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  • Alternate Character Interpretation: Did Toki actually trick the guys into dressing as the Klan in "Diversityklok," as revenge, or was the unfortunate similarity a case of Innocently Insensitive? Toki was wearing the outfit too, after all, and several incidents during the concert—Murderface coming out looking like Hitler, the faulty wiring that lit the "T for Toki" on fire—would have been beyond Toki's ability to control or predict.
  • Awesome Music: The songs in all three season finales ("Go Into the Water" for Season 1, "Black Fire Upon Us" for Season 2, and "The Galaxy" for Season 3).
    • "Crush the Industry", the premiere song for Season 3, made better when Offdensen rescues the concert.
    • RehabKlok, aka Rehab the Rock Opera.
    • "I Ejaculate Fire", the first track released from "Dethalbum III", hell, just the title alone is awesome.
    • Pretty much all of The Doomstar Requiem.
    • Technically it's not for this show, but Brendon Smalls performed the badass opening theme to the short-lived (and Cult Classic) action cartoon Motorcity- so Dethklok definitely digs the Burners.
  • Badass Decay: The opening of the show makes the band look pretty badass. Then they open their mouths, and it becomes really hard to take them seriously as the minutes pass.
    • They set the record from the beginning of the very metal opening, to the start of the pilot episode where they show how incompetent they are.
    • Out of all the bandmates, Murderface gets hit with this the hardest as the show progresses. While he's always been self-hating since the pilot episode he still has legions of adoring fans and his bandmates still seem to show respect for him for most of the 1st season and he had several violent and rough moments that made him fit the role of The Big Guy. He was also shown to be able to hang out with groupies and demonstrate skill in bass playing. The seeds for decay were planted towards the end of the 1st season when it was implied that he was the least competent musician in the band with his bass being mixed out of most songs and having issues making music for his side project, "Planet Piss". Then towards the end of the 2nd season his emotional securities are put on display more, his apparent incompetence in music is revealed to be the result of laziness in nearly all aspects of life and his implied misogynist beliefs are revealed to be a major factor in his apparent inability to score with women. Starting with "Dethrace" he's officially become the Butt-Monkey of the group and it just gets worse and worse for him as the series continues to the point where he's barely considered a member of the band. Tropes Are Tools is somewhat in effect since he's always been the biggest Jerkass in the band and the episodes where he gets the worst treatment are usually the ones where he still manages to Take A Level In Jerkass turning him into the show's primary Unsympathetic Comedy Protagonist. Still, the fact remains that his status of The Big Guy of the group is supplanted by Nathan, leaving him only with the role of The Load whose kept in the band solely because his negativity makes the band bitter and angry enough to make brutal music.
  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: The closing song of the episode Dethhelth: "No More Hamburger Time".
    • Also Toki's underwater Beatles tribute in the second episode. Or for that matter, any time Toki breaks out into a non-metal song. The aforementioned "No More Hamburger Time" falls under this category, except that the other band members join in.
  • Bloody Hilarious: Too many examples to count.
  • Broken Base: Dethalbum II: Are the vocal legitimate death metal or screamo crap?
    • Also over how the writing after Tommy Blacha left compares to before. It's plenty high-quality, but has lost some of its original quirkiness and charm while becoming more plot-oriented.
  • Crazy Awesome: The show seems to run on this. In the pilot alone, they managed to turn a coffee jingle into a hardcore metal song, resulting in at least a few dozen deaths.
  • Crosses the Line Twice: Most of the show.
    • Especially the Zazz Blammymatazz song "Dory McLean, She Only Fourteen" (which appears to be a parody of the KISS song "Christine Sixteen"). It's a song about getting a blowjob from an underage girl.
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  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Wow! Just... WOW! This may have started to become more prominent as the show draws to its close. As of season 4 onward, the story with the introduction of the Church of the Black Klok is treating the band as the good guys. While Dethklok's enemies are nasty people, it doesn't change the fact that death and destruction follow the band where ever they go. In the early seasons the show didn't seem like it had a true good guy, the main difference is that the antagonists are actively plotting, whereas most of the havoc Dethklok is responsible for happens by accident and the band's own negligence.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: It's hilarious when in a show about the five members of a band, the manager manages to be the popular one. Explains why Offdensen became an Ascended Extra, as well. (Note that this might apply in universe as well: among the slash artwork being sold at Klokcon was one of Charles tied up.)
  • Fridge Logic: Surely Knubbler would have mentioned to Dethklok that a secret organization has targeted them and marked them for death? Though he's done so many drugs (and as Pop Rox and coke) that he's probably forgotten the existence or importance of the Tribunal.
  • Genius Bonus: Dethdad. Nathan says "Danbury Connecticut is more brutal than Norway." He's most likely talking about the 1986 murder of Halle Crafts, more colloquially known as "The Woodchipper Murder". However...
  • Harsher in Hindsight: ...This was before Anders Breivik and Sandy Hook Elementary (~10 miles outside Danbury).
    • One has to remember season 2 was made in 2008 and the Cosby sexual assault accusations weren't until the mid 2010's when watching Dethdoubles when Skwisgaar says he wants to be Bill Cosby.
    • In-universe, Toki's birthday "kidnapping" in Fertilityklok could be also seen as this since he got kidnapped by Magnus Hammersmith in Church of the Black Klok.
    • The cliffhanger ending of "Doomstar Requiem" gets even worse, once you know AS passed on Season 5. Should fan petitions fail, that's how the series ends, which unfortunately didn't work. The only silver lining is Brendon Small's album GALAKTIKON: Become the Storm serves as a spiritual ending to the series just without the name (as Adult Swimm owns the rights to the Dethklok name).
  • Heartwarming Moments: Believe it or not, there's a few of these tucked in every season. In the S3 finale alone, Offdensen got two.
    • Telling his new assistant about his job: "You'll ask yourself 'why am I doing this'? It's because it's the most rewarding thing you'll ever do. It's something worth dying for."
    • Telling the band he's sorry for being too busy to spend time with them/snapping at them earlier: "You are very important. To me." He follows this up by giving a personal reassurance to Toki, who's been chronically hitting people through the whole episode, and receives a hug from the rhythm guitarist in return. The scene continues and fades out with Toki still clinging to him. Awwwww.
    • When a soldier almost shoots an innocent girl across the border and the music begins, they look up, and we see that both are wearing Dethklok shirts. Music connecting people and all that.
  • Ho Yay: Can be seen here. Apart from random homoerotic naivete and spending time naked in a hot tub together, whenever the band members are seen dating women, at least one of them will look suspiciously like another member of the band. Four of Nathan's dates in "Klokblocked" look like female versions of the other four bandmates, and one of Toki's dates was nicknamed "Skwisgirl" because of her resemblance to Skwisgaar.
    • Pickles wearing a locket with Charles' picture in it.
      • Offdensen is quite a bit more defensive of Nathan than he is the other guys. In Fertilityklok, Charles is seen with the rest of Dethklok during the roast. He tolerates, and even cracks a smile at the jabs at the other band members. But when the comic jumps on Nathan by calling him "Tonto", which is not a nickname Nathan is fond of, Charles whispers something to a nearby Klokateer. Within seconds, the comic is dead from a poison dart.
    • Murderface has a very noticeable knee-jerk reaction to anything that could potentially make him look gay. Such as his refusal to eat phallic-shaped food.
      • He is later seen licking a hot dog suggestively, and acts like it's no big deal when he notices the others staring at him.
      • Not to mention in "Dethhealth" when he ejaculates on his doctor's face and starts hallucinating muscular, near-naked men, while thinking "I'm gay! I'm gay!" afterwards in his paranoia. It is eventually revealed that the doctor, not Murderface, was gay, and jacked him off on purpose.
      • In Fatherklok, he gives Skwisgaar a bath while trying to act like a father figure for him.
      • Then there's the whole "body heat" scene in Doublebookedklok. Doesn't help that A) he suggests it after Pickles complains that huddling together for warmth is gay, and B) He still has his arm around Pickles' chest after Offdensen comes to rescue them.
      • Toki and Skwisgaar hold hands during their therapy session in Performanceklok.
    • Here's a cheeky blink-and-you'll-miss-it nod to the slash fandom that appears at the end of Fanklok.
      • Slash art also appears in an earlier scene, though it's censored.
    • And then there's Murderface getting turned on by Toki in "Going Downklok".
    • Nathan and Pickles in the Season 4 finale: "I DON'T WANT HER IF IT MEANS I CAN'T HAVE YOU... BEING MY DRUMMER."
    • And for a female example... let's just say that when Dethklok's moms have a little booze in them...they get a little frisky. Also, No Yay.
  • Iconic Character, Forgotten Title: It's easy to forget that the show is called Metalocalypse and not Dethklok.
  • Iron Woobie: Offdensen. He is the band's manager (though he's more like a single parent having to deal with five very rambunctious and Too Dumb to Live boys), and has to put up with their idiotic and destructive antics on a daily basis, a task that would've driven any lesser man to either become suicidal or go insane. And on top of that the band members frequently don't even appreciate what he does for them, at least until later seasons when they begin to realize how important he is to them. And yet he stays composed, calculating and badass through it all.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Even the creators of the show agree, Murderface is a tortured soul who desperately needs acceptance and a cure for his extreme loneliness and sensitivity... but he is also a complete and total asshole who is repugnant in every way.
    • Arguably all of Dethklok can be seen as this: The band (sans Toki at some points) are borderline assholes who don't care about anybody (not even themselves)...but the emotional toll of their psycho fans and the disillusionment with the music industry (along with their own Freudian Excuses) pushing them into an apathetic and hedonistic lifestyle that you can't help but do nothing but pity them. The events of The Doomstar Requiem at least imply that things would get better for them...unless you take into account the events of Brendon Small's GALAKITKON: Become the Storm album.
  • Magnificent Bastard: Offdensen.
  • Memetic Mutation: The internet would like you to know that Dr. Rockzo is the Rock 'n' Roll clown, and he does cocaine.
    • Nathan is a popular image macro with his catch phrase: "Brutal" as a response to anything that's considered brutal. Photoshopping his face onto other characters and objects is also common, and therefore going hand-in-hand with "put a face on [x]" memes such as a Pikachu or Plank.
  • Moe: Toki.
  • Moment of Awesome: Dethklok brings peace to the Middle East. Made even better by the fact that it's done using giant space holograms made explicitly so that the band can perform for all of Syria AND Israel simultaneously. When a soldier almost shoots an innocent girl across the border and the music begins, they look up, and we see that both are wearing Dethklok shirts. Awesome.
    • It gets even more awesome when you realize that the Tribunal has been trying to keep the world conflicted and controlled, meaning that that they most likely had something to do with the Israel-Syria conflict, and Dethklok unknowingly ruined it for them. Which means that the Tribunal was right to be afraid of Dethklok harming their control over the world all along.
    • There's also various prophecies in the real world that cite "peace in the Middle East" as being one of the major signs of the end times. It fits beautifully with the show that the best thing Dethklok does for the world is a red flag that the world is about to end. Whats could be mores brutal den dat?
  • Moral Event Horizon: Dr. Rockzo, the Rock 'n' Roll Clown (he does cocaine) after he steals Toki's Christmas presents for the band, pawns them to buy cocaine, and then receives a handjob from Skwisgaar's mother on live TV while bragging that he does cocaine.
    Aww, is somebody havin' a baaaaaaad Christmas?
  • Myth Arc Stall: Each successive season reveals less and less about the overarching plot. Granted, the show is primarily about a band of super destructive idiots, but it would be nice to learn a few more details about what's going on. The Season Four finale, "Church of the Black Klok", reveals a lot of information about the Myth Arc. Here goes:
    • After Salacia's brainwashing in the Season Two finale, General Crozier worked to get a top secret military project called "Falconback", which involves building a large scale military force that includes missiles and gigantic armies placed around the world, sneaked past Congress through a military spending bill. The plan hinged on the release of the new Dethklok album; since that album would boost the economy to obscene levels, nobody would think twice about passing the military spending bill Falconback would end up attached to. Once Dethklok's new album ended up destroyed and lost at sea, the Falconback plan returned to the backburner.
    • While the failure to launch Falconback did not bother Salacia, the band's potential breakup did threaten his plans, so Salacia revealed himself — and his supernatural powers — to Dethklok for unknown reasons (he could have meant to kill them or brainwash them into staying together), then killed Roy Cornickelson, the owner of Dethklok's record label. Salacia's actions prompted Offdensen to reveal the existence of the Church of the Black Klok to Dethklok and reveal what had happened to him after the Revengencer's attack on Mordhaus.
    • When Salacia brainwashed Crozier, Offdensen accidentally looked into Salacia's eyes and saw his true form — "the Half-Man" — but Salacia's gaze poisoned Offdensen with psychic toxins. The Church of the Black Klok, a secret society that believes in prophecies foretelling Dethklok as the group destined to save mankind with its music, tend to Offdensen; the Black Klok uses special poisons to kill Offdensen, then revive him and let his body heal from Salacia's poisoning. Offdensen becomes "the Dead Man" of the Church's prophecies; now literally invisible to Salacia, Offdensen stalks Crozier around the world to figure out Salacia's plans. When Offdensen finds a heavily-encoded blueprint pertaining to Falconback, he recruits Edgar Jomfru to help him decipher the blueprint — but before he can learn the truth, Offdensen has to "come back to life" to save Dethklok from signing a new record deal (seen in the Season Three premiere).
    • After Offdensen's Info Dump, the leader of the Church of the Black Klok tells Dethklok that he knows why Nathan destroyed the master recording of the group's now-lost album: it didn't have the right message, at the right time, and Nathan realized that he couldn't release that message to the world. The band learns that the last song of their replacement album — yet to be written and recorded — could become the key to saving mankind, stopping Salacia's plans, and averting the Metalocalypse for good. After the Season Four finale, however, the band must find Toki and album producer Abigail — kidnapped and injured by the Revengencers — before it can make this last song...
  • Narm: Apparently, the Metal Masked Assassin's preferred method of torture is to rip his prisoner's arms off while interrogating them.
    • Narm Charm: Played deliberately in most of the more upbeat numbers in Doomstar Requiem, particularly the Klokateers dancing in "Tracking", Nathan's Elvis impersonation in "How Can I Be a Hero", and the "Thriller" parody in "Givin' Back to You".
  • Nausea Fuel: Dear God, the episode where they drink bleach because they think it'll help make them healthier. Some viewers dry-heaved.
    "Bleach is healthy. It's mostly water. And we're mostly water. Therefore, we are bleach."
  • Nightmare Fuel: Episodes usually end with stuff like this, like the ones with the dead child (complete with maggots crawling out of her rotted eye sockets) and the fashion designer who skinned supermodels to make his "leather" clothes. The latter is even too much for the band.
    • Nathan's nightmare in Season 3 episode 3.
    • Particularly the Season 3 finale when we see Salacia Mind Raping Crozier from Offdensen's perspective.
    • Hell, it has its own page.
    • Season four's funeral fight, especially the way the Revengencers make their entrance to kill everyone. Rising out of the ground like zombies.
  • No Yay: Invoked in "Deathzazz" with Dory McClean and, later, her daughter. Both are perfectly accurate (and therefore hugely uncomfortable) caricatures of jailbait teens circa 1985 and 2007, respectively, intended to drive home just how sick Rockso is for finding them both attractive. The fact that Dory's daughter is named Chastity only makes this even grosser.
  • Paranoia Fuel combined with Digital Piracy Is Evil: If someone pirates Dethklok's songs, the group have UN-sanctioned authority to legally kidnap, imprison, and torture the pirate; their importance to the world economy depends on having the ability to stop piracy.
  • Periphery Demographic: The show is obviously aimed at the 18-34 male demographic, but has attracted quite a lot of female fans.
  • Replacement Scrappy: Melmord Fjordslorn in "Dethsources", until he was killed by Offdensen for attempting to take over management of Dethklok.
    • Abigail has also gained a large share of unpopularity among the fandom after she replaced Knubbler.
    • Vater Orlaag, due to his relative lack of personality in relation to Cardinal Ravenwood.
  • Rewatch Bonus: In the season 3 finale, the Tribunal repeatedly refers to Offdensen as "the Dead Man." Initially this scene doesn't seem to make a lot of sense, but after watching the Season 4 finale the scene suddenly makes perfect sense.
  • Romantic Plot Tumor: The Nathan/Abigail/Pickles love triangle is despised by a large portion of the show's fan base.
  • Self-Fanservice: It seems many people who make fan art of Pickles seem to completely ignore the fact that he is balding and has a dread-lock comb-over, giving him a flowing straight full head of hair.
    • Even fanworks with a less idealized art style often exaggerate the height difference between Pickles and the other band members for the purposes of humor or cuteness.
  • The Scrappy: Seth, Pickles's Jerkass brother. In a show literally built on Jerkass Comedic Sociopathy, Seth lacks any of that, coming off as a Karma Houdini asshole who gets away with anything when it should be impossible for him to do so. The fact he's the sole reason Pickles is an alcoholic (one of the big factors considering their parents..) makes it worse.
  • Squick: Basically everything about the Sultan in "Writersklok." He's essentially Jabba the Hutt as a human with a permanent boner, if that gives you an idea.
    • How Murderface gets injured in 'Religionklok". He lands face first on pavement while flying, resulting in half of his face being completely ripped off. And then add to the fact his legs get run over. Oh and then he pisses himself.
  • Tear Jerker: Toki and Pickles talking about how much they miss Charles in the season 3 premiere. Kind of ruined when Pickles - while staring at a locket in which he keeps a picture of Charles - says that admitting sadness makes you gay.
    "What if I'm not around in the future?"
    • "Do It All For My Brother" from Doomstar Requiem, where Edgar mourns his brother.
  • Too Cool to Live: Charles Foster Offdensen, awesomely subverted.
  • Unpopular Popular Character: Dr. Rockzo is despised by most of Dethklok, including Charles and an interviewer refers to him as having become a "worthless piece of shit", but the fans love him just about as much as Toki does.
  • Ugly Cute: Recent episodes pretty much establish the band as overgrown 12-year-olds with daddy issues (except for Nathan, who gets along great with his father), which has given them a sort of bulldog-esque "D'awwwww" factor, believe it or not. Murderface is both the ugliest and the most childish.
  • The Woobie: Everyone in the band, Offdensen included, have seriously screwed up back stories.


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