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"We play through your favorite movies as RPGs and totally ruin them." note 

"None of this matters."
"We're following something here..."
Two of the show's officially suggested taglines.

The Film Reroll is a Podcast with a simple premise: Take classic movies and turn them into tabletop RPG games in order to see how differently they turn out. The DM is Paulo Quiros (with some exceptions), and regular players include Jocelyn Vammer, Jon Miller, Andy Hoover, Kara Strait and Scott Aiello.

Occasionally, they are joined by guest stars, such as Carolyn Faye Kramer, Lisa Kopitsky, and Jonathan West. In Homeward Bound: The Incredible Journey, Timothy E. Nolan was brought onto the team, and has helped them create the settings for each campaign since then. As of From Dusk Till Dawn, he has joined the group as a full-blown player.

The show can be listened to here or on iTunes.

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