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Talking Typography

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Letters, numbers and other typographical symbols that talk.


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  • There was a clay-animated ad for Cadbury's Crunchie bars where a bar turned into the word "Crunchie". The letters didn't talk, though—they just ate each other. Nightmare Fuel?


     Comic Books 
  • Gravity Falls: Lost Legends has Threebel, a light pink, sweater-wearing talking number 3 and is one of the many lost Mabels. She helps Mabel return home and helps rescue her Grunkles in "Don't Dimension It".

     Live Action TV  


  • Part of the wave of 1980s Transformers knockoffs were a line of letters and numbers that turn into robots. There may not have been a backstory.

     Video Games  

  • Most of the characters in 3 in Three, starting with the protagonist, Ms. 3.
  • The Unown from Pokémon resemble the 26 letters of the Latin alphabet as well as a question mark and an exclamation point, but the only thing they can actually say are their own names.
  • Darwinians in Darwinia are frequently referred to as "glyphs".

     Web Animation  



     Western Animation  

  • The children's show WordWorld has animals that are made of letters.
  • ReBoot featured numerous numerals throughout Mainframe, most prominently 7, 8 and 9.
  • The main characters of Numberjacks are anthropomorphic numbers that can talk.


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