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Feral Interactive is a London-Based (UK) team of around 100 employee's started up in 1996, and are ostensibly a Porting House catered towards larger companies for hire, so that Feral can port clients' games to other platforms. The studio originally stuck to only porting games to Apple Macs in the late 90's to the early noughties.

This changed when Valve released its attempt at making a Debian-Based Linux Distribution, called SteamOS in 2012, which prompted Feral Interactive to start publishing games for the Linux Market too, while still publishing ports to macOS, often in simultaneous releases, though there have been a few exceptions. Keeping with the mobile theme, the publishing house sometimes makes iPad and Android ports too.

Their portfolio consists of wide palette of games such as XCOM 2, almost the entirety of the LEGO Adaptation Game franchise, and had a somewhat interesting collaboration relationship with Square Enix, with Feral releasing ports of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and Rise of the Tomb Raider in late 2016 and early 2018 respectively, of which the latter is updated regularly. In 2017, the porting house started to move away from making OpenGL ports, and instead focusing their efforts on getting games ported with Vulkan instead, especially on Linux, to make porting games easier, going so far as to make games, such as Rise of the Tomb Raider and F1 2017 require it.


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