental state, and in "Revenge", he's heard obsessively muttering Obi-Wan's name over and over again.
    Maul: You may have forgotten me, but I will never forget you!
  • Static Shock: In the episode "No Man's an Island", there are some moments between Virgil and Hotstreak, including Virgil saying "How about what I can do for you?"
  • Storm Hawks
    • Piper/Cyclonis is hilariously obvious. When Cyclonis disguises herself to infiltrate the Storm Hawks and becomes friends with Piper in the process, Cyclonis actually grows to like Piper while Piper is genuinely hurt at the betrayal. As Piper got more in touch with her Dark Magical Girl side Cyclonis starts popping up in Piper's dreams, practically seducing her as she tries to bring her to The Dark Side. Despite all the cliches around The Hero and the Evil Overlord, it's not Aerrow but Piper who becomes Cyclonis' primary enemy and the only one with the power to defeat her.
    • Aerrow's famous "But I don't want to see the Dark Ace!" line.
  • Superjail! has the Warden and the Mistress, two rivaling prison wardens who began bickering over their superiority as soon as they met. The end of "Ladies' Night" even culminated in them sleeping together, though not by choice as the Mistress was bitten by a Spanish fly. Although lustful due to its influence, she's shown to quickly be disgusted and horrified at the reminder of sleeping with him, while the Warden smugly considers her humiliation a victory for himself. In her second major appearance in the series, she was revealed to have taken over the Warden's prison while he was away and demotes him and Jared to being inmates, presumably as extended revenge for her humiliation and defeat.
    • In "Stingstress", Jared and Charise even attempt to use the rivalry to their own benefit and try to pair the two up (but more so THEY'D have their own chance at being together), but their plan goes awry when the Warden proves to be too much of a Manchild to seduce the Mistress and has no clue of how sex works.
    • The Warden and Lord Stingray also have a deep rivalry shown in the series, stemming from the Warden imprisoning Stingray after he attempted to take the jail for himself. The Warden initially seemed VERY enamored with the other guy and kept doing all he could to impress, unaware of what being a supervillain actually entails. If anything, it seems the rivalry is more active on Stingray's part, with his obsession with wanting to one-up the Warden.
  • Lex Luthor in Superman: The Animated Series: In episode five he's having a 'join me' moment from at least a meter closer than necessary, not to mention his sadistic smirk makes him look quite aware they're about two centimeters apart from kissing.
  • Teen Titans
    • Slade's obsession with Robin is rather predatory. Hot-blooded Robin, of course, swiftly becomes just as obsessed with Slade.
    • Pretty much all of the "Apprentice" episodes. Slade holds Robin's arms behind his back while saying "I monitored your vital signs during the mission. Elevated heart rate, adrenaline, endorphins. You won't admit it, but at some enjoyed stealing for me. It was a thrill, wasn't it?". Slade watches a video of Robin beating up the rest of the Titans and says that it's "thrilling." He even rewinds the tape a couple times. Later on he pretty much manhandles Robin to the ground, getting really close to his face, angry that the only thing he cares about are his "worthless, little friends!" He then goes on to say "If the Titans are so distracting, maybe I should just get rid of them." Robin admits defeat with "Don't. I'll do whatever you say." And Slade's reply? "Good boy. And from now on, I'd like you to call me master."
      • And in "Haunted" we get Slade beating Robin to a pulp, telling him "Alone again Robin? As long as I'm around. You're never alone" and during the climax (no pun intended) it sounds like he's raping Robin who begs him to stop and pulls his face close to his own while telling him "I am the thing that keeps you up at night. The evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind."
    • Afterwards, Slade transfers all of his Foe Yay tendencies towards Terra, with constant threats and demands that she do everything he says, and more sexually suggestive dialogue you can shake a stick at. Given that Slade had sex with Terra in the original comics, this is almost certainly intentional.
    • Slade's Mind Rape of Raven is horribly reminiscent of an actual rape, complete with part of Raven's clothing disintegrating every time he touched her. Infamously, a short hentai was made of this scene without changing Slade's dialogue at all.
    • Robin and Red X, Robin's Shadow Archetype (and The Real Remington Steele), who save each other every time they meet. Red X even prevents Robin from falling to his doom by showing up out of nowhere swinging on a rope, and catching him. Damsel in Distress much?
    • A heterosexual (presumably) example: Red X flirts with Starfire at one point.
    • Raven falling in love with Malchior, who lived in a book in the episode "Spellbound". However he turned out to be a Mailer Daemon, who then proceeded to trick her into releasing him from the book. While Raven was heartbroken, she did get revenge during a final fight and put him back in the book using the techniques that he taught her.
    • Jinx and Kid Flash end up together after an entire episode of fighting each other.
    • The beginning of the episode "The Beast Within" where the team is fighting a arrogant buffed up character named Adonis has Raven attempting to hold him in place with her powers but he easily breaks her hold, and tackles her to the ground where he pins her for a moment; complete with him purring "You're feisty" and grinning at her in a perverted manner while she struggles against his hold.
    • Terra, Raven, and their mud wrestling fight in Aftershock pt1.
    • Jinx's flirtatious(?) remarks to Beast Boy: "Here kitty kitty. What's the matter? Afraid of a little bad luck?"
    • Brother Blood and Cyborg, as displayed by his obsession over defeating and bending Cyborg's will to resist his mind control.
      • Speaking of Cyborg, he flirted with Jinx to the point of taking her out during his time undercover.
  • Tom and Jerry... what? Don't tell me you didn't see it. Because you did.
    • Indeed. There's even one episode in which Jerry actually kisses Tom. On the mouth.
    • In one of the earliest episodes of Tom And Jerry, which was of course a Christmas one, Jerry stops Tom from chasing him by holding up a mistletoe and making a cute smoochy face at him. Tom then blushes and turns away shyly, only to have Jerry kick him in the rear.
    • Not to mention that whenever one of them (usually Tom) finds a girl, the other seems to get really jealous that they stop paying attention to them (most blatant when Jerry sees Tom with a new girl after failing to get a reaction out of Tom, and his evil angel appears saying "You and him got a sweet thing going on! You gonna let some dame get in the way of that?" before helping Jerry to break them up).
    • And then there's the end of Heavenly Puss when Tom (happy that he's still alive and he just had a bad dream) hugs and kisses a confused Jerry.
  • Total Drama: Alejandro and Heather's Belligerent Sexual Tension is actually a main plot point throughout the third season and receives some continuation into the fifth (with the two getting a Relationship Upgrade in the finale).
    Alejandro: Heather has a way of making my focus slip, like a too small Speedo. This race is my redemption. As long as I travel alone, she can't distract me with her clever words, or her distrustful eyes, or the way she tucks her hair behind those cute little earlobes. (slaps himself) Focus!
  • Totally Spies!: Sometimes is directed towards Clover and Alex with all the I Have You Now, My Pretty situations they get into. Also, in the episode "Wild Style" after Clover gets turned into a Cat Girl the villainess of the episode calls her a "pretty kitty".
    • Also with Tim Scam and Sam.
    • Geraldine Husk's obsession with Clover can often reach Stalker with a Crush levels. Most notably featured in the episode Super Agent Much.
    • Clover also gets called cutie by the evil guy in the episode "Evil Coffee Shop Much" and he restrains her from behind during a brief fight scene.
  • Transformers:
    • Megatron/Starscream. Tons of it. Also, Megatron/Optimus. Megatron/Sky Byte. Megatron/Dinobot. Galvatron/Cyclonus. Really, Megatron was Azula when being hot meant being a 35-foot-tall silver gun.
    • Or dragon, T. Rex, tank or Osprey heliocopter. Megatron is versatile, just for you.
    • If you want to read more.
    • Transformers: Prime gets most of its Foe Yay from Airachnid, a Decepticon with a spider-theme. She's rivals with Action Girl Arcee and is hellbent on killing Arcee's human friend Jack as revenge for his outsmarting her and destroying her ship. The way that she strokes her victims wit her claws before moving in for the kill does NOT help, nor does the Japanese version of "Predatory", which turns her into a Yandere who collects "pretty boys", and hunts Jack so she can kidnap him and add him to her collection.
    Airachnid: That's the one. That's my Jack.
  • The Monarch's obsession with Dr. Venture in The Venture Bros. is dripping with one-sided Foe Yay. Anyone who doesn't see this should watch "Mid-Life Chrysalis" again.
    • This was made even more blatant when the Monarch was caught screwing GUARDO, a robot with Dr. Venture's face.
    • Before this he waxed ecstatic about how sweet his loathing for Venture was and how it lent purpose to his life, and how hollow his existence seems now that he's forced to stay away from his One True Hate. And let's not forget his enraged accusations of abandonment before murdering Dr. Dugong and his fantasy conversation with Venture while flipping through the Guild facebook.
    • There's also the relationship between Brock and Molotov, which teeters between this and Belligerent Sexual Tension. Of course, now that's she's working for OSI, this might become less "foe" and more "yay".
  • Wander over Yonder gives us a great one-sided example, with Wander showing nothing but affection and general amity to Lord Hater; even when he's actively trying to kill the little hairball. The Title Sequence has Wander hugging Hater under a giant heart-shaped arch, and in one episode, Wander seems genuinely excited about the possibility of kissing Hater. The episode "The Rider" ends with them sharing this exchange.
    Hater: I hate you so much, Wander!
    Wander: I love you, too!
  • WordGirl and... well, basically any villain at all. Especially Tobey, who explicitly has a crush on her.
    • From the short, "Play Date":
      Tobey: "Mischievous?! Are you trying to impress me with your vocabulary?"
      WordGirl: "I'm not trying to impress anyone."
      Tobey: "Why didn't you just say I'm a naughty boy, hmm?"
  • X-Men: Evolution
    • It was probably an accident, but a lot of fans see Toad and Kurt's interactions as major Foe Yay, especially when they have screenshots like these to work with.
    • Evan and Pietro are even more obvious.
    • Scott and Lance probably top everyone with their Foe Yay. Lance just seemed to always get under Scott's skin and make him nuts. Lance's big Heel–Face Turn episode, "Joyride", felt more like a Lance/Scott episode than a Lance/Kitty one thanks to their tension. And screenshots like this just speak for itself.
    • Even before Evo, look at the previous cartoon. There were a significant number of these moments, occasionally bordering on regular Ho Yay, between Magneto and Xavier, especially in the series finale - somewhat Hilarious in Hindsight seeing as several years on, Magneto would be played in the live-action films by Ian McKellen, who is both gay and quite open about it.
  • Cheshire and Red Arrow from Young Justice have flirted; in Teen Titans Go!! they fell in love in a Valentine's Day comic. It's a Mythology Gag, because in the comics they did have a relationship and a daughter.
    • As of "Salvage," said relationship and daughter are officially canon.


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