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In an MSTing collection of fanfic reviews being reviewed by the Loud characters themselves, there's bound to be a moment that's worth a chuckle or two.

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    Main Series 

Episode 1 — Bunking In

  • The episode begins with Lisa dissing the community by saying they have "limited brain power," and Lincoln telling her to be nice. She then continues to diss the community for the whole "nice sisters, mean sisters" thing by saying that she cannot be nice because according to the authors, she is a "mean sister."
  • In the story the siblings are reading, Fic!Lynn Sr. says that there's "been a robbery on couches." The Louds deduce this as meaning that there have been robbers breaking into homes to steal only couches, and nothing else.
    Luan: (pretending to be the burglars) "Hey, Mel, I just found a big box of jewelry! The pawn shop'll pay a fortune for this!" "Put that back, you idiot! We're just here for the couch!"
  • After one of Luan's pie gags in the story (read: just throwing the pies everywhere in the room) Fic!Luna walks out of the bathroom after a shower. Fic!Lincoln then asks if she "got the cream out of her hair." Luan and Lori start snickering over this.
  • Lisa being so much of a Grammar Nazi that she decides to rig every window in the house with a miniature explosive and detonate one of them each time the story switches from past to present tense.
  • Lisa finally reaching her breaking point when she sees the following line in Fic!Lincoln's poem: "Me is Lincoln L. Loud."
  • Lincoln's not sure what he thinks of Fic!Lincoln, who is whiny and thinks his sisters draped in towels are real ghosts, but on the other hand, can play the drums and flute and do karate in his sleep.
  • When Fic!Lincoln asks Fic!Lynn Jr. if she'd let him sleep in his room...
    Fic!Lynn: "Of course! Not after you let me stay at your room!"
    Lincoln: "Was that a yes or a no?"
    Lisa: "I don't know. I don't speak Cantbebotheredtoproofreadese."

Episode 2 — Substitute Roommate

  • Leni notices that the fanfic author's username is Bobbybooboobear and wonders if Bobby wrote it.
  • When Lincoln believes that it sounds "fishy" that Luan didn't tell Luna she was going to summer camp, Leni wonders if there'll be fish at the camp.
  • When Fic!Mr. Grouse complains about Fic!Lincoln and Fic!Luna playing ball "in a neighbourhood where you can hit people?", Lisa points out that there aren't neighbourhoods where you can't hit people and Leni brings up Mister Rogers' Neighborhood.
  • When Fic!Lincoln says, "I rather do quiet stuff!", Lisa says, "And I'd rather hear you speak properly!".
  • The kids point out that Fic!Lynn Jr.'s response to Fic!Luna and Fic!Lincoln's jam session seems more like fear than annoyance.
    Fic!Lynn: "AH! Is it over?"
    Fic!Lincoln: "What's over?"
    Fic!Lynn: "That loud music that sounded like it came from upstairs."
    Lincoln: "What?"
    Lola: "Since when is Lynn that scared of loud music?"
    Luna: "Yeah, she lives one door down from me. If she was scared of loud music, she'd have PTSD by now."
    Leni: "She'd have what now?"
    Luna: "You know, post-traumatic stress disorder. PTSD."
    Lisa: "She'd have 'pits-duh', Leni."
  • Lisa commenting that "3 AM in the morning" is redundant.
  • The kids pointing out that Fic!Lincoln went up to the basement as opposed to eating on the table.
  • Lisa commenting on how Fic!Lisa called Fic!Lola "princess". Lola says, "You should."
  • Lincoln pointing out how his fanfic counterpart hates Luna's affection and says, "I'm eleven, not six. No offense, Lola."

Episode 3 — Bad Blood

  • Lincoln drops a metric ton of Fridge Logic onto the Sister Fight Protocol, and the ensuing argument winds up breaking MrTyeDye himself, stopping the episode in its tracks.
  • Lisa points out how the author mentioned that Lincoln and Lynn were "wrestling violently", as if there's a nonviolent way to wrestle.
  • When Fic!Luan says, "It's not the best way to break the ice by breaking glass. Get it?", Lincoln and Lisa point out that, no, they don't get it.
  • When Fic!Lincoln insults Fic!Lynn for having a big butt, the real Lynn is proud of her butt and shakes it around. Everyone is grossed out except Lana, who wants a butt like Lynn's.
  • The author accidentally writes, "Rita" instead of "Lincoln".
    Lana: So Mom and Dad visited Lynn and... Mom?"

Episode 4 — Road Trip Rage

  • Fic!Lynn Sr. announces that they will pull over to use the bathroom quickly, but five minutes later, Fic!Lincoln is looking at the forest.
    Luan: "Pretty sure Dad said, 'Let's pull over and use it quickly', not 'Let's pull over, use it, and then take a minute or five to look at the scenery.'"
  • Luan keeps pointing out that the only thing Fic!Lincoln missed out on was seeing an umbrella-shaped building.
  • Lisa complains about how many times Fic!Lincoln is described as "livid".

Episode 5 — Trustworthy

  • Lincoln and Luan berate Fic!Lynn for stating a fact ("Look who's going to the Ace Savvy convention?") and using it as an insult.
  • Lily keeps trying to call the fic versions of the sisters mean, but she says, "men" instead.
    Luan: "No, no, Lily. We're girls, not men. And Lincoln isn't a man either. Well, not yet, anyway."
  • Lisa speaking in bad grammar.
  • Luan points out the weirdness of Fic!Lucy being glad that Clyde bleeds real blood.
  • When Lisa points out that the author forgot the second "D" in "granddaughters", Luan says that maybe they'll find one on Lynn's report card, causing Lynn to slug her in the arm.
  • When Lynn claims Lucy wouldn't need a costume to look like a vampire, Lucy is proud.
  • When Fic!Leni wonders if Fic!Rita is cooking and that's why she smells smoke, Lincoln points out that Lynn Sr. is the one who cooks for them.
  • When the fanfic says that Lori "gave Lincoln some first aid", Lisa claims that the author makes it sound as if "first aid" is a magic elixir.
  • After the fanfic is over, the Loud siblings are sad because it involved a fire and serious emotional bonding (and possibly Fic!Izzy and Fic!El Diablo died), they decide to go out for burgers. Lynn wants fire sauce, then adds, "Poor choice of words."

Episode 6 — The Night of Loneliness and Companionship

  • The Louds point out the ludicrousness of Fic!Lincoln being scared of Fic!Lily laughing and mistaking her teddy bear for a monster and Fic!Lily being able to roar like a monster.

Episode 7 — The Diary of a Loud

  • Lisa points out the oxymoron of Fic!Leni "choosing indecisively".
  • Lynn and Lincoln snicker when Fic!Lynn says, "Who knew I had so many balls?!".
  • Luan wonders if the author even knows what a joke is after Fic!Lynn says, "I don't get the joke" to Fic!Lucy, and Fic!Lola laughs at her own "joke", when neither Fic!Lucy nor Fic!Lola actually made jokes.
  • When Fic!Lola brings up the "diaper hitting the ceiling fan" incident from "Two Boys and a Baby", Luan says, "Well, you know what they say; sh—" but Lynn interrupts her.
  • Luan jokes that she "wood" never expect even Lana to be able to build a stage in two hours.

Episode 8 — One Angry Person

  • Lincoln complaining about a whiny, mean wimp version of himself.
    Lincoln: '"Oh, boy" is right. [Looks into the camera] Guys, I don't know how many times I have to say this, but… I don't hate my sisters. I don't hate living here. I love it, and I love them. [Turns back to the TV] Okay, let's just hope that sinks in.'
    Lincoln: 'Oh, no. Not this Lincoln again. (to Lucy) The Lincoln who does nothing but cry and mope because he thinks he's the biggest victim who ever lived. Where are authors even getting this from?! I don't do that! That's not what I'm like!'
    Lincoln: 'Are Lori and I just competing to see who can be more awful?'
    Lincoln: 'If I did all that, I wouldn't blame you for wanting to pulverize me. Hell, I'd want to pulverize me.'
    Lincoln: 'I know I've said this before, but this isn't me. This isn't my attitude. [Looks from side to side] You guys know I love all of you, right? Equally?'
    Lincoln: 'So I spend half the story treating my family like garbage, and I get rewarded with toys, video games and merchandise. What's the moral of this story, exactly? Check that: toys, video games, merchandise and breakfast. Check that: toys, video games, merchandise, breakfast and a homemade costume.'
  • Lincoln wonders if he's "turned Australian" after fic!Lincoln says, "Oi!".
  • Leni accidentally says, "compressed" instead of "complex".
  • Lisa and Lincoln wondered why fic!Lincoln stopped being upset after realizing he was in Fic!Lori and Fic!Leni's room.
  • Leni says, "First born, first serve" to Lori because Lori was born first and has to serve her first.
  • On the capitalization of the word "science".
    Lisa: "Apparently, all of my experiments are done for the benefit of a person named 'Science'. Either that or the author doesn't understand how proper nouns work."
  • After fic!Lincoln gives fic!Lynn a "viscous" response...
    Lisa: "Then, Lincoln's flesh melted into a thick, dense, sticky fluid. Because that's what 'viscous' means."
    Leni: "I thought 'viscous' was that weird frisbee they use at the Olympics."
    Lisa: "That's a discus."

Episode 10 — Whipped

  • After Fic!Lori expresses annoyance at Fic!Luna's kind gesture early in the story:
    Lori: Well, I don't know if I'd phrase it quite like that, but I do think other me has a point here.
    Leni: Hmm? How so? Don't you care for Lincoln, too?
    Lori: Of course I do. But when I decide to do something nice for him, I don't try to make a show out of it and announce to everyone how caring I am. I just do it.
    Lisa: "And when you pray, do not be like the hypocrites. For they love to pray standing in the synagogues and on the street corners to be seen by men. Truly I tell you, they already have their reward." - Matthew 6:5.
    Everyone gives Lisa a funny look.
    Lisa: What?! I'm not allowed to have interests beyond science?!
  • A few minutes later Fic!Luna and Fic!Leni decide to take Fic!Lincoln to the mall for a "day of fun"
    Lincoln: You know, if you want to give me a "day of fun", I can think of a few other places I'd rather go than the mall.
    Luna: What, like a rock concert?
    Luan: Or a comedy show!
    Lynn: Or a basketball game!
    Lucy: Or a cemetery.
    Lola: Or a toy store!
    Lana: Or a petting zoo!
    Lisa: Or a science museum!
    Lily: Play-gand!
    Lincoln: Girls, girls, girls. You're all thinking about places that you like to go to. Try thinking of what I like.
    All of them stop and think for a few moments.
    Lori: The... video game... factory?
    Lincoln: Close enough.
  • The Fic!Sisters are intentionally clogging the toilet:
    Lori: Oh, great idea! Let's clog the only toilet in the whole house so nobody can use it!
    Lana: Well, to be fair, we'd probably be unclogging it right afterwards. You know, after we trick Lincoln into thinking he did it. That way we'd have a usable toilet and he'd still be our slave. It's a win-win!
    Lincoln: Will you listen to yourself?!
  • Leni being teased by an imaginary Leni about not having her driver's license.
  • Lana pointing out that you can't clog a toilet with your pee.

Episode 11 — Lynn's Bruised Hand, My First Fanfic, I Know it's Really Bad, and Stuffed Anger

  • Lynn pointing out that her fic counterpart is overreacting about a bruised hand.
    Lynn: (after Fic!Lynn wants to go to the doctor) "For a bruise?!"
    Lynn: (when Lincoln suggests that Fic!Lynn is afraid of being put out of commission) "As if! I've been hurt way worse than that. There was the time I got hit in the face with a baseball and broke my nose, the time I skateboarded into a stone wall, the time I took a bad fall at a roller derby and my hand got run over, the time I tore my ACL playing soccer, the time I dove into the shallow end of the pool and cracked my head on the bottom... (five minutes later) ...the time I took a suplex the wrong way and almost broke my neck, the time I got tackled in rugby and busted up my elbow... I still have the scar from that last one, by the way. Oh! And the time that I..." (keeps rambling)
    Lynn: "Okay, no. I wouldn't spend days sitting in a stupid bush waiting for my boo-boo to go away. If anything, I'd just go home."
    Lynn: "Wha... it's just a bruised hand! I can still run, and jump, and throw, and do one-handed catches, and... it's a bruised hand!"
    Lynn: "Would've been better if I wasn't written as some kind of wimpy sad-sack."
  • Lisa pointing out that "There, you are Bun-Bun" sounds like Fic!Lincoln is reminding Bun-Bun that he is, in fact, Bun-Bun.
  • Lynn misplaces some of her possessions, including a ball which ends up in Lana's mouth.

Episode 12 — An Older Remedy for a Younger Heart

  • Lisa points out that the story was written with "all the subtlety of a hammer to the gonads", which makes Lincoln and Ronnie Anne snicker.
  • Lori pointing out that fic!Lincoln apparently doesn't know what sunscreen is.

Episode 13 — In Memory of a Mascot

  • When Luna claims that the best pizza in The United States Of America is in New York, Lana wants to go there, and at the end of the story, they do.
  • The Louds point out that Maddie isn't as energetic as she says.
  • One announcer says that the game has been canceled and the second one just says, "So go home."
    Luna: "A little blunt there, eh, Announcer Two?"
    Lincoln: "Kinda sounds like what Lucy would say if she was making that announcement."
    Lucy: "You're not wrong."

Episode 14 — Nolan's Birthday

  • Lincoln is confused when fic!Lana claims she loves being purple. Leni points out that she gets melted grape popsicle all over her, but Lincoln says that Lana likes being messy, not purple.
  • Luan complains about fic!Luan wangsting about Nolan being older than her.
    Luan: "Really? I'm gonna get all broken up because one of my friends isn't the same age as me? That doesn't even make sense."
    Luan: "Like what? What can a fifteen-year-old do that a fourteen-year-old can't?"
    Luan: "Ugh, this is ridiculous. Even if he was my best friend in the whole world, I wouldn't care if he was one year older than me."
    Luan: "We're really still going with this, huh? Forget "best friend": this kid must be my entire universe."
    Luan: "You know, it makes me wonder. How good a friend can he really be if I expect him to desert me just because he's not the exact same age as me?"
    Luan: "Excuse me while I go bang my head against the wall."
  • Luan thinks it's weird that Nolan kissed fic!Luan on the cheek despite being a platonic friend. Lincoln points out that platonic friends kiss in France, to which Luan says, "Well, this is America!". Fireworks then go off and "The Star-Spangled Banner" plays.
  • When Nolan invites the neighbours and the McBrides to his birthday party, Lola rhetorically asks, "Who's next? Bobby and Ronnie Anne?". Then, they do show up.
    Lola: "I was kidding!"

Episode 15 — Cringeworthy

  • Lily gets offended when Luna claims nursery rhymes are not a genre.
  • Leni gets "schadenfreude" and "Sigmund Freud" confused.
  • As a response to the fanfic using "mouse" as an insult, the Louds come up with animals for them to pretend to be. Leni chooses a hobo, because humans are animals.

Episode 16 — Model Brother

  • Lisa says that she expects to see some prose because of the author's lack of descriptions. Leni says, "But not too many cons."

Episode 17 — Luck

  • When Mr. TyeDye asks what sort of mascot suit gets ruined by salt water, Epsilon replies, "The kind that is set in place conveniently for the sake of drama".
  • When Fic!Lola wants to use Lincoln as a good luck charm even though she always wins.
    Epsilon: (mimicking Fic!Lola) "I feel like acting a bit less confident in my skills today. So you gotta roll with the punches while I win another pageant I'd obviously win before. Okay, Linky?"
    Engineer: "Canon Lola would be insulted."
    Mr. TyeDye: "Canon everyone would be insulted."
  • The guys take out a "Fanfic Character Portrayed as a Jackass Meter" and it goes from "Ronnie Anne in A Night to Forget" (because she wasn't bad), to "Lynn in Anger Management", to "Everyone except Leni and Luna in Whipped" to "Chandler in everything else ever" to finally "Lincoln in Lincoln is Done."
  • Mr. TyeDye references the song "Barbie Girl", which Epsilon hates so much he runs away.
  • When Mr. TyeDye gets annoyed by the bad grammar, he remarks, "My Lisa is showing".
    • Sophia says that, "It sounds like things are really rough with your family right now", to which Mr. TyeDye responds, "So rough that she didn't bother to end her sentence with a period."
  • Mr. TyeDye calls Fic!Lincoln "The Flash" because he runs out of the house and only a few minutes later, the parents need to use Vanzilla. Later, when Mr. TyeDye points out that it took Fic!Lincoln five minutes to tell his "long story", Engineer says, "You did say he was the Flash."
  • When Fic!Lincoln hopes his family doesn't find him...
    Epsilon: "Because now that their heads were miraculously cleared due to my rant, they may recognize my whiny fanon persona and Lucy'll perform some satanic ritual to cleanse me... Wait a second. Maybe I do want that to happen."
    Kirby: "If that happens, I'm gonna watch while eating nachos."
    Mr. TyeDye: "May I have some too?"
  • Mr. TyeDye points out the ludicrousness of the "Luna is Lincoln's guardian" thing and eventually, he jokingly claims that Mr. Coconuts is.
  • Wild Kirby calls characters "Luny-Girl", "Lynny-Girl", and "Linky-Boi".
    Mr. TyeDye: "What's with you and using someone's gender as some kind of suffix?"

Episode 18 — Hughs and Kisses

  • Lincoln rolls his eyes at his sisters fawning over Hugh and says, "You said it," when Lily says, "Poo-poo."
  • Lily joins in on Lincoln scolding Luna for fawning over Ms. Dimartino.
  • Lincoln disapproves of Fic!Hugh saying, "Get it away from me!" about Lily because it's weird expecting sexual advances from a baby and he called Lily an "it".
  • Lori finds the idea of "British standup" weird. While there are British standup comedians, you wouldn't call a German person operating on you "German surgery".

Episode 19 — Snowmageddon

  • When Lana wonders why all fic!Luan's sisters chickened out but Fic!Lincoln didn't, she claims she's braver than him. Lincoln admits that she usually is, until she needs a shot. Lana freaks out, thinking he said she needs one now.
  • Lana and Luan wondering why we bake cookies and cook bacon.
  • When fic!Lincoln calls fic!Luan an evil enchantress, Lana says, "Be careful- If you look in her eyes, she'll put you in trances", referencing a song from My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic.
  • Luan criticizes fic!Luan for being an incompetent prankster, even when she's acting evil.
  • When the fic calls Lori "the Lori", they imagine her as a wrestler.
  • Lynn wonders why fic!Lincoln is so "muscle-savvy", going on about his "hammies" and his "glutes".

Episode 20 — Fury of Lincoln Loud

  • When fic!Lori claims that fic!Lincoln is the reason things go wrong...
    Lucy: "You heard it here, folks. Lincoln is confirmed to be literally Satan."
    Leni: "So LINCOLN is who you pray to every night. Ahh, I understand now."
    Lola: "Lincoln apparently creates all of the other problems across the globe too."
    Lisa: "Stockmarket crashes!"
    Luan: "Electing Donald Trump as president!"
    Luna: "Chick-fil-A's anti-LGBT views!"
    Lana: "7 11!"
    Lori: "I think you meant 9/11, Lana."
    Lana: "No, I mean 7 11. Their overpriced Slurpees blow monkey chunks."
  • Ronnie Anne apparently knows more bad words than Lincoln.
  • When Lynn claims she can pick her nose with her big toe, Lana is impressed.

Episode 21 — Truth or Dairy?

  • Luan and Lola pointing out the awkwardness of inviting one's parents for 'Truth or Dare?'.
  • Lincoln says, "Which one of us is white?" about the white spot on the spinner. Luan says, "We all are!".
  • Lisa pointing out how the logistics of the bath scene don't work— Fic!Lana's behind the tub despite it being against the wall and yet she's still able to close the door.
  • Lola criticizing the "Truth" questions for not being embarrassing enough.

Episode 22 — A Second Chance

  • Lisa, Lana, and Lori talking about why "invaluable" means "valuable".
    Lisa: That advice would have been invaluable a couple of days prior.
    Lana: What are you talking about? I think it really would have helped him.
    Lisa: That's what I said.
    Lana: No it isn't. You said it wouldn't be valuable.
    Lisa: No, I said it would be invaluable. "Invaluable" means "valuable".
    Lana: That doesn't make any sense.
    Lori: Actually, it does. When something is "valuable", it has worth. If it's invaluable, it means that its worth is too massive to measure. It's like the difference between "ordinary" and "extraordinary".
    Lisa: [Gawks at Lori] Wha... you... how did you...
    Lori: Looked it up on my phone while you two were talking.
  • Ronnie Anne's response to fic!Ronnie Anne being called a "certain someone" is "Who am I, Voldemort?".
  • Even Grammy starts aww-ing at Lincoln and Ronnie Anne.
  • Lori and Lana point out that the story said, "Frozen threats".
    Lana: "'Gimme some ice cream or I'll slug ya!'"

Episode 23 — The Sleeping Boy

  • When the Louds are wondering what fic!Leni's handy object is, Luan suggests her "handyman" and takes out a handyman mini-figure.
  • Leni thinks "narcoleptic" means doing drugs.
  • Leni demonstrates all the different ways she can carry Lincoln.
  • Luan's joke that she knows the basics about chemistry "and the acidics".
  • Grammy asks for a goodnight kiss.

Episode 24 — Lincoln Betrays Lucy

  • Lola claims that if you don't tease your sister for dressing up as a horse, you've failed as a sibling, and later Lana claims that she has special privileges for teasing Lola longer than a week because they're twins.
  • Lana claims she feels dirty and "usually likes feeling dirty, but not like this".

Episode 25 — Melancholinc

Episode 26 — Class Night

  • Lincoln describes class night as "like prom night, but lamer".
  • Apparently, Liam doesn't believe in evolution and used to think the moon was a star and bats were bugs. Lisa is not impressed.
  • Apparently Lori didn't stop singing "boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider" until she was in high school. She tries to defend herself by claiming she sang it "ironically".

Halloween Special — Attack of the 50-Foot Sister

  • When fic!Lucy disappears, so does the real Lucy.
    Lincoln: That wasn't a request for a demonstration, Lucy.
  • Luan calls fic!giant!Lynn a "brick skyscraper".
  • When they think Grammy is trying to kill them (it was really a prank), they say, "We love you!". At the end, he says, "Did you mean it when you said you loved me?".

Episode 27 — Loud House Jokes and A Town Hates a Boy

  • The main story has so many plot holes, Lisa thinks the perfume must warp reality.
  • Lisa pointing out that the "step on a crack, break your mother's back" rhyme is "cheerfully morbid".
  • Lincoln makes an Accidental Pun about a situation related to his scent being "on the nose".
  • When fic!Rita says, "Where's my baby?" referring to Fic!Lincoln, Lily waves.
  • The main story has got to be the biggest example of Black Comedy the Louds have read up to this point. Among other things:
    • Fic!Lily tries to stab Fic!Lincoln with a broken baby bottle.
    Lola: How did she break her bottle? I thought those were made of plastic
    • Fic!Lola is completely unfazed by A knife getting stuck in her hair
    Fic!Lola: Thanks, but I prefer a comb.
    Lincoln: That's how you react after almost being stabbed in the face?!
    • Fic!Lynn's earlier attempt to kill Fic!Lincoln resulted in her flying out the window. She manages to escape injury by landing on Fic!Rita, only to end up drinking the rat poison Fic!Lynn Sr. used in his own murder attempt.
    Lori: Well Lynn's dead.
    • Finally, the last major attempt on Fic!Lincoln's life shown is foiled Clouseau-Style: He ducks just as a tank fires it's shot, which ends up blowing up another assailant. Fic!Lincoln is barely perturbed by this.
    Fic!Lincoln: Very strange...
    Lori: A man just died in front of you, Lincoln. "Very strange" is kind of an understatement in this situation.

The PTTFW Christmas Special — Secret Santa

  • The very first joke of the Special
    Lincoln: Today, we'll be looking at a Christmas-themed story about us, from one of the top authors in the fandom!
    Lucy: I heard he once wrote a story about you dying.
    Lincoln: He what?!
  • After Ronnie Anne's Big Damn Kiss, Lincoln's sisters have a collective Freak Out. When Lincoln tries to get back to the story, Grammy has one as well.
    • The dual Squee! from Lori and Leni being so high-pitched that it affects Charles.

Episode 28 — The Bestie Who Stole My Heart

  • Ronnie Anne apparently learnt about parrots' mating rituals from Sergio.
  • Everyone's disgusted response to Fic!Sergio sleep-apologising to Fic!Frida for catching her having sex with Fic!Carlos.
  • Sid once texted Ronnie Anne at night to ask why they don't make chocolate butter.
  • Sid accidentally saying, "fascist" instead of "facetious".

Episode 29 — The Baby I Learned to Love

  • Lucy makes up a whole story about how when she was a toddler, her parents tried to give her pacifier away, only for it to keep coming back, and she never gave it up. She then starts sucking on a pacifier... only for Lynn to point out that it didn't really happen and the pacifier is Lily's. Lucy complains that Lynn is "no fun".
  • Lori points out that Fic!Toddler!Lynn is a hypocrite for saying Fic!Baby!Lincoln is a glutton, since the real Lynn learnt how to raid the fridge as soon as she could walk.

    After Dark 

Episode 1 — Property Of Luan Loud

  • All of Mr. Grouse's commentary while he throws shade at both the story and the people he's reviewing it with.
    Mr. Grouse: Eh, that's the internets for ya. Every weirdo with an ISP can show the world how weird he is, and every other weirdo with an ISP gets to congratulate him for it. It's the age we live in.
    Mr. Grouse: (about Fic!Cat!Leni bumping chests with Fic!Luan) Kind of like slammin' a couple of beanbags on an ironing board, isn't it?
    Mr. Grouse: (after hearing Lisa installed a spy camera in the bathroom) You people are a circus.
    Mr. Grouse: Is this what my life has become? Sitting on a couch with my neighbors reading someone's furry jailbait fantasy?
    Mr. Grouse: Eh? No, today's parents are fine. Your parents are a couple of jokes.
    Mr. Grouse: "Hey, Buddy, how did you spend your weekend?" "Oh, you know, I went over to my neighbors' house and read a dirty story about one of them turning into a cat and nailing her sister!"
  • The twins trying to be sneaky and sticking around to hear the story, by hiding behind the couch. Lori catches them before they start reading, though.
  • Mr. Grouse saying that when he was a teenager, if he swore his father would wash his mouth out with soap... and then he would punch his father in the balls.
  • During Leni's objection to Fic!Cat!Leni coming to school with Luan:
    Leni: "What?! I wouldn't let you take me to school like that! I mean, I guess I would, since I'd be thinking like a cat, but... no! No, I wouldn't! Cats don't go to school! Cats stay home and chase mice!"
    Luan: "And fuck their sisters."
    Leni: "And fuck their- no!"
    (everyone but her starts laughing)
  • Fic!Cat!Leni swiping Fic!Luan's panties without her friends noticing, somehow. Then again, Mr. Grouse has an explanation for this... much to Luan's disdain.
    Mr. Grouse: "'Course her friends didn't notice. You've gotta have friends first! Heh heh heh!"

Episode 3 — Diary of Luan Loud

  • Luna wonders where Fic!Lynn hid the basketball she took to church and wonders if it was up her rectum.
    Luan: "I guess then it'd be a buttsketball!"
  • Leni doesn't know what "eating out" means.
    Leni: "What? I like eating out, too! Who doesn't? Chinese is my favourite."
    Luna: "Pretty sure she's not talkin' about Chinese food, sis."
    Leni: "So, Thai, then? Or Italian? Or (Luna whispers in her ear) Oh... oh my God..."
  • Benny points out that the line "playing with Hitler" (referring to a cat named that) is funny out of context.
  • Lori claims that Bobby isn't that big, which grosses Luna out.

Episode 5 — Tongue Tied

  • At one point, a character begins to talk dirty over a sex scene. The character? GRAMMY.
  • Luna and Sam try to make the other as flustered as possible.

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