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  • Karmic Death: This is what Reiju thinks her entire family deserves. She's incredibly disgusted with her family's Lack of Empathy and the things she had to do for her father, and sees herself, her father, and her brothers not named "Sanji" as war machines and remorseless killers who will only blight the world if they continue to live. However, it's eventually subverted when Sanji ends up rescuing his family at the wedding.
  • Katanas Are Just Better:
    • "Demon Lady" Amande wields a very long katana, and is capable of slicing the large Homie, King Baum. Additionally, it's part of the Meitou, i.e among the most fabled swords in the world.
    • Big Mom's 14th daughter Charlotte Smoothie also wields a katana, though it's huge to fit her equally large size.
  • Kick the Dog:
    • Everything Judge and his sons not named "Sanji" does is Kicking the Dog. Besides the physical and verbal abuse, they fit explosive bracelets onto Sanji's wrists to ensure his compliance to their demands, knowing it'll permanently ruin his cooking abilities even if he survived the initial explosion (though as Sanji later learns, he had duds on his wrist the entire time). In Chapter 839, Niji is about to throw his plate at Cosette, an innocent young chef, because her dish wasn't to his liking. After Sanji protects her and praises her cooking, Niji beats her within an inch of her life just to spite Sanji. However, in the case of Sanji's brothers, it's justified because they were engineered in utero to have no empathy at all, rending them unable to comprehend the depravity of their own actions, and influenced by Judge into thinking that Kicking the Dog on a regular basis is okay since being a royal Vinsmoke gives them the right to.
    • Pudding decides to reveal Big Mom's plan to massacre Sanji and his family to Luffy, Nami, and Reiju for no other reason just to be a massive bitch. It helps that she has the power to alter memories, so she can gloat to them over and over again, with her targets none the wiser afterward. She also, in revealing Big Mom's plan and cracking insults about Sanji, betrays Sanji's trust shortly after he poured his heart out to her; the face Sanji has while making this discover is heartbreaking.
  • Kick the Son of a Bitch:
    • One of Charlotte Smoothie's victims that she uses to wring out party drinks for her guests, is a Black Widow who killed over a hundred men.
    • Big Mom's plan to kill off the Vinsmokes and steal their cloning technologies is horrifying... but not so much when one of her would-be victims is Vinsmoke Judge. However, it's downplayed in the case of Judge's sons Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji; while they have committed their share of atrocities, their monstrous behavior was completely Judge's fault.
    • After Judge has his Villainous Breakdown in Chapter 864, Perospero decides to torment him further by giving him a Breaking Speech on how how his dreams will crash and burn, and how his family will meet a grisly fate. It would have been a Kick the Dog moment had Judge not been an abusive parent and The Social Darwinist par none.
    • Related to the above point, Ichiji, one of Judge's "precious" sons, ridicules Judge even further by calling him "pathetic" after his father breaks down, with Reiju essentially thinking, "Serves you right." Especially satisfying since Judge ridiculed Sanji for showing emotions as a child, and is now receiving the same ridicule.
    • Big Mom accidentally eating Mother Carmel as a child. While that is a grisly fate for anyone (especially the orphaned children who also got eaten by her), it's less so for Carmel, since she sold children to the World Government and the last thing she wanted to do before her retirement was sell Linlin.
  • Kids Are Cruel:
    • Sanji's quadruplet brothers, Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji were incredibly abusive to him even as kids, and would constantly demean him and beat him up for being a weak waste of space. Because of the psychological conditioning they received from Judge in utero (which Sora tried to save all of them from), Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are literally unable to comprehend even the cruelty of their childhood behavior.
    • Unlike her brothers, Reiju subverts it - she loves Sanji and is incredibly disgusted by her family's abuse, but she joins in because she had no other choice.
    • Charlotte Anana became a Knife Nut at a disturbingly young age, and uses knives to stab her stuffed toys and torment her siblings, especially her balloon-loving brothers, Dragée and Dolce. As a result, said siblings hate her, to the point of one of them wanting to kill her.
    • The children who viciously bullied Charlotte Pudding for having a Third Eye when she was a little girl deserves a mention. Pudding snaps, and proceeds to try stab them all.
    • Katakuri's childhood bullies were in a similar age group as he. Unlike Pudding, he had the strength to physically fight back, so instead they all fled from him whenever they saw him. Then he learns that they scarred his sister Brulee out of spite...
  • "King Kong" Climb: Before being placated by Jimbei, the massive Big Mom scales a tall building like a screaming mad woman during her craving-induced rampage.
  • Killer Rabbit: Literally with Randolph of the Big Mom Pirates, an anthropomorphic rabbit (but not a Mink) who wanted Nami and co. dead. Quite fittingly, it's Carrot who clashes against him in the Seducing Woods to get him off their backs.
  • Kissing Discretion Shot: It's heavily implied that before going separate ways with Sanji, Pudding's last request a kiss from him.
  • Knife Nut:
    • Charlotte Anana is a Creepy Child whose favorite pastimes is stabbing at her stuffed animals with knives. When her family's head cook refuses to give her knives, she runs off to complain to Big Mom. Disturbingly, Big Mom sees nothing wrong with her daughter's behavior and gets two of Anana's siblings to retrieve the knives for her, despite their protests.
    • Flashback of Ch. 862 shows young Pudding becoming a Knife Nut after one insult to her Third Eye too many.

  • Lack of Empathy: Save for Sanji, Reiju, and their deceased mother Sora, all of the Vinsmokes have a complete lacking in compassion. Judge knows what it is, but thinks Virtue Is Weakness and hammered it into his other sons Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, and psychologically altered then in utero so they are utterly incapable of feeling compassion. As a result, Sanji's brothers are complete assholes who won't hesitate to discard their own soldiers or brutalize their own servants if it'll convenience them.
  • Large and in Charge:
    • Besides Big Mom herself, her 14th daughter, Charlotte Smoothie, is a very large woman who, as a Sweet Commander and the Minister of Juice, possesses a lot of power and respect. Smoothie's younger triplet sister Citron is also large, and she's the Minister of Eggs.
    • Katakuri and his triplet brothers, Oven and Daifuku, are all sixteen feet tall, and are also Ministers of their own islands. Katakuri in particular is the tallest of the triplets and is constantly hailed as the symbol of what all Charlottes should be - strong, powerful, and ruthless.
    • Vinsmoke Judge is a large man who dwarfed the four kings of the North Blue he killed, and is the leader of Germa 66 and the Vinsmoke patriarch.
    • Charlotte Perospero is tall at 10'11" (333 cm), and he's the Minister of Candy and a powerful Devil Fruit user. As Big Mom's oldest child, he's the one who looks after his mother and serves as damage control while she's on a hunger rampage.
  • Laser-Guided Karma:
    • Yonji would often join in his eldest brothers' vicious bullying of Sanji as children, and tormented him for being a "dud". When they reunite years later, Sanji came back strong this time, and gave Yonji such an ass-beating that the latter ends up in the infirmary with a completely bent-out-of-shape face.
    • After several chapters acting like The Social Darwinist and Bad Boss to his subordinates, Vinsmoke Judge has a breakdown when it is clear he and his family will be killed by Big Mom's forces as intended, and begs for someone to save him. Not only do his own sons and daughter ridicule him (with Ichiji calling him "pathetic" and Reiju essentially thinking, "Serves you right, father."), but Big Mom's children/crew and the tea party attendees join in the fun, with Perospero taking particular delight in reminding him of his failed dreams of world conquest and throwing his own policies back into his face.
    • After dismissing and abusing Sanji for being the "dud" in the family, the Vinsmoke men end up becoming indebted to him years later when Sanji saves them from being murdered by the Charlotte family, and end up following his orders to save the Straw Hats from being captured and help everyone out.
    • Pudding's childhood tormentors ended up being attacked and stabbed by their own victim when she snaps on them.
    • Ditto for anyone who picked on Katakuri for having a fanged mouth. When the bullies decided to step lower and target one of his younger siblings instead, Katakuri went apeshit and brutally massacred them in a brother's rage.
    • On the flipside, Reiju receives the positive variant. As a child, she tended to Sanji's wounds whenever he was beaten black and blue by their cruel brothers, and when Sanji was left to rot in the family dungeons by Judge, Reiju uses her Super Strength to free her brother and helps him escape to the East Blue. Years later, Sanji would return the favor by having Reiju be taken to the infirmary after he found her mind-wiped and tormented by Charlotte Pudding, and despite Reiju's pleas for him to escape with the Straw Hats and let her be killed by Big Mom, Sanji decides to go back for her sake and saves her along with the rest of his family anyway during what was her darkest hour.
    • Essentially, the failure of the Vinsmoke Assassination Plot can be traced back to the Charlotte Family's own misdeeds and arrogance. Had Big Mom or the rest of her family shown compassion or integrity in any of these instances, their plan wouldn't have failed so badly.
      • Big Mom's abuse of Chiffon leads to her disowning her mother, and siding with her husband Bege and his assassination plot. This gave Bege access to all her inside knowledge and indirectly leads to stranding Pekoms on Zou, which also gave the Straw Hats an in to Totto Land.
      • Trying to execute the Vinsmokes in the first place gets the Straw Hats involved in Bege's assassination plot, because Sanji found out and was ultimately too compassionate to abandon them to their (arguably well-deserved) fate. Understandably, once they are given the chance to retaliate, the pissed-off Vinsmokes proceed to interfere with Big Mom's plans and unleash hell on her forces.
      • Pudding's terrible childhood, in which others, including her own mother, ridiculed her for having a third eye leaves her vulnerable to Sanji's sincere comment of its beauty, causing her to collapse in tears at her own wedding when she was supposed to kill her groom-to-be. This leads to her secretly betraying her family out of love for Sanji, and the cake she made with her "husband" saved the Straw Hats from a seemingly never-ending pursuit by a hungry Big Mom.
      • Finally, the Tamatebako, which exploded, destroying Whole Cake Chateau and allowing the protagonists and their allies to escape, was only present because Big Mom refused to give Fishman Island leeway in sending in their tribute after their candy factory was destroyed during the New Fishman Pirates' brief takeover.
  • Lean and Mean:
    • Big Mom's eldest son Charlotte Perospero is a stick-looking man who works as the Minister of Candy and never seems to get fat from eating the candy he loves. He can also turn humans into candy.
    • "Demon Lady" Amande is a tall and slender woman and also a cruel, sadistic swordswoman who kills her victims as agonizingly slow as possible so she can savor their pain.
  • Lethal Chef: Sanji was this when he was a kid. His deceased mother was kind-hearted enough to eat his extremely bad-tasting food and let only him cook for her. Years of practice and help from Zeff and Baratie helped turn him into a Supreme Chef.
    • Luffy himself is shown to be one, as he blew the entire week's stock to make the food in absence of Sanji, that was so poisonous that it took the Vinsmokes to save them. Sanji even lampshades it by saying that the crew must be praying for Sanji to return.
  • Let's Meet the Meat: Thanks to Big Mom's Soul-Soul Devil Fruit, food can talk, usually by expressing how wonderful they taste and begging people to eat them. And if they are eaten, they will inquire if the eater(s) find their taste satisfying. In Chapter 845, Sanji meets his "meals" for the first time and is understandably freaked out. His younger brother, Yonji, comments how excessively loud his food is.
  • Let's Split Up, Gang: In Chapter 831, Brook and Pedro go on their own to steal a copy of Big Mom's Poneglyph, while the rest of the Sanji retrieval team continue focusing on their task.
  • Level Ate: Most of the buildings in Tottoland are built with sweets, much to Luffy and Chopper's delight.
  • Life Drinker: Big Mom's "Soul Focus" allows her to take away a determined number of years from her victim(s)'s lifespan to consume for herself.
  • Like Father, Like Son:
    • Some of Big Mom's children tend to follow her values and/or share her Gonk looks, personality, and/or beliefs. Pudding in particular looks nothing like Big Mom, but has her penchant for sadistic cruelty and deception.
    • Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji take after their father closely in both behavior and philosophy. It's later revealed to be an invoked and enforced trope in Chapter 852 - Judge wanted his sons to become the perfect Super Soldiers to wage wars with, so he experimented on them and outright surgically removed their ability to feel and understand empathy while in utero. Judge's wife, Sora, completely disagreed with this and took a drug that reversed gene-altering surgeries so she can protect her children from their father's plans, but only managed to preserve what little humanity Ichiji, Yonji, and Niji had left.
    • Sanji and his older sister Reiju both take after their kindhearted deceased mother, Sora, much to their detriment. Sanji in particular became a Spanner in the Works like Sora before him, to world-saving degrees. Interestingly, Sanji in particular was intended to be like Judge due to his father psychologically altering his mind to have an utter Lack of Empathy, but the drug Sora secretly took to save him and his quadruplet brothers from Judge's gene meddling saved Sanji from that fate and turned him into being like her instead. His three older brothers, however, weren't as lucky.
    • Big Mom shaped her own dreams to echo those of Mother Carmel, who preached racial co-existence. Unbeknownst to her, she also became as good at acting and lying like Mother Carmel, something that her own daughter Pudding would later have a knack with as well.
  • Like Father, Unlike Son:
    • Some of Big Mom's other children goes with this, by being really decent and often physically attractive people. Those of Big Mom's children who are seen married so far are completely devoted to their husbands, unlike Big Mom who sees her own husbands as Glorified Sperm Donors and discards them once they served their purpose. Charlotte Chiffon in particular contrasts her cruel mother by being a very good mother to her son, Pez.
    • Sanji is the complete opposite of his father in every way, despite having his own flaws. While his older sister Reiju subverts this trope on the surface, it's then double subverted in a way - the only reason why she supports Judge is because she secretly fears being abused if she let her true colors show, which was what happened to Sanji when they were kids. In Chapter 852, it's revealed that this trope was what Sora wanted to invoke with her quadruplet sons, in her bid to preserve their humanity; she ended up only saving Sanji, and doomed herself to a slow death via drug poisoning.
  • Liquid Assets: Literally in the case of Charlotte Smoothie, who can squeeze people's life essence out of them and drink it, leaving her victims dry, withered, yet still living husks.
  • Loads and Loads of Characters: The Whole Cake Island Arc is one of the series' story arcs with the most numerous characters, the vast majority of them being Big Mom's children. Characters are constantly introduced one way or another throughout the arc that there are times that it seems like almost every chapter/episode introduces at least one new character.
  • Loophole Abuse: Judge had Reiju put explosive bracelets on Sanji to ensure his compliance with marrying Charlotte Pudding, but he never specified for working ones. Due to the alterations made to her mind, Reiju can't completely disobey her father, but she didn't like the idea of harming her brother, so she only put duds on him.
  • Loose Lips: Big Mom's plans to kill off the Vinsmokes would have gone without a hitch had Pudding not decided to do some Evil Gloating in front of Reiju (Sanji eavesdropped) and the Straw Hats.
  • The Lost Woods: The Seducing Woods are full of all kinds of dangerous stuff: delicious treats to lure victims in, sentient talking animals dressed like humans (Not Minks, judging from Carrot's lack of a reaction), a weird giant stuck in the floor, duplicates of yourself which copy your every move like a mirror, and the very trees themselves deliberately screwing travelers over by moving around and covering exits, to "play a game of death".
  • Love at First Sight: Prince Loki of the giants was completely smitten with Lola the moment he first saw her. Unfortunately for him (and the giants' already bad relations with Big Mom), Lola ran away, wanting to Marry for Love.
  • Luckily, My Shield Will Protect Me: The biscuit shields Cracker gives to his Animated Armor biscuit creations are incredibly strong thanks to his formidable haki, more so when he multiplies their arms and the individual shields they each wield. When grouped together, his creations with their shields can support Cracker with a phalanx strong enough to withstand several attacks from a Gear Fourth Luffy. Unfortunately, his biscuit shields are still types of bread that, when wet, can be easily eaten and digested, which eventually allows Luffy to defeat Cracker.

  • Magic Carpet: Pudding has one named "Rabian", which can carry her around.
  • Mama Bear:
    • Vinsmoke Sora loved her sons and was vehemently opposed to Judge's plans and attempts to weaponize them. When she was forced to go through with it anyway, she secretly took a drug that reversed gene-altering surgeries so she can protect her sons, at the cost of her own life. The result was Sanji, who was the only one of the Vinsmoke quadruplet boys to have his empathy.
    • Chiffon gets noticeably angry when Caesar Clown threatens to harm the infant Pez should Bege fail to give his heart as part of their bargain with the assassination plan.
  • Marathon Boss: Luffy spent a whopping 11 hours fighting Charlotte Cracker with assistance from Nami. He spent most of that time eating all the Biscuit Armor constructs Cracker would make, and took advantage of a rare switch of offense battling that Cracker made to beat him. This is almost certainly the longest time Luffy had spent fighting a single adversary.
    • His battle against Katakuri lasts just about as long, and the majority of it consists of Luffy taking and resisting Katakuri's attacks, having only been able to lay a hand on the Sweet Commander a couple of times in quick succession.
  • Mass "Oh, Crap!":
    • Luffy's group is utterly shocked when they realize the first ship they've come across just as they've entered Big Mom's water is part of the Germa 66.
    • Later, when everyone discovers Luffy defeated Charlotte Cracker, it sends all of Whole Cake Island into lockdown.
    • As of Chapter 862, Big Mom's wedding plans for the Vinsmokes unravel when Sanji's kindness leaves Pudding breaking down and unable to kill her groom-to-be, and Charlotte Katakuri's attempts to kill Sanji ends up killing the wedding priest instead, causing a public uproar. The commotion alerts the Vinsmokes' suspicions of something bad going on, and as the icing on the cake, Luffy and his Brulee-produced clones jump out of their hiding place in the wedding cake to confront Big Mom. Panic ensues.
    • Chapter 868 has the Straw Hats and allies pull out one of these when Big Mom's scream destroys the KX rockets supposed to kill her, and the mirror they meant to use to escape, in quick succession. Their shocked reaction is to the point where everyone sports epic Jaw Drops and start crying.
    • At the end of Chapter 871, everyone reacts in shock when the box seemingly containing the Tamatebako explodes.
    • 873: All the Straw Hats when they see a food crazed Big Mom flying on Zeus straight for them.
    • Towards the end of Chapter 877, Luffy, Jimbei, Nami, Perospero and Carrot have a collective look of utter horror as Pedro decides to sacrifice himself to cover for the Straw Hats.
    • 880: The crew (sans Luffy who's in the mirror world fighting Katakuri) see that Big Mom can turn the ocean into a Homie and sends a gigantic tidal wave at the Sunny.
    • 889: The crew (again sans Luffy) get another one when Big Mom, who's grown a bit slimmer due to the extended chase, jumps from Perospero's Candy Slug, rides Zeus to their ship and lands directly onboard the Sunny.
    • 891: And yet another one with the Straw Hats on the Sunny when Big Mom enlarges Prometheus to full blown planet size and starts to bear down on them. Unlike the other times, they know there's nothing they can do to defend or dodge against it as it's too big to do so. Chopper even willing to try a Taking You with Me in his Monster form as a last resort.
    • 897: The Big Mom Pirates get this when a very much alive, fully powered and pissed off Germa 66 arrive to save Luffy and Sanji from being killed.
    • 898: The Big Mom Pirates are stunned silent when Brûlée reveals that Luffy didn't escape Mirror World by evading Katakuri, but by actually defeating him.
  • Matriarchy: Whole Cake Island and its many surrounding islands are all lumped into one kingdom ruled by a powerful yet insane queen. The government she rules over, however, is mix-gendered, occupied by her sons and daughters; these people fill the positions of "Minister" and rule over each island that fits their appearance and skillset, carrying out the will of their mother.
  • Meaningful Echo: When Sanji brought Luffy food in their promised place, he faced the exact same conditions as when he first cooked a meal for his mother Sora: he had to shoo off a dog that was trying to eat it, accidentally dropped it on the way, and got it drenched in water as it was heavily raining. Also, both Luffy and Sora exclaimed the food was delicious.
  • Meaningful Name:
    • Cacao and Chocolat are French for "cocoa" and "chocolate" respectively. Fitting for an island and town whose buildings are made of the stuff.
    • "Tot", the proper spelling of Totto, means "death" in German, and "all" in Catalan. Both meanings fit well considering that one of the Four Emperors rules over Totto Land, with a dream of creating a country where people from all races can live together. It's also a death trap; while the residents have homes and food, to keep living there they have to pay a tax that takes portions of their souls every six months. And, as Brulee revealed, "everyone who tries to leave dies!"
    • Brulee's name come from a dessert in which the surface is caramelized via a butane torch, thus "scarring" it. Brulee is a nasty, evil woman who due to a prominent facial scar, hates and envies attractive-looking people.
  • Mêlée à Trois: Was already looking like a one on one between Big Mom's forces and Germa 66. But then we find out Capone is likewise gunning for Big Mom's head as well and the Straw Hats will likely have to confront one of the three sides when it comes down to it.
  • Milestone Celebration: Chapter 851 is the first chapter published in the year 2017, and as the series began in 1997, the anniversary is acknowledged by having "20th" written on Franky's shoulders in the cover page.
  • Mirror Match:
    • Once the Sanji Retrieval Team enter into the Seducing Woods, they come across a duplicate of Luffy, who engages in a fight with him, with the duplicate matching his every move. This is revealed to be part of Charlotte Brulee's Mirror-Mirror Fruit power. So it literally is a mirror match.
    • When Luffy drags Katakuri into the mirror world for an one-on-one match, he finds the man can effortlessly use his mochi constructs to imitate and outperform Luffy's rubber techniques.
  • Misplaced Retribution:
    • Because Lola ran away from her marriage with Prince Loki and put further strain on the relationship between Big Mom and the Giants, Big Mom would always take her frustration out on Lola's twin sister, Chiffon, due to them looking alike. It eventually resulted in Chiffon feeling no familial remorse when she decided to support Bege's plan to off Big Mom.
    • As revealed by Jimbei, Big Mom's punishment roulette wheel doesn't just punish the one who spins it. A set of numbers on the wheel indicates how many crewmembers of the spinner will be killed along with him. Thankfully, Jimbei decided to run when the wheel came out.
  • Missing Mom:
    • Sora, the kindhearted mother of Sanji and the Vinsmoke siblings died when they were very young. She died because she secretly took a drug that undid genetic modifications such as the ones Judge performed on Sanji and his quadruplet brothers, to save them from becoming the utterly remorseless Tykebombs Judge wanted.
    • Mother Carmel is Big Mom's foster mother, who was implied to have been eaten (along with the other orphaned children) during her 6th birthday.
  • Mistaken Identity: When they first met, the Straw Hats mistook Yonji for his brother (and their crewmate) Sanji, due to their heavy resemblance. Yonji was less than impressed.
    Yonji: (shouting) It's Yonji, for crying out loud!
  • Mix-and-Match Critters: Big Mom said that she has a cross of a Longleg and a Longarm in her collection, called "Longlimb".
  • The Mole: Stussy, one of the underwold guests that comes to the wedding, turns out to be a CP0 agent looking into Big Mom and her kingdom to report back to her superiors.
  • Momma's Boy: When Sora took the drug that reversed gene modification surgeries in hopes of saving her then-unborn quadruplet sons from Judge's plans, she only managed to save Sanji, who retained his compassion as he grew up. As a result, he became the apple of her eye. On the other side, Sanji was the only one of his siblings (along with Reiju) who visited his ill mother, Sora, come hell or high water, until she died, despite Judge's objections. Sora was very kind and encouraging of Sanji's awful cooking, which inspired him to become a better chef. The rest was history.
  • Morton's Fork: As retribution for aiding the Straw Hats in their escape, Big Mom and her crew prepare to decimate the Sun Pirates and Germa 66. The last thing she says to them is "Life or Death?"
  • Mugging the Monster:
    • Though the Straw Hats have no intention to fight Big Mom, the Emperor and her crew make it a point that the Straw Hats shall learn how bad of a mistake it is to mess with her. Her crew were specifically ordered to let the Straw Hats wander aimlessly for a while before capturing them, but under no circumstances should they let them get to Sanji. Granted, it's not the first time their opponents had this mindset... and lived to regret it.
    • On the flip side, Brûlée mentions that other members of the Worst Generation have launched raids on Big Mom's territory, but were easily chased off without getting a glimpse of Big Mom herself. In fact, only Urouge managed to defeat one of the Sweet Commanders, but was crushed by an enraged Cracker before somehow escaping to Sky Island.
  • Multicolored Hair: With his debut in Episode 788, Moscato's pompadour is revealed to be half pink, half dark-blue.
  • Multi-Armed and Dangerous: Cracker with his Devil Fruit abilities is capable of multiplying the arms and legs of his Animated Armor biscuit creations along with their swords and shields as well to make them even more formidable in battle.
  • Mundane Utility:
    • Perospero's candy powers are great to get rid of nuisances, as well as create large structures which are then reinforced with iron, so the buildings won't be so easily destroyed. They can also be used to decorate cream puffs and create working candy-based escalators.
    • Smoothie is a weird case. She use her power to serve drinks at Sanji and Pudding's wedding reception. The weird part is while her power is terrifying and potentially devastating in combat, her position as Minister of Juice mean that making drinks is her main duty and her power is best suited to that task.
    • In order to block the sound of Big Mom's screaming, Katakuri uses his Devil Fruit power to create ear plugs made of mochi for his family.
  • Muscles Are Meaningless: Charlotte Cracker has a muscled body, so you'd think he'd be a great direct combat fighter, but SURPRISE! He actually dislikes pain and relies on his biscuit armor for protection, so that means all that muscle is just for show.
  • Musical Theme Naming: As confirmed in the SBS of volume 85, Opera is part of a group of quintuplets consisting of himself, Counter, Cadenza, Cabaletta, and Gala. While some of their names could be interpreted as food related, thus following the Edible Theme Naming the Charlotte family has, the quintuplets in general as a whole follow a musical theme naming.
    • Opera, the fifth son of the Charlotte family and eldest of the quintuplets, is obviously named after opera cake based on his appearance and powers which goes in line with the rest of the Family Theme Naming the Charlotte family has. In relation to his quintuplets, his name can also refer to the theatrical opera.
    • Counter, the sixth son of the Charlotte family and second of the quintuplets, has a name that can refer refer to counter-melody in relation to his quintuplets. A counter-melody is a sequence of notes, perceived as a melody, written to be played simultaneously with a more prominent lead melody. His name can also refer to a kitchen countertop.
    • Cadenza, the seventh son of the Charlotte family and third of the quintuplets, is named after Cadenza which is an improvised musical piece performed by a soloist.
    • Cabaletta, the eighth son of the Charlotte family and fourth of the quintuplets, is named after a popular music form in Italian opera.
    • Gala, the ninth son of the Charlotte family and youngest of the quintuplets as well as the only one who has yet to make an appearance, is named after the social occasion which commonly features musical performances. His name can also refer to either a type of apple, a type of potato, or the Greek word for milk.
  • My Fist Forgives You: Luffy attempted to punch Capone Bege for forgiveness; the former says that he's only willing to ally with the latter after the former punches the latter hard enough as a payback for shooting Pekoms. Jimbei stops it before it could happen, while telling them that those things can be resolved later after they work on their shared goals.

  • Nerves of Steel:
    • Despite being subjected to physical and psychological abuse at the hands of most of his birth family, and going through two Despair Event Horizons, Sanji keeps himself from completely falling apart by thinking of the safety and well-being of his Straw Hat friends.
    • As a result of having their emotions irreversibly tampered with by Judge in utero, Vinsmokes Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji are completely apathetic about the prospect of their own deaths, showing not the slightest hint of losing their cool when surrounded at gunpoint. Niji only laughs that they managed to land in this situation, with no weapons or raid suits to defend themselves. Ichiji even calls Judge's (understandable) panic at the situation "pathetic".
  • Never Be Hurt Again:
    • Pudding went through a childhood of bullying so vicious, that she snapped completely and lashed out at her tormentors. After that, she became a "monster" out of spite, and it was at this point that it became easier for her to hurt people, burying her old, sweet personality between layers and layers of hurt, self-loathing, and resentment.
    • The same thing happened to Katakuri, but with a twist; he went through a similar hellish childhood, but unlike Pudding, he didn't really care about his appearance because he had the strength to beat up his bullies. It was after one of his younger sisters was viciously scarred in a Revenge by Proxy that he started hiding all of his "weaknesses" from his family and the general public, and start protecting his siblings through sheer reputation. He's loved and admired for it... but deep down, he isn't happy. Only Brulee, the sister who got hurt, knows about it, and she completely understands.
  • Nice Hat:
    • Big Mom's eldest son Charlotte Perospero wears a striped top hat that's adorned with lollipops.
    • Big Mom's 14th daughter Charlotte Smoothie wears a huge, floppy hat that resembles a beret.
    • Napoleon, one of Big Mom's personal homies, is shaped like a captain's hat that she wears. It can also turn into a gigantic sword as well.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!:
    • Cracker deciding to tell Luffy and Nami about his powers as a joke not only resulted in getting his ass kicked and sent flying into Big Mom's house, it also allowed Luffy and Nami to travel deeper into Totto Land without interference.
    • With Opera keeping quiet about the truth that Luffy and Nami escaped from Big Mom's "library" and Smoothie trying to not alert her mom of the chaos, they gave the Straw Hats an opening to crash the tea party.
    • When it's clear that Pudding is unable to kill Sanji, Big Mom switches to her back-up plan to have the priest shoot Sanji instead. But Katakuri took matters in his own hands when foresees that Sanji would dodge the priest's bullet so he rushed to kill Sanji with his jelly beans instead. Not only did Sanji dodge the jelly bean but the jelly bean kills the priest, who already pulled out his gun, and causes him to fire a shot from the gun, which signals Luffy and the gang to initiate their plan. Judging by Katakuri's reaction, he didn't predict that Sanji would dodge his attack and tip off the rest of his family to something suspicious going on.
    • When Katakuri found the real Luffy among the many Luffy clones, he told everyone to ignore all the Luffy clones since he found the real one and the clones are just animals changed into Luffy's appearance thanks to Brûlée's power. Doing this gave Brook the opportunity to disguise himself as Luffy and sneak to the picture of Mother Carmel and then smash it.
    • The Big Mom Pirates have Luffy's alliance cornered and are about to execute them when the Underworld Leaders cause the Tamaebako to fall over the side and explode, resulting in the entire Whole Cake Chateau collapsing.
    • Brulee's decision to announce to that Luffy had defeated Katakuri to the Cacao Island forces. While it works as intended, angering them and causing them to redouble their efforts to capture/kill Luffy and Sanji, it also caused them to focus only on Luffy and Sanji, leaving them open to the recently arrived Vinsmoke siblings. They immediately take advantage of this and attack, carving out a path for their brother and his captain to escape through.
  • Nightmare Face:
    • A truly unsettling one shown in Chapter 850 when Pudding privately reveals to Vinsmoke Reiju her true character, complete with a Slasher Smile.
    • Mont-d'Or pulls one as well in an earlier chapter, after using his Devil Fruit powers to trap Luffy into one of his book worlds.
    • Katakuri also pulls one when he was exposed eating his donuts sloppily by Luffy, allowing his chefs to see his sharp-toothed mouth and what he really does during mealtimes.
  • No Honor Among Thieves: The Vinsmokes and Big Mom had every intention of stabbing each other in the back from the very beginning of their Villain Team-Up. Capone Bege also intended to assassinate Big Mom at the wedding despite working for her, with Caesar Clown going along for the ride. Every group involved in the wedding planned to stab one another in the back from square one. Ironically, despite his distrust of Big Mom, Judge believed she would honor her word in helping the Vinsmoke dynasty secure the North Blue once again... and discovered the opposite in the worst way possible when he and his children were trapped and rounded up for execution during the wedding. Faced with death, Judge starts screaming at Big Mom's betrayal, shouting that there should be honor among thieves as Big Mom's children ready their guns.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: The amount of punishment Luffy goes through during this arc is staggering. He fights Cracker (with Nami's help) for a whopping twelve hours, then has to endure a vicious beatdown from Sanji, and then another beatdown at the hands of nearly all of Big Mom's forces, including many of her heavy-hitters. After that, he starves himself until Sanji comes back for him with food. After that, he goes to the Tea Party and suffers some pretty heavy blows there. But what really seals the deal is his fight with Katakuri, which lasts as long as his fight with Cracker and basically amounts to Luffy suffering another major beatdown until he manages to level up his Observation Haki to Katakuri's level so he can stop tanking and start dodging. The fact he was still able to move after the fight was a miracle in itself.
  • No Kill Like Overkill:
    • After Luffy manages to defeat Cracker, nearly all of Big Mom's forces go out to confront him. That's on top of Big Mom summoning storms.
    • When Chopper, Nami, Carrot, Pedro and Jimbei see Big Mom sleeping in her room, they're given an terrifying example of her power when she and her homies groggily use their immense power to kill a simple fly that was bugging her.
    • The weapon intended to kill Big Mom are three rocket-propelled cartridges, each containing five grams of organophosphate poison (organophosphates are extremely potent nerve agents, and a few milligrams on contact with skin is usually enough to kill a normal person, meaning five grams should be more than enough to kill even Big Mom). As Casear lampshades, one cartridge is already more than enough, but they plan on using three at once just to be safe.
  • No-Sell: Big Mom is dared to take away Jimbei's entire lifespan for his betrayal, only to discover that she's completely unable to, since the fishman who intends to become a member of Luffy's crew is not giving in to fear in her presence.
  • Not Hyperbole:
    • Luffy and the others discover that Big Mom's epithet is literal as she has had 85 children.
    • Reiju meant it when she said Yonji "doesn't have the slightest shred of humanity" in Chapter 829. Because of Judge's Lineage Factor experiments, Yonji and his eldest brothers cannot feel or understand compassion. Only Sanji does, and that took a mother's sacrifice.
  • Not So Above It All:
    • The stoic Ichiji joins in on his brothers' ogling on pretty women like Nami and Pudding, sporting heart-like eyes whenever they show up, all without losing his cool.
    • In a more dramatic sense, Charlote Katakuri was later revealed to be a goofy and hedonistic slob who gobbles down tons of sweets and tea with his freaky, sharp-toothed mouth when no one's looking. His shame regarding this, as well as his very violent reactions to people catching him while eating, paints this as a Guilty Pleasure of sorts.
  • Numerical Theme Naming: All of the Vinsmoke children are named after numbers.
    • Reiju is named after the Japanese word for "zero". She is the original firstborn of the Vinsmoke family, and predates her younger fraternal quadruplet brothers who are named after numbers 1 to 4. She's also the only enhanced Vinsmoke child who doesn't have a complete Lack of Empathy, as she was only psychologically programmed to follow Judge's orders. Her younger brothers would be more successful.
    • Ichiji and Niji are named after Japanese words for "one" and "two". Although their older sister Reiju is the original firstborn child, they are the firstborn and second-born sons, respectively. They're also polar opposites of each other, with Ichiji being calm and collected while Niji is Hot-Blooded and spiteful.
    • Sanji is named after the Japanese word for "three", a number that in Western countries is associated with social alienation. He was abused and treated as The Unfavorite by his family (save for Reiju and Sanji's deceased mother) for being weak and compassionate, to the point of running away to the East Blue while still a child.
    • Yonji is named after the Japanese word for "four", which in Asian countries is an unlucky number. Since his debut, he has been established as a Butt-Monkey, suffering instantaneous defeat from Reiju and Sanji (to the point of facial disfigurement in the latter case).


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