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Fridge Brilliance

  • In the Sherlock Holmes movie, Red being so into the wolf seems odd. Then you realize she's most likely not intended to be the Red of the original Red Hot Riding Hood... but her Grandma in her youth, who is crazy for Wolfie.
  • In "That's My Mommy", Quacker immediately assumes that Tom is his mother seconds after hatching from his egg, and Jerry (unsuccessfully) tries to convince him otherwise. This might not make any sense at first, but it's an actual phenomenon in psychology known as "imprinting", in which young animals recognize the first moving stimulus as their parent or object of habitual trust; this phenomenon is most prominent in birds. Essentially, Quacker "imprinted" Tom as his "mother."
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  • Tom will often pick on Jerry not because he wants to eat him, but just for fun. Cats are some of the only animals known to toy with their prey for their own amusement and nothing else. This aspect of Tom's character is fairly accurate, in that sense.

Fridge Horror

  • In "Heavenly Puss", among the cats waiting to enter the Heavenly Express, we see a sack bouncing along with water splashing inside. It then opens itself to reveal three kittens that had been drowned in that sack. Yeah. St. Peter even shakes his head ruefully and mutters "What some people won't do" like he's seen it before.
  • So, did the white mouse die at the end of "The Missing Mouse", where the entire neighbourhood gets obliterated from a detonation of explosives that were pretty much kept inside its body?
  • If Spike were ever caught mauling Tom, Tom's owner would immediately have Spike put to sleep, leaving his son an orphan.
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  • As amusing as Mammy Two Shoes is on the surface, what kind of deranged, sociopathic person commits act of grotesque violence against their pets? Especially for such minor crimes as stealing food or making a mess of the house?

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