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Recap / Film Reroll: Stand by Me

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The boys cross the river. Photo by Quirderph

We play through Stand by Me! Jon talks about Spider-man! Paulo holds two coffee cups! Scott pukes for 15 seconds! Pitr rolls to keep it in his pants!

Episodes 18-19 of Film Reroll. Based on the 1986 movie.

Having read a distressing news article about Chris Chambers, an old friend of his, writer Gordie Lachance gets nostalgic and starts to write a story about that time when they were kids, and snuck away from home with two other boys to go out on a grand adventure. It was a trip which tested their limits, forcing them to jump a train, hide from bullies, casually walk over a bridge, hide a dead body and find a possibly cursed crutch...

Starring Jon Miller as Gordie Lachance, Paulo Quiros as Chris Chambers, Pitr Strait as Teddy Duchamp, Scott Aiello as Vern Tessio, and Andy Hoover as the Dungeon Master.

Followed by Jumanji.




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