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Shout Out / Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth

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  • When the Investigation Team first appears in the Persona 3 path, they're all doing the signature poses of major characters from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure.
  • One conversation that comes up between Chie and Yosuke about the fourth stratum explicitly mentions Inception's "dream within a dream" meme.
  • In one quest, Teddie imbibes a love potion and falls in love with Akhiko. One of the lines he says while Akihiko is trying to flee is "YOU'RE BEARING ME APART, AKKY!"
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  • This homage to Star Wars:
    Ken: "Will eating meat gum make me taller?"
    Junpei: "Don't be seduced by the meat side!"
    Chie: "Join meat, and together we can rule the galaxy!"
  • In one conversation, Rise speaks of the "plight of the navigator."
  • After crafting "Mystery Food X: The Final Edition", Naoto says that "It's a weapon that's surpassed all my expectations".

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