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Tear Jerker / Tom and Jerry

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Yes, even a slapstick cartoon about a cat and mouse chasing each other can be sad at times.

  • Blue Cat Blues, a surprisingly and strangely sad episode. It starts with a depressed and heartbroken Tom on the railroad tracks waiting to commit suicide by train, for starters. By the end, Jerry joins him on the tracks! The worst part? You can hear the train coming just as the cartoon ends.
  • Down and Outing: Tom spends the entire cartoon getting clobbered by his easily-provoked Jerkass master, and the cartoon ends with him getting brutally beaten (offscreen), tied up and placed in the fish bucket getting caught fish tossed at him while he's sobbing.
  • The Night Before Christmas, Tom feeling guilty for locking Jerry out to freeze to death while "Silent Night" is heard.
    • Repeated in the semi remake Snow-body Loves Me.
  • That's My Mommy: The moment when the baby duck who thought Tom was his mother finally realizes that he plans on cooking and eating him, which would be even more heartbreaking for animal lovers. With his faith shattered, the duck prepares to jump into the stewing pot to please his "mommy" and says he still loves him. Feeling sorry for the poor duckling, Tom then lets out a Big "NO!" and saves him as tears run down his face like a waterfall, after which he takes on the role of being the duck's mommy.
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  • Quacker being self-conscious about his looks in Downhearted Duckling. To make matters worse, he attempts to kill himself.
  • Heavenly Puss
    • When Tom loses his last life and is sent to Cat Heaven, most of the cats ahead of him in line show how they died in a comedic way, e.g. the flat cat that was squashed hit by a steamroller, but the last has an oddly dark twist. A wet sack rolls up to the gate and opens, and out come three kittens, gaily meowing as they bound into Heaven. That's right; they were drowned by their owner. What's worse is the gatekeeper's not-so-surprised reaction, implying this happens a lot here.
    "What some people won't do."
    • Tom desperately begging for Jerry to sign the paper that will allow him into Heaven. He does get it signed, but he's just seconds too late and is cast down into hell to be tortured by Devil!Spike. It was All Just a Dream, but still.
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    • If this was all a conjunction of being All Just a Dream, it paints a depressing view of how Tom saw his daily life on constantly chasing Jerry, as this review from an entry on Deviantart may have pointed out: The gatekeeper of Heaven represented his own conscience that believed that his constant chasing of Jerry was not that necessary and could be outright cruel, and Devil!Spike represented his own fear that continuing to do so will land him into something troubling based on his status as a housecat: It was his job to chase mouse, but since Jerry is smart and constantly outwitting him, one day his owner could get fed up with his failures, kick him out of the house, leaving Tom in a miserable state of living in the streets in poor condition and dying unwanted there; the equivalent of Hell itself. And even moreso, Jerry's constant refusal to forgiveness until the very end where it turned out to be too late means that Tom thought that he was facing a sociopathic mouse who's totally smarter than him and enjoyed his suffering. If this is taken to be a review of Tom's own psyche... well, he was always in a depressing life from get-go.
  • Jerry, Jerry, Quite Contrary: Jerry constantly abusing sleeping Tom while sleepwalking, to the point of reducing the latter to a complete sobbing mess. Tom would keep on weeping during packing up his things, hoping to move away from such a psychopathic troublemaker. As he's slogging through the desert heat, Jerry's still following him.
  • Jerry helps a runaway circus lion stowaway on a ship back to Africa. Despite getting what he longed for, the lion tearfully bids his newly made friend farewell, who is both happy for him yet crying to see him go.

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