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  • At the beginning of the P3 storyline, the P3 Hero enters the Velvet Room while Igor is away. Elizabeth tells him she still has some knowledge of fusion, but that only a Legion can be summoned today. She goes on about its various... charms, until Theodore enters and tells you she's just joking, she can summon other things. While it's funny on its own, players of Persona 3 will find it even more hilarious, as they'll probably know all too well how common Legion was in fusion accidents. Maybe Elizabeth was doing it on purpose all this time...
    • The game confirming a fan theory that's abounded for years: The P3 crew simply having to wait around at the bottom of Tartarus for the hero whenever he enters the Velvet Room.
  • Kanji's interaction with Nanako at the beginning of P4 story.

You In Wonderland

  • If you have Junpei in your party when you encounter the first magic box, he suggests putting Ken or Rei in it.
  • In the P3 storyline, the group take a rest in a room full of food. Aigis points out it's probably 100% pulp (i.e. paper), but Rei tries to eat it anyway, with obvious results. She says she'll eat anything, as long as it has flavor, and when asked if there's anything she doesn't like...
  • Right after, Akihiko gives her one of his protein bars, and everyone gets into a conversation on it. When Zen asks what actually happens when you eat protein, one of the options is "It helps you pick up girls". If you answer that...
    • Funnier when you realize it's an accidental pun, given that protein really is used to build strength.
    • Also worth mentioning is the unstated implication that Zen has randomly picked up Rei before.
  • Anyone affected by a shrinking potion sounds like a chipmunk when talking.
  • Rei tries to drink the shrinking potion, while flubbing the Red Bull tagline. Then Zen promptly smacks it out of her hands. And into Kanji's mouth.
    • In the Persona 3 side, there's Akihiko and Shinjiro arguing with each other about who is the bigger idiot, then the former challenging the latter about who is more of a man in drinking the potions. They then start scuffling in mini-sized forms before Mitsuru picks them up and plans to execute them if they don't shut up. This is followed by Junpei planning to drink one for his nefarious deeds before Yukari picks up on that. If you decide that Yukari drinks it, Junpei complains about not being able to see...
      Yukari: What?
      Junpei: Nothing!
  • Teddie being on the receiving end of Laser-Guided Karma at least twice for his Casanova Wannabe ways — from Mitsuru, for hitting on her; and also from Yukiko, for looking up her skirt.
    • Not to mention getting shot from all ten of Aigis's finger cannons in one scene.
  • When the P4 boys shrink down to get the key, they climb on top of each other to get to the key. Then they start falling, and the key bonks Yosuke on the head. He starts falling face-forward towards Kanji, who is lying dazed and open-mouthed on the ground. When the two appear on the same screen, the scene freezes, the camera starts to rotate around them, there's a trill of romantic music, and then... the MC lands right in front of them.
    • It's implied that Rise fully witnessed Yosuke and Kanji's accident.
  • Ken tells Kanji that he reminds him of a villain from a show that he watches — Kanji responds by comically growling, which scares the kid.
    • Later in Kanji's trailer, they share a casual scene… with him trying to teach him how to crochet.
  • Koromaru getting a little too close for the comfort of a super-shrunken Yukari.
  • The fact that during the Investigation Team's dramatic reveal they are all doing Jojo poses.
    • What's more? It was Margaret's idea.
    • Then there's Yukari's reaction to the entrance.
      Yukari: W-What the....
      Yukari: No really. What?!?
  • When the P4 cast introduce themselves, Yosuke says Margaret's like a final boss. Well, he's not that far off.
  • Margaret getting pissed off at Theodore after the latter accidentally soaks her.
    • That entire cutscene can be considered one as it also features Aigis at the shooting gallery, Rei's taste in ice cream, and Kanji thoroughly happy about getting to pet Koromaru.


Group Date Cafe

  • Depending on the route chosen, Chie and Yukari will tease the other for having a crush on their respective leaders, with Rei joining in.
  • Naoto going nerdy all over Aigis.
    • When Naoto does go nerdy, Aigis comments that it's possible to "poink" her as well. Rei misinterprets it and thinks it's "popping something out". Later in a Stroll scene, Yosuke, Junpei and Shinjiro also misinterpret that and freak out when Rei poinks... by popping food out of her pockets. The protagonists are too amused at their reactions.
  • After discussing the two are discussing about Ken, Kanji ask Yosuke whether he had finish his business. Cue a worried Yosuke accusing Kanji for trying to watch him.
  • If you're in the school after you enter the second floor of the Group Date Cafe, there's a Stroll where you listen in on your teammates' conversation about Group Dates. Then Teddie and Rei walk in, and Teddie claims that he and Rei are a couple now, to which Rei responds with:
    Rei: Aren't couples made up of people who like each other?
  • Everything in the Group Date Cafe labyrinth. The main event is a matchmaking mini-game tied to it across the dungeon, which eventually results to the main character being paired up with any one from your team, or even any one from the Velvet Room. Yes, this means any of the guys and even Koromaru! To top this off, you even get a picture of a king carrying his bride with you and your soulmate's faces shopped into the picture.
    • It's not just the wedding that's funny (and sometimes cute), some of the answers you can give to the questions will downright make your insides pop, and others have Mythology Gags to the previous games.
    Mechanical Voice: What makes her charming?
    Yosuke: Seriously? A girl really did that?
    You happen to know someone like that, but... you should leave it be...
    • It's made funnier by the voice of the announcer of all these questions, which can only be described as a male version of GLaDOS.
    • Teddie runs his own group date halfway through the Labyrinth and tells everyone to draw a question out of the hat. If you're playing as the P4 hero, you get "What kind of cosplay are you into?". You can answer "clothes are unimportant", and Mitsuru will agree because it's what's on the inside that counts.
    • In the P3 route, the P3 guys hold a group date event of their own. Junpei's only able to convince Akihiko to join be reminding him of his "loss" in Operation Babe Hunt and igniting his competitive spirit. Eventually they get everyone to play the "category game", the topic being "things you put in curry". (Shinjiro says he has it in the bag) And whoever messes up first has to read one of Marie's poems aloud. Akihiko shocks everyone by saying something that isn't protein (which is immidiately pointed out), and depending on your choice either Chie, Yukiko or Naoto has to read the poem. (and yes, all of them are fully voiced)
    • In the P4 route, the P4 boys are forced to remember the bad memories they had in their own Group Date Cafe. At one point, if you choose "Tell me your measurement" Mitsuru threatens to execute the person who wrote it.
    • Rei confusing (as always) her wedding as an all-out feast, and freaks out that she can't use the chopsticks when her hand is stuck. She doesn't even know it's her wedding to the protagonist until she gets to the doors. Then Zen barges in... and Rei promptly scolds him when he doesn't notice her feelings.
    • When your destined partner is selected, they and the protagonist are dropped down a hole mid-conversation. Usually they just scream, but Aigis gives an extremely deadpan "Ah". So does Margaret. Elizabeth on the other hand gives the incredibly comical "Going doooown." Zen just grunts. P3 Hero doesn't sound shocked when he falls either.
    • Heck, the fact that you can even get one of the Velvet Room residents as your destined partner is hilarious just for their reactions. Especially the way that Elizabeth enthusiastically hams her way through the entire thing when she's paired with the Persona 3 protaganist. Putting the Persona 4 protagonist with Margaret is also great, as she refers to it as "a scandal" and makes some terrible puns about it.
    • Even better is that when the wedding is actually about to commence, then your party members come rushing in after either Fuuka or Rise express shock that you really are proceeding with the wedding...meaning your friends must have been watching you and your destined partner walk together, side by side the whole time, and didn't do a thing to stop you. Probably For the Lulz.
    • Then you meet the actual boss of the dungeon, a ridiculously hammy, four-armed priest who either speaks in a heavy southern accent (English dub) or Gratuitous English (Japanese dub). It's almost surreal how ridiculous it is.
    • Pairing up Yosuke with the P4 hero is basically him going Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today? and failing sooooo hard.
    Do you think I'm a girl?! Well I'm not! I'll show you! I'll expose myself if I have to!
    • Junpei's solution if he is chosen. Go along with the wedding and then have an immediate divorce so he can remarry with Chidori.
    • There's also a decent amount of fun to be had if the player's chosen partner happens to be from the opposite team, allowing for a lot more casual shenanigans.
  • The Merciful Clergyman is a deadly opponent to be sure, but the sheer amount of ham in his lines makes him a little bit difficult to take seriously at times, all with an incredibly overdone 'backwater evangelist' southern accent. And then during the battle one of his hit sound effects is a deadpan "Ow."

Evil Spirit Club

  • At the beginning of Side P3, the two Magician Arcana wielders tell Ken to lead the way. Ken complains to Mitsuru of the two of them abusing their authority, only for the Kirijo heiress to tell him the same thing, because she's too afraid of the haunted atmosphere to take the lead.
  • Throughout the dungeon, expect to see Chie, Yukari and Rei cringing or screaming in fear, Naoto and Mitsuru blatantly deny that they are not afraid of ghosts and Yukiko having the time of her life.
  • Junpei trying to scare Yukari, with Aigis pitching in.
    Yukari: Oh, stop it! That has to be your imagina—
    Aigis: I found this. *holds up a broken Japanese doll*
    Chie: Gyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!
    Yukiko: *Giggling* Chie, look...the eyes...its eyes!
  • Much of the banter between Yosuke and Kanji, for that matter. Also all the girls being scared when walking in the dungeon.
    Kanji: I got this. When you get scared, just imagine all the Shadows in their underwear! It seriously works! I did it before I went to give those gang members a beatdown!
    Yosuke: That's for stage fright, and Shadows don't wear clothes! And why're you fighting gangs!? I disapprove, son!
  • While Kanji is talking about Ken, Yukiko chips in, gives him some words of advice and tells him to confess his Rise. Clearly, she misunderstood the topic. The P4 Hero can make things funnier by telling him to go for it. Kanji's reaction is priceless but he calms down quickly.
  • One Stroll has Yosuke and Yukari top up their usual complains into Snark-to-Snark Combat with Junpei and Naoto giving commentary.
  • At one point, Yukiko tried to console Chie by reciting a school ghost story, because it'd be less scary than a hospital ghost story, which they happen to be walking around in. This also put Rei into a mini Heroic BSoD, reciting "I hear nothing over and over", and somehow started a robotic speech pattern competition with Aigis...
  • During one of the Strolls following the first visit to the dungeon, Chie asks Akihiko to be her master after she is able to understand his choice of words. Also serve as a Call-Forward to their relationship in Persona 4: Arena.
  • In the P3 side, there's a Stroll scene where some members of SEES ask Yukiko, Chie and Naoto about the future. Yukiko trolls SEES by informing them that there are flying cars in the future, and when SEES express disbelief, Naoto of all people backs her up, but refuses to divulge further information due to time paradoxes. After SEES (save the protagonist) have wandered off, Naoto reveals that while they're certainly not out of the prototype stage, flying cars have been invented, so technically she didn't lie about that. The icing on the cake? It was the Kirijo Group who invented the cars, meaning that Mitsuru herself might have been involved!
  • You come across a broken switchboard that would be really useful if you could repair it. You have two options: Ask Fuuka or Ask Kanji. Asking Kanji just results in him saying he's probably not the best person to ask and proceeding to Fuuka's version, meaning you're really only given the option for the sheer hilarity of it.
  • The gang decides to cheer Rei up by giving her cookies made by Shinjiro and Yukiko. Shinjiro making good Koromaru-shaped cookies is hilarious in itself, but Yukiko's cookies unsurprisingly come out... bad. Rei eats one anyway, and insists that Zen another. They both pass out, and Zen even passes out on his feet. Bare in mind that Rei is a ghost and Zen is a Physical God. The P4 group officially declares Mystery Food X as a delayed-action hallucinogenic, with Mitsuru wanting to use it in combat.
    • Yukiko insists that they're "bear-shaped cocoa cookies", prompting a knee-slapping response from the literal bear of the group.
    Teddie: "This is what bears look like to you, Yuki-chan...?"
    • Rei's reaction when she wakes up just makes it though.
      Rei: "I had a dream... I was being held down while sand was poured into my mouth..."
    • the best bit? the moment Yukiko offers her cookies to everyone else, the unique horror music immediately starts playing. The one that only plays for the FOE events in this dungeon.
    • In the stroll following this scene, the P4 Hero offers Yukari some of Yukiko's cookies. She realizes this before she took a bite. Yosuke then talks about how terrible Chie and Rise are terrible in cooking too. Shinjiro was shocked to find out that there are three girls who cooked as bad as Fuuka. Upon finding out another girl who is capable of cooking Mystery Food X, the male members of Investigation Team begin to lose hope of trying a woman's cooking until they find out that Yukari is capable of cooking. Too bad for she is not cooking for them.
  • During the P4 side, Yosuke has a Potty Emergency during the 3rd floor of the 3rd labyrinth, but thankfully for him a restroom is nearby. While everyone else is waiting outside, an FOE approaches them, causing Chie to panic and everyone rushing into the men's room to hide in the various stalls. And which stall you choose will determine what funny event you'll see (besides Yukiko's, which just has her trying to comfort Rei and Chie):
    • Yosuke will have him confused at what's going here, with Mitsuru insisting she's not scared and that you should be comforting Ken.
    • Aigis's has Yukari and Naoto holding onto you arms, making you blush madly.
    • Choosing the P3 Hero and Koromaru's will have you stuck with Teddie taking up most of the space... but Kanji doesn't mind at all.
    Kanji: "Oh...! I'm in fluffy heaven!"
    Teddie: "Ugh... I can feel Kanji's breath..."
    Koromaru: (Whimpers)
    ...You should leave them alone.
    • Choosing Junpei's is probably the best one, since there were no more stalls and the only one that's left is the supply closest. This leaves you two in very awkward positions with Akihiko and Shinjiro.
  • If you're playing the P4 side, there's a part where the P3 Hero comments that he might have to use his right eye (which is usually covered by his hair). It then turns out that Yosuke thought that his hidden eye had magical powers, which is why he covered it up. Hilariously enough, your two options for responding to Yosuke and the P3 Hero on this topic involve agreeing with Yosuke... meaning that the P4 Hero might have thought that too!
    • And if you're playing as the P3 Hero, then before you start the fight with Margaret, you'll get the option to say "Time for the power of my right eye!" The P4 Hero buys it.
    P4 Hero: So that's why you've kept it hidden all this time...!
  • From a Stroll, Aigis tries to think of ways to make the Abandoned Hospital portion of the Evil Spirit Club less scary to Rei. She reasons that if it's scary because it's dark and empty, then logically she should pretend it's filled with people. Unfortunately, Zen doesn't do a very good job of wording it.
  • During a Stroll, Akihiko suggests that Yukari watch horror movies to overcome her fear of ghosts. The latter retorts by telling him that since he is weak to ice attacks, he should keep receiving ice attacks until he builds up resistance to them and threatens to call Mitsuru. Akihiko is so afraid that he is at loss for words.

Inaba Pride Exhibit

  • Akihiko and Shinjiro get into another competition, this time a heat endurance match near a fire with their clothes on. Eventually the two become so dizzy, they begin spouting nonsense.
    Akihiko: "An ocean... There's an ocean on fire! Waves from a sea of protein crashing against a white beach of protein... Is this... heaven...!?"
    Shinjiro: "You moron... if you go that way, you're right in the path of Koro-chan's death ray... Agh...!? My eyes... My eyes!"
    • Even funnier, the two of them collapse at the same time, making this contest a draw.
  • The party confronting one of the muscled FOEs. He wipes the floor with them in one move by flexing.
  • In what supposed to be a brotherly moment between Kanji and Ken, the latter reveals that he sees Kanji more of a father instead of a brother. Cue the two Magician Arcana party members making fun of him.
    Yosuke: "An eleven year old kid at fifteen, huh? Impressive Kanji."
    Junpei: "Wait, you're lying about being fifteen, right? You're obviously been tampering with your official papers."
  • In the P4 route, the scenario where the team encounters the F.O.E. is just hilarious. First, the F.O.E. in question looks like a muscular man wearing a fundoshi and a tengu mask while shouting "Soiyah!". Every male in the team freaks out and start to run away, and if you run with them you can see how they end up using Kanji as a sacrifice. Meanwhile, the girls are crafting what Naoto calls a "brutally lethal" weapon for Zen which knocks out the F.O.E. in one hit!
    • If you run down the right path with the girls, you can find out the chemical weapon used to kill it: a combined attack of all the girls' food recipes. Even better, you can have the protagonist suggest it be more brutal by mixing all of them together. The result is Mystery Food X: Final Edition, a horrifying abomination that actually manifests as a dark glowing ball of hate. Needless to say Chie, Yukiko, Rise and Fuuka are nonplussed. Naoto has brief second thoughts about it because she thinks it's too cruel for even a F.O.E. to suffer. Even Rei wants nothing to do with it.
    Rei: "My eyes... my eyes...!"
    Kanji: "The real enemy was within us... but... I did it..." *Faints dead*
    • The scream the F.O.E. makes when it's shot dead by it is priceless. Better still, it never respawns.
    • The final part that makes it funny: after the initial shock of their food being used as a weapon, they are very angry about it, not least because they most likely were shown just how bad of cooks they all were in the process based on everything that transpires. There's even Fuuka angrily stating they don't get to use that trick again to a very confused Shinjiro.
  • A Stroll following Mystery Food X: Final Edition, Mitsuru is impressed with the "weapon" created and actually asks the four cooks how they created it, intending to patent it to her company's R&D, not realizing that they are still angry of what their cooking was used for. The four girls instead give her the cold shoulder and walk away (even Fuuka). Mitsuru is shocked and confused at what just happened and is at loss for words, mostly because she's not usually on the receiving end of a cold shoulder.


  • Though it happens during a huge Tear Jerker as Rei is captured and Zen tries to go in alone, Aigis' comment happens to be both heartwarming and hilarious.
    Aigis: "Zen-san, take us, dammit!" I say.
  • For how frightening The Reaper can be, you cannot really take it seriously when Kanji for whatever reason calls it Creamer at one point!
    Junpei: It's not sweet, that's for sure.
  • Junpei lampshading the complicated structure of the final dungeon, The Clock Tower, saying whoever designed that place "was a total dick."
    Zen: I-I don't know how to respond to that...
  • During the final Stroll at the culture festival, Zen and Rei pull out some ridiculous "Ice Detective" poses.

P3 Side Manga

  • While still at Tartarus, Junpei piggyback the P3 Hero so he could enter the Velvet Room together.
  • During the group date between the Gekkoukan guys and Yaso girls, Shinji loses the categories game because Koro-chan distracted him. Instead of saying a proper dog breed, he says "Koro-ch-", cuts himself off before embarrassing himself further, and then quickly changes his answer to shiba inu...which the P3 Hero had already said earlier.
    • Even funnier, the P3 Hero was similarly distracted by Koro-chan, which is how he came up with his categories answer in the first place.
  • During the Trading Showdown side quest, when Zen and the P3 Hero encounter Fuuka, she asks them if Rei's not with them. Zen responds with "No. We're doing a thing."

P4 Side Manga

  • When the last question in the Group Date Cafe is asked, the P4 Hero responds using the P3 Hero's catchphrase, "I don't care." What really takes the cake is how how proud the P3 Hero looks when he says it.
    P3 Hero: Ha ha. That's awesome.
    Junpei: You talk like that sometimes too.
    • Made even funnier for those who've played that part of the game and know that that answer locks the P3 Hero as your destined partner.
  • When the P4 Hero's destined partner is about to be revealed, the P3 Hero and Yukari have this exchange:
    P3 Hero: Finally, eh? I can't wait.
    Yukari: You act all calm, just because you don't have to worry about being chosen.
    • Guess who gets chosen shortly after? The P3 hero.

Unsorted Events, Requests, & Battle Quotes

  • Sometimes at the main hub, you can see Koromaru chasing Teddie till the end of the corridor.
  • Akihiko and Kanji having an arm wrestling match. While Yosuke and Junpei are cheering and Naoto simply observes, Shinjiro is facepalming himself.
  • Elizabeth's Fusion Accident scene has one of the cards she throws up fall on her hat and get stuck in it while Elizabeth is shocked by it. She then quickly takes the card and throws it into the book while trying to pass it like nothing happened with her being embarrassed by it.
    • Margaret's Fusion Accident animation is equally as funny, with the card being stuck to her head. Margaret then removes the card slowly and crushes it in frustration before putting the card into the book.
  • The entirety of the request "SOS: Save Our Stomachs!" The request is started by Yosuke facing the prospect of a meal prepared by the killer combination of Chie, Yukiko, Rise, and Fuuka, and he enlists you to stop them, or at least salvage their dish. With some advice from Shinjiro, you can make a great hot-pot, which Yosuke is downright thrilled about. Then the girls show up with the various dipping sauces they made - such as Yukiko's "fish guts sauce", or Rise's "capsaicin infusion" - and force him to try them, complete with the narration pointing out how utterly repulsive those sauces look and smell.
    • Even before that is when Fuuka first offers to cook for Yosuke. He's completely enthralled with the idea while Junpei and Shinjirou debate on if they should tell him.
  • Some of the battle banters can be hilarious:
    Chie: (confused) I don't know what's going o-o-o-on~!
    Rise: (Teddie got KO'd) I was wondering why it's gotten quiet all of a sudden; Teddie's just passed out!
    Yukari: (asleep) Too many calories…
    Mitsuru: (asleep) I'll… execute… you…
    Yosuke: Not another beast! We've already got a bear, a dog and Chie!
    Naoto: (confused): The culprit is you... and you... and you!
    Junpei: (vs Table Shadow) Wanna see my tablecloth-pulling trick?
    Aigis: (vs Table Shadow) Would destroying the table not count as property damage?
    P3 Hero: (vs Basalt type shadow) A boulder shadow. Looks hard.
    Kanji: (vs Lion type shadow) Can I...can I pet its mane?
    Shinji: (vs Table Shadow) A table should act like a table, dammit.
    Mitsuru: (vs Gigas type Shadow) He's practically naked! This is outrageous!
    P4 Hero: (vs Butterfly-swarm type Shadow) If only I had a net... er, never mind.
    Yosuke: (vs Slime type Shadow) Ugh, it looks like Yukiko and Chie's curry!
  • If you encounter a lion type Shadow with the Persona 3 protagonist in your team, he'll imitate its roar. This is even funnier considering how he usually acts.
    Junpei: "Uh... What? Is that some sort of secret handshake type greeting all the wild cards know?"
  • In the promotional manga, Aigis and Rise glomping the two Protagonists, in the form of an All-Out Attack.
  • The first FOE hunt request has you bringing Elizabeth a pompom. After congratulating you for defeating the FOE, she ponders what she's going to do with it, with options including "Throw it at Theo" and "Try to impale it on Igor's nose."
  • Yosuke's reaction upon finding out about Fuuka's cooking skills.
    Yosuke: No, no... Oh, no no no! It's the Four Awful Cooks of the Apocalypse!
  • The Love Potion sidequest in the second dungeon, where Teddie ends up drinking the whole thing right there instead of taking it back to Elizabeth... and ends up falling in love with Akihiko. But the funniest part is the unexpected Shout-Out when the victim runs away...
  • Marie as a Navigator, really getting in on the act and all.
    Marie: That enemy's weak to Slash. Use a hero's blade that vanquishes all!
    Marie: That enemy's weak to Ice. Seal it in an eternal, frozen tomb!
    Marie: "My fleeting thoughts brighten the face of—" Huh!? They're easy! Go on!
    • And if there's a Rare Shadow on board...
  • One of the Requests involves you taking Elizabeth and Margaret around the Culture Festival, and it really gives the sisters their time to shine.
    • Elizabeth once again getting confused by basic concepts such as ring toss, assuming that your intent by tossing the ring is to break the pole rather than ring it. She'd probably find a way, too.
    • Margaret attempts to follow Elizabeth's attempt at crying over a movie, and very clearly fails at it.
    Elizabeth: Are you having me on, sister? Rushing to praise true love and then sobbing over it is the epitome of femininity!
    • Following that comment, Elizabeth and Margaret have a bit of an impromptu poetry showdown, each one trying to outdo the other in seeing how poetic they can make their language.
    Margaret: My strings are cut. I am a marionette. My mind is eroded and I've passed on. My crushed throat gives an eerie sound. Wind passes through it with a sad breeze. How cold the air is tonight...
    • And then they try to sing the made up Velvet Room theme song, which is all about Igor. One wonders which is funnier: The lyrics all describing Igor's long nose, or that these two nigh-immortal residents of the room cannot sing for their eternal lives.
    Elizabeth: How arrogant this world is. How pure this blood of mine is. Infinitely...Eternally...Yo, man!
  • The entirety of the "I Want to Play, Too" request is both this and Heartwarming Moments as poor Theo finally gets cut a break in his Day in the Limelight. Of course that's not to say shenanigans don't also take place.
  • The last request is a one-on-three battle, your chosen protagonist against the Velvet Room siblings. Which Elizabeth insists on playing as a superhero battle.
    • The names she calls herself and the other two: "Eliza Death", "Mar Garrote", and... "The Odor".
    • Theo is still the Butt-Monkey — his main role in the fight is to heal status effects and be the meat shield.
    • Elizabeth's motive for fighting you? She thinks you ate her flan. When it's over, Elizabeth declares that she will avenge her flan one day... and then Margaret reveals that the one who ate her flan was Margaret herself.
  • The request "Share the Fun of a Festival". You're tasked with finding a happi for Elizabeth, and Junpei tags along in hopes that he'll get to see Elizabeth wearing it. However, once you return to Elizabeth with a happi, she reveals that it's not for her, but for Igor instead. Junpei runs out of the nurse's office screaming.
  • The request "Request from Mr. X", where Junpei or Teddie ask you to get the girls of the opposite game to come attend a dating event. If you get Chie, Yukiko, and Rise (P4) or Fuuka, Yukari, and Aigis (P3) to come, Mr. X has to shoo them off because they gained an exaggerated idea of his abilities. Naoto and Mitsuru, on the other hand, come with their weapons drawn. They stopped by the nurse's office beforehand and learned of the disappearance of a curtain and some glasses, and correctly deduced the culprit. This one requires you to step in to defuse the situation.

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