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Awesome Music / Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

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  • The game's rockin' battle theme, "Light The Fire Up In The Night". Has both P3 and P4 variants, so take your pick. Or you could combine the both of them together. Perfect for listening to two Lotus Juices rap with each other.
  • "Laser Beam" the boss battle theme, is a fast-paced, intense piece that will get you pumped to face off against the labyrinth guardians.
  • The F.O.E Battle Theme gets you pumped up whether you're actually fighting them or just running the hell away. It's also used for Elizabeth's Bonus Boss battles.
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  • "The Person Is Then Called Away From War" is used for the final bonus battle against Zeus!Elizabeth, which is only available by completing all of the extra requests on a New Game Plus. It has a very Etrian Odyssey feel, which is helped by the fact that the very composer of said game created this piece.
  • "Friends". It fits quite well with its accompanying boss. Don't let the title fool you, it's hard rock that punches you right in the heart.
  • "Proof" is a heartbreaking yet beautiful theme once the truth behind Rei is revealed, while also showing the intensity of her unwillingness to accept it.
  • Footsteps of Time, which plays throughout the game's final stretch, is a bit of a departure from Persona's usual style of music, employing elements such as choir, pipe organs, and a part of the percussion which sounds like a ticking clock. Starting out quiet, becoming bombastic, and then going into a section which sounds rather contemplative, it can be seen as a musical metaphor for the passage of time. There's also a very small segment which sounds suspiciously similar to Castlevania's "Bloody Tears".
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  • And for the grand finale, The Infinite is best fitting for the Final Boss. That guitar and piano, man...
  • On a more low-key note, Labyrinth Culture Festival is a relaxing but bouncy theme that plays over Strolls, where your companions take the time to relax a little and learn more about each other. It captures the mood perfectly.