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Barbara Dana Broccoli (born June 18, 1960 in Los Angeles) is a London-based Italian-American movie and stage producer.

Together with her half-brother Michael G. Wilson, she is the current owner of Eon Productions, the company behind the James Bond film franchise that her father Albert R. "Cubby" Broccoli created, since 1995. She has been assisting her father in it as far back as 1983. She is the daughter of Dana Natol Broccoli, the ex-wife of actor Lewis Wilson (Michael's father).

Perhaps Barbara's biggest impact on the franchise has been her decision to cast Daniel Craig as James Bond, a move that was divisively received upon announcement but ultimately paid off when Casino Royale was released to critical and audience acclaim across the board, with further films cementing him in the role.

She also produced several stage plays, some of them to great success such as the screen to stage adaptations of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang and Chariots of Fire.


Films she has produced:

Tropes applying to her works:

  • Creator Cameo: Unlike her half-brother Michael G. Wilson who has showed up as extra in every Bond movie released since The Spy Who Loved Me, she doesn't seem to be fond of appearing in them. She did however appear as one of the opera patrons in The Living Daylights, when she was assistant producer to her father.
  • invokedDarkhorse Casting: One of the most famous examples in 21st century film history happened when she chose Daniel Craig, who was an up-and-coming actor that few would have believed to be a great fit for James Bond. The backlash was quite significant whe he was announced, but it all died down when Casino Royale was released to critical acclaim and broke franchise box office records.
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  • Something Completely Different: The Rhythm Section (2019) is the first non-James Bond film she has produced since she took over Eon Productions in 1995.


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