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     Asia-Pacific Alliance 
After becoming the dominant world power after the USA was forced into isolation from the GLA invasion of Europe, and seemingly destroying the GLA, China has become complacent: while ruling all of it's former territory along with a unified Korea, the resurgent European Union has effectively expelled China's influence of it's continent, and more aggressive moves by both the EU and a resurrected GLA have been challenging China's complacent power. If the APA wishes to keep a hold of its former glory, it must be quick and decisive in crushing these uprisings.

Classic General Xiao "Taskmaster" Ri

Xiao Ri is the foremost General in the armies of the Asia-Pacific Alliance. He is an experienced military leader who rose to prominence during the First GLA War, leading the occupation and pacification of a GLA-blighted Europe. In peacetime, Xiao became a key figure in the formation of the Asia-Pacific Alliance, suppressing dissent, driving rebels from APA lands and keeping peace at any cost. His actions allowed the initially fragile coalition to solidify into a global superpower it is today.

Nuclear General Ma "1000 Suns" Shen

Ma Shen was raised in unusual circumstances; his great-grandfather witnessed the US nuclear strike on Nagasaki and in turn was instilled with a terror of atomic weapons. Returning to his native China, he retreated to a bunker deep in the wilderness where he and his descendants would raise their families. By the time of Shen's birth, the bunker expanded into a large underground complex. Raised and schooled there, he inherited the absolute terror of nuclear warfare that had so blighted his family. As he reached adulthood, he realized he could no longer be ruled by his terror and set out to embrace, applying to serve in the first APA Atomic Warfare Division. The military choose to overlook Shen's obvious psychological issues and accepted him into the corps. Fifteen years later, Shen mastered his fear and now leads the Atomic Warfare group. His great-grandfather, he believes, would be proud.

  • BFG: Has access to the Sunstorm Artillery, an even bigger gun than the Thunderfist Artillery.
  • Expy: Fulfils the same role as Zero hour's General Tsing Shi Tao
  • Irony: His ancestors were CrazySurvivalists who feared a nuclear apocalypse. Now, he's in charge of enough nuclear warheads to cause the apocalypse they were fearing.
  • Nuke 'em

Urban Combat General Park "Beast" Kang-Dae

Tales of Park 'The Beast' Kang-Dae reverberate throughout the APA military, and while the exploits described vary, the core elements of each story remain the same - intense urban combat, horrific bloodshed and a hard fought victory for the APA side. General Park is much storied, much feared leader of the "Bloody 9th", the APA's specialist Urban Combat division, a group famed for their ability to brutally cleanse the city of enemy presence, leaving little more than spattered blood and eerie silence in their wake. The Beast is a master of both armed and un-armed combat, a skilled tactician and an utterly remorseless presence on the battlefield; no matter how many lives it takes, no matter how many human rights conventions shattered, no matter what the cost, he will have his victory.

  • Ax-Crazy: Somewhat implied, if the stories of his brutality are even half-true.
  • Blood Knight
  • Determinator
  • Gatling Good: Uses the classic Gatling Cannons as base defences. His Urban Assault Teams seems to be armed with miniguns too, tucked away behind them when not in use.
  • Zerg Rush

Espionage General Zhu "Blackjack" Guozhi

The APA Espionage General, Blackjack, makes excellent use of stealth to soften targets before bringing a powerful front line to finish enemies off. Whether using Fireflies and Saboteurs to sneak into enemy bases and wreak havoc or using Shadow Tanks to take out high priority targets, Blackjack is a force to be reckoned with.

Equal part spy and soldier, Zhu Guozhi has lived in the shadows for more than a decade. He speaks little of his past. His childhood spent on the heavily industrialized outskirts of Shenzhen, was remarkable only in how unremarkable it had been. Destined for a long military career from an early age, Guozhi graduated with top honors from the APA military academy before being recruited by Chinese Military Intelligence and trained in the arts of battlefield espionage and misdirection. Quickly he became the scourge of the GLA, infamous for using misdirection - notably using false intelligence and satellite holo-armies to lure GLA forces into deadly ambushes, turning the tactics of the enemy against them. This is an impressive feat considering that the GLA themselves are masters in guerilla warfare. Zhu's years fighting a shadow war have left him mistrustful of strangers. He is careful not to reveal too much lest he fall victim to the tactics he has shown such mastery of.

Pyro General Pham "Inferno" Quan

Pham Quan has always wanted to watch the world burn; the youngest scion of a prosperous trading family, he spent much of his pampered childhood torn between indulging in conspicuous consumption and discovering new and more creative ways to reduce his numerous toys to ashes. By his teens, Quan had set his sights on bigger targets, leading to an alcohol funded campaign of pyromania across Hanoi that culminated in the very public immolation of a centuries old Taoist temple. Under an assumed name and identity, Quan entered military college, where he showed a genuine aptitude for the battlefield applications of flame. Pham proved to be an effective battlefield leader.

Rocket General Chang "Red Arrow" Dongmei

"You ever see someone's face as the rockets approach? It's wonderful."
Known as "Red Arrow", Chang Dongmei is the heir to an illustrious military heritage, refusing to allow her gender to hold her back, Dongmei was determined to lead the army life from her easiest days; as a teenager, she spent four years as a low-ranking grunt on the China-Russia border, hauling rockets to and from heavy ordnance platforms under the harshest conditions possible. Declaring herself ready, she re-enrolled in an officer training program, graduated with honours and soon rose through the rank of the military, distinguishing herself as a serious, but emphatic leader and one who displays genuine affinity for both heavy rocket ordnance. Her father brought glory to his family in the conflict against the GLA while her grandfather and great-grandfather both defended the glorious revolution. Refusing to allow her gender to hold her back, Dongmei was determined to lead the army life.

Yu Hyun Jung, The Ghost Blade

(Information unavailable)

     European Union 
After a decade of being subserviant to China, following the wake of the USA withdrawing all military support from Europe after the GLA invasion of the continent, and it defeating the GLA, the EU has managed to reassert its independence with technological superiority. Although young and untested, the EU wishes to flex her muscles on the world stage, and bring battle to both her former masters in the APA, and a newly resurgent GLA.

Classic General Julain “Bulldog” Battersby

Julian Battersby is a man with two very different faces - to the public at large, he is a legendary raconteur and bon vivant, the only heir to an aristocratic dynasty with a weakness for good scotch, better cigars and the occasional preposterous anecdote. Those who know the private Julian Battersby, however, speak of an entirely different man; a hard taskmaster and geopolitical genius driven by a burning desire to restore Europe to the global prestige she had enjoyed during the 19th and early 20th century.

Railgun General Katerina "Cleaver" Von Hoftstadter

Raised in the Alb-Donau district in rural Germany, the only girl in a family of seven, Katerina "Cleaver" Von Hoftstadter has long understood the value of holding her ground. A stoic and serious child, she remained untouched by the chaos that surrounded her. Patriotic almost to the point of nationalism, Katerina entered military college and served with distinction on multiple fronts. Less than five years into her career, Katerina became a national hero in what came to be known as the "Siege of Algiers", spearheading a week-long defense of the EU Embassy against massively superior GLA numbers, using a then new deployment of Railgun Tanks. Not a single civilian life was lost, and - following the effusive praises of the ambassador - Von Hoftstadter found herself fast-tracked for promotion. Today she commands the Railgun-centric 8th Mechanized Warfare division. Her patriotism remains undimished.

Experimental Weapon General Egon "Cutting Edge" Schuller

Born to middle-class parents in the Zurich suburbs, young Egon Schuller soon proved himself to be anything but ordinary. A certified genius at the age of 3, by his 16th birthday Schuller had a PhD in Quantum Electronics and a life in sheltered academia as his future. This all changed when the first GLA uprising burned its way across Europe, leaving Schuller's chosen University in ruins. Incensed at what he saw, Schuller joined the resistance and, in the aftermath, chose to remain in the military as an experimental weapons specialist. The European Union High Command soon noted that the temperamental scientist did not work well with others, but placed him in command of a carefully chosen task force, charged with the deployment of experimental weapons across the globe. Schuller is not an easy man to like but his troops remain fantastically loyal, and are more than happy to serve under the EU's own "mad scientist."

Airforce General Didier "Daedalus" Beauchamp

Didier Beauchamp is a gentleman of the old school; courtly, charming and a bit of a flirt, with a fondness for vintage cognac and similarly vintage aircraft in equal measure. A veteran of the pre-unification French Air Force with several tours of duty behind him, Beauchamp spearheaded a series of guerrilla airdrops during the 1st GLA uprising. In the process severely weakening the terrorist groups hold on Northern Europe, surviving multiple brushes with death. Needless to say, Beauchamp was the first choice when it came to leading the development of all new EU Air Force. Despite his old fashioned sensibilities, Beauchamp is anything but conservative when it comes to modern air combat technology, having invested significant amounts of money into research and development in order to create, in his words, an Air Force that is "nec plus ultra."

Recon General Jean-Marie "Ghost" Gavel

With his military service dating back to the formation of the unified EU State, General Jean-Marie "Ghost" Gavel is both a long-standing veteran of the EU military and one of the most respected recon and infiltration specialists on the planet - a deeply methodical man capable of masterminding the "invisible" infiltration of even the most secure compound, so focused that he can famously maintain absolute calm while under enemy fire. An incredibly private individual off the battlefield, Gavel's personal life remains a mystery to all but the highest ranking EU officials. Despite this lack of fraternization, his name and reputation carry significant weight throughout the ranks; as EU riflemen are heard to say: "you won't know that The Ghost has hit the battlefield until they start finding the bodies."

  • The Sneaky Guy: He was an experienced stealth operative during his field days, and most of his units have stealth abilities, such as his Sniper Teams and Fox LR Vs.

Rapid Assault General Charles "Mercury Red" Barrowsmith

(Information unavailable)

Special Forces General "Lupa"

(Information unavailable)

Artillery General "Salvo" Agembe

"Death is just an excuse that I do not accept!"
Born in a small village in war torn Sudan, at the age of four Agembe was orphaned and forced into servitude as a child soldier. Despite showing great battlefield prowess, at eight Agembe suffered a nervous breakdown and was abandoned by his compatriots. The wild, starving child was taken in by a passing EU Peacekeeping force and ultimately returned to Europe with their commanding officer, as his adopted son.

Agembe adapted quickly to western life, excelling in both school and later, as a military officer. Agembe’s early experiences, combined with his natural tactical brilliance, imbued him with both an edge on the battlefield and a genuine understanding of the human cost of war. In 2020, having used tactical artillery strikes to rout the remnants of the GLA from Afghanistan’s impenetrable mountain country, Agembe was chosen by the EU to form the specialized artillery division he leads today.

Col. Gerhardt Krause

(Information unavailable)

     Global Liberation Army (Generals 2 Era) 
After being able to expel the United States from Europe during an en masse invasion of the continent, and seemingly defeated by China, the GLA has risen from the ashes once again. This time, their strategy is to destabilize satellite nations of both the APA and the EU, asserting it's dominance in the chaos-stricken regions. However, this faction has now acquired weaponry far beyond the capabilities of a mere terrorist organization...

Classic General Mahmud "Tactician" Abdul-Mushi

Known colloquially as "the traitor" amongst the Western aligned armed forces of the Arab Peninsula, Mahmud Abdul-Muhsi dedicated his twenty year military career to driving the specter of terrorism from his South Yemen homeland ... and the following ten years to bolstering what he had once resisted.

Salvage General Ultarak “Junkyard” Nazarbayev

"The strongest will learn from mistakes... if I let them survive."

As an orphaned child in the wastelands of the post-GLA-uprising Kazakhstan, Ultarak Nazarbayev learned to survive using only his wits and the battlefield debris that littered his homeland. A naturally skilled mechanic, by an early age he was jury-rigging wrecked and abandoned Chinese LR Vs into makeshift but workable transport vehicles - a feat that quickly drew the attention of local warlords. Pressed into indentured servitude, Ultarak chafed under the demands of his new masters, eventually engineering his escape in a partially functional Chinese Overlord tank. It was during this flight that he ran across a GLA training camp, who took the young man in, put his former captors to the sword and quickly won his absolute loyalty.

Demolition General Adela “Nitro” Baskova

Born in a refugee camp on the Russian-Georgian border and orphaned soon after, Adela Baskova spent much of her young life begging on poverty stricken streets of Grozny. A chance encounter with a GLA bomb-maker led her in an entirely different direction; the terrorist took the young girl under his wing and trained her in the art of of both making and placing high impact bombs. Following her mentor's death at the hands an EU special forces team, Adela crossed the border into Western Europe and launched a one woman campaign of explosive terrorism for over a year. Finally arrested and sentenced to death, Adela engineered her own escape using a series of improvised explosives and made contact with the local GLA terror cell. Today, she is the pre-eminent demolitions specialist within the terrorist organization, her skill, determination and toughness belying her small frame and quiet nature.

  • Break the Cutie: She was orphaned and forced to fend for herself as a little girl. The death of her surrogate father, the GLA bomb maker, was probably what made her snapped.
  • Continuity Nod: There's some evidence that the GLA bomb-maker was none other than Zero Hour's Rodall "Demo' Juhziz.
  • Dark Action Girl
  • Didn't See That Coming: Nobody expected a female GLA general. This was a hint that the new GLA was going to be less Arab-orientated.
  • Emotionless Girl: Is very soft-spoken despite her profession.
  • Roaring Rampage of Revenge: Her backstory, and likely her main motivation in the story, was to avenge her mentor's death.
  • Take Up My Sword: Staged a one-woman bombing campaign to avenge the death of her mentor, and ends up becoming the new GLA's Demolition General.

Engineer General Pavel “Kitbash” Adamek

The introverted son of the owner of a local electronics chain in Gdansk, Poland, Pavel Adamek grew up lonely and neglected on the floor of his father's warehouse. As a shy, deeply insecure young man, his aptitude for electronics won him a scholarship to a prestigious university in Zurich. It was there that he met a mysterious figure known only as "The Operative". The naive Adamek was quickly seduced by the charisma, praise and seemingly compelling arguments of his newfound associate, and within the year had dropped out of university, faked his own death and shipped off to a GLA training camp in North Africa. Now, as a significantly more confident man, he applies his unique skillset to the GLA armory, taking existing vehicles and modifying them in unique ways, providing his masters with an ever expanding array of distinctive and utterly unpredictable combat hardware.

Marauder General Mose “Wild Dog” Akinjide

"Pitiful. Your confidence outweighs your ammunition."
Mose Akinjide was literally born into conflict, snatched as a newborn from his mother's arms during a bloody Janjaweed raid on his home. Sold on as a toddler to a violently anarchistic rebel 'army' by the age of six, he was scavenging battlefield corpses for his recourse starved masters. Five years later, he was a fully-fledged child soldier, wielding his AK-47 with more manic enthusiasm than accuracy. His fearlessness and brutality quickly became legendary and in time he came to lead the wild group he had once been enslaved by. As the GLA started to expand their African presence, they reached out to Akinjide. Mose integrated his group into the GLA and has since lead a series of horrifically violent raids against those deemed worthy targets. The 'Wild Dog' of Sudan remains one of the most feared GLA operatives in the region.

Toxin General “Dr. Thrax”

Rumors continue to swirl around the mysterious Chemical Weapons expert known only as "Dr. Thrax" - his origins mysterious, how he survived the collapse of the GLA following their first failed uprising even more so. All that can be ascertained is that Thrax did indeed survive, has returned to prominence within the terrorist organization, and is - if it can be considered possible - a more deeply disturbed individual than ever before.

EU intelligence indicates that Thrax continues to conduct chemical weapons experiments in labs scattered across the globe, leaving a trail of devastating disease and chemical torture in his wake. Whispers from inside the GLA suggest that Dr. Thrax has been physically ravaged by his experiments - organs failing, massive chemical scarring on his legs and torso, hands so damaged he must wear gloves at all times lest they require amputation - but the few who know the entirety of the truth are too terrified to share it.

Horde General Catrina "Muerta" Posada

Born the sheltered daughter of a volatile Mexican politician, Catrina "Muerta" Posada’s life changed when angry protesters torched her family’s home, her parents still inside. Catrina fled and was captured and indoctrinated by a guerrilla insurgent group. Catrina began experiencing terrifying visions of her parents from the afterlife. They demanded that she send them others to share in their suffering. In battle, Catrina would “accidentally” fire rocket-propelled grenades at large groups of people, enemies and friendlies included. Anything to quiet her parents down, she thought. Catrina, now infamously known as "Muerta", was approached by GLA General Abdul-Muhsi. "Come work for me, Muerta, and I’ll give you all the death you could ever dream of." Enemies know Muerta is close as her soldiers cheer in excitement for their own end. For them, "the cause" serves an entirely different meaning- that everyone’s true destiny is only for certain death.

Shadow Agent

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