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For funny moments not from the abridged series: panels, interviews, chats etc.

  • Prank calling people in character on his livechat sessions.
    • He leaves almost an entire rendition of "Leather Pants" on someone's answering machine.
    Marik We want gay Gordon's pants!
    • As Marik, trying to order a KEDAAAH.
    • Calling a Brooklyn pizza place and asking for a job as Joey.
  • He and some friends read "Sonic Fights Robotnik" aloud.
  • Vic Mignogna trying to get him to do an Ed "short" rant.
  • At a panel at AVCon 2011, he answered a question in Tristan's voice. The question; 'Do you and your former replacement voice still in touch?' The answer; "No, he's dead."
    • This was immediately followed by a question for Hank Ishtar, "How is your snake doing?" "He's dead. Why do you keep asking me about people who are dead?"
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    • Also from AVCon 2011 - as Hank Ishtar, he said something characteristically dismissive about Marik. Cue a girl cosplaying as Marik complaining. Little Kuriboh stared at her incredulously for a couple of moments, then said as Hank, "What am I, Doctor Phil?!"
  • From Wha-Chow. Also lampshaded as being Crazy Awesome, The Vagina Monologues.
  • His whole comedy roast at Youmacon 2011. He and his wife show up completely wasted off of tequila, and he can't help but randomly shout lines over and over.
    "It's funny because he's shit! It's funny because he sucks! I'm drunk! You're dead! Gimme the microphone! Kill Masako! Shut the fuck up!"
  • Marik plays Bloodlines.
  • Him beating the crap out of The Nostalgia Critic for reviewing Ponyo.
  • The Neon Genesis Evangelion One-Shot. All. Of. It.
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  • The legendary mask incident.
  • Yami plays Fallout 3 The whole damn thing.
    LK: Oh, hi there! How's it going? You're probably wondering why I'm doing this and not making a new episode of Yugioh Abridged. Well, funny story about that. F**k you and don't ever question me again.
  • His Let's Play series of Slender: The Arrival is full of off-color commentary and references, but the funniest element by far is his portrayal of the Slenderman as an annoying friend that nobody likes but who is always trying to hang out.
  • His over-dramatic Patreon video where he talks about his colitis. The doctor keeps reminding him he's not dying but he and Marianne keep sobbing soap opera style.
    Doctor: YOU'RE NOT DYING. YOU JUST CAN'T POOP SO GOOD. (beat) Friggin YouTubers...
  • During A-Kon 24, a fan asked him if he would make a reference to Yugi having diabetes. As evident by his reaction this was the first time he had heard anything about the idea of Yugi being diabetic.

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