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Dethklok are the cover creatures.
The cover of the Dethalbum is all 5 of them. The Dethalbum II is clearly by the long smooth black hair, Nathan, The Murmaider. The cover of the Dethalbum III has Skwisgaar's long blonde smooth hair, he is clearly the Sky Hunter. The following covers will be the rest of them and their creature forms.

One or more characters is a Time Lord.
More on the Time Lord page.

Dethklok are fallen angels
This is different from the idea that they are Eldritch abominations in that it's a more Christian-hell-esque motif than a Cosmic Horror motif. Crozier's vision during the first episode of Season 2 is of a Dante's Inferno-stly hell with demons, fire and brimstone, and even circular levels. At the bottom level is Ravenwood, crucified, with the five Dethklok members assembled around him. With glowing red eyes. Additionally, the top of their stage in the season 1 finale has an inverted pentagram design on it ("Quick! To the Pentapods!" - Offdensen).

Skwisgaar thinks he is a god as of Fatherklok - could be he's a fallen god.

What does this make Salacia and Offdensen? Satan and God? Could be.

Offdensen is a Crossroads Demon...or at least related/descended from one.

(Okay, this theory could probably be attributed to my sudden speed-marathoning of Supernatural, but hear me out.)


I'm kinda tying this one into the above theory. In "Bluesklok", Dethklok (reminder: the band who can't even shop for groceries properly) managed to negotiate a contract with the Blues Devil (the in-show example of a crossroads demon) that actually got them a 5% return on HIS soul, which freaked him out so much, he was the one who called "no deal" and claimed he needed to "sleep on it" before hightailing it out of there like a bat out of hell (pun not intended). Now, the only person who could have obviously taught or influenced the boys with that kind of skill would be Charles. And, obviously, you don't cheat the devil without being a devil yourself (or demon in this case).

He's a master of negotiation, has sustained life-threatening injuries and DIED from them only to return with no apparent repercussions and only one scar (which has also disappeared, for reasons unknown), has an advanced level of combat skill that, to date, has never been properly explained (short of fanon theories and the whole "fenced in college" thing), not to mention the glowing white eyes in his flashback regarding his own death. He's cold and calculating, but not without a small sadistic streak of his own (we all saw the smirk when he sent the Jomfru brothers to their fate and how often he has the boots put to Rockso "medium" style).


Plus, hey. He rocks the business suit style and has a small contingency of yardwolves, if push comes to shove. Remember who else had a certain fondness for tailoring and his own special hellhound...?

Offdensen may in fact be hiding how much he REALLY knows about the Sumerian prophecy or feigning ignorance on the matter, because he's hoping to make the ultimate deal with Dethklok, if he hasn't already (in exchange for their souls, maybe he gave the band a little...push into meteoric stardom and to get out of their shitty home environments? The staying on as manager is just to keep a watchful eye on his gravy train, or maybe just to partake of the fortune and perks like expensive brandy that comes from that level of fame, who can say?) - I mean, 5 figureheads set to stop an unholy entity, with at least two being directly descended from gods or actual gods themselves? If that's not appealing to anyone in the soul-selling business, I don't know what is. And remember that Charles is ALL about the business. Sure, he's "The Dead Man" now...but what if he was never really alive to begin with? It's not hard to believe Salacia, with all his abilities, could possibly see and observe another demonic or supernatural being (note how he is able to converse with Orlaag on the astral projection plane). But if that being were to die, and thus rendered invisible to his sight...well. It would make him the perfect spy in this world and the next.


Indeed, this may very well be be a contribution to Magnus's downfall - he was kicked out of the band, and his protective contract was made null and void. So he lies low for years, hoping that he won't have pay the piper, per se, while still plotting revenge on both the demon and AND the band who kicked him out and cost him everything. But, then the Revengencers get involved (allowing Magnus to become brainwashed in his obsession), and then he fucks with the bread of the bread and butter.

Magnus had better watch his back next season, as there's no telling what "deals" Charles will have in store for him...some of which may be nastier than just an ass-whooping like he laid down on the Metal Masked Assassin...

  • Debatable. Offdensen left Dethklok to fend for themselves towards the end of Doomstar, resigning as manager due to no longer being able to protect them. While he later became the head of the Church of the Black Klok, he probably isn't planning on anything sinister.

Skwisgaar and Toki CAN play slower, but only if they don't think of it as such
If you listen to the albums and even to the songs on the show, then you will find that most of the solos played are fairly melodic and involve some slower playing.

The belief that Skwisgaar and Toki can't play slow is a psychological creation, a mental block. They can't play music they consider 'non-metal' or 'grandspas'; but as long as the song is 'metal,' they seem able to play whatever speed they want.

That, or maybe they can only play solos which are a certain difficulty. Regardless, the block is psychological.

  • They've proven by mastering stand-up comedy that they can do whatever they want and master any SKILL they need, as long as they think it's metal. Just like Ranma can learn and master anything in two days as long as it's a martial arts form.

One or more members of Mr. Salacia's Illuminati group sympathize with Dethklok and are out to sabotage the group
Makes sense, given the group's failure or outright inaction. The final episode of the first season may have been a successful Plan to capture Ravenwood. The General is a likely saboteur, especially considering that it's stated that a large chunk of the military are Dethklok fans.
  • He only ever seems to suggest taking action when nobody else wants to take any, but seems to always be the dissenter when the rest of the group seems to be going towards a course of action ("You think Dethklok could really have an impact on the movie industry?").
  • Crozier did help save some of the band members against one of the Revengencers in the season two finale. It's clear he thinks of the Revengencers as bigger threats than Dethklok.
  • Variant: The inside man of their Illuminati Fictional Counterpart is Salacia. Dethklok really will cause universal armageddon; for one reason or another, Salacia is out to ensure everything goes just as planned. He may be an Eldritch Abomination.

Mr. Salacia comes from the future following the Metalocalypse.
He's here to guard the timeline against yet-unseen forces which could damage Dethklok. He only ever goes forward with any action when he knows it won't work (Pickles' immunity to mind-erasing drugs would probably be well-known in a Dethklok-led future) and stifles any plans which could. He needs to keep a close eye on the General because the General is Salacia's ancestor, whom he needs to keep safe. The powers he displayed in the finale of the first season are supernatural abilities bestowed by the transcendent metal of the future. Perhaps after Dethklok gets sick of Death Metal, they'll move on to Afterlife Metal or Divinity Metal. As for how he got here... Maybe there was a break-through with those time-travel bags shown in the first season finale?
  • The video for "Bloodrocuted" seems to support this theory. Salacia isn't an Eldritch Abomination, but he is the product of Dethklok's own unmatched powers of metal. It may be that the Metalocalypse isn't the catastrophic event Ravenwood predicted, and it's Salacia himself.

Offdensen will die by the end of season 2.
The writers seem to be building up to this with each confrontation he takes part in, showing off his Nigh-Invulnerability every time. Understandably, if he were to be killed in the finale, it would be that much more surprising because of his amazing ability to survive everything so far. It would also up the ante for how much fans hate The Revengencers; Offdensen seems to be something of a fan favorite, and offing him would be a good Player Punch.
  • Close, oh so very close, but no cigar.

Offdensen survives season 2, but comes away with a Significant Facial Scar.
Offdensen gets his shit ruined pretty bad by the Metal Masked Assassin; he gets his face bashed in after being shot by crossbow-bolt fire. But there's a certain amount of non-attention paid to the Assassin's cutting Offdensen's cheek with a knife while saying that he wants him to stay alive while he's being tortured. It quickly gets lost among the copious amounts of blood gushing out of Offdensen's face, but if any injury from that battle is going to stick, it'll be that one.
  • Then again, it's Metalocalypse. People get horribly disfigured all the time.
  • Confirmed!
    • And whereas anyone else might look bad, Offdensen just looks that much more badass.
    • Which seems to be gone now, so I propose a new WMG. Offdensen is hiding his scar or something, for a future plot point.
      • I got it. When the scar reappears, it's a sign Offdensen's in Let's Get Dangerous! mode. Prove me wrong Brendon. Prove me wrong.
      • Possible confirmation, an interview said that Charles's missing scar is important.

Crozier is Nathan's biological father. Nathan doesn't know. Crozier might know. Salacia definitely knows.
Why was Crozier chosen for the Tribunal? Why did Salacia leave Crozier alive ("you are still needed") when Crozier went against the Tribunal? It could be because the revelation of Nathan's true parentage could be critical to the Metalocalypse. The possibility is there: remember that Nathan's father was a US Army officer. Colonel Explosion and Crozier could have been stationed in the same place nine months prior to Nathan's birth. If Crozier knows, this would explain many of his actions (and puts the events of "Dethcarraldo" in a very different light). The question now becomes, does Offdensen know?
  • Alternatively, Crozier is OFFDENSEN'S father, and the military upbringing is not only why Charles has most of his skills (come on, fencing in college explains the swordfighting, but where the hell does a simple lawyer/financial managed learn hand-to-hand combat like that?) but also partially why he's got some "daddy issues". And yet, why would Crozier attack the Revengencers boy after he shot Charles with the crossbow? Would it not just be easier to just kill Charles himself if he's been trying to kill off Dethklok, after all? Because he was protecting his son, that's why. The problem is that Salacia, having had enough of Crozier's rebellious nonsense, mind-wipes him and makes him a slave, which is why Crozier didn't interfere when the Metal Masked Assassin turned Charles's face into hamburger.

The Metalocalypse will not occur because of Dethklok. It will occur because of Planet Piss.
The prophecy is uncertain. It could be that the prophecy is definitely right about Murderface, but not about the other members of Dethklok. In which case...well, we're probably safe, considering Murderface's progress on getting Planet Piss going.
  • This may have something to do with Murderface's symbol having five lines instead of the expected four.
    • Murderface's symbol has five lines because he plays a five-string bass; the images on that set of emblems correspond to the band members and their respective instruments.
  • Murderface's status as a sleeper agent due to the events of The Doomstar Requiem may lead this to be true.

Salacia is the Masked Assassin from the future; he wants the Metalocalypse to happen because it's the only way he can be sure Offdensen will die.

They have the same hair and they're both fucking huge, for one; the Masked Assassin wants to kill Offdensen more than anything else, but Dethklok depends on Offdensen for survival. He already knows his past self will fail in killing him personally, so he's doing everything he can to let Dethklok bring about the Metalocalypse in the hopes that the coming destruction will finally get rid of him.

  • The Masked Assassin is also referred to in the subtitles as Salacia; mistake, or bonus? You decide!
  • [[Jossed. Dethklok kills the Masked Assassin by destroying any trace of him.]]

The Masked Assassin is Nathan Explosion from the future.

They both have low, gravely voices, for one. Also, perhaps after the Metalocalypse occurs, Nathan finds a way to go back in time and try to stop it from happening, for whatever reason. That's why he wants Offdensen dead so badly: he knows that without Offdensen, the band is helpless.

  • The reason he wants Offdensen dead so badly is because Offdensen more or less completely humiliated him at the end of the first season. He wants to kill Offdensen and destroy Dethklok because they are responsible for the death of his brother.

Salacia is Odin and Offdensen is Loki banished to human form.
Not that I have any proof but Offdensen is an enigma...
  • I think you've got your deities mixed up. Offdensen might be Balder or Tyr. Both gods of justice and order. Salacia... well, he could be one of Loki's children.
    • The only thing is that it would be completely in character for Loki to impersonate someone like a lawyer in order to spread chaos. And Salacia's goal (so far) is to try and stop the Metalocalypse, which would be like Ragnarok to a Norse god, thus making Salacia a force for order.
      • This is one of those subjective guesses. Who you think is who really depends on if you think the Metalocalypse will be a good or bad thing.
    • But let's not forget that Toki was NOT one of the original five members of Dethklok when the group initially signed their first contract with Crystal Mountain Records. Remember that long-haired bearded guy who is there instead of Toki in the season three opening flashback? It's never explained how or why he left Dethklok. Considering what happens to people in the near vicinity of Dethklok, it's not hard to imagine he died horribly... and there's Balder right there.

Salacia is Offdensen from the future, and he's trying to save Dethklok from themselves by consuming them when the Metalocalypse rises.

The raw power of the Metalocalypse will turn Offdensen from a Badass Normal into an Eldritch Abomination, and kill or otherwise render Dethklok inhuman. Infused with unchecked powers of Metal and having failed in his only mortal desire (to protect and serve the band), he decides to return to the past in order to learn everything about the Metalocalypse he didn't know the first time around, and seek to prevent it. This is why he punishes Krozier and Ravenwood for attacking Dethklok (remember, he was CFO of the Dethklok company with an army of intensely loyal followers; he doesn't take kindly to being betrayed, plus we know what Offdensen does to people who threaten his boys), why he dresses impeccably, why he doesn't participate in Tribunal affairs except to support plans he already knows won't work (he needs to preserve the timeline), and why he's never surprised by anything Dethklok does (he remembers it all). It may also be why he specifically tells Crozier he's not allowed to go to the United States Pornography Awards — primarily he wouldn't want Krozier to go to the awards ceremony and interact with Dethklok, but the same phrase is used by Nathan when he was describing why he couldn't go.

Unfortunately, he's still a horrible monster borne of metal with a mind twisted by endless time, grief, and unfathomable power, so his solution to this problem is to simply absorb the band at the proper time. That way the band will live on inside him, and he'll have the power of two Metalocalypses to protect them with.

Mr. Salacia is actually Nathan Explosion, from the future.
If you superimpose Nathan Explosion's face on top of Salacia's, you can see that they look damn near identical where it counts. Same nose, same ears, same eyes, same jawline, etc. Salacia's manner of speech also parallel's Nathan's, although his voice is quite different. Additionally, at the end of the second season when he reveals whatever it is he reveals to Crozier, there appears to be the silhouette of a long-haired man wearing spiked armor, and it's not entirely clear who it is, but it could be either Salacia or Nathan Explosion.
  • At some point in the future, Nathan Explosion's vocal cords finally gave out from God knows how many years of speaking in his Deth Growl, resulting in Salacia's voice.

Salacia isn't from the future.

Salacia is just highly receptive to the Power of Metal, or at least he used to be. Hearing Dethklok's music instilled him with its power as a kid, causing several physical changes in him and giving him powers beyond mortal ken; he's working to ensure Dethklok's survival into the Metalocalypse because he wants to kill them and take the rest of their power for himself, possibly as revenge for ruining his mortal life.

  • But he's visibly older than all of Dethklok. How would he have heard them as a kid if he wasn't from the future?
    • Perhaps he's younger than he looks?
  • He has Progeria, the rapid-aging disease.

Dethklok is functionally immortal. That's why Salacia doesn't let the Tribunal attack them directly

They've gotten this far without killing themselves. That's really all the proof I need. But specifically, they all manage to do things that would kill or incapacitate your average human being. Most people couldn't survive the sheer number of liver transplants Nathan's had. Pickles probably hasn't been fully sober since the '80s, is immune to the long-term negative side effects of drugs, and he's still around. Toki survived his childhood in Norway and didn't die in the tank in the second episode (after one of the crew said specifically that he would die without the safety briefing; he didn't get it, and he's still kicking). Skwisgaar has been in a variety of interesting car crashes and tons of (probably) unprotected sex, and he's not only alive, but clean. And Murderface... well, he lived through Religionklok.

The film Blood Ocean is an accurate depiction of the Metalocalypse.
Yes, it looks like cherry-flavored Instrumentality.

Nathan Explosion is an adult version of Duane (Dwayne?) from Home Movies.
Both look similar. Both played by Brendon Small. Both make similar music (also written and performed by Small). The only counterexample is the depiction of young Nathan in the "Dethgov" episode.

Also: Duane's rival in the Home Movies episode "Guitarmageddon" (hm... Guitarmageddon... Metalocalypse...) is made to resemble David Lee Roth. He grows up to become Dr. Rockzo.

Dethklok is actually a group of Eldritch Abominations
Taken from Alternative Character Interpretation page. They are band a of Eldritch Abominations who have taken human form in order to bring about Cthulhu-esque levels of revelry, hence why everyone who hears them live tends to die horribly, and those fans who live to see a second show are insane afterward. Also, the fact that have little regard for normal people and have no idea how to do mundane things like shop lends to them not being human.
  • This would also mage their manager Nyarlathotep or an expy of him, since his role would be analogous to that of the messenger of Outer Gods. The fact that he seems to be pretty much indestructible would seem to support this.
  • Alternatively, the band members are humans, but the manager is a Eldritch Abomination, using them to bring about the end of the world with apocalyptic rocking.
  • Alternately, the band are a group of Eldritch Abominations who have taken human form because they wanted to STOP creating Cthulhu-esque levels of revelry in favor of just playing music and having a good time...Unfortunately they're really bad at not spreading madness and destruction.

The Metal Masked Assassin is an ex-Klokateer

  • It explains his disproportionate loathing for Offdensen (who had nothing to do with the death of his brother), but not Dethklok themselves, his ability to stay hidden from any and all surveillance (including Mordhaus', which is at least as sophisticated as the U.S. military) and his wardrobe. All he had to do to pass for a Klokateer was put on an executioner's hood; while that may or may not be the kind of thing that is sold in ordinary stores in the Crapsack World of Metalocalypse, it's possible that the Masked Assassin already owned one. And he definitely LOOKS like he went on a few tours with the band; if he was ever a Klokateer, he may well have been left for dead at some point, but survived, and instead of returning to his work to continue under an uncaring manager, he decided to pursue an ambiguous career in torturing people in a creepy bathroom. Losing his brother to perceived workplace negligence was the last straw.

Charles was a Black Ops assassin for the U.S. Government, trained by Crozier

It'd explain a good deal - not only how Offdensen learned his moves, but also how Crozier knew to warn Dr. Rockzo not to fuck around with him. As to why he's not with the Ops anymore... I'd say it was due to a botched assassination that ruined his reputation, an error actually set up by a very jealous partner - a man who would quit on his own terms later and become a gun for hire, never losing his enmity of Offdensen, and would be known to us as the Metal Masked Assassin.

Mustakrakish was originally intended to be used as a weapon.

A last-line of defense in case Finland was ever conquered, hence the need for songs to awaken and pacify him, especially with the line "Take the land that must be taken". Basically, if you get invaded, you summon the troll, you leave, and you let your enemies play with him. When you come back, you play the lullaby and get to rebuilding your country.

Mustakrakish is vulnerable to technology.

When the troll is awakened it destroys the electricity and the internet in Finland. Plus, all it took was one little phone to be thrown into its mouth for it to tear out its tongue and guts in an attempt to remove the phone.

Offdensen is Danish or Norwegian.
Honestly, this troper has no proof other than '-sen' being a Danish and Norwegian suffix commonly associated with patronymic surnames.
  • Quoted from the main page under Bilingual Bonus: "Ofdensen (correct spelling) is Danish for "Son of the House" or, literally, "Homeboy"."

Offdensen is German.
Of all the countries that have a heavy metal base, Germany is the only one to this troper's knowledge that has no representation, at least not until the second season. However, maybe Ofdensen was meant to represent the German side of metal. Also, there is a region called Ofden in Westphalia, Germany. A possible birthplace?
  • Lavona Succuboso (and presumably her followers) is German, and she is voiced by Angela Gossow. The fashion designer was also German. Not sure if either of these count as solid representation, as they are a minor and a one-off character.
    • That's why I said not until the second season. That still leaves a dearth of German representation for the first season.

Metalocalypse and Megas XLR take place in the same universe.
The common element? Goat. One of Coop's friends, and based on the first episode, a big Dethklok fan. Since he lost his eye at a concert, it's safe to presume Megas XLR came first timeline-wise.

Offdensen is the Barrier Maiden coming between the world and the Metalocalypse
Or, you know, whatever the male term is. The reason the world hasn't gone to hell already is because Offdensen is actually preventing it, merely by existing and curbing Dethklok's power. And as he got, well, weaker (the Metal Masked Assassin got quite a number of punches on him in The Revengencers/Sicklok and Offdensen was winded after his duel with Melmord in Dethsources), the world got a lot more chaotic than it has been, even for their world. And now that Offdensen is incapacitated, possibly even dead, there's nothing to stop the Metalocalypse from happening.
  • It's also possible that this was Salacia's plan all along, especially if the WMG that the Metal Masked Assassin is future!Salacia is true. He only does enough in the Tribunal to keep Offdensen alive until the appointed time of the Metalocalypse where his past self beats him to death.

The band members themselves aren't eldritch horrors, they are instead conduits
Their base ability is to be able to channel the power of the various eldritch abominations as well as serve as the beacons to awaken and call them back when the time is right. This is how they were able to awaken Mustakrakish. Offdensen was serving as a kind of directive force, keeping them safe and together as well as pointing them towards certain venues. He largely doesn't care what they do because he knows the world is doomed regardless and thus is just trying to ensure that he gets a good position when these beings arrive. As for Salacia, we saw him in armor with the guys from Dethklok on it, possibly meaning that he needs them to attain his full power or that he used them to reach his ultimate ascension. Which could also be why he keeps Dethklok from being directly attacked/opposed because it will slow his own plans for ascension.

The rhythm guitarist Toki replaced will come back for revenge.
Season three opened with a flashback of Dethklok signing their first contract. Of note (besides all the punching fun) is that their rhythm guitarist is not Toki. Instead, it was some guy with a pointy beard that as far as the fandom can tell, has the initials M.H.

M.H. is most likely The Pete Best of Dethklok, he either got fired of quit before Dethklok got popular, and now that it is, even after what's happened to it, he wants either in on the action that he abandoned or revenge on the band that kicked him out-especially his replacement, Toki.

  • Or, in fact, his revenge has already begun. He is, in fact, Salacia.
    • Or he is Salacia, but he faked his death so he could be a double agent for Offdensen.
  • Or he got buffed up and became the Metal Masked Assassin. No other reason behind this line of thought other than the jaws and chins (or at least what can be seen of M.H.'s chin) look the same.
    • That would explain why he initially went after Toki and Skwisgaar in "The Metalocalypse Has Begun". He was out to get Toki specifically, and Skwisgaar just happened to be along for the ride. Then, of course, Offdensen intervened, and we know what happened next.
  • Or between then and now, he somehow died.
    • Yeah, but where's the fun in that?
    • Sorry, it had to be said.
  • As of "Dethcamp", possibly Jossed.
    • Although it sure seems like he intends to win Toki over to his side to manipulate him against the band - after all, what better way to do that than to save his life?
  • Confirmed! Specifically, he befriends Toki, but was really working with the Revengencers, and helped the Metal-Masked Assassin kidnap Toki.

Offdensen is actually dead.
The caption specifically said "Rest in Peace". They could have conveyed Offdensen's supposed death just as effectively with their mentions of his passing in the news report montage. The Offdensen whom the band saw at the end of "Renovationklok" was probably a ghost/collective hallucination serving as a manifestation of their internal motivations to man up and get their shit together.
  • Could be, but based on a concert review on Dethklok Minute, where the reporter talked with Brendan Small for a few minutes, I'm more inclined to believe Brendan was just fucking with our heads.
    • This is the above troper disputing the WMG, I'd like to rescind that dispute. Brendon's put so much emphasis on the third season being called 'The Dead Man' that I'm starting to wonder if Ofdensen is really alive...or a vampire or something.
  • Answer: Kinda confirmed. Offdensen did literally die because of the actions of Season 2, putting himself straight into the prophecy as The Dead Man.

Ofdensen and Offdensen are both correct spellings.
No thanks to Brendan Small being inconsistent with how to spell Charles's last name. One could be his birth name, and he could have removed or added an F for business purposes (sometimes done if there is another person in the field with that name). In this troper's opinion, Offdensen is the birth name, and Ofdensen is what he uses in business, a more Anglicized version.
  • Possibly legal reasons for the extra F?
    • Either or. To be honest, this WMG is in place to justify the continued use of 'Ofdensen' now that 'Offdensen' has been deemed canon.
  • And now we've gotten an 'Offdenson spelling (caught by sharper eyes than mine). I'm beginning to think it's Offdensen deliberately misspelling his name, to keep people from his true name, if the whole "Offdensen is Loki/Balder/what-the-fuck-ever" turns out to be true.

Toki is actually more naturally talented than Skwisgaar
Toki is often spoken of as doing nothing; and that distinction is earned in that he can't bring himself to practice even when it would please someone he really looks up to. However, even without practice he's a highly-skilled guitar player. Despite Skwisgaar's accusations that he's worthless, if you watch him play in both concerts and the few seconds of solo he had, as well as listen to the parts where both guitarists are playing simultaneously, Toki is able to hold his own with the demands of Dethklok's music.

Skwisgaar is undoubtedly better, but look at the differences between their behavior. Skwisgaar is practicing constantly, and has been for years. His paranoia that Toki is actually better than him that drives him to insult Toki so severely, and added stress makes him practice more fervently. Take note that he is dismissive of everyone's guitar playing, and treats others as insignificant even if they believe themselves to be or are considered any good. If he believed Toki to be the same way, even the idea that he was getting better would have been ignored or laughed at; IE: it wouldn't have been the nightmare-inducing situation that it was. Skwisgaar didn't even bother to hide his feelings with sarcasm, he went straight onto the attack and did everything in his power to either stop or get rid of Toki before he could progress any further.

Considering he's gotten so far doing nothing, if Toki actually buckled down and began to practice, it's not hard to imagine that he'd surpass Skwisgaar's skills; just as seemed to be predicted by the lead guitarist. Whether Toki would canonically actually do this, much less really attempt to completely surpass Skwisgaar, is up for another bit of WMG. But the possibility that he could if he would allow himself to is there.

  • Considering the fact that in one episode in Season 3 or 4, Toki asks if he can play the solos for once, and Skwisgaar declines Toki's request, because he "never practices", and the fact that Toki can easily keep up with Skwisgaar, it would seem that Toki is actually a much better guitarist. The only reason he's not the lead guitarist is because he's too nice to usurp Skwisgaar's role, which is exactly what would happen if Toki actually practiced for just a few minutes every day.

Nathan knew all along that Offdensen was alive
Consider the following: When Offdensen had his Big Damn Heroes moment, we see four members of Dethklok with shocked looks on their faces...but we don't see Nathan looking shocked. The next we see Nathan after the big reveal is when he punches Damien (and I think he expected it). That would also be one of the reasons Nathan was holding out on signing a new contract, and convinced the others to not hire a new manager, because he knew Offdensen was coming back. Those questions he asked Offdensen as they headed back to Mordhaus was to keep the others from guessing that he knew. Now the question is: does Nathan know why Offdensen faked his death for nine months?
  • If Nathan was behaving differently than he normally did, I would say you had something; but Dethklok is pretty notorious for having a child-like "I'll do it myself!" mentality when it comes to things (the whole premise of their PR company being a nice example). I didn't see it outside of normal behavior for them to take over a role as manager. And, beyond that Dethklok, and Nathan in particular, are always resistant to whatever they don't think is metal or an idea which will make it so that they can't do whatever they want. Regardless of whether he believed that Offdensen was alive or not, I still think he would have reacted just as vehemently against such a rigid contract.
    • I think the somewhat lackluster, non-pissed-off way he asked where he'd been the last nine month is what clinches it for me. I would probably guess that it was more like Nathan didn't believe Offdensen was dead rather than knowing he was alive the whole time.
    • This is possible, considering the amount of characters that appear to have died but show up again, alive and mostly unharmed.

Pickles was the original rhythm guitarist for Dethklok
Pickles was rhythm guitarist for Snakes 'n Barrels along with vocals. If he joined Dethklok as a guitarist, it'd be a more high-profile spot for someone already a famous musician. This would also work with the idea of the 'original drummer,' famously seen with Pete Best, Chad Channing, or any of the dozens of Spinal Tap drummers. And according to Brendon Small, Pickles is supposed to be like Roger Taylor from Queen, able to flexibly go where needed. So, the original drummer drops out, Pickles takes up the spot behind the drum kit while Dethklok searches for any new rhythm guitarist, even one not quite as skilled as the rest of the band - as Toki is shown sometimes to be.
  • Or possibly, Pickles only meant to be a temporary replacement drummer, and while Dethklok has been looking for a new drummer, found Toki completely by accident. So Pickles ended up permanently on drums, though he might not have originally planned to. It happened to Franz Ferdinand, why not Dethklok?
  • Seems to be Jossed as of "Dethcamp". Pickles was behind the drumset during Magnus' tenure in the band.

Dethklok's first rhythm guitarist was also the first victim of Toki's death curse.

Toki's love kills people; he was a Dethklok fan before he joined the band. He went to one of their concerts and his love for the band would have caused their deaths, except that the five destined members of Dethklok are supernaturally protected from such things. The only one who wasn't immune to the effects of Toki's fandom was the rhythm guitarist, who died horribly, freeing up the spot in the band's roster.

  • I agree with you on everything except one word: "first". If Toki really does have a death curse, it's probably been in play since birth and is one of the reasons he was treated so cruelly by his parents. Frankly, I'm surprised Anja didn't die in childbirth and become the first victim.
  • Officially Jossed by "Dethcamp".

Hold that thought.

Skwisgaar killed the first rhythm guitarist and pushed for Toki's acceptance into the band.

Because he felt threatened by his talent; Skwisgaar looks a lot younger than M.H., and may have had much less experience and practice playing the guitar back then. Killing him and signing Toki on would stabilize his ego and create less friction. The rest of the band either doesn't know, or is just happy that Skwisgaar isn't psychotically jealous anymore; Offdensen knows, but he will never do anything to compromise Dethklok's success, and so covered it up extremely thoroughly.

  • Officially Jossed by "Dethcamp".

Toki isn't really Anja and Aslaag Wartooth's son.
If Toki really does have a death curse, his first victim would've probably been his mother, in a Death by Childbirth scenario. It could be that that was what happened, and the Wartooths took him in, probably to keep up the appearance of charity (Aslaag is a reverend, after all). This probably explains why they were so cruel to Toki; if he isn't really their son and they might know more about his true heritage. The only thing I can't piece together is why they wouldn't tell Toki he's adopted, since he clearly does believe he's their son.
  • It's because Anja and Aslaug know about Toki's death curse and believe him to be evil. Toki's mother died under unusual circumstances — not right when he was born, but sometime after he'd actually developed enough brain power to consciously love her. Knowing this, and being able to recognize the signs of that manner of curse, they took him in specifically to purge that evil out of him (hence all the horrible child abuse).
    • Ooh, or a defense mechanism. Can't kill what you don't love, after all. Not through the curse, anyway. Too bad it backfired in Dethdad.
  • I'm not discounting the possibility that they ARE related though, Toki has similar eyes to one of them, I can't remember which. They could really be his grandparents.
    • Turns out I'm wrong. Anja and Aslaug have dull grey eyes, Toki's are ice blue.
  • In the preview for the rest of season 3 it shows a young Toki alone in the snow pushing Conan's Wheel. Conan was sold into slavery at a young age. Coincidence? You decide.

Skwisgaar's father is Odin.
Hell, it's as good an explanation as any. Alternately, Skwisgaar's father is Mr. Wednesday.
  • Believe it or not, actually somewhat implied. FatherKlok implicated that Skwisgaar is divine, and gods tend to have other gods as parents. Look at Cronos. Or Zeus.
    • Another theory, what if his father is Salacia? And if he takes power after the Metalocalypse, which is what he wants all along, what if he offers Skwisgaar a seat of power on the throne?

Skwisgaar and MH were close, and part of his dislike of Toki is because of it.

I base this solely and entirely on the fact that Skwisgaar isn't wearing a skull belt in the season 3 episode with the band in its early stages, and MH is. It would be a subtle thing for Skwisgaar to start wearing a skull belt in memory of their previous rhythm guitarist, and so his hatred of Toki isn't just because he's jealous of Toki's natural talent versus his hard work and constant practice, but because he doesn't think Toki is an adequate replacement of MH.

  • Perhaps they were close, but Skwisgaar doesn't really hate Toki. Whenever anyone is really looking to hurt him, it's Skwisgaar who puts a stop to it (note when Pickles starts talking about killing Toki, it's Skwisgaar who very adamantly disagrees); and not to mention that Skwisgaar seems to go out of his way to be with Toki (how many times are they off to the side and talking without any mandate at all). I think more of his treatment comes from a fierce paranoia of losing his rank and acting like an older brother, more than real hatred. If he did resent Toki, he got over it.
    • They all hate each other; it's just that love and hate are more or less the same thing to these guys.
      • Alternatively it's possible that Toki resents M.H. because he THINKS that Skwisgaar liked M.H. better. Sort of a strange sibling rivalry sort of thing.
  • Part 1 Jossed as of "Dethcamp" - Skwisgaar (and the others, except for Nathan) were actually terrified of Magnus Hammersmith during his time in the band. Part 2 basically inverted - the reason why Skwisgaar basically tramples and discourages Toki is to keep him from developing the ego that Magnus displayed during his time with them.

Salacia is M.H.

He was forced out of the band by destiny; his ultimate revenge will be to devour Dethklok and claim its eldritch power as his own, as he believes it should have been all along.

  • Officially Jossed as of "Dethcamp".

Offdensen is Brendon Small. Not that Brendon Small, the Other Brendon Small.

After going through years of being teased and bullied by Shannon, he moved away from everyone he ever knew and loved, went through training from Hell, and changed his name. His movie making career never really took off, but he developed an incredible amount of management skill, and his positive associations with Duane and Scäb as a child drew him to the metal scene. His hair color darkened as he grew up, but his voice stayed almost the same.

Dr. Rockso is destined to be the Spanner in the Works for Salacia's plan.

What's more is that Salacia KNOWS this, which is why he loathes the clown as much as anyone else. (Apart from the fact that he's Dr. Rockso the Rock and Roll Clown who Does Cocaine.) He is unable to kill him though, for fear of upsetting the prophesy, showing his hand early, or having something else step into that role. He has to be satisfied with making sure that Dr. Rockso the Rock and Roll Clown is distracted by doing cocaine.

The Lyrics to Dethklok's music provide prophetic foreshadowing for the Metalocalypse.

Any good eschatological story always comes with fore warnings. Like Revelations foretelling the Apocalypse, the songs on both Dethalbums allude to the end of the Metalocalypse world.

1) The first Dethalbum centered many song lyrics around water and thunder, the most obvious being "Go Into The Water" "Thunderhorse" and "Murmaider". "Awaken" also tells of summoning a monster from beneath the water and "Bloodtrecuted" also alludes to electricity. One interpretation is the Metalocalypse will begin with water, lightning and the summoning of mythical creatures.

2) The Second Dethalbum deals largely in fire and earth. Among tracks like "Burn the Earth", "Black Fire Upon Us", "Volcano" and "Comet Song", there is an allusion to fiery destruction. Also on Dethalbum 2, there is an allusion to the death and usurping of divine posts (A la "Murmaider 2" and "I Tamper With The Evidence At Odin's Murder Site.") One Interpretation is that Dethklok will leave their monsters to rule earth while they ascend to do battle with gods.

This would make Nathan an unconscious prophet who unwittingly tells of the end of the world.

  • Can someone who knows about Biblical mythology confirm or deny if this corresponds to any of the Four Horsemen in any way? Cause if it does? I think we've stumbled on how many seasons there will be.

    • Or there may be five, as the points on a pentagram.

  • Confirmed by "Church of the Black Klok."

Florida never recovered from Nathan's tenure as governor.
By the time he left office, Florida was a virtual wasteland due to the promotion of general anarchy and Hurricane Scrambles the Death Dealer. It's fairly likely many saner families left for greener pastures as Florida's economy went downhill, leaving only the Dethklok devotees, many which died in the hurricane. By the end of that, it was decided that Florida was just flat out unrecoverable and abandoned...
  • ...which, in the future, led to Tucker saying the line "Man, poor Florida".
    • As a Troper who's living here as of right now, I can tell you it's pretty much STILL like this. And yet, still the best damn governor we ever had.

Skwisgaar will die in 305, and he'll be replaced by the Unknown Member.
Brendon Small has spent too much time this Season on meaningless Episodes like Dethmas. He logically has to answer the questions he created in Renovationklok at some point. [adult swim] says that 305 will be called Fatherklok, but Wikipedia insists that it will be called Dethdeath.
  • That's nothing new though. Generally the first half of a season is mostly gags, while the second half touches the Myth Arc of the series. As for Skwisgaar dying, it's plausible, but it'd be really ballsy of Brendon Small to do that...unless Skwisgaar was a Red Herring and M.H. was meant to be the fifth member in the Metalocalypse all along. Either that, or he'll be Put on a Bus, and become the Chekhov's Gunman for Offdensen.
    • If Skwisgaar dies, then why does the face in his corresponding icon coin look like him?
      • That's why I'm more inclined to go with my Chekhov's Gunman theory. Then again, Status Quo Is God. It doesn't matter about everyone else as long as Dethklok remains alive, safe, and together. Look at Black Fire Upon Us. So Skwisgaar's probably fine.
  • Jossed. Skwisgaar lives, comes back with the band, and now thinks he's a god.
  • Episode 45 (or 305, if you prefer) IS called "Dethdeath", according to the AS wiki. "Fatherklok" is actually episode 47, which merely got produced and aired before 45 and 46. Someone on Wikipedia got the two episodes confused and combined their descriptions.
    • There was never any "Dethdeath", that was someone putting false info on the Wiki.

The prophecy was never talking about Dethklok.
All the corresponding instruments in the writings? Coincidental. Or deliberately assembled to put the Tribunal off from the real Metalocalypse bringers. Two I have no idea who'd they be but the other three? Salacia, Orlaag, and Offdensen.
  • And the Metal Masked Assassin's job was to prevent that from happening, which is why he went for the weakest one: Offdensen.
  • More of less Jossed, Offdensen and Salacia have their own roles in the prophecy.

Dimneld Selftcark is Skwisgaar's biological father.

Skwisgaar inherited his talent and dedication to practice from him; plus, the shock on Dimneld's face in Dethlessons is a little extreme for someone who's just surprised at a Dethklok member showing up at his house, considering he's been giving one of them guitar lessons already. They also have fairly similar hair, allowing for some aging on Selftcark's part. Also, the guitar headstone on his grave is Skwisgaar's guitar, not Toki's V.

All of Skwisgaar's children will survive the Metalocalypse and repopulate the planet.
Think about it. Skwisgaar has this biological drive to produce as many offspring as possible because he is a 'god'. What if his purpose in life/role in the band was to create a master race of demigods that are intended to survive the Metalocalypse?
  • I'm sure somewhere, Artistic License – Biology would come into play, but that's only if they intend to repopulate the planet further.
    • Divine beings don't have to follow the same laws of genetics and inbreeding as us mere mortals. Many creation stories have an entire pantheon of gods descended from a single being.
      • And not necessarily through sex. Athena emerged fully formed from within Zeus' head and Venus is the result of Uranus' genitals being thrown into the sea.

Offdensen is Skwisgaar's father.
There was a tease about this in "Fatherklok."
Offdensen:"I mean he could have left, uh, right after the deed was done, you know?. Never even held you... in his arms. The mighty strength of a... father's touch. Lost, forever. Gone. My father had strong hands."
  • To me, that says more about Offdensen than Skwisgaar; IMHO, it sounds like Offdensen lost his father at some point in his childhood and he just remembers his hands.
  • Hesitation may usually equal dishonesty, but in Offdensen's case is like his own very subtle little Verbal Tic. He can barely get through even the most simple sentences without doing it at least once.
  • The emphasis on that bit of exposition fits in with the possibility that Salacia himself might be Offdensen's father.

Every member of Dethklok is the son of a god.
Skwisgaar: Serveta is actually barren, hence the thousands of men but no children- remember, she had sex with literally THOUSANDS of men in just one month, but only got pregnant once. She was impregnated by a god, because gods can do whatever the fuck they want. Skwisgaar is the son of the god of life, hence all the babies - even if he did use a condom, it wouldn't be enough to stop his godly sperm impregnating everyone with an operating womb he meets.
  • "...But only got pregnant once"? Unless she has multiple eggs in her womb, she can only have one pregnancy at a time, no matter how many men she slept with. There Can Be Only One.
    • I actually meant that realistically, considering all the men she sleeps with, she should have hordes of children, like Skwisgaar does. Instead, Skwisgaar is an only child.
    • Or, perhaps after giving birth to Skwisgaar, Serveta took preventative measures (birth control, tube tying, etc) to not have more kids (and knowing her, it was probably for superficial reasons like not wanting to ruin her figure). It's probably for the best that she didn't have any more kids besides Skwisgaar too.

Toki: Toki was conceived by a mortal woman (Anja) from a god - seduction or controlled her, or something. Aslaug didn't leave his wife because their religion forbids it. Hence all the beatings, because a child born in wedlock is a child of sin, and needs to have it beaten out of him. His father is the god of death, and Toki keeps killing people because he doesn't know how to control his powers.

  • Perhaps Toki's father is the ancient Norse god Orstaag the Tooth Collector.

Pickles: Pickles is the "red-haired step child". A god seduced Molly and had her bear his child. If Pickles is the eldest, Calvert resents Pickles for taking Seth's rightful place as first born and heir. Molly still kind of loves him because, let's face it, it's still her kid. The results of being the son of a god are an unnatural immunity to drugs and poisons.

  • In a discussion of Dethklok and godly counterparts, this Troper once heard Pickles compared to Dionysus, who according to Greek myth, invented the process of making wine - in his youth no less. Also note that in the upcoming episode, 'Breakupklok' after quitting the band Pickles is attempting to open a vineyard, with the intent of making the most alcoholic wine in the world. Dionysus is pretty much the Greek God of partying and getting wasted, so Pickles as a god of wine and ecstasy? That seems to fit pretty well.
    • Also, tying Pickles to Dionysus, Dionysus is often depicted in two ways: As an older bearded god, or a beautiful androgynous youth. Compare Pickles as he appears as a member of Dethklok, and his appearance in his Snakes N' Barrels day.

Murderface: Murderface's mother was seduced by a god. It took her some time to work up the nerve to tell her husband that it wasn't his child, which infuriated his father so much he killed her, and then himself. He spared the child either because he wasn't crazy enough to kill a baby, or it was the god's influence. I mean, Murderface should have died when he drank the bleach, and should have died when he fell off that motorcycle, but he didn't. Clearly there's something going on to keep the boys from killing themselves. Also, Murderface is the son of a wolf god. He pees everywhere because his instincts are telling him to mark his territory as often as possible.

  • Alternatively, Murderface could be a god of war or bloodlust. He revels in being a jerk and pitting people against each other (even said he admired this trait in Twinkletits). He has said before that it's hard for him to suppress the urge to ruin other people's lives. The other band members have marveled at how talented he is at just being a complete dick and driving people apart. Also, there is his fascination with "Morbid Crap," and notably his obsession with the Civil War. He incites extreme hatred in those around him, so much so that the band greatly suffered from a lack of darkness in his absence, as Pickles, Skwisgaar and Nathan worked together too cohesively and productively without him. These powers may have manifested unknowingly while he was still an infant, perhaps even driving his father insane with hatred and bloodlust, to the point of murder/suicide.
    • Additionally, despite his need to ruin lives, Murderface is constantly seeking out authoritative roles and positions of power, such as attempting to place himself as head of the band claiming he is the lead song writer to the media (a blatant lie that he is called on). This is also seen in the season two finale when he placed himself as Band Fire Chief, as well as in Dethgov when he immediately volunteers as Head of the National Guard. This could be another facet of the War God persona, that is the idea of war as conquest. Unfortunately for Murderface, this completely clashes with the hatred he inspires in others towards him.

Nathan: There are two ways this could have gone down. Rose never actually told Oscar that Nathan wasn't his son, she just took one look at baby Nathan and explained away as her being Native American on one side. Or, she did tell Oscar, and he was a man about it and decided to forgive his wife and love Nathan like his own son. Nathan's voice is the outlet for his powers.

  • I've got a third idea. That particular god took on Oscar's form while the real Oscar was out drinking with friends, had sex with Rose, and then left, saying he had to do something. Meaning Rose had no idea she wasn't sleeping with her husband, and presuming they had a healthy sex life before Nathan was born, no one would have been the wiser about Nathan's parentage.
  • This would line up pretty well with, to borrow from Greek mythology, the way Hercules was conceived. His true father was Zeus, who took the form of Alcmene's husband to trick her into having sex with him. When her real husband came back from the war, he realized what happened but was very forgiving about everything and treated the kid like his own. Also, if you were to compare Nathan to any character from Greek myth, it would have to be Hercules. They both have that "quarterback" thing going on.
  • Judging by how he has visions of the Sea Prophet, he could be the son of a Water God.
Combining the last two...

Offdensen is a god charged with watching over Dethklok and also is Skwisgaar's father
All of the boys are children of gods, and Ofdensen fathered Skwisgaar, hence his fatherly moment with him. He's been assigned by the gods to watch over and protect them until the Metalocalypse. He maybe be Loki and being punished; Loki fathered, among other creatures, a wolf (the animals that watched over Skwisgaar and led to him finding his guitar). Loki is also foretold to fight the gods during Ragnarok and mutually slay and be slain by "the White God", which might also be a reference to his fight with the Masked Assassin.


Salacia is a God King, and the real father of ALL members of Dethklok
A ruler of gods, similar to Zeus and Odin. In the same vein, Selatcia has fathered many gods and mortals.All the members of Dethklok are actually Salacia's sons, his most powerful godly sons. Salacia is going to use them to bring about a reign of new gods, with Dethklok as members of the new Pantheon.Dethklok must remain a complete unit, none of them powerful enough to bring about the Metalocalypse without all of the other members of the band. Their stability as a group is instrumental to Salacia's plans; thus why the only thing that causes Selatcia to act is threats to Dethklok's progression in bringing about the Metalocalypse or Dethklok themselves deciding to break-up. The Metalocalypse is actually not inevitable, just very possible. It can possibly be stopped by outside forces. Selatcia is using every possible means to see that the Metalocalypse comes to fruition.

Pickles' real first name is Patrick.

He's just had that nickname for so long, he and everyone who knew him as a young child has completely forgotten; it's a very traditional Irish name, and Pickles is occasionally linked with snakes and snake imagery.

Pickles' real first name is Dylan.

Based on personal experience. I have a nephew named Dylan. The usual nickname is Dill, but guess what his grandmother called him at his last birthday party?

Pickles' real first name is Pickles, and he has no last name.

He had it legally changed as a Take That! to his family when he left home; he changed it to Pickles because he thought "Cinnamon Buns" sounded too much like a porn star.

The members of Dethklok are associated with particular elements.

Murderface - Earth; he's into sandscapes and coprophilia, is most often seen cutting into wood things, and has more trouble than the others with things that aren't tangible and concrete (even if he occasionally waxes philosophical.)

Toki - Fire; he "burns" everyone he loves, and... well, we've seen his temper. And, children love to play with fire.

Skwisgaar - Air; this one is obvious. In his videos, his guitar makes him fly, his spirit animal is a bird, and he's always surrounded in white, even in a death metal band.

Pickles - Water; he's immune to poison, his spirit animal is an octopus, and he somehow manages to be the most emotionally fluid of the lot and doesn't bottle anything up (even if he tries to drown his problems.)

Nathan - Metal. He's solid, inflexible, and just intimately connected with his music — which is metal. This will make him the true harbinger of the Metalocalypse.

  • These alignments can be applied (to varying degrees) to the music video at the beginning of Dethwater. Toki dies by fire, Murderface is a gravedigger, Pickles gets his head kicked through as if it were liquid, Skwisgaar resides in a high tower, and Nathan, the fifth element and thus the one above all others, slaughters them all.

Dr. Rockzo doesn't do cocaine
It's all part of the Rock n' Roll persona.

Offdensen is actually Austria.
Taking into account of that WMG that purports that Charles deliberately misspells his name, as well as his seeming immortality (because no one could've survived that No-Holds-Barred Beatdown the Masked Assassin dished out), this is the real reason Ofdensen is almost abnormally powerful despite being a bookish kind of guy. This also explains his unusually high tolerance for the insanity surrounding Dethklok (since the Nation-tans themselves are pretty crazy) and why he always dresses so impeccably. And since so many economies of the world depend on Dethklok's record sales, who better than an actual Nation to help handle Dethklok's finances and law troubles?

As for the badassery, Austria may not be the most action inclined guy, but the Austrian military certainly was not made of pansies. He simply took a few fighting classes in order to deal with the inevitable threats a band as big and brutal as Dethklok would have to face.

And now for a new question - how deep does Alfred/America's knowledge of The Tribunal go?

  • Salacia is an aged Prussia, trying to get back his former glory by any means necessary. Including making a deal with something to get the powers he's exhibited so far. He wears contacts because red eyes are an obvious sign that something ain't right. The reason Offdensen/Austria has to resort to using Dethklok to stop him is no one believes him when he says Prussia's still a threat. Incidentally, this makes the Prussia=East Germany WMG less likely to be true.
    • Or both are true, but Austria and Prussia are teaming up secretly to stop a third power-Russia. Unlikely, since they're perennial enemies, but again, if no one else believes them, they have no choice but to become Enemy Mines.
  • Oh, and to answer your question: Alfred wouldn't know much. If he did, he'd push for a more pro-active and American-centric means of attack.

Dethklok are an alternate universe version of a Quirky Miniboss Squad from the Metal Gear universe (but not one of the ones in the games).
True to the pattern in the games, they're a Multinational Team of eccentric, highly skilled individuals of dubious sanity, with ubiquitous parental issues, who aren't really equipped for living "normal" civilian lives. And if Dethklok wanted to get their hands on a nuclear-equipped walking battle tank that badly, I'd say they had a good chance.

If there is a Gender Flip Alternate Universe, then Doctor Rockso is the counterpart of Larxene from Ansem Retort.
Well, let's look. Both are drug addicts, and are willing to sell out and betray supposed friends for their next fix. Both of them are naturally blond. (The discrepancy in skin tone's harder to explain but no WMG is perfect.) Both have definitely been around things that aren't normal (Red XIII vs. Dethklok, Xemnas vs. Salacia.) And whoring himself out on a reality show that embraces, nay encourages drug use isn't out of character for Rockso. Presumably, though, if they are the same person, different gender, then Larxene is also a future version of Rockso, due to going from cocaine to...everything, and from the world already gone to hell. In other words, Ansem Retort takes place in a post-Metalocalypse alternate universe.

Alternately, they take place in the same universe and Larxene is one of Skwisgaar's many children.
Well, there is the blond, if the 'Skwisgaar is the son of a god' WMG is true, it's quite possible that that is where Larxene's lightning lighting powers come from, especially if Skwisgaar's father turns out to be Thor.

Dethklok will prevent the Metalocalypse.
Firstly, the only people that seem to be aware of the Metalocalypse prophecy are the Tribunal. It also appears that they get this information from Salacia. On this presumption, I believe that Salacia is attempting to bring about the Metalocalypse by keeping the band and the Tribunal ignorant of the true nature of the Metalocalypse. He has brought together the most powerful individuals/organizations from numerous fields and then... he waits. He always waits because the more interference that the band encounters the more aware of their powers (The band effortlessly raised Mustakrakish)and the world around them. The only reason the Tribunal exists is to prevent interference with the band, their are no free agents.

Some will point that the bands music and actions are exceedingly violent. I agree, but look at the organization they have built, five people and Offdensen have built an economy that rivals nations and when the band is threatened, their fans and klokateers sometime display both a proficiency for cooperation, and willful self-sacrifice. The band's role in the Metalocalypse is to avert it/end it/lead mankind through it. The more ignorant the band remains, the more likely the world's destruction in the Metalocalypse.

Mr. Salacia's recent activity is spurred by the actions of the Metal Masked Assassin. The MMA and his organization was something not foreseen by Salacia. Now that his plan of non-interference have been shattered by outside influences, Salacia prepares to do battle.

Offdensen's disappearance coincides with the conception and birth of a child.

He was gone for nine months. That's really the only basis I have for this WMG, but it would make sense that, sensing his mortality after getting his ass severely beaten, he'd want to go out and produce an heir.

Offdensen was piloting the helicopter that set up the fire in Dethstars.
He nodded when Pickles told him to do whatever it took to keep the movie from being shown again then vanished while the producer was threatening them. Clearly he decided that what it 'took' was not just destroying the only copy of the film, but also killing everyone who'd seen it so rumor could spread about what a terrible loss Blood Ocean was without anyone who'd actually watched it saying "Wait, no, that movie was crap."

If the producer hadn't dropped his cigar into the oil the helicopter spilled Offdensen would have tossed a flame down too.

Offdensen has a Geass
The above WMG made me think that maybe Offdensen doesn't have the capability to pilot a helicopter (it wouldn't be completely out of character for him to know how, but honestly, when would he find the time to learn?), but he does have the ability to control someone with a Geass, much like Lelouch did. This is how he got Dethklok's contract in the first place, and how everything seems to go Dethklok's way-because he willed it.


Nathan has a Geass, and Offdensen is the Code Bearer that gave it to Nathan.
Nathan's Geass' ability is controlling someone, but through a compelling voice (such as the protagonist in Code Geass: Lost Colors), explaining how his music influences people to violence, and how when he tells someone to do something, they hop to it (case in point: the director hanging himself). This also explains how Offdensen survived "Black Fire Upon Us"; as an immortal, Offdensen can take heavy amounts of damage and easily recover from it.
  • It is very likely the other band members have Geasses as well, but this troper is unable to think of their abilities at this time, barring Toki: his can literally kill someone, but Toki is unable to control it.
    • Skwisgaar's Geass makes women extremely fertile right before sex with him. Like Toki, he is unable to control his Geass, hence the literally hundreds of children.
      • Somehow, whether from Offdensen or another Code Bearer (Salacia, maybe?), his mother Serveta had a Geass that did the reverse of this, making men shoot blanks when they have sex with her. The one time she forgets to Geass someone led to Skwisgaar's conception. Either that or Skwisgaar's father has the anti-Geass like Jeremiah had.
      • Alternately, Skwisgaar's conception was a fluke and Serveta's Geass is similar to C.C.'s, though it's not so much 'everyone falls in love with her' but 'everyone wants to have sex with her'. And she's starting to lose control of her Geass. And that's why Murderface is attracted to her: he is her Euphinator incident.
    • Pickles's Geass allows him to counteract the effects of mind altering substances, such as alcohol and drugs. Unlike the Scandinavians, Pickles can control his Geass, and uses it only after he's done being drunk and/or high. This is the supposed 'tolerance' Pickles has to drugs mentioned in Snakes and Barrels.
    • It is also quite possible Murderface doesn't have a Geass. If Ofdensen was the one to give the others Geasses, and if his motivation was anything like C.C.'s initial motivation, he could have decided that there was no chance of Murderface becoming strong enough to take his Code and not bothered with giving him a Geass. Definitely plays up on Murderface's inferiority complex.
    • And just for fun, playing on the naming convention of the two Code Bearers, C.C. (pronounced See-Two) and V.V. (pronounced Vee-Two), Offdensen, if anything, would be O.O. (pronounced Oh-Two) Aka Oxygen.

Dethklok will use their non-prophecy powers to stop the Metalocalypse
The band is actually stronger supernaturally than they seem. There's the obvious summoning of Mustakrakish, of course. But nobody seems to bring up the deal in Dethblues. They obtain part of the Blues Devil's soul. It isn't outright stated that the Devil accepted the completely unbalanced deal, but the episode ends with the band summoning a dark sky and localized twisters while the BD looks on. Their eyes also glow red, indicating that they all have his power now.

In Dethgov, Nathan does a more advanced version of this, generating a dark version of his head that can audibly sing. Nearly all the witnesses died, however. In fact, you could even make a separate WMG about if Scrambles the Death Dealer was Dethklok's fault somehow. And who knows whether their process to write music on water is supernatural or not. It certainly destroys the environment like a mystic plague.

The opening shows the band performing in an unknown frigid venue, most likely near the area of the Season 1 finale's concert. You could cynically say that the entire opening isn't part of the show and just looks cool. However, the posing they do in the opening is revealed in the finale to be them looking at the dying Cardinal Ravenwood from his perspective. And the only time they played without a crowd or recording in the series was when they had to subdue a supernatural force. Perhaps they will have to ride the Dethcycle back there and play to subvert the Metalocalypse.

How to Train Your Dragon and Warhammer 40,000 are both set in the future of the Metalocalypse universe, and are the products of Dethklok's subconscious reality warping powers.
How To Train Your Dragon: the presence of Vikings and dragons in the same setting is highly relevant to Skwisgaar's interests, and more than one commenter has remarked on the twins' resemblance to him - they could be two of his many descendants.40K: the whole setting does have "brutality cranked up to the point where it verges on black comedy" as a guiding aesthetic principle, and it's been described as "like if Nathan Explosion made a tabletop."

Someone will die this season.
DVD info for Season 3 was recently released. Take note of what the set will be called: 'The Dead Man'. The reason given was the (supposed) assassination of Offdensen, but the problem with that is the two previous DVD sets. Both were named for the final episode of the season, 'The Metalocalypse Has Begun' and 'Black Fire Upon Us' respectively. My guess is, 'The Dead Man' is this season's finale, and someone will die for real during it. As to who? The running guess is Offdensen will be Killed Off for Real.
  • "The Dead Man" refers to Offdensen because of something that happened in the episode "Doublebookedklok".
    • Which, in "Church of the Black Klok" turned out to be Offdensen DID die, rendering himself invisible to Salacia.

Pickles is The Unfavorite because he had health problems as a child.

We already know that Pickles had asthma as a kid, and he states that he smoked government weed as a child because he had "kiddie glaucoma". However, although it's more common among older people some children are born with glaucoma. Closed-angle glaucoma also causes nasty symptoms like vomiting and sever headaches.

His parents' perfect life was hindered by having a sick child, and Pickles just accepted their rejection and ran away eventually. His health improved after he discovered music due to his Metalocalypse immunities.

  • And this is why Seth is the favored son-because he was 'perfect' and 'normal'. Sure, Pickles isn't mentally disabled, but if this WMG is true, it'd be very similar to the relationships in the Gordon family in Flowers for Algernon.
  • Him having more illnesses may also explain why in flashbacks to when he was 6, his younger brother was so much bigger than him.

Serveta Skwigelf is Sister Sweden from Scandinavia and the World
So would that make Skwisgaar Scania or Scania's half brother?
  • Wait. He'd have to be Scania's half-brother. Scania's father is known, to Sister Sweden and Sweden anyway, and Sweden lied and told Scania that his father was dead (when he's really Denmark).

There are now two Offdensens, and this is the reason for the different spellings; Offdensen and Ofdensen are different people.

After Renovationklok, there are two Offdensens: the one with the scar, and the one without the scar. There are two possible explanations-

A) He has a body double, because Ofdensen has too much important stuff going on to deal with the day-to-day asshattery that goes on with the boys. They don't need his direct presence more than they need his behind-the-scenes management, so he's arranged for a body double, possibly so dedicated and loyal as to have plastic surgery, to take care of that for him. This might also explain his unusually personable words to Skwisgaar during Fatherklok — he's not actually Ofdensen and hasn't had years of under-appreciation and cynicism to dampen his desire for closeness with the band.

or, more interestingly,

B) His actual self from earlier in the timeline. Scarred Offdensen suffered his horrible beating from the Metal Masked Assassin and went to follow up on the deeper workings of the Tribunal that he discovered. In doing so, he discovered the secret of time travel that Salacia uses, and went back in time to prevent the fall of Mordhaus. However, when he went back in time, he realized that certain key events could not take place without the siege occurring (such as Crozier's corruption), and couldn't interfere. But, since he already knew he was going to be out of commission for nine months, Offdensen removed his past self from the time stream to be properly healed and informed without damaging his own timeline. This is why Offdensen shows up first, and then Ofdensen properly returns, grey suit and unscarred face and all.

Offdensen really did die, and was reanimated by the power of metal.

Whatever happened to him, is the same thing that happened to Salacia; the difference is that Dethklok wanted Offdensen to survive, rather than Salacia having been invested with the power of metal by accident, and so they willed him back to life. This is why Salacia wants their power — he's the only one who knows what it can really do.

  • As of now... Hard to say if it's Confirmed or Jossed

The lifemate agency was trying to use Toki to breed some sort of Antichrist.
Why pair him with a woman who looks like a gorilla and put so much emphasis on the day to conceive? The agency knows Toki's something supernatural, if not a god, and want to harness his powers any way possible, including taking hold of his child. So they picked a member of the agency that's closest to ovulating, and send her in to mate with Toki at any costs. Shame she picked a room with a window.

Alternately, the agency was a branch of the Tribunal and they're trying to breed a chosen one that can defeat Dethklok.
The only ones that could possibly defeat Dethklok is someone who can match them in power, say, an offspring of one of the band members. Thing is, though, they need someone malleable, someone they can brainwash into hating Dethklok, someone they can equally brainwash into doing their will, so the best bet is to have hold of a child from his birth on. Which disqualifies Skwisgaar's many children, since their mothers would be Dethklok fans. Toki provided them an ample opportunity which they seized on, again, being foiled by the window.
  • Or maybe they know about Toki's death curse. If she was pretty, Toki would fall in love with her and she'd die a horrible death.

Either way, we haven't heard the last of the lifemate agency.
And I just realized. It's another Succuboso Explosion cult.

Offdensen is to Nathan what Owen was to Xanatos
Spoilers for Gargoyles ahead: In the series, we find out that Owen is actually Puck, who had been banished by Oberon for his affinity for humans and his loyalty to David Xanatos, which had been earned when he gave Xanatos a choice: One wish as Puck, or lifetime loyal service as Owen. Xanatos chose Owen. Perhaps Offdensen is another of Oberon's Children, who also had been fond of humans, and, assuming the identity of Offdensen, crossed paths with Nathan. He was impressed enough with Nathan that he made the same offer as Puck: one wish as his Third Race identity, or lifetime loyal service as Offdensen. Now, Nathan's not the sharpest person, but he does have his moments of profound clarity, and this was one of them, realizing that lifetime loyalty was the better choice, and choosing so. Thus, Nathan had a loyal ally that would help him achieve his dream: to be in the greatest metal band ever. The rest is history.
  • Though I've noticed Offdensen's similarity to Owen, it is a kind of weird leap to make. You seem to be implying that his unfettered personality is a racial trait, it's not. Being fond of humans doesn't dry out one's humor either. Owen acts the way he does because of Puck's amusement at another character's wooden personality, and decided to copy him. Owen is unique to Puck. Most other fair folk act more or less the same in human form as they do in their real form. It's kind of like saying Pickles is secretly a gargoyle because he has red hair like Demona does.

Offdensen used to be in a band.
Check RehabKlok. In the first song, while Pickles is bitching about having to go to rehab, Offdensen's the one on drums.
  • There may be some merit to this theory. In one of the DVD extras, he does mention he has a guitar (his "baby", which is a mint condition 1959 Gibson Les Paul, to be specific). Alternatively, this leads into another theory...

Offdensen and Pickles knew each other before Dethklok.
Of ALL people, Pickles is the one carrying a picture of him in a freaking locket in Renovationklok. I mean, Toki having a picture at least makes a little sense, he is the youngest and more feelings-sensitive member of the band, so that kind of thing seems pretty par for the course for him. But Pickles? I can't help but think Pickles and Charles knew each other in a past life, whether it was at school together (Pickles did at least try to go to college, it seems, and there is a guy who bears a striking resemblance to the manager in the drunken graduation photo), and who knows, maybe they were even friends. Plus in Rehabklok, Offdensen is the one on drums when Pickles is freaking out that he's going to be replaced. Call it the deranged state of a junkie mind or just a nice compliment to the crazy rock opera, but maybe Pickles knows that if anyone could replace him it would be Charles, because they used to play music together before Dethklok happened. I don't know, it just seems a little too coincidental to be a coincidence.
  • Trying to pin down a timeline in Metalocalypse is asking for trouble, especially when it comes to trying to compare people's ages, but the fencing award in Charles' office puts him in college in the 80's, which would have been around the time Pickles was in Snakes N' Barrels. There's some speculation that Charles may have been a Snakes N' Barrels fan at the time. In Sn BII, he says "I didn't represent you then," not "I didn't know you then". And if Pickles didn't know Charles at the time, why would he even think Offdensen was responsible for his not owning the band's name?

Going with the above theory, Pickles tried a solo career in between Snakes N' Barrels and Dethklok.
And for reasons-possibly his original manager mismanaging it or insisting that SNB get back together-Pickles fired his original manager and hired Offdensen, meaning Offdensen has a foot in the door when Pickles joins Dethklok.

Offdensen is one of many clones.
This is a variation on the "There are now two Offdensens" theory shown above, but with a twist. Has anyone considered that there may be more than two versions of Offdensen? Think about it: The scar hasn't been seen since the first episode of Season 3, and the suits have been darkening, which could indicate that each time we see Offdensen, it's a different person in a different suit. Considering the way violent events tend to find the band and hurt the people around them, maybe Offdensen keeps dying and they need to replace Offdensen every so often with a clone. The nine months between when Offdensen was declared dead and when he returned to the band could have been when the Klokateers were creating a new Offdensen (the others could have burned up or been destroyed during the fire in the Season 2 finale). To top it off, Offdensen's name has been spelled in more than one way on the show, which could be the writers messing with us... or could be that each clone spells their name differently?

On the plus side, if it's true, we'll never have to worry about Offdensen being gone for good.

  • And somewhere in the depths of Mordhaus, there are clones for all the members of Dethklok. That's where they keep getting Nathan's new livers from.

CFO is Salacia's son.
  • Eh...most people, if they do think Offdensen's related to someone in the tribunal, gun for Crozier.

Offdensen is attracted to Nathan.

Well, apart from any of various homoerotic instances in the show (there are a lot), Charles generally goes out of his way for Nathan more than the others, even to the point of offering Nathan a shoulder to cry on after having "girl trouble" (which he never tries to do for any of the others), and playing with Nathan's hair when he's rip-roaring drunk. (Also the last few WMG's I made have either been confirmed by the show, or very strongly hinted at, so Mr. Small, if you're reading this, please let Dethklok and CFO be okay.)

  • Here's something else to note: Offdensen was cool with the roaster insulting the other band mates, even cracking a smile once or twice. It's only when he starts to insult Nathan that Offdensen puts a hit out on him.
    • He's also not shy about deliberately pointing out various flaws with the bandmates personally, if sometimes indirectly (Murderface being irresponsible about the Nascar Type Hybrid Theatrical Event) or of occasionally making subtle jibes at them (Talking about his father to Skwisgaar, drinking brandy in front of Pickles), but not with Nathan. Or Toki, for that matter, who he seems to have a more fatherly concern for. I think you're cool. CMOH.
  • Nathan was the one who Charles was thinking of when he mentioned no one remembered his birthday.
    • Did anyone else notice that Nathan was the only one of them who knew exactly how long Charles had been missing?
  • Offdensen doesn't suffer from sexual frustration while trapped for months on the Dethsub, even though he knows it's "a pit of despair". He's used to not being able to have the person he wants, so of course it wouldn't bother him any more than usual.
  • Let's just say there's a reason Nathan and Offdensen are linked in some of these WMGs

Offdensen was Touched By Salacia
Because he did see Salacia brainwash Crozier and quite possibly saw the same visions Crozier did, Salacia accidentally gave Offdensen powers. These manifested the most in Offdensen's sixth sense about the band (particularly when they go missing) and when he kicked the machine, fixing it (mostly). This also explains the final shot of the episode: Ofdensen, with a quick lightning flash to Salacia before going back to Offdensen. In short, Offdensen and Salacia are now equals.

There are two Offdensens and one of them will become Salacia.

Okay, so, expanding on a couple of WMGs:

Scarred Offdensen and Unscarred Offdensen are two different people who were both subject to Salacia's power upon witnessing Salacia take over Crozier's mind. Scarred Offdensen used that power to go back in time and rescue his past self from the Assassin, and spent the nine months he was gone explaining everything he knew to his unscarred self. He came back to rescue the band and then left his unscarred self to run things while he continued investigating the Tribunal.

Now that Unscarred Offdensen has supernatural powers and has effectively died for Dethklok once before, he's watching his work and his dedication go unappreciated and is slowly growing bitter, not just for himself, but his Scarred Other Self is still working behind the scenes, unappreciated and completely forgotten (since none of the band seem to have even noticed that the scar is gone). Eventually, he'll grow dissatisfied with his situation, and go back in time to orchestrate the Metalocalypse so that he can take their power, whether because he can't let Dethklok have it (because they'll destroy the world) or because he wants it for himself (as a payoff for everything he's done so far). He will need to use Time Travel Face Bag technology and go back in time at the speed of regular time, which is why Salacia is as old as he is.

This is further supported by Vater Orlaag's words that no one but those inside the secret chamber (Orlaag, Salacia, and Crozier) knows about Salacia when wondering whether Offdensen knows or not; if Offdensen is Salacia, it's still true.

Salacia brought Offdensen back to life.

Offdensen died at the end of Season 2 and Salacia brought him back to life and is controlling his body. Offdensen is now Salacia's mole inside Dethklok and his plans with Project Falconback are really Salacia's.

There will eventually be a battle of wills between the real spirit of Offdensen and Salacia over control of Offdensen's body.

  • Jossed.

Offdensen seeks to oppose Salacia to prevent the Metalocalypse
This isn't WMG because of the theory, but because of the reason he's stopping it. Dead people can't buy stuff. If the world has ended, no one makes any money.
  • This is probably the most believable WMG on here.

Rehabklok was a ploy to get Pickles to become a Drunken Master.
In a nutshell, whatever Pickles's role in the Metalocalypse is, it's more effective drunk. The problem was that since he first began to drink as a coping mechanism, he was unable to tap into that ability. So that's why he was sent to rehab: get clean, get over his issues, then put him in a situation that needs a Drunken Master so he can unlock that potential. Now whether all this is the machinations of Salacia, Offdensen, or some higher power, I don't know.
  • I take it back. I think Offdensen planned it. I rewatched Rehabklok, and something just doesn't ring true in Offdensen's voice when he tells Pickles that the robot kidnapped the band, almost like he's hamming it up to show concern. The only time that sounded like he was sincere was when he asked if Pickles had been drinking, which, if he was behind this, would be all he's concerned about. Well, it's either that or Offdensen's voice just doesn't lend itself to yelling, but whatever.

Dethklok's powers are stronger when they're near their spirit animal's natural habitat
Nathan creates a hurricane in Florida and his animal's an alligator, Pickles fixes the nuclear submarine effortlessly and his animal's an octopus. We haven't seen Murderface do much right because we've never seen the band in the parts of Asia where tigers live.
  • Since rabbits are located nearly everywhere, shouldn't that make Toki a better guitarist and overall more successful?
    • Toki IS a talented guitarist, but he's shy and insecure, and easily thrown off by criticism and scrutiny — i.e., he spooks like a bunny. He's also very popular with kids, and surprisingly dangerous (when he beats the ever loving piss out of the Manhattan Sidewinder fan-douche, it could easily be described as "Going Watership Down on his ass".)

Dethklok are the demons of the apocalypse
I'm actually surprised this hasn't been mentioned in greater detail. It would appear that the show feeds off many forms of Mythology, both Norse and Christian, and even a bit of Greek/Latin at times. As for some evidence, well, has anyone read the book of Revelations?
  • "And he opened the bottomless pit.... And there came out of the smoke locusts upon the earth; and unto them was given power, as the scorpions of the earth have power.... [A]nd [the locusts'] faces were as the faces of men. And they had hair as the hair of women..." Faces of men and hair of women, makes a good amount of sense when you consider Dethklok are all men with long hair.
  • "And thus I saw the horses in the vision, and them that sat on them, having breastplates of fire, and of jacinth, and brimstone: and the heads of the horses were as the heads of lions; and out of their mouths issued fire and smoke and brimstone." Breastplates of fire could easily refer to their instruments; in particular the guitars. Fire and smoke and brimstone out of their mouth, that could easily be their lyrics, which tell of destruction and death.
  • "And the four angels were loosed, which were prepared for an hour, and a day, and a month, and a year, for to slay the third part of men... And the fifth angel sounded, and I saw a star fall from heaven unto the earth: and to him was given the key of the bottomless pit." The fifth angel, there's some debate to be had here. It could be said that M.H. was never meant to be a member of Dethklok. Whatever happened to him, Toki took his place, and that would be when Dethklok's reign of destruction started. Toki is the most liable candidate to be the fifth angel. The key to the bottomless pit; his guitar?
There's also the many signs of the end times throughout all of the bible which could be confirmed; In Matthew 24:3 Jesus told his apostles to look for the following signs prior to his second coming and the end of the age.
  • "Matthew 24:5 "For many will come in my name, saying, I am Christ, and will mislead many." Matthew 24:11 "And many false prophets will arise, and will mislead many." Skwisgaar made some seriously powerful claims in Fatherklok, eh?
  • "Matthew 24:6 "And you will be hearing of wars and rumors of wars; see that you are not frightened, for those things must take place, but that is not yet the end." Doublebookedklok, nearly starting WWIII, the panic that came with it to everyone in the world.
  • "Matthew 24:7 "For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom, and in various places there will be famines and earthquakes." It's near impossible to have a Dethklok concert without severe destruction to everything and everyone nearby.
  • "And this gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in the whole world for a witness to all the nations, and then the end shall come." Everyone in the universe of Metalocalypse, everyone— has heard their music. 99% of the world are fans. Worshipers.
  • "Revelation 13:16-17 "And he causes all, the small and the great, and the rich and the poor, and the free men and the slaves to be given a mark on their right hand or on their forehead, and he provides that no one will be able to buy or to sell, except the one who has the mark, either the name of the beast or the number of his name." The Gears/Klokateers, quite obviously.
Alright, so there's all that. However, a second and very much related story is also plausible:
  • The Bible predicts two one world leaders or Antichrists who will rule the entire world (Rev 13, Dan 7:8, 11, 23). One will be the main leader, or the Beast, while the other, the False Prophet, will perform miracles and force the world to worship the Beast and his Image. If you think of Dethklok as the Beast and Charles as the false prophet, it makes a lot of sense.
  • The False Prophet, whose number is 666, will enforce the mark, which could be a tattoo or computer chip. In this case, a brand.
  • Initially they will promise peace, and deceive many that they are good. They will reign for 7 years, after they sign a treaty with many people. A recording contract.
  • In the middle of the 7 year tribulation, 1260 days after the agreement is signed, the Beast will break the agreement, gain ultimate control and enter the temple he built... Renovationklok?
  • The Bible warns that if you accept the mark on your right hand or forehead to enable buying or selling, and worship the Beast and his Image you will come under the control of the Devil and be destined for Hell (Rev 14:9, 10, 2Thes 2:11, 12). It is better to die instead... Die for Dethklok.
  • At the time a one world government will be portrayed as a solution to all our problems, and the leaders will fool the world that it will bring peace. The end of Doublebookedklok, when Israel and Syria find peace within Dethklok's music.
  • One last thing worth mentioning, at some point it is foretold that during the End Times, the sea would turn to blood as every living creature died. BLOOD OCEAN, anyone?
    • The Gear brand, even apart from the fact it has no semblance to a name or a number, is accepted willingly.
    • Skwisgaar's claims were in front of the band or on his own, not for public.

Dr. Rockso is Josh Todd's (the singer from Buckcherry) alter-ego

Listen to Lit Up, then listen to I'm Just A Rock n' Roll Clown. They're pretty much the same song. When Josh got clean, the coke addict he used to be took the form of a clown and continued rocking.

Vater Orlaag is a resurrected Rasputin the Mad Monk.
The resemblance cannot be coincidental.

The Metal Masked Assassin is dead.
He did not show up at all in Season 3, and why, if they showed that Edgar Jomfru is alive and working for Dethklok, would they not show him imprisoned anywhere? Either he had been murdered instantly when Nathan whacked him with the flaming board, or he had been imprisoned, then later murdered by Dethklok when told that Offdensen was dead.
  • Jossed as of "Bookklok".

Charles Foster Offdensen is based on Max Weinstein.
They look similar, they dress similarly, they conduct business in a similar manner. They even sound similar! It's all too coincidental to be a coincidence.
  • It's coincidence. Brendon Small has gone on record as saying that CFO was based on Robert Duvall's character from The Godfather.

The Tribunal exists to ensure that Dethklok brings about the Metalocalypse, not prevent it
But only Salacia and Vater Orlaag know it. Salacia gathered together the international power brokers that he deemed to be most likely to conspire to oppose Dethklok, pre-empting the inevitable conspiracy and keeping a tight rein on the would-be conspirators.

The members of the band are actually Gods of the old traditional sense
If you look at a lot of early mythologies the early gods had very little love for their followers, often mistreating them and threatening them though they still got a lot of devotion and worship out of it. Also, looking at many of the stories about Thor or the Greek pantheon the Gods were also pretty hard partiers and frequently slept around whenever and wherever they got the chance. Offdensen may be something similar to a high priest of the pantheon that the guys represent, which also explains his loyalty to them and their eventual loyalty to him. The klokateers/gears serve as a kind of lesser einherjar, while they can still die I have a hunch that the combination of the gear branding and the music played somehow infuses them with something greater than what they normally had. This is also how they're able to invoke monsters and the like as well as get the attention of the world in almost any case. The tribunal may be set up by Salacia trying to establish either a rival pantheon or attempting to step in at the right time.

Nathan is Asexual
  • Nathan doesn’t seem to be at all interested in the sex aspect of his "Sex, Drugs and Rock n'roll" lifestyle. He only got a girlfriend because he wanted a friend who happens to be a girl. Rebecca got all pissy when she found out he didn't care about sex, and Frankly, any of the other band members would leap at the chance to impregnate lots of women to produce a race of warriors.
    • Except he never did find out anything about Lavona Succuboso's plan except the Loin Extractor which would have removed his sperm without sex, the reason he was glad Rebecca was in a coma was so that he could go to the Pornography Awards, and the entire episode "Klokblocked" is about the other bandmates foiling his attempts to have sex. And given the "supermodels" scene in Tributeklok he has the most implied sexual activity of anyone in the band except Skwisgaar...

Offdensen is the In-Universe voice of Facebones
  • Listen to Offdensen calling out the raffle winner at the employee rally in Season 1 to compare. At some point he may have noticed the band never listens to him and created the Facebones persona so he could get a message across once in awhile.
    • This is a common assumption in the show's fanon.
    • If you check out the Mordhaus tour from the season one DVD extras, you'll notice Facebones actually uses a few of Offdensen's verbal quirks. That being said, considering how both simultaneously bitter and maniacally gleeful (listen to him laugh when he takes you to the basement hallway where the Jomfru brothers ended up then try sleeping tonight) the gory mascot seems to be, my guess is that Charles does this not for the benefit of the boys, but so that he can vent his job's many, many frustrations.

Dethklok has a passive power over time, and that's why Offdensen doesn't age and why Salacia/M.H. is an old man.

The boys' supernatural abilities warp reality, but when they're not doing anything in particular, those powers lapse into a passive influence over the effects of time on the individuals around them according to how much attention they pay to it. Offdensen has remained the same age since the band's founding because he's always within Dethklok's sphere of influence, but they never play very close attention to him. Their perception of him hasn't changed since they first met, so he hasn't actually gotten any older. Salacia is Magnus Hammersmith (the unknown fifth member of the band who Toki probably replaced) after he left Dethklok's sphere of influence, causing time to affect him strangely since Dethklok has either forgotten him completely, or they remember him (privately) enough that he's been continuously affected in short bursts. The reason no one's caught on is because everyone else who might be affected by it has died or been killed before it made any real difference.

  • The Magnus aspect of that theory may well be Jossed; Magnus showed up in "Dethcamp"; he seems no older than one would expect. Either he's not Salacia, or he has disguising powers.

Korgoth of Barbaria is the sequel to Metalocalypse.

Dethklok won't destroy the world. They'll just make it more... metal.

The line 'One cannot serve two masters' is significant.

What About Senator Stampingston?
This guy is always there. He can't be Salacia's right hand man, because that's Vader Orlaag's place. But, there's the matter of the scar on the back of his head. Senator Stampingston isn't touched upon at all during the first three seasons, but I'm not sure about the fourth. Could he have more of a place in the Metalocalypse than we think?
  • I think it's possible that Stampingston is another victim of Salacia's mind control - he's never seen to oppose Salacia, he rarely even gives any input aside from dispensing information and calling in professors, and yet he's allowed in Salacia's private chamber (check S3 finale - he's in there with Crozier, Orlaag, and Salacia.) I can't help but think Salacia's responsible for his scar, too.

The Japanese guy that Nathan threw in the Tequila flashback was a whaler.

Something bad happens to Offdensen in the coming episode.
The guy who mutilated Ofdensen in Black Fire Upon Us made an appearance in the most recent episode, and the trailer for the upcoming episode shows Dethklok stranded in the Middle East. Seeing as Charles usually tries pretty hard to keep stuff like that from happening, it seems highly possible that he could be in his own world of trouble, too.
  • I have an idea something bad IS going to happen, but not in the way of deadly force. Think about it: Offdensen has practically made it his life's goal to protect and promote Dethklok as a company. So why was he so nervous in Dethdinner when in every other crisis, including his own DEATH, and the threat of World War III, he's been completely unphased? Because it was HIS job riding on that dinner. They already fired and replaced Knubbler. Charles was almost certainly next. And now, after the debacle the boys caused and the breakup of the band, Crystal Mountain Records is going to have Charles fired. He's going to lose his job, his livelihood, and everything he's fought and died for. Simultaneously...
  • Jossed in "Breakupklok".

Because of the events of Dethdinner, Charles will be fired, thus making the broken up Dethklok even more vulnerable, and it is THIS reason why Salacia is choosing to strike.
Without their manager to protect them and with all of them angry at each other, Dethklok will be at their absolute worst, and THIS is the ideal time to spring into action with his plans. Because Salacia had suspicions Charles wasn't really dead at the end of Black Fire Upon Us (though everyone else in the Tribunal, save Orlaag his right-hand-man, was sure he was), this is why he didn't go after them when they had blown all their money, which, seemingly, would have been ideal. But now, certain that Offdensen is out of the picture (likely because not only will he be fired, he will be so infuriated with the boys he will just leave them to their own devices), they will be the perfect unprotected target. Unless, of course, whatever's going on with Jomfru becomes a Chekhov's Gun at the last second...

The storms that destroyed the new Dethklok album was a product of the process of making the album.
The process of recording the album to water was significantly damaging to the environment.

Mr. Salacia is Seth's kid.
Callbacks seem to be important in the 4th season, and are there any other characters with white eyes besides these two?

Mr. Salacia is some sort of water deity.
Take a look at the lyrics to Murmaider II: The Water God. They really resemble him, especially in light of Breakupklok. Also, he shares a name with a Roman water deity (Salacia, the wife of Neptune/Poseidon - AKA Amphitrite in Greek mythology, who was often portrayed as a mermaid.)

Salacia choosing to strike just as Dethklok is breaking up was a Batman Gambit to preserve the prophecy.
Vater Orlaag directly stated that, with the band fraying before their eyes, the prophecy had become muddled at best. Salacia needs the band alive and together so that whatever the prophecy entails may occur. His attack was solely to trigger Charles' automatic "protect Dethklok" response, thus keeping them that way.

Crozier isn't as mindraped as previously thought.
After being Salacia's puppet for almost two whole seasons, his urging of Salacia to kill Dethklok while they were at their weakest was a curious reversion to his pre-mindrape mindset.
  • I always assumed that most of the time Crozier has been in a free-will state, and about as normal as before, except when Salacia "activates" him, seen when his eyes glow.

Nathan's been influenced by the whale prophetess since the first season.
That was the first instance of him deleting albums. Something led him to want to record in the Marianas Trench. The result of those recordings was Dethwater, in which the whales were first heard.

Magnus didn't want to do what he did, but he had to because of the prophecy.
Magnus tried to keep Toki calm before he stabbed him, assuring him that "it's okay" and that "it'll all be over soon." The prophecy likely just dictated this had to happen, and Magnus didn't have any choice in the matter.
  • Jossed hard by The Doomstar Requiem, but Magnus eventually saw the error of his ways.

Magnus didn't really stab Toki at all.
We never saw the knife go through Toki, we just see him struggling, Magnus yells, there's a sound effect and Toki screams. It was very foggy; if Magnus moved in the right way to make it seem like he stabbed him, and Toki screamed at the right moment, both the Revengencers and Dethklok would believe it happened, and Toki could become 'invisible' like Charles stated he had done. (Abigail, on the other hand, may be a different story, as we did see the knife go through her.)
  • Jossed in The Doomstar Requiem, where Magnus is seen sewing up Toki's wounds.

Salacia and the Revengencers have a bargain.
Salacia needs Dethklok's five members alive to complete the prophecy. The Metal Masked Assassin wants to kill Dethklok and Offdensen. We've seen plenty of Salacia's hypnotic powers before, so he may have been attacking the concert in Breakupklok to Mind Rape the band all at once and prevent the split. With that attack failing, Salacia and the Metal Masked Assassin struck a deal: the Revengencers capture important people involved in Dethklok and hand them over to the Tribunal for mind-wiping, and once the prophecy is complete, the Metal Masked Assassin can kill them. Toki and Abigail are alive, but they will be brought before Salacia and hypnotized like General Crozier before being sent back to sabotage Dethklok and make the prophecy happen.
  • Mostly Jossed in The Doomstar Requiem, but one part of it was right. The actions of the Revengencers were against the Tribunal's will, but as it turned out they already had a plan to put a possessed mole inside Dethklok.

All of the band found their instruments in a ruin
As shown in Fatherklok, Skwisgaar found his guitar in a hidden temple, held by a statue of a warrior. I theorize that all of Dethklok found their instruments in a similar way. In Nathan's case it would be a book on song writing penned by the Sea Prophet, or a microphone.

The Metalocalypse will be triggered by Murderface getting laid
Come on, Murderface's lack of a sex life has to end up being some kind of plot point!In the first season finale, it was mentioned that the Metalocalypse has already begun. That might have been the trigger that caused it.
  • Well, I mean more-triggered. The world isn't being destroyed any quicker than it was during the first season. The Ishnifus guy mentioned that most of the bad shit would be happening in the future.
  • Murderface getting groupies sounds more end of the world bringing.

Skwisgaar stopped dressing in all white once Toki joined the band.
He wore white to contrast with the black clothing of the others in order to play up his Nordic appearance (presumably disregarding any Unfortunate Implications of doing so). At that point, he was the only member with blonde hair and blue eyes, while Nathan, Murderface, and Magnus are all dark-haired, and Pickles is "very Irish-American." When the pale-skinned, blue-eyed, light-brunette Norwegian Toki replaced Magnus, Skwisgaar no longer had a monopoly on this image, so he switched to wearing black like the others.

General Crozier is slated for either a Heel–Face Turn, a Villainous BSoD, or both in S5.
He's been nothing but screwed over by the Tribunal, and as a character he seems to carry a heavy load of foreshadowing. I think perhaps he will somehow be freed from his mind-controlled state by either Dethklok or the Church of the Black Klok, and this will be a source of conflict for him.

Vater Orlaag is a defector from the Church of the Black Klok.
We have been told almost nothing about his character other than that he is a "political and spiritual expert." He wears the same sort of monastic robes that the High Priest wears, and seems very knowledgeable regarding the Metalocalypse prophecy (as well as being one of the only people who really know anything about Salacia). I believe he used to be affiliated with the Church of the Black Klok, but he eventually gave himself to Salacia out of hunger for power some time before the start of the show or something along those lines.

Toki's parents don't speak to him because he's been excommunicated.
It's obvious that his family comes from some sort of religious sect in Norway. If it's anything like many of the Anabaptists (the Amish, the Mennonites, etc.), when he chose to leave his family and their way of life to join Dethklok, his community back at home may well have shunned him. While many religions do not bar their members from speaking to a shunned individual, theirs may have, thus explaining why Aslaug and Anya have never been shown to exchange words with their son directly.

"The Hammer"'s lyrics were written as a Take That! to Magnus.
Pretty much the automatic explanation anyway. Special note to the fact that when they were practicing in the flashback, Nathan was sitting out (possibly trying to think of lyrics) instead of performing. Further, the lyrics would become Harsher in Hindsight after Magnus's return in Season 4.
  • Either that or they were co-written by Magnus as a Badass Boast. It's not very clear.

The guitar squeals at the end of Birthday Dethday are meant to evoke deflating balloons

The sinking of the album shipments had another purpose.
Nathan's apparent summoning of the storms to destroy the album sank them; true hardcore Dethklok fans would think nothing of finding a way to get to the bottom of the ocean to get them, except they're the piracy-proof water tracks. Think about it: the ocean is now full of Dethklok's music. Not just any music, it's Dethklok's equivalent of a lost gospel. Literally, the entire planet will gradually become full of Dethklok as its music flows through the water cycle. Eventually, it will rain Dethklok, long after Dethklok is gone, possibly after they've either died or ascended to true godhood after whatever final confrontation they have with Salacia.
  • OP, that... is the most metal thing I've ever heard in my whole life.

About Toki...

Nordic, childlike and very curious, has a temper that is extremely frightening and destructive, does even more inadvertent harm to innocents than is normal for the band. So...hey...ever notice what happens when you turn the "T" in Toki upside down?

  • ...You show everyone that you're slightly confused about what L looks like?

Doom Star Requiem will end the series.
An 2011 article had Brendon Small state that he would want to do one more season and a movie to finish the series. Season 4 was the next season. DSR is a movie. Do the math.
  • When asked if there was going to be a fifth season on his Reddit AMA, Brendan refused to answer...
  • did end on a cliffhanger... Probably best to wait for Word of God on this one.
  • Brendon said that they have a 5th season planned out and ready to go, but are just waiting for network approval to begin production.

Toki's father was the leader of a cult that worshiped Salacia as a god.

Dr. Rockso is a Lovecraftian Elder God.

It's how he's able to consume so many narcotics. His appearance in 'Snakes N' Barrels II' was a disguise - the way we normally see him is the closest he can get to revealing his true form without making the humans around him go insane.

  • Alternatively, his physical form is still very much human - he really was once a troubled young boy by the name of Leonard Rockstein. Leonard was possessed by the eldritch abomination, probably as a teenager or very young man (around the same time as - or just before - he became the lead singer of Zazz Blammymatazz) and caused him to go completely off the rails. Before he was possessed, Leonard was a troublemaker, sure, but he never did anything truly terrible. After he was possessed, he began taking cocaine, possibly to deal with the mental stress of harbouring an ancient eldritch abomination in his head. His cocaine use rapidly wore him down and left him even more vulnerable to the abomination, and eventually, he couldn't control it any more. Why did it possess him in the first place? Well, even if he wasn't a totally awful kid, he was still troubled. Maybe he had some emotional issues that made him more vulnerable. Alternatively, this could all just be a metaphor for what addiction does to a person. You choose.

The kidnapping of Toki and Abigail was known by the Church of the Black Klok, and they actively refused to step in.

While the Church and Ishnufus are working directly to interpret the prophecy and prevent the Metalocalypse from occurring, it was mentioned that the final task was for Nathan to finish the latest album in order to create the appropriate message as told to him by the whale goddess. It was also established multiple times that the band doesn't really work unless under duress or in an emotionally volatile state (usually very angry), which was shown when they were sent to the Middle East and faced with the threat of becoming sex slaves unless they wrote a new song on the spot.

The Church knew about the kidnapping plans long before the funeral but did nothing to stop it, hoping that eventually Dethklok would rescue Toki and Abigail. This is why at the beginning of The Doomstar Requiem they kept singing that one of them must die, that person revealed to be Ishnufus. As a result of the events of the Doomstar Requiem and Dethklok's change of heart and awakening as gods, the final song to complete the goddess' message and begin the war against Falconback and Salacia and thus prevent the Metalocalypse was written: Blazing Star.

Murderface is not the traitor, and his implied infection/possession will not be touched upon before the 5th season finale

Salacia tells the Tribunal about a traitor within Dethklok well before the band sets foot inside The Depths of Humanity. Therefore it would stand to reason that the mentioned traitor is someone else - likely not a band member. However, what happened to Murderface will probably cause him to further alienate himself from the rest of the band, one way or another. Nathan's claim that he (and by extension, the rest of Dethklok) would risk his life for Murderface's sake may be put to test by the end of the 5th season.

The strange man who accosted Murderface in Depths of Humanity was none other than Mr. Salacia himself.

Using magic to make himself look younger, of course. Their facial features are strikingly similar, and they even have a similar accent.

Ishnifus's death didn't fulfill the prophecy

Magnus's did. It was heavily implied that the death would be a member of Dethklok, and although Ishnifus was their associate and mentor he was not a member of the band nor even formally employed by them. Magnus, on the other hand, is The Pete Best to Dethklok and thus technically a member, and in killing himself over allowing Ishnifus to die, unintentionally fulfilled the prophecy. This is also why we see the Doomstar behind him during his suicide.

Anja's as much a victim of abuse as Toki.

Let's face it, the two of them remind me of some of the more cultlike sects of religions. And in quite a few of them, women are meant to be subservient and do whatever the husband tells them. It's also quite possible that Anja had been forced into the marriage with Aslaag to 'cleanse' herself of some arbitrary sin. The easy target would be conceiving Toki out of wedlock (which would go with the 'son of a god' WMG or make the 'Toki isn't their son' theory half correct), but I think the better answer is she's a lesbian. (She got just as handsy as the rest of the Dethmoms.) And most cultlike sects view homosexuality as a sin.

Rikki Kixx is/was Pickles' illegitimate son.

He was born at some point in the eighties, when Snakes N' Barrels were still together with Pickles. He knew from an early age who his father was, and repeatedly tried to get in touch with him, but Pickles either wasn't interested or thought Kixx was just some weird, overly-obsessed fan. The bitterness led to substance abuse problems, which in turn forced him into sobriety. Reuniting Snakes N' Barrels with himself as the lead singer was a way of getting back at Pickles.

Tyr was Skwisgaar's real father...

...He was the Norse god Tyr in human form.

The Metal Masked Assassin is in Hell, fighting and torturing demons.

Ludwig, the bully from Dethcamp, was Skwisgaar's son.

Let's see, a blond, Swedish (possibly - his accent can most likely be pinned down to Northern Europe, and he does threaten to 'unleash the Viking madness' on another camper at one point), egotistical (yet admittedly talented) Jerkass who bullies Toki - now who does that sound like? It's probable that he's aware of who his father is and either resents him for being absent, or has become a "Well Done, Son!" Guy desperately trying to re-connect with his father. He's probably one of, if not the oldest of Skwisgaar's kids (he's at least in his early twenties; perhaps Skwisgaar was eighteen or so and in a band back in Sweden at the time).

  • Alternatively, he's Skwisgaar's half-brother. Serveta may well have had another kid but couldn't be bothered with the hassle of raising two kids, so put him up for adoption.

Everything after Fanklok was Nathan's Dying Dream.
Trindle's bomb really did kill Dethklok.

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