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Heroes to be included in the base game or as DLC

Guesses for the game's Big Bad

At least one of the heroes will be Formerly Fit in the five year Timeskip like Thor in Endgame.
The trailer shows Tony Stark with a Beard of Sorrow after the cataclysm. Perhaps the other heroes will have altered appearances in those 5 years.
  • Fully jossed. They're all still in great shape even after being out of the hero business. Bruce and Tony do sport Beards of Sorrow though Tony shaves his down to his usual goatee as he's back on the team and Bruce trims it down once Natasha's back on.

The reason the Avengers disbanded is because they accidentally unleashed Inhumans upon the world.
Towards the end of the E3 Showcase, Bruce says that the disaster on A-Day was caused by a "Terrigen Reactor". In the comics, the Terrigen Mist is a mutagenic vapor that awakens the latent abilities of Inhumans and Inhuman hybrids via "Terrigenesis", and led to the origins of heroes such as Kamala Kahn/Miss Marvel and Daisy Johnson/Quake. The failure of the reactor may have caused an outpouring of the mists, and while none of the Avengers are Inhuman, the same probably can't be said for the population of San Francisco.

The Inhumans and the Mutants will be retconned to basically be one and the same
To add to the above theory. Since the teaser trailer in 2017 had the whole "If you have powers you’re dangerous" theme, which is similar to the entire X-Men plot. To save for time the Terrigen mist will give birth to both iconic inhumans and iconic mutants from the comic books.

The game's story will take elements of The Avengers (Jonathan Hickman)
Considered one of, if not the, best Avengers runs in history. The idea is that if the Avengers reform, they need to do so with larger membership, those who can tackle any challenge known to man from Earth and beyond, and as such the roster will dramatically increase. This will be used as the reason why more heroes join the fray. It could also lead to the game's version of Secret Wars.

Cap isn't dead.
I mean really, that's not something you give away in a trailer of all things. Plus the way it plays out makes it seem they Never Found the Body either...
  • Yeah, I'd prefer it that were a hidden thing like Doc Ock in Spider-Man (PS4), since you already know what's going to happen with that. No use spoiling it in promotions.

The narrator is Mary Jane Watson
The game might share a setting with Spider-Man (PS4). Mary Jane is reporting on the events of A-Day, catching the audience up on events.
  • Jossed: It's Kamahla Kahn

That giant monster teased at the end of the A-Day trailer is a Sentinel
It was a bit blue/purplish. And since the game is taking the whole "Anti-super powers" route they'd be perfect for hunting Inhumans and (Possibly) Mutants
One of the Big Bads will be the one taking extremes to chance the public's opinion on superpowers
Similarly to Magneto who went out of his way trying to prove mutants are superior to humans, and either humans die or mutants can live alone. Maybe an Inhuman will fill that role instead.

Other teams that could show up

New heroes have risen since the fall of the Avengers
It's been five years since the disbandment, and the Avengers are still stated to aspire many even in their downfall. It's likely that in the mean time, new heroes have tried to fill the void since A-Day, the first one coming to mind is Kamala Khan.

Hawkeye will be an antagonist
Hawkeye was once an Iron Man villain (Back in the 60s possibly). He could be some sort of Punch-Clock Villain or Mercenary trying to hunt Inhumans or the Avengers. Possibly he switches sides in a Heel–Face Turn

The game is set some time during or even before Peter's 8 year career as Spider Man
If Spider-Man (PS4) is in the same continuity of this game then it makes logical sense that it happened while Peter was Younger. It's clear that the Avengers are not outlaws during the former game, as Peter makes reference to them operating on the west coast, not being outlawed. If this happened after the game then it would either force the inevitable Spider Man sequel to have a 5 year time skip, robbing us of a proper Miles and Peter mentorship, or have the consequences of the prologue taint it's plot with severe anti-super hero sentiment (presumably it'd spread from the Avengers and). Additional proof is Taskmaster, his Avengers Appearance is clearly more practical, similar to Steve's whereas in Spider Man he wears a more custom looking comic book style costume and the design progression works more logically as Avengers to Spider Man not the other way around.
  • Additionally if Peter is indeed in the game then he would more likely be in the more universally approved classic suit than in the more divisive Advanced suit.
    • Unlikely to be during, given the time skip's clear Fantastic Racism against all superpowers it seems unlikely that AIM would allow Peter to be thwiping around during this time. In addition, given that Kamala is, in comic canon a Teen Hero and contempory of Miles, so I doubt they'd have her debut in canon before Peter... while I could be wrong I think we can just consider the whole shared continuity theory wrong at this point.
    • This Kamala is a teen hero as well in this continuity and it could be that AIM doesn’t want to draw attention to themselves going after a public figure who has gathered his own fans despite anti-super powered sentiment outside New York. Plus AIM in the Spidey game are candidates for whoever hired Taskmaster as they were a funding source for Doc Ock so it’s safe to assume they would have their eye on him.

Steve will have a more comic accurate costume later into the game.
If we assume he survives the prologue, and in relation to the above Taskmaster comment, it is possible that when Steve returns he's swapped his costume, derived from more realistic body armour, for a more custom modified suit more in line with his film and comic counterparts.

The Skrulls will be involved
  • Jossed.

Klaw will be involved somehow
That sonic disruptor bomb had to come from somewhere, right?

You get to create a single character - who becomes one of the villains you have to fight
It would be a funny way to subvert the 'insert your own fanfic superhero into the game' trope. Near the beginning of the game, the Avengers find a cryo-pod or something, and as they analyze it you pick the traits and powers the person inside has. Then they wake up and immediately begin rampaging against the Avengers because they're working for the bad guys and they were in that pod to enhance their powers or some other motive, which has just been ruined. And over the course of the game they'll return as a nemesis - the nemesis you created.

Monica Rappaccini will be a high ranking member of AIM
The prequel comic reveals that Bruce Banner is dating Monica Rappaccini, whom he has history with in the main comics universe. She's also one of the Scientist Supreme of AIM in the regular comics.
  • Confirmed. She’s The Man in Front of the Man for much of the main game and by the end becomes this verse's version of Scientist Supreme.

Captain Marvel will appear, but only in a cameo
Captain Marvel and her Story-Breaker Power will not be playable, but being this superhero's biggest fan is a recognized part of Kamala's character. So, either in the main game or DLC, Captain Marvel's involvement will be limited to Kamala getting to meet her idol, and possibly gaining inspiration for her hero name during it.

Steve will return in a Big Damn Heroes moment.
Possibly a scene in which the player at the time is in trouble, perhaps cornered by AIM and then suddenly the shield flies into shot and then Steve himself appears and possibly control is switched to Steve and then he explains where he's been, how he survived and what he's been up to in the 5 years he's been gone after the mission. This Troper simply feels that it'd be more appropriate for the character than for the Avengers to have to save him from some AIM lab.
  • Jossed. Iron Man finds him in an AIM lab where he was harvetsed to create Monica's regeneration serum.

M.O.D.O.K.'s design will play up the Uncanny Valley aspect of his condition
It would be pretty hard to make a man with a gigantic head not look creepy, so instead they will embrace it.

Alisande Morales will be Related in the Adaptation to a certain Brooklyn-born web-slinger
Probably won't happen, but you never know.

Possible villains involved in the game's plot or DLC
So far, we know about MODOK, AIM, Taskmaster and Abomination.

Kamala's fanfic will be made into a playable mission
If and when Captain Marvel becomes a playable character, one of the missions that can be implemented is Kamala's fanfic where Carol is part of the story involving the sewer lizards.

A future episode will have an Enemy Mine situation with AIM
The Avengers and AIM are currently at each other's throats right now, but there'll come a point where as much as they all wanna let Monica get a re-enactment of Loki and Hulk, they need her brains and AIM's vast resources to fight off whatever new threat is coming around.
  • Well Fury is certainly working with Monica against the Kree,this could ultimately led in that direction.

Roy will become Ultron
It's highly unlikely Roy was put into the game without Ultron in mind (An A.I. created by Hank Pym). The fact he's named Roy is likely not a coincidence, and he's actually named after Roy Thomas, one of the creators of Ultron.
  • Well at the end of the Cosmic Cube event we see Roy place the Cube in storage, shut the door and then reopen it and touch the Cube...

Hydra will get involved
The opening A-Day Mission established they exist in the universe, HYDRA is a classic enemy for Captain America and they found Winter Soldier in the code. With HYDRA being associated with his brainwashing now, it's hard to imagine they won't come into play when he comes out.