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IO Interactive (or "IOI" as they're better known by) is a Danish video game developer based in Copenhagen. Founded in September 1998 from a merger between the demoscene-born Reto-Moto and the established studio Nordisk Film, their debut title was Hitman: Codename 47 released in 2000, and though they are mostly known for the games in the Hitman franchise, they have occasionally branched out into different series throughout their history.

The developer was acquired by Eidos Interactive in 2004, whom they remained under until Eidos itself was bought out by Square Enix in 2009. They remained a Square subsidiary until May 2017, when they were let go as a result of Square seeing Hitman (2016)'s sales numbers as poor, and IOI became an independent company with the Freedom Fighters and Hitman game rights coming with IOI intact a month later, with the Mini Ninjas and Kane & Lynch game rights going to Square Enix. The developer are an independent company, but use Warner Bros. as a publisher, currently responsible for publishing Hitman 2. Hitman 3 will be their first ever self-published game.


IOI are notable for working closely with porting house Feral Interactive ever since 2009, who have ported their games over to other OS's, with ports of Mini Ninjas, Hitman: Absolution and Hitman (2016) being made for Mac OS X, and the latter game also getting the company's first ever (and currently only) Linux Port.

Jesper Kyd would often work as their in-house composer throughout much of their early history. Niels Bye Nielsen took up that mantle beginning with Hitman (2016).


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