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Toby Stephens (born 21 April 1969) is an English stage, television and film actor.

He is known for the roles of Bond villain Gustav Graves in Die Another Day (for which he was nominated for the Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actor), Edward Fairfax Rochester in a BBC miniseries adaptation of Jane Eyre and for his role as Captain Flint in Black Sails. Stephens is also a lead in the new version of Lost in Space on Netflix.

Oh, and... he got to play James Bond himself, in the BBC Radio 4 dramas that were directly adapted from Ian Fleming's books. And his Die Another Day co-star Rosamund Pike joined him as Pussy Galore in the radio adaptation of Goldfinger. He also plays Philip Marlowe for their Chandler series.

He is the son of actors Maggie Smith and Robert Stephens.


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