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Nightmare Fuel / Metalocalypse

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"You killed me!"

Ah Dethklok, you bring us both Awesome Music and ... a desire not to sleep for a night.

Spoilers beyond here.

  • Facebones. Normally, just a mildly goofy and gory mascot/caricature Dethklok uses to make their informational videos, right? is until you see the Mordhaus Tours reel on the Season 1 DVD Extras. When he takes you down to the secret basement hallway where the Jomfru brothers were, uh..."dealt with", he starts up laughing. Maniacally. Made all the more creepy by the fan theory that Offdensen/Charles is the one who does the in-universe voice for Facebones, possibly as an outlet for the frustrations of his job.
  • While the OTT-ness of most Metalocalypse's violence does make it more funny than terrifying, the part in the second episode of the second season where the prisoner from uses half of his dead brother's face as a mask for a teenager was not... pleasant.
  • Most find the humor in or ignore pretty much all the gore...except for that complete freak-out scene in "Snakes and Barrels". It's fine right up until the part with a thousand angry aborted babies. And what's the source of the freak-out? Pickles and Snakes n' Barrels unknowingly consume a mind control drug that renders whoever consumes it insane. But since Pickles has developed an immunity to every drug known to man, he is save. Snakes n' Barrels on the other hand...well, let's just say that at the end of the day, they wound up clawing their eyes out and throwing up acid blood.
    • And in the ending of the follow-up, which includes said aborted babies returning to wreak havoc on the audience, cute bunnies transforming into huge, man-eating bunny monsters, the otherwise cute ad nice Toki Wartooth beating another concert goer to death in an extremely scary manner, and to top it off, the recently rehabilitated Dr. Rockso appearing on stage, absolutely high and announcing his comeback in a very scary manner.
    Dr. Rockso: I'm b-b-b-b-b-back, baby! The name's Doctor Rockso, the rock n' roll clown! And I do cocaine!
  • The ending of "Dethfashion" is probably the most disturbing scene in the series. At least there was something of a laugh when Nathan says "Oh're fired by the way."
    • Also one of the few times the band is as horrified as the audience.
      • The same thing happens when Murdertooth Records' only signed band, Get Thee Hence, opens up for Dethklok, only to be brutally murdered off-screen by the audience. Nobody in Dethklok manages to keep a straight face, despite constantly going on about making things brutal and living in the possibly most dangerous building in the world.
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  • The ending of "Dethecution" where the escaped child murderer prepares to eat a baby with a knife and fork, He's the Trope Image for I Am A Humanitarian.
  • Toki beating a man to death with his bare hands in "Snakes 'n' Barrels II" definitely counts. He's normally the friendliest and gentlest of the bandmates, but he is driven to violence by an obnoxious fan at a show and proceeds to violently beat the man's head against the floor until he is twitching and gushing blood everywhere. This scene is highlighted by the fact that Nathan, Skwisgaar, and Murderface all witness this, and they look fucking terrified of Toki. Watch for yourself.
  • The ending of "Dethkids" where Toki finds the Littlest Cancer Patient dead and starts hallucinating her decaying body yelling that he killed her as he screams in horror.
  • The episode "Dethealth" contains a scene where the band members decide to drink bleach in order to falsify the results of a urine test. The Nightmare Fuel comes into play when Nathan has a hallucinatory episode featuring a beautiful yet inhuman woman who exchanges kisses with him. After she pulls back her face morphs into a horrific visage complete with rotting teeth and a skeletal nose. Nathan's face then begins to rot in a likewise manner ending with his gangrenous lower jaw falling into the water below. This description doesn't even begin to do justice to how unnerving this scene is. Nathan is probably not the only one screaming...
    • There are reports of viewers dry heaving at the sight of Murderface drinking that bleach.
    • The start of they episode where they neuter animals via a machine. There was just something disturbing about seeing people cheering around animals getting their jewels cut off.
  • Mr. Salacia in general.
    • At the end of season one, he decapitates Crozier's troops with bass music and then dismembers Ravenwood.
    • In season two, after Mordhaus is attacked, Vater Orlaag shows up with a Rape Face before Crozier gets mind raped by Salacia again.
    • Season three ends showing what Offdensen saw of Salacia's demonic nature. And let's not forget the Masked Man and his obsession with Offdensen.
    "I want you to stay alive while I torture you. I want you to feel the PAIN!!!"
    • His "true form" may be worse than any of that put together. Those teeth...
  • The music video for "Burn The Earth".
  • Murderface's plastic Surgery incident. Good thing that Nightmare Face didn't last.
  • Dethklok's animal forms in "Dethcarraldo". While some of them border on Uncanny Valley, Toki's is probably the scariest one of all. His rabbit form (which is based on a jackrabbit) consists of a huge overbite, rabbit corpses hanging from his shoulders, and dead rabbit ears sticking out from his furry legs. Even worse that it might be a symbol of Toki's childhood PTSD (due to massively abusive parents) and the darker side to his cute and rather nice personality.
    • Skwisgaar's hawk form also seems to have human fingers for feathers.
  • The hideous Blob Monster that the miserable married couple transform into in the music video in "Dethwedding." It's a giant, twitching lump of flesh covered in its own blood and vomit, and at one point it rips itself open and more of the aforementioned angry aborted babies fly out.

The Doomstar Requiem: A Klok Opera:

  • Just about any part with the Masked Assassin, especially the first scene where we see Toki and Abigail's imprisonment. After years of being on the show, George 'Corpsegrinder' Fisher finally gets to cut loose, and it's just as horrifying as you've imagined.
  • The Depths of Humanity. Everyone Dethklok has left behind on their rise to power has gathered there, and they are more than happy to put Dethklok through the guilt wringer. Only Skwisgaar holds it together long enough to find what they need and escape. Nathan is reduced to screaming, Pickles can't stop saying no over and over, and Murderface gets straight up hypnotized.
  • Ishnifus Meaddle's crucified body after MMA decapitates him. Some Revengencers can be seen huddled underneath the body eating his remains.


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