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     In A Minute 
My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic
  • "A Flurry of Emotions in Six Minutes" is a mix of this and pure cuteness, as it mainly consists of Lily going into Squee! mode every second Flurry Heart is on screen.
    Lily: She's walking! And she's like a pupper! OH MY GOD, SOMEONE PINCH ME, THIS CAN'T BE REAL!
  • Lily continues cooing over baby ponies in both It Isn't The Mane Thing About You and Once Upon A Zeppelin.
    Lily: I see da babu! We’re in for a good time!
  • Rock Solid Friendship in Nine Minutes opens with Lily mocking a reactionary response to a previous week's Glass of Water video by comparing it to an angry bulldog.
    "Aw, is the little rage-bitch having a tantrum because I blew the lid on his absolute nonsense? I think he is! Look at this bulldog puppy! He's so mad, just like you."
  • The funniest bit in Fluttershy Leans In in Seven Minutes comes not from Lily, but from Lizzy.
    Fluttershy: So while I appreciate your efforts, I no longer require your services.
  • From Hard to Say Anything in Eight Minutes, there's the Running Gag of Lily pointing out all the lesbian subtext regarding Sweetie Belle, culminating in this line at the end when the CMC offer to help Feather Bangs woo a trio of girls. Also in Hard to Say Anything Lily remarks that their plan for Big Mac to kiss a sleeping Sugar Belle is three felonies at once, and Big Mac's outfit is two of them.
    And that evening, the mission was a failure, and Sweetie Belle went home with three girlfriends.
  • During "The Perfect Pear in Five Minutes", Lily has this to say about Billy's anti-shipping attitude:
    Lily: Drink in the adorableness, and take the stick out of your ass, and then clean it, and then put it back where you found it, and stop taking my sticks!
  • Lily comes to a horrifying realization about Starlight in Uncommon Bond in Seven Minutes.
    "How did you even make friends in the first place? Have you just been quietly mind controlling ponies to think... oh my god, that is what she's been doing!"
  • Upon Rarity's line of "Luxury cruises never sink!" in "Pony Point of View in Five Minutes", Lily tries to play the theme from Titanic, until she's told that copyrighted. Undeterred, she gets out a kazoo and plays the theme on it. She's still doing it during the end credits.

Steven Universe

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

Lois & Clark

  • In “I’m Looking Through You in Five Minutes”, Clark gets a phone call at his apartment, but since Lois is there and he’s Superman at the moment, he tells her that it’s Clark Kent on the phone with him. After a bit of small talk, he hangs up. It then cuts to a very confused Martha Kent on the other end. Cue Lily laughing so hard she falls out of her seat.
  • From "Vatman in Nine Minutes", when Lois is talking to Clark about her encounter with Clone!Superman:
    Lois: He smirked at me! Superman doesn't smirk!
    Lily: Excuse me? Superman smirks all the fucking time on this show! Where have you been, lady?!
  • This bit from "Barbarians at The Planet in Seven Minutes". Lois, you're not fooling anyone.
    Superman: There are things about me that you don't know! That... you may never know.
    Lois Lane: What does it matter? I know you! And I don't mean "you" the celebrity, or "you" the superhero. If you had no powers at all, if you were just an ordinary man leading an ordinary life... I would love you just the same!
    Lily and Lizzy: BULLSHIT!
  • From "The House of Luthor in Eight Minutes":
    Lois: You know, it's not just my family. Not one of the people I thought I was closest to is coming [to the wedding].
    Lily: Lois, that should be the red flag. Clark's not going because he thinks Luthor is the devil, the others aren't going, MAYBE YOU SHOULD CHECK FOR HORNS!
    • From the same episode, Lily’s reaction to right as Lois is about to tell Clark about her Love Epiphany, he tells her that his Love Confession to her in the previous episode was just an attempt to get her to change her mind about marrying Luthor, but the audience sees him doing a Lying Finger Cross.
    Lily: Just... just fuck you!

     Glass of Water 
  • "An Open Letter to Tommy Oliver" starts off with the regular intro, but only one sentence is said throughout the entire video, and then ends. That sentence being...
  • Revenge of the Clop Drawer closes on Lily going on a full shipping rant about Magneto and Professor X that plays over the credits. This is repeated in Cold Blooded Killer as she rants over the credits about how the Star Wars Prequels are over-hated.
  • The stinger for Seventy Times Seven.
    "The point of today's video is that I'm a professional and that... I'm right about Starlight and you're not because fuck you. Now gimme money!"
  • The moment in Light's Wrath where Lily realizes that the episode failed to do the one thing it said it would do.
    "Although considering that this is Starlight's dream and not Celestia's, maybe shamelessly ripping crappy fan designs was-ACTUALLY WAIT A MINUTE THIS IS STARLIGHT'S DREAM! SO THIS ISN'T EVEN A REFLECTION ON CELESTIA, IT'S MORE OF A REFLECTION ON STARLIGHT'S PARANOIA OF FAILING!"
  • While probably unintentional, the length of certain videos can be entertaining.
    • Salt and Sanctimony's duration is 13:37.
    • All Hail Dark Mother's duration is 12:34
  • In Top 5 of Season 7, Lily's 3rd Best slot is mostly taken up by ranting about how Hasbro is aggressively pushing Starlight in everyone's faces. Then this happens.
    Hasbro: Sorry! Would twenty minutes of Flurry Heart babbling at the camera help you stomach our distasteful attitude?"
    Lily: "Yes! ...You fucking pricks."
  • In a meta sense, Kaboom. The first glimpse anyone got of it was in a mashup video where the thumbnail was shown. Simply by the title many people thought it would be a video about Josh Scorcher in a similar vein to Horse Famous and An Artist Meltdown Story. Lily did not say a single word about it for months and the episode finally went up on April Fools Day. It was about clowns.
  • While discussing Little Witch Academia, Lily says that while she's not a fan of Japanese cartoons, she does think they do one thing well. Billy enters, leading to this exchange.
    Billy: Pornography?
    (long beat where Lily gives Billy a Death Glare)
    Lily: Comedy.
  • "Joyful Energy" is Lily spending twelve minutes gushing about how much she likes Kingdom Hearts. She includes a cutscene from Kingdom Hearts III where Woody from Toy Story tells Young Xehanort to "put Buzz back the way he was, then get lost." The video pauses to play the Final Fantasy victory fanfare, complete with a caption in all caps:


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