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  • Had To Be Sharp: Sanji was genetically enhanced by Judge like the rest of his older and younger siblings, but because his dead mother, Sora, took a drug that undid Judge's gene enhancements on Sanji because she didn't want their children to become remorseless war machines, he turned out to be not much stronger than a normal kid, which turned him into a target for physical and psychological abuse. However, his experiences in Baratie and sailing the Grand Line with the Straw Hats as a pirate allowed him to become tougher to the point he was able to power-kick Yonji off-screen.
  • Hair Decorations: Reiju wears a headband in her hair that she never takes off.
  • Half-Human Hybrid: Many of Big Mom's children came from all sorts of men from around the world so she can have strong people in her crew, which stemmed from living in an orphanage where her "family" consisted of kids who came from different races.
    • Charlotte Pudding's father is a member of the Three-Eye Tribe, whose third eyes allows the peoples to read poneglyphs. Pudding points out to Big Mom, who was counting on her awakening this ability, that while she has a third eye, her mixed heritage will make earning the ability very unlikely.
    • Charlotte Smoothie's father is a member of the Longleg Tribe, so as a result, she has very long legs like he does.
    • Charlotte Praline's father was a Merman from Fishman Island.
    • Among Big Mom's army that went to fight off Luffy after he defeated Cracker were a couple of Snakenecks. The SBS from Volume 86 reveals that these two are Snakeneck twins that Big Mom had, a son and daughter by the names of Mascarpone and Jascarpone, respectively.
  • Half Truth: During the brunch meeting between Big Mom and the Vinsmokes, Judge straight up tells Big Mom that while Sanji and Pudding's marriage will cement their alliance, the lasting happiness of their children comes first and foremost. He's right... at least when it concerns his children not named "Sanji".
  • Happily Married:
    • Capone Bege and Charlotte Chiffon are happy and together they have a son, Pez. Like Praline below, Chiffon is more loyal to her husband and son than she is to Big Mom - because her mother frequently abused her for being the runaway Lola's identical twin sister, and Lola's in danger. She wholly supports Bege's plan to assassinate Big Mom. And when Chiffon was kidnapped by Oven and used as a hostage to get Bege to surrender, Bege pulls a bluff and blasts his brother-in-law in the face, saving his wife, to the cheers of his son and his crew.
    • Charlotte Praline is so devoted to her husband Aladdin of the Sun Pirates that she chose to follow him when he decides to leave Big Mom's crew, despite knowing the consequences of doing so.
  • Hate Sink:
    • Vinsmoke Judge and his family (save for Sanji, Reiju and the Vinsmoke children's deceased mother) get hit with this trope every time they show up, with their actions showing just what cruel, abusive, and selfish bastards they are. It's even acknowledged in-universe after Sanji finds the severely injured cook Cosette and immediately suspects Niji due to his earlier behavior towards her. The thought angers Sanji to the point where he starts seeing his brother as "lower than scum". It's later subverted for the Vinsmoke boys when Chapter 852 reveals the true reason for their behavior, being super-soldiers modified in utero to literally have no empathy at all; Judge has no such excuse.
    • The adorable Pudding, who won over lots of hearts both in-universe and out with her kind and sensitive personality, pulled a 180 in Chapter 850 by revealing herself to be Evil All Along. It's safe to say that all of her previous acts of compassion left a very bad taste in everyone's mouths. However, it's subverted when she has a Villainous Breakdown response to Sanji's compliments and her Dark and Troubled Past (in which she was horrifically bullied for having a third eye) is revealed, giving her very good reasons for her behavior. After that, she pulls a Heel–Face Turn and helps the Straw Hats escape Whole Cake Island.
    • If people thought Pudding was terrible, their hatred has now shifted over to Flampe. She's a fangirl of Katakuri and started a fan club dedicated to him. Not only did she interfere in the battle between Luffy and Katakuri by attacking Luffy from a distance, but the only reason why she's doing it is to get praised by Katakuri. Katakuri, on the other hand, did not approve of this support, and not only did he yell at her but he also stabbed himself to make the fight even and even revealed his mouth to her. The moment she saw his mouth, she immediately lost all respect for him and she and her crew ridicule and laugh at him and they take pictures of his mouth so they can show everyone on Totland his true mouth. While Katakuri knew this would happen and is willing to accept to consequences, he and Luffy combined their Conqueror's Haki to knock out Flampe and her crew so they won't interfere anymore.
  • He Knows Too Much: When Capone and his men are discussing their plan during the tea party, they do it in front of the gate door homie who realizes Capone is up to no good. When everyone realizes that she saw and heard everything, Gotti cuts her face off and splits it in two.
    Capone Bege: Loose lips sink ships.
  • Heart Is an Awesome Power: Cracker ate the Bisc Bisc Fruit (Bisu Bisu no Mi) which allows him to create and manipulate biscuits. A seemingly useless ability in basic description except he's capable of crafting biscuits into large Multi-Armed and Dangerous almost human-like Animated Armors that can aid him in battle. Furthermore, each individual armor is more than strong enough to be a formidable opponent for someone like Luffy (who can otherwise one-shot enemies into oblivion given time). It does have a weakness, though, in that his biscuits naturally become soggy when wet. In such a soft state, they can easily be eaten which Luffy proceeds to do the moment Nami comes to his aid with her weather based abilities.
  • Hell-Bent for Leather:
    • Little Charlotte Anglaise wears a black leather jacket to go along with his Greaser Delinquents get-up.
    • Anglaise's older brother, Charlotte Katakuri, wears a spiky leather getup that makes him look like a Badass Biker.
  • Hero of Another Story: "Hero" is a bit of a misnomer, but the eldest Vinsmoke sons Ichiji and Niji managed to stop a war in Broccoli Island and hailed as heroes - somewhat like how the Straw Hats did the same on different islands.
  • Heroic Sacrifice:
    • Sanji's mother Sora pulled one in the past before he and his quadruplet brother were born; she strongly disagreed with Judge's plans to turn all their children into remorseless Tykebombs that will help Germa conquer the world, so she secretly took a drug that undid all of her sons' genetic enhancements at the cost of her own life. Though she wasn't able to save Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji, Sanji was a success in her eyes. Sanji's sister Reiju would later tell him that Sora didn't regret a thing when she made the decision.
    • When Pedro is fighting Perospero and is pinned down, the former decides to pull one by using dynamite attached to his jacket to enable the Straw Hats and Carrot to escape.
    • Pound, after having pretty much been the Butt-Monkey through the arc, finally get his due when he stops Oven from keeping Bege's ship from fleeing. While he know this'll ultimately get him killed, he takes his death calmly while watching his daughter, Chiffon, along with his grand-child, Pez, sail away safely.
    • Slight one with the Sun Pirate. They manage to barely prevent the Straw Hats from getting blown up and stay behind to prevent Smoothie's flee from following and fighting off Oven. Jimbei however, can't bring himself to leave his former crew behind in such a dire situation and opts to stay with them to aid them. Luffy orders Jimbei to meet up with the crew at Wano once he finishes his business.
  • History Repeats: As a child, Sanji was saved from starvation when Zeff cut up one of his own legs to feed him and didn't eat a thing himself to ensure Sanji would live while they were both stranded on an island. Years later, Luffy decides to forego food and wait for Sanji until he returns from Big Mom's castle, basically starving himself. One must wonder what Sanji was thinking of when he saw this.
  • Hoist by His Own Petard:
    • Brûlée brings about her own defeat, as Chopper notes. Earlier, to Mind Screw with the heroes, she used her reflection powers to give several random critters their appearances. Later on, when Chopper and Carrot are trapped in the mirror world, Brûlée seemingly has Carrot suspended over a giant pot of water- except it's a frog given Carrot's appearance (due to her genuine mistake), allowing the real Carrot to sneak up and prepare to launch a sneak attack. This combined with Chopper's own powers allowed the two to crush Brûlée and her minions.
    • Turns out being a Control Freak and ruling by fear worked against Big Mom, as those of her children who are working under her are completely unwilling to report any screw-ups to avoid a You Have Failed Me response from her. It was partly because of this that their information about the Straw Hats whereabouts were completely wrong and allowed the Straw Hats to start completing their objectives discreetly.
    • Turns out bullying a relative for having an abnormal physical trait all their life to the point of snapping, then having said relative participate in a "Red Wedding"-style plot where the groom is expected to show horror to his bride-to-be's abnormal trait, was a completely bad idea, too. Because Charlotte Pudding was scorned and bullied by her own family for years, she was incredibly moved when Sanji complimented her third eye to the point of collapsing in tears and being unable to kill her groom-to-be. Aka, the exact opposite of what said family who bullied her for years wanted.
    • In his anger towards Carrot for ripping off his ship's helm, Daifuku sends his powerful genie to stop her. The Genie pays so little attention to his surroundings that he end up damaging a large majority of Daifuku's fleet. Even Daifuku's siblings comment how stupid he was.
  • Hookers and Blow: Caesar Clown couldn't produce a giantification formula (he did back in the Punk Hazard arc, but it cut down his test subjects' lifespans by several years), so he spent the funds Big Mom sent him on alcohol and groupies.
  • Hope Spot: Sanji saw Pudding as this in-between his despair of getting into the whole mess in the first place. But then he unwittingly sees how she has been deceiving him and the Vinsmokes all along. Unbeknownst to him, Jimbei walks in and frees Luffy and Nami.
  • Horrible Judge of Character:
    • Pun aside, Judge is a villainous example - he still sees Sanji as the weakling he was as a child, despite Sanji gaining Haki and a spike in strength and (literal) firepower during the Sabaody Arc; if it weren't for his rather underhanded tactics during his reunion battle with his son some years later, their battle would've lasted much longer. It's also downplayed with his views of Big Mom; while he doesn't trust her and sees her as a deranged madwoman, he's completely unaware of how deep it goes, what with Big Mom and Pudding's plans to murder his family on the day of Sanji's wedding.
    • Lola is also revealed to have been this. She believes that her family and especially her mom would be helpful to the Straw Hats. Come this arc, we see that said mom is actually Big Mom, i.e cruel, crazy and far from "helpful". And while her siblings do seem to care about her, they did try to wipe out the Straw Hat Pirates for trespassing and taking out Charlotte Cracker, and a few of them are all too willing to let Big Mom assassinate her for running away from a political Arranged Marriage. Lola's twin sister, Chiffon, knows just how naive she is, so she supports her husband Bege's plan to assassinate Big Mom to protect Lola.
  • Hypocrite: Judge had no qualms for mistreating his servants and everyone he deems beneath him, including his own family, but when he's left defenseless and rounded up for execution during the tea party, he starts begging for mercy. Everyone starts ridiculing Judge for it, including his own children, with Perospero getting a kick from throwing his beliefs back into his face.

  • Identical Twin ID Tag:
    • Chiffon and Lola are identical twin sisters who are both huge-looking and have the same Gonky faces. To tell them apart, Lola has braids and a tooth gap (though she did have a bob cut and hair bow before she ran away, and all her teeth were intact then), while Chiffon has Girlish Pigtails and a hair bow like Lola did.
    • Averted with Katakuri, Daifuku, and Oven, who are all male triplets but look nothing alike. The only thing they share with each other are their ginormous heights.
  • If It Tastes Bad, It Must Be Good for You: As pointed out by Big Mom, any foods Streusen makes directly with his Devil Fruit looks very appetizing, but tastes like crap as they have no flavor in them at all. Only when he actually cooks the food do they taste good.
  • I Have No Son!:
    • Vinsmoke Judge is willing to welcome his son Sanji back, but only because he's a means to an end; Judge makes it crystal clear that he thinks very lowly of his son.
    • Sibling variant: Ichiji, Niji, and Yonji see Sanji as a waste of space for being weak on all counts and refusing to follow their family's ideals. In chapter 843, when Sanji decides to become a "proper" prince and tells his pirate friends who were trying to save him from an Arranged Marriage to bugger off (it's to protect them), his brothers laugh (rather satisfyingly) at him for finally acting like a "proper" royal.
    • Much to Nami's shock and horror, Big Mom has essentially disowned Lola for not going along with her most important political marriage alliance and plans to force her current location out of Nami so she can send assassins to kill her. A few of Lola's brothers and sisters are completely fine with this.
    • Another sibling example: Lola has been made a target of hate by almost her entire family ever since she betrayed Big Mom and ran away from home the day she was supposed to marry the giant prince, Loki. Chiffon receives the same treatment from Big Mom for being her identical twin, and when she sides with Bege, everyone paints her as guilty after Bege's treachery is outed, with Oven attempting to kill her as an example for those who defy Big Mom. Fortunately, Bege was able to save her.
  • I Have Your Wife: A literal example; Oven takes his younger sister, Chiffon, hostage so it'll get her husband to surrender and allow Oven to kill two birds with one stone. Bege naturally pulls a bluff and saves Chiffon by blasting Oven in the face with an explosive round once he was close enough.
  • Ill Girl: Sora, the mother of the Vinsmoke children, caught an illness that she later died from. Sanji and Reiju were the only ones of her children who visited her while she was sick, come hell or high water. Chapter 852 reveals that this was due to a drug she secretly drank in order to prevent her sons from becoming emotionless weapons. The only child it worked on was Sanji.
  • Impossible Task: Big Mom funded Caesar's research in giantification, which she hoped to make her own children as big as she is. Caesar mentally notes that while he was able to make children larger over the course of several years, what Big Mom is asking for is impossible (his result comes with a harmful side-effect).
  • Impossibly Delicious Food: The Wedding Cake, which is actually a huge problem when Big Mom fails to eat it and it triggers her eating disorder. As Perospero puts it, the food Big Mom is craving now is something she has never tasted before, and thus, filled with all her ideas and fantasies, something that almost no real cake can match — at least, not by a normal chef. In a way, the Big Mom Pirates were lucky that the Germa 66 brought back Sanji to be Pudding's groom. He is one of the only chefs, if not the only chef, in the world that could ever hope to make such a cake.
  • I'm Not Afraid of You: Big Mom's "Words to the Soul" power calls out to a person's attachment to life; if they are afraid of death, she can suck away their remaining life span. But when she tries it on Jimbei, it has no effect, because the ex-Warlord doesn't fear a "mere" Emperor when he's going to join the next Pirate King!
  • I'm Standing Right Here: Sanji's brat of a brother, Niji, casually decides to bring up how he and his siblings would discuss the possibilities of Sanji dying after he ran away, right within earshot.
  • Insult Backfire: As the crew are set to leave Big Mom's territory, they come upon Judge who's curious to know why Luffy would go to so much trouble to save, who he see, as a failure of a son. Listing off all of Sanji's "faults" to Luffy. Luffy just ignores him and has the crew be on their way, ending in this gem...
    Luffy: Why does he keep listing all [Sanji's] best qualities?
  • Insult to Rocks: After Sanji finds the poor adorable chef Cosette beaten within an inch of her life, he immediately suspects Niji because of his earlier behavior and declares he can't call Niji scum anymore; he's the shit buried beneath it.
  • In the Blood: Played with. While most of Big Mom's children like Brulee, Perospero, and Cracker have inherited her penchant for bloodshed and insanity, a few like Moscato, Praline, Chiffon, and Lola avert it by being completely benevolent people. Pudding is a double-subversion as she only became the way she is now by being subjected to years of cruel abuse and bullying as a child for being three-eyed, with no one to turn to for help.
  • I Regret Nothing: When Sanji discovers what his mother, Sora, did to protect him and his brothers after Judge experimented on them in utero, he believes Sora's death was his fault. Reiju assured him by telling him that Sora didn't regret making the choice she made.
  • Irony:
    • Sanji tells Baron Tamago that his friends must be desperately missing his cooking, "weeping uncontrollably" without it. That is, in fact, exactly what happened earlier in the same chapter after Luffy's disastrous cooking attempt, complete with the group muttering "Sanji, save us."
    • Sanji acknowledges the irony of his father flying during their duel, as he can do very much the same without the technology Judge and the rest of the family uses, and they don't know it.
    • After Niji and Ichiji beat down Sanji (again) and leave, Reiju comes in with medical aid and calls out Sanji for daring to come back home despite telling him never to come back during Sanji's escape attempt when they were kids. This was despite Sanji being unwillingly taken back on Judge's orders by Capone Bege.
    • The Mugiwara Theatre gag comics "Detective Loomes" and "Family Time" depicted him as a Professional Killer and as a soccer player with a hairstyle similar to that of his brother Vinsmoke Yonji, which also served as Foreshadowing to Sanji's family being royal Underworld assassins. The kicker? Sanji absolutely wants nothing to do with his biological family, and hates every single one of them (save for his mother and sister Reiju).
    • Nami's understandably angry with Sanji for beating up Luffy and trying to shoo both of them away to protect them from his family, when she herself tried doing the same thing in the Arlong arc, and witnessed Robin doing it to protect the Straw Hats from the Marines in the Enies Lobby arc several chapters later.
    • Ultimately, what saves the Vinsmokes from being killed by Big Mom's family is not Judge's Might Makes Right beliefs, but his deceased wife's kindness. Sanji, the living result of the Heroic Sacrifice Sora made to save her quadruplet sons, comes back to save his family because he was compassionate enough to not let them die at Big Mom's hands despite the horrific abuse they heaped on him in the past. After they are freed from Perospero's candy bonds by Diable Jambe, they look up and see Sanji standing on the table towering over them, smoking a cig.
    • Goes both ways for Niji, who is the most unpleasant of Sanji's brothers, with his temper and pettiness, but he is the only one with slightly more emotion than Ichiji and Yonji. He was the one most disturbed when Big Mom showed off her "library collection" to the Vinsmokes, and when Reiju took a blow from Big Mom, Niji cried out to her in concern while Ichiji told him to ignore her since she's so "weak". Sora saw human emotions as something to celebrate, which was why Niji still has some part of his humanity left, but with his literal inability to understand what he was feeling, what little emotion he had just turned him into a monster.
    • In what doubles as a Hoist by His Own Petard, Bege's idea to make Big Mom scream to weaken her and immobilize her crewmembers to carry out his assassination plan backfires when Big Mom's scream destroys the assassination weapon and escape mirror.
  • Ironic Echo: When Sanji was little and fled the Germa 66 kingdom, Judge let him go under the condition that he tells no one he's his father, deeming Sanji his secret shame. After Sanji saves the Vinsmokes and everyone regroups within Bege's castle form, Sanji throws these words right back into his face when Judge asks why he saved him, deeming that his real father (Zeff) wouldn't like that he let a grudge dictate his actions. Surprisingly, Judge, humbled by this, promises not to approach Sanji or the East Blue.
  • I Surrender, Suckers: Oven kidnaps Chiffon and holds her hostage, in order to get Capone Bege to surrender and kill two traitors with one stone. Chiffon doesn't want her husband and crew to die needlessly for her sake, and Bege doesn't want to lose his wife, so he pretends to surrender... and then blasts Oven in the face with an exposive round once he was close enough. This actually saves Chiffon, which makes her cry Tears of Joy.
  • It Only Works Once: Bege's plan to kill Big Mom. Breaking the Mother Carmel portrait to get her to shriek would only happen once as that was the only portrait, said shriek immobilizing everyone would only last until Katakuri gave them earplugs, they only had one shot with their launchers (which regrettably, they decided to fire all at once), and Bege's treachery would be instantly revealed. Basically, it was an All or Nothing plan.
  • I Was Quite a Looker:
    • Back in her younger years when she still held the title of Sister, Mother Carmel was quite attractive.
    • The SBS of volume 86 reveals that the Gonky looking 68-year-old Big Mom of all people was quite a looker in her younger years. At 28, Big Mom was surprisingly way slimmer in body proportions as well as being overall sexier looking. She at 28 was thus somewhat similar to what Sanji had initially imagined she would look like way back in Fishman Island when she was first mentioned to him. While she became fatter and more Gonk-like in appearance as she got older, Big Mom still retained some attractiveness at 48 years old. At 48, she was more closer in body proportions and features to her 68 year old self but still retained some of her 28 year old attractiveness to a degree thus making her somewhat of a Big Beautiful Woman at that point.

  • Jaw Drop: Bege undergoes this when Luffy reveals himself to Big Mom amongst a group of clones.
  • Jumped at the Call: Carrot of the Mink Tribe desperately wants to go on an adventure, and as a result, sneaks aboard the Thousand Sunny to tag along on Luffy and co.'s trip to Whole Cake Island.
  • Jumping Out of a Cake: Luffy's Big Entrance involves him and a bunch of animals (acting as Luffy doppelgangers) doing this, distracting Big Mom long enough for Capone Bege to attack the portrait of Mother Carmel.
  • Just You and Me and My GUARDS!: Judge has his Mooks act as a wall to block Sanji's attack, and stabs through one to attack.


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