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James Bond (or James Bond 007) is a long-running Spy Fiction multimedia franchise that originated with the novels of British author Ian Fleming and became a pop culture landmark, in large part thanks to a long-running series of theatrical films that started in The '60s and continues to this day. It is centered around James Bond, codename 007, a British secret service agent who accomplishes mission in service of Her Majesty, beating up bad guys and seducing women along the way.

The franchise is the property of Danjaq, LLC, the company owned by the Broccoli family, the producers of the film series via the subsidiary Eon Productions.



  • James Bond, the series of novels and short stories started by Fleming in 1953 and reprised by other writers since his death in 1964.

Live-Action Films:

  • James Bond, the film franchise by Eon Productions based on Fleming's works. Starting in 1962, it's currently counting 24 films, with a 25th to be released.
  • Two theatrical James Bond films were produced outside of the Eon series by other studios:

Live-Action TV:

  • Casino Royale (1954), the first screen adaptation of James Bond, as a one-hour episode of the Climax! TV anthology series.


Pinball Games:

Radio Dramas:

  • Moonraker (Springbok Radio, South Africa, 1950s)
  • You Only Live Twice (BBC Radio 4, UK, 1990)
  • BBC Radio 4 radio dramas with Toby Stephens as James Bond:
    • Dr. No (2008)
    • Goldfinger (2010)
    • From Russia With Love (2012)
    • On Her Majesty's Secret Service (2014)
    • Diamonds Are Forever (2015)
    • Moonraker (2018)
    • Live and Let Die (2019)


Tabletop RPG:

  • James Bond 007, published by Victory Games (part of Avalon Hill) starting in 1983. Won many awards and was for a time the most popular espionage RPG. Arguments between Victory Games and Danjaq LLC resulted in it ceasing publication in 1987.

Video Games:

Western Animation:

Alternative Title(s): James Bond 007 The Stealth Affair, James Bond 007


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