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In an MSTing collection of fanfic reviews being reviewed by the Loud characters themselves, there's bound to be a moment that's worth a chuckle or two.

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    Main Series 

Episode 1 — Bunking In

  • The episode begins with Lisa dissing the community by saying they have "limited brain power," and Lincoln telling her to be nice. She then continues to diss the community for the whole "nice sisters, mean sisters" thing by saying that she cannot be nice because according to the authors, she is a "mean sister."
  • In the story the episode's cast are reading, Fic!Lynn Sr. says that there's "been a robbery on couches." The Louds deduce this as meaning that there have been robbers breaking into homes to steal only couches, and nothing else.
    Luan: (pretending to be the burglars) "Hey, Mel, I just found a big box of jewelry! The pawn shop'll pay a fortune for this!" "Put that back, you idiot! We're just here for the couch!"
  • After one of Luan's pie gags in the story (read: just throwing the pies everywhere in the room) Fic!Luna walks out of the bathroom after a shower. Fic!Lincoln then asks if she "got the cream out of her hair." Luan and Lori start snickering over this.
  • Lisa being so much of a Grammar Nazi that she decides to rig every window in the house with a miniature explosive and detonate one of them each time the story switches from past to present tense.
  • Lisa finally reaching her breaking point when she sees the following line in Fic!Lincoln's poem: "Me is Lincoln L. Loud."

Episode 3 — Bad Blood

  • Lincoln drops a metric ton of Fridge Logic onto the Sister Fight Protocol, and the ensuing argument winds up breaking MrTyeDye himself, stopping the episode in its tracks.

Episode 8 — One Angry Person

  • Lincoln complaining about a whiny, mean wimp version of himself.

Episode 10 — Whipped

  • After Fic!Lori expresses annoyance at Fic!Luna's kind gesture early in the story:
    Lori: Well, I don't know if I'd phrase it quite like that, but I do think other me has a point here.
    Leni: Hmm? How so? Don't you care for Lincoln, too?
    Lori: Of course I do. But when I decide to do something nice for him, I don't try to make a show out of it and announce to everyone how caring I am. I just do it.
    Lisa: "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. Truly I tell you, they already have their reward." - Matthew 6:5.
    Everyone gives Lisa a funny look.
    Lisa: What?! I'm not allowed to have interests beyond science?!
  • A few minutes later Fic!Luna and Fic!Leni decide to take Fic!Lincoln to the Mall for a "day of fun"
    Lincoln: You know, if you want to give me a "day of fun", I can think of a few other places I'd rather go than the mall.
    Luna: What, like a rock concert?
    Luan: Or a comedy show!
    Lynn: Or a basketball game!
    Lucy: Or a cemetery.
    Lola: Or a toy store!
    Lana: Or a petting zoo!
    Lisa: Or a science museum!
    Lily: Play-gand!
    Lincoln: Girls, girls, girls. You're all thinking about places that you like to go to. Try thinking of what I like.
    All of them stop and think for a few moments.
    Lori: The... video game... factory?
    Lincoln: Close enough.
  • The Fic!Sisters are intentionally clogging the toilet:
    Lori: Oh, great idea! Let's clog the only toilet in the whole house so nobody can use it!
    Lana: Well, to be fair, we'd probably be unclogging it right afterwards. You know, after we trick Lincoln into thinking he did it. That way we'd have a usable toilet and he'd still be our slave. It's a win-win!
    Lincoln: Will you listen to yourself?!

Episode 25 — Melancholinc


    After Dark 

Episode 1 — Property Of Luan Loud

  • All of Mr. Grouse's commentary while he throws shade at both the story and the people he's reviewing it with.
  • The twins trying to be sneaky and sticking around to hear the story, by hiding behind the couch. Lori catches them before they start reading, though.
  • Mr. Grouse saying that when he was a teenager, if he swore his father would wash his mouth out with soap... and then he would punch his father in the balls.
  • During Leni's objection to Fic!Cat!Leni coming to school with Luan:
    Leni: "What?! I wouldn't let you take me to school like that! I mean, I guess I would, since I'd be thinking like a cat, but... no! No, I wouldn't! Cats don't go to school! Cats stay home and chase mice!"
    Luan: "And fuck their sisters."
    Leni: "And fuck their- no!"
    (everyone but her starts laughing)
  • Fic!Cat!Leni depantying Fic!Luan without her friends noticing, somehow. Then again, Mr. Grouse has an explanation for this... much to Luan's disdain.
    Mr. Grouse: "'Course her friends didn't notice. You've gotta have friends first! Heh heh heh!"

Episode 5 — Tongue Tied

  • At one point, a character begins to talk dirty over a sex scene. The character? GRAMMY.

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