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    Hanna Barbera 
  • Tom screaming in pain never gets old.
  • When Spike gets the hiccups in "Hic-cup Pup":
    Spike: *hic* Now he's got me doing it! *hic* I'll moider that *hic* cat!
    (A moment later, as the pipe that detached from the pressure of Tom's weight falls and causes the dust that cures both Spike and Tyke of their hiccups, Spike is shown to be just sitting there, sulking in defeat.)
  • Another one involving Spike: In "Puttin' on the Dog", Tom wears a dog mask in order to sneak into a pound and capture Jerry. The mask falls off and Jerry carries it off, while Tom cartoonishly hides his head within his body. Spike stares for a while at (what looks like) a decapitated dog head and a headless body both walking around... then he turns to the camera and Screams Like a Little Girl.
    • Then at the end of the short, Spike corners Tom while Jerry's hiding under the mask. Jerry stands up, lifting the mask off Tom's face. Spike looks at the mask, then Tom's face, then the mask, then Tom's face, until finally, Jerry holds a sign out saying, "Yes, stupid. It's a cat." Then Spike lets out a bull-like bellow before attacking.
  • Also concerning Spike: In "Barbecue Brawl", while he and his son attempt to have a barbecue (amid Tom & Jerry's antics), Spike tosses a salad, which Tom falls into. Cue this exchange:
    Spike: Do me a little favor, would you, pal? (beat) GET OUTTA MY SALAD!!! (Tom does so, getting lettuce all over Spike in the process. Once he's gone, Spike turns to his son, almost resigned in appearance.) Son, now you know why dogs hate cats.
    • This isn't the first or the last time Tom ruins Spike's attempts at hanging out with his son. Another noteable one is the picnic episode where Jerry keeps hiding in the food, and Tom keeps trying to go after him. Since Spike never sees Jerry hide, it just looks to him like Tom is harassing them for no reason. It eventually becomes a moot point as all the picnic food is stolen by ants.
  • The beginning of "Neapolitan Mouse" has Tom accidentally slamming a door onto Jerry...and Jerry somehow slamming the door right back onto Tom.
  • The sequence in "Texas Tom" where Tom lip-synchs to "If You're Ever Down in Texas, Look Me Up", but gets thrown for a loop when Jerry messes with the sound speed. He eventually gets the speed back to the right position after hitting Jerry with his guitar.
  • Every single time Tom speaks (barring "Don't You Believe It", for some.)
    • Including this immortal line:
    Tom: (Pausing from attempting to hit Jerry, holding him by his tail.) "Gee... I'm throwing away a million dollars, BUT I'M HAPPY!" (Resumes attempting to hit Jerry.)
    • The Bodyguard has Tom, thinking Spike has been distracted, holding Jerry while laugh evilly and proclaiming "IN ME POWER!". A few moments later Tom is distracted, and Spike goes back.
  • There's also Part Time Pal, where Tom gets drunk and befriends Jerry as both mess with the house. The ultimate laughfest is when Tom throws water onto his owner (who is quietly sleeping, no less), making some truly ridiculous sounds in a seeming imitation of speech (listen carefully, it is speech: he's saying "One for the money, *hiccup*, two for the show, *hiccup*, three to make ready, *hiccup* and four to go!"), and the mother of all pursuits ensues. Amazingly hilarious.
  • In The Bowling Alley Cat, Tom tries to blow Jerry out of a bowling ball he's holding. As he grabs Jerry, the bowling ball drops onto his foot. As they then give chase, Jerry stops it, and then stomps on the same foot.
  • In "A Mouse in the House", while Tom and Butch are chasing Jerry while tangled up, Jerry stops them to clobber Butch's foot with a piece of wood, which prompts them to untangle and fly up. When they land, Butch is hopping and clutching Tom's foot while his own is throbbing away. Butch stops for a while to notice this, promptly drops Tom's foot, then grabs his own and resumes hopping in pain.
  • At the climax of Tee for Two, Tom is hiding in a lake from a swarm of bees (it's a long story), using a reed to breathe. Jerry directs the bees towards the reed, and puts a funnel on it. The bees fly down it, right into Tom's mouth. There is silence for a moment, then most of the lake's water is flung into the air as Tom lets out a deafening, and hilarious, roar of pain (his mouth magnified to absurd levels) with the bees buzzing around inside it.
    • From the same short, Tom attempts to hit a golf ball from between two saplings. Holding the saplings apart from with his legs, he hits the ball, letting the saplings snap back together right on his neck, leaving his detached head floating there with a triumphant expression, after which his headless body runs around the trees and reattach itself, all in the space of a second or two.
    • Before the scene mentioned above, Tom hits the golf ball and it bounces off the rock, smashing his teeth open.
    • Jerry tosses a golf ball down and Tom digs a trench. The golf ball breaks open to reveal what looks like a marble, and Tom thinks it's a cute little ball. Instead, it's some kind of explosive.
    • The massive array of golf pucks that are left bent out of shape at the beginning of the episode, some of which are curled around trees. Also, the massive hole Tom digs, trying to get his golf ball out.
  • From Yankee Doodle Mouse, Tom is left right next to a massive stick of dynamite and cowers. The dynamite falls apart, revealing a smaller stick of dynamite. It continues in this vein until a tiny, non-intimidating stick is left. Tom, amused, picks up the minute stick and lets out a hearty chuckle, pointing at it. The stick promptly explodes with the force of the original huge stick (and then some).
  • "Flirty Birdy": Tom uses a Paper-Thin Disguise to entice an eagle who is also after Jerry for eating. It goes horribly right and ends with Tom sitting on a nest of eggs.
    • The tactics that Tom uses on the eagle to try to stop him from chasing him and how Jerry does the same things to Tom.
    • At one point, the eagle grabs Jerry because he thinks its a female Eagle (Tom in disguise) and kisses him. When he realizes what he did, we see Jerry acting all shy and making a motion with his hand as if saying, "Aww shucks..."
    • At another point, Tom, trying to elude the eagle, hides behind a chimney. The eagle comes peeking around, going, "Yoo-hoo!" Tom, hiding out of view and holding a brick in a prone position, bashes the eagle on the head with it. The eagle's reaction: a dazed but rapturous "She loves me!"
    • The eagle using Jerry as a ring. Jerry's reaction to all this is priceless.
    • Tom's disguise includes a party horn as a beak. Ever so often, Jerry (and on one occasion, Tom) blows the horn, which to the eagle sounds like a mating call and the eagle reciprocates with one of his own.
  • From "Cue Ball Cat": when Jerry, using the overhead wires as a makeshift crossbow, fires a billiards bridge right down Tom's throat. The little "ding!" sound just makes it hysterical.
    • And then Tom's appearance afterwards, with the bridge showing through his mouth like buck teeth. Complete with "Duh!" sound.
    • Also from the same cartoon, Tom going to try and catch a ball but instead crashing into a drink machine and the machine spitting him out as a drink bottle.
  • Jerry running into a wall missing the mouse hole in "Matinee Mouse".
  • The tests Jerry puts Nibbles through in "Little School Mouse":
    • The first test involves swiping a whisker from a cat without waking him. Cue Jerry's Oh, Crap! reaction when he notices that Nibbles has managed to drag Tom across the floor by his whisker, and when the two mice bolts for their hole, Nibbles accidentally closes the door behind him, locking Jerry outside. Cut to Nibbles looking confused inside while you hear Tom beating the crap out of Jerry outside.
    • The second test involves stealing a piece of cheese from the counter with Tom sleeping underneath. Nibbles decides to Take a Third Option by kindly asking Tom to get the cheese for him, which Tom does.
    • Finally, the third test involves tying a bell around a cat's neck. Jerry tries, but Tom wakes up, and uses the bell to tie Jerry up, while Nibbles simply presents the bell as a gift to Tom, who happily puts it on.
  • Tom's double-take in "Tom's Photo Finish", after seeing the incriminating photo Jerry took of him framing Spike for raiding the fridge. He sees it once, then falls asleep... and moments later his head detaches from his body and flies to the other end of the Cinemascope screen. Needs to be seen on widescreen for the full effect.
    • Tom chasing after one of the photos, which has been folded into an airplane, with scissors, trying to cut it in midair. As the plane flies past his master, Tom stops just short of cutting off the master's head. After having already shredded his newspaper. And his robe.
    • At one point Tom stops to taunt Spike out the window only for one of his owners to walk by. He yells at Tom for making funny faces out the window and says that the neighbors will think he's crazy.
  • In Solid Serenade Tom pulls what he thinks is his girlfriend into a passionate embrace, only to find out he's grabbed Spike the dog by accident. He slowly, delicately goes to put Spike down, but at the last second, drives Spike's head into the ground and runs for it. The funniest part is that Tom doesn't notice he's holding Spike until he sees his girlfriend standing next to him with a "are you kidding me?" look on her face.
    • In the same cartoon, Tom hides behind a wall with a brick in his hand to hit Spike with. Spike sees the brick from over the wall, so he peeks over it and down at Tom. Tom sees he's been found, stares at Spike for a moment... and hits him with the brick anyway.
    • Tom, once again, tricks Spike into chasing after a plank of wood. Spike falls for it and when he's just about to pick it up he realizes that he's a total jackass.
    • The penultimate scene has Tom, thinking that Spike has ran out, let out an Evil Laugh as Jerry is apparently cornered inside Spike ("KILLER")'s house. Spike and Jerry pops out, and then Spike lets out his own Evil Laugh as Spike pops back in. What happens next is obvious.
  • The same gag happens in "Jerry and the Lion" as Tom, realizing Jerry has cornered, lets out an Evil Laugh as he locks the door from the inside. Tom did not realize there is a lion inside.
  • The most brutal yet hilarious scene occurs in Trap Happy. Butch and Tom see Jerry run into a wall that juts out into the room (partition). They begin to lift it slowly with great difficulty. Once they get it up, we see Jerry smiling with a hammer. Jerry smashes Tom's foot with full force, causing him to scream and jump away from the wall. Unable to hold the wall, Butch is forced to bring it crashing down...directly on his fingers. He lets out a terrible scream, but it's not over yet. Jerry still has the hammer, and with a delightful glee he crushes Butch's fingertips to the tune of Yankee Doodle, delivering to the last digit a Sickening "Crunch!". Butch screams again and yanks his poor fingers out. As he surveys the damage, we get a close-up as his fingertips swell like giant red balloons, culminating with his claws popping back to release a huge load of steam, letting out an appropriate steam whistle-like toot as they do. The scene is here.
    • Another small one in this episode is the stylistic way that Tom and Butch chase after Jerry after trying to gas him out of his hole. The simplistic, almost lackadaisical animation here coined with the scurrying music is just classic comedy done in a light and fun way.
  • Pet Peeve features Tom and Spike being Big Eaters that causes financial problems to their master. After failing to catch Jerry (Tom and Spike are competing because if one of them brings Jerry to their master, then the other will get kicked out), they aren't allowed in the house anymore. Their master tells them to take what's theirs and get out of the house, and Tom and Spike do it. They take the fridge and leave the house shortly after, leaving their master screaming angrily behind.
    • Earlier, Spike captures Jerry. Tom becomes sad, makes a Bindle Stick, shakes Spike's free hand, gives Spike the bindle, shakes his other hand, taking Jerry and takes him to the door. When Spike realizes he's been had, he realizes he's a jackass.
  • Quiet Please:
    • To show he's a nervous wreck, Spike pulls on his tongue, causing his ears to bang together.
    • "Please, chum, take it easy. Lay off the noise, huh? 'Cause if I hear one more sound, I'M GONNA SKIN YA ALIVE!!!"
    • A cornered Jerry gives Tom his last will and testament, giving Tom his only possession: "One custard pie? Let me have it!" SPLUT!
      • And remember, Thomas, YOU ASKED FOR IT!!!
    • Tom is about to hit Jerry with a hammer when Jerry presents him with a much bigger mallet. Tom takes the mallet, but then Jerry takes the hammer and smashes Tom's foot with it.
  • Just Ducky:
    • Tom smashes into a shovel that Jerry moved and his head turns into a shovel head.
    • Tom inflating Jerry by blowing through a straw, only for Jerry to inflate Tom's head in return before Quacker pops Tom's head with a safety pin.
    • Not much later in the cartoon, Jerry throws a brick at Tom, breaking him like glass.
  • "Thomas, you no-good cat, attacking from the rear, huh?"
  • In "Baby Butch", Butch pretends to be a baby, talking in baby talk as he does so, but when Tom puts a baby bottle in his mouth, he spits out the milk in shock and exclaims, "Milk!?"
    • To make it even funnier, Butch had tried to filch a milk bottle earlier in the cartoon.
  • Muscle Beach Tom has several. You get Tom and Butch battling over the heart of Tom's attractive date at the beach. Aiming to one-up the other, the two have a weightlifting contest, but Butch gets to a barbell he cannot lift. Tom BARELY manages to lift it, but it is so heavy he falls sideways to the ground, and the barbell flattens him between them. Butch eventually defeats Tom, but Tom is so determined to win his girlfriend back that he takes some helium balloons and stuffs them down his bathing suit, having to tie an anchor around his waist to keep from floating away. But it pays off and he knocks Butch out, burying him under the sand.
    • Tom also gets into scuffles into Jerry at the same time. When Jerry firstly attacks Tom, Tom blows Jerry up into a balloon and lets Jerry go to whoosh off into the sky. It Goes Horribly Wrong in the end though; after Tom wins his girlfriend back, Jerry ruins his celebrations, inflating Tom's suit (full of balloons) into one big balloon and pricking it to send Tom floating away into the distance just as Jerry did.
  • Baby Puss has Jerry hiding from Tom in a dollhouse. Tom then peeks in through the window and catches Jerry in the bath. Cue Jerry covering himself up (never mind the fact that he's always naked in the first place), giving the girliest scream imaginable with the wackiest face imaginable, and hitting Tom repeatedly with a brush.
  • Saturday Evening Puss: Jerry being kept awake by Tom and his fellow cats partying. He actually goes out to shout and exclaim furiously in full sentences for them to stop playing. Yet, his voice appears too muffled for it to be heard because of the piano being played.
    • If you found the music very catchy to listen to, watching Jerry's face morph to the musical instruments being played makes the whole scene just hilarious.
    • Even more hilarious is when after driving Tom's gang out of the house, his owner decides to listen to some... "big music", continuing Jerry's misery.
  • Tom's hideous, bright red toupee in Mouse Trouble.
    • Beforehand, there's also Tom's snare trap for Jerry, due to the utter ludicrosity of it. Besides the fact that Tom managed to utilize the largest tree in the area, Jerry sees the rope for it immediately, and replaces the bait cheese with a bowl of milk. After Tom notices, he lunges for it, laps it up, and promptly gets pulled straight out the window, where we see him being wildly pulled about by the tree.
  • Proto-Spike's utter thrashing in Dog Trouble is grand enough (see the "Awesome" page for details), but when you pause to see all the carnage, one wine glass can be seen, standing perfectly upright, completely unscathed.
  • "Little Quacker" has Jerry and Quacker hiding from Tom inside a tire. Tom tries to get them out by swinging a sledgehammer at the tire, only for it to bounce off and hit him in the face. What bumps the scene up from "amusing" to "hilarious" is the way the dazed Tom gently places the hammer on the ground before toppling over backwards.
  • Tom cursing at the end of "Designs on Jerry" after his mouse trap backfires and he ends up being smushed into a cube... only for trumpet noises to block what he's saying.
  • Tom's Slasher Smile when he's about to get a little revenge on Jerry and Quacker in "Vanishing Duck".
  • Butch mockingly imitating Spike's barking in "Smarty Cat" while leaning on an angry Spike. It takes him about ten seconds of "bow wow"s and two backwards glances before he realizes who's right behind him, at which point we get 15 seconds of his barks getting meeker and squeakier in response before all hell breaks loose.
  • In "The Dog House", Spike tries in vain to keep his dream doghouse from being wrecked by Tom's shenanigans. At one point, Spike (re)builds his doghouse in a tree, hoping that it will be safe up there. Alas, Tom catches Jerry climbing the tree and proceeds to chop it down with an axe. Resigned to the inevitable, Spike grudgingly leans back against his doghouse and mutters "Timber" as they fall down with the tree.

    Gene Deitch 
  • "The Tom & Jerry Cartoon Kit":
    Narrator: Anyone can now enter the lucrative field of animated cartoons with the new Tom and Jerry Cartoon Kit. This kit contains everything needed for quiet, sophisticated humor: One mean, stupid cat; one sweet, lovable mouse; and assorted deadly weapons. The coffee and cigarettes are for the cartoonists.
  • In "Down and Outing", there is the moment where Jerry uses the first aid kid to disguise Tom's ill-tempered master's shoe as a mouse, leading Tom to attack it. The master screams in pain, and Tom realizes what he just did and tries to flee, but he doesn't get far enough away from his enraged master before the latter casts his fishing rod at the fugitive cat and reels him in to give him what for, which all happens offscreen.
    • Near the end, Tom, seeming back in his master's good graces, catches Jerry in the boat, but pumps him out into the water. In retaliation, the mouse attaches the cat's fishing hook to the master's shoe, then pulls on Tom's line, tricking him into thinking he's caught a fish. Tom eagerly pulls in his line to see that he's caught... his again-fuming master.

    Sib Tower 12 
  • The end of the Chuck Jones short "Of Feline Bondage". Jerry menaces Tom with an invisibility potion and a pair of scissors, and Tom eventually gets shaved down to Goofy Print Underwear. Jerry laughs at him... until the potion wears off, Tom grabs Jerry, and shaves him down to a Fur Bikini. Tom laughs... then Jerry laughs at himself as well. He even jokingly poses for Tom, drawing a Wolf Whistle. The cartoon ends with both rolling on the floor laughing.
  • In "Is There a Doctor in the Mouse?", Jerry was trying to escape Tom while hiding in a banana. Tom grabs the banana, and peels it to reveal Jerry... who gives him a quick peck on the nose. Hilarious and adorable.
  • In The Cat's Me-Ouch, upon discovering that Tom has captured Jerry, the dog charges toward Tom, who then shuts the door, which proves to be ineffectual when the dog knocks the door over crushing Tom. This results in him and Tom flipping the door across the floor on top of each other with Tom exclaiming, "AHA!" each time he's on top before they reach the wall and continue flipping it over until it ends with Tom ending up on the outside as the dog closes the door on Tom, who exclaims, "AHA!" again until he realizes what happened.
  • One scene in "Tom-ic Energy" has Tom jump out of a window screaming in-front of Jerry, to the point of killing him. Tom then laughs at this event... only to get the color scared off of him and age when Jerry's ghost comes screaming through the window at Tom before returning to its body. Pure hilarity was made in that scene.
  • In The Un-Shrinkable Jerry Mouse, Tom tries at one point to break down a door by charging at it. Jerry opens the door and puts a banana peel in his path. Contrary to expectations, Tom actually makes a flying leap over the peel while sticking his tongue out at Jerry. Then he lands on a roller skate, presumably also placed by Jerry, and manages an Aside Glance while pushing his tongue back into his mouth before he goes careening into the basement. Finally, he charges back up the stairs at Jerry only to step on the banana peel anyway.
  • In "The A-Tom-Inable Snowman," Tom keeps getting knocked unconscious, and has to be repeatedly revived by a kindly Saint Bernard who lives in a cabin nearby. How does the dog do it? By pouring brandy into Tom's mouth. Seeing Tom getting continuously hammered is a sight to behold.
    • The comically puzzled/confused Aside Glance that the dog casts the audience as he lifts Tom, (encased in an ice block,) out of the lake. Even funnier in that the Saint Bernaid has been the Straight Man of this cartoon up until this point.
  • In "A Purr-Chance to Dream", when trying to keep Jerry's appropriately-sized bulldog away, Tom tests "rebuf" on a random dog taking a stroll. The dog has a freakout, before rocketing away.


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