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It wouldn't be a proper Marvel game if it wasn't filled to the brim with references to the long history of Marvel Comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe:

  • When confronted by an uppity gatekeeping fan who accuses her of not being a "real fan", Kamala directly quotes Captain America's iconic "No, you move." speech from Amazing Spider-Man #537. Cap, himself, sees this and expresses his approval.
  • Loads of moves the various characters use were inspired by scenes from the MCU, like Tony’s default heavy attack chain being the same one from Iron Man when he saves the people of Gulmira from the Ten Rings, or one of the upgradable ranged attacks for Cap allowing him to kick the shield into another enemy as it returns to him like in Avengers: Age of Ultron, or Hulk’s heavy attack while holding an enemy being a shortened version of his Loki Smash from The Avengers (2012).
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  • A white gun turret on the Helicarrier has the serial number, ST-135, referencing Strange Tales #135, which featured SHIELD's first appearance.
  • The quote on Captain America's memorial plaque is taken from Amazing Spider-Man #537 (itself a paraphrase of Mark Twain). Kamala quotes a different part of the same speech during A-Day.
  • Black Widow leaps onto a flying Taskmaster, not unlike a Chitauri glider.
  • Iron Man's entrance onstage mirrors his Stark Expo introduction in Iron Man 2.
  • While in space, Stark wears a suit resembling the Mark XXXIX from Iron Man 3.
  • Hank Pym's red jacket attire harkens back to his Avengers A.I. clothes.
  • Bruce's purple shirt and brown pants are based on Mark Ruffalo's Banner.
  • During the Hulk's segment on the Golden Gate Bridge, there are two different trucks for Pym Technologies (with a logo nearly identical to the movies) and Timely Transport (referencing Marvel's original name, Timely Comics).
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  • Kamala Khan wears a black T-shirt with a gold lightning bolt symbol, which she also wore on the cover of Ms. Marvel #1. It's one of many piece of Carol Danvers memorabilia she's shown to have, like a Captain Marvel T-shirt she wears on A-Day and a Star of Hala pin on her bag.
  • The username of the person who links to the AIM database that Kamala breaks into is "screaminginhuman". Black Bolt, king of the Inhuman Royal Family in the comics, has supersonic speech as one of his powers (which means he can use screaming as a form of attack, but he rarely does).
  • Kamala drinks a soft beverage from "Circle Q", the Local Hangout in the Ms. Marvel comics. The drink is also larger than her own head; in the comics, Kamala's body mass manipulation powers burn up a lot of calories.
  • One mission has Thor fighting off Tarleton's forces in casual clothing, with a name tag sticker that reads "D. Blake". This is an obvious nod to Thor's civilian persona, Donald Blake.
    • Thor's civilian alias as "Donald Blake" is brought up again during a chat between Black Panther and him. With T'Challa revealing that "Luke Charles" was his own alias when going to school abroad.
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  • At some point, Kamala finds an old picture of the Avengers hanging out together in front of "Rosenthal's Glass Menagerie", which in the comics belonged to a woman named Bernadette who dated Captain America for a while.
  • Hawkeye is shown wearing what appears to be a hearing aid. In the comics (primarily the run by Matt Fraction), Clint is mostly deaf following a fight with a supervillain and uses hearing aids made by Tony Stark.
  • One to literal mythology. One of Thor's Emote animations is him snacking on an apple. In Norse Mythology, the gods of Asgard got their immortality from consuming golden apples.
  • When most of the other Avengers enter Thor's room, they can try to lift up his Mjolnir. As to be expected all of them barely even able to make it budge. Except for Captain America, whom actually manages to make it budge, but is still not fully able to lift it. This is a reference to Avengers: Age of Ultron, where only Steve was able to make the hammer move when he tried to lift the hammer.
  • In the intro, Kamala mentions people with power "punching down" before saying the Avengers weren't like that. In the comics, believing that they were led her to form the Champions.
  • At the end of the game, after Kamala wakes up, Captain America tells her "You got heart, kid.", the same thing he told Peter back in Captain America: Civil War.
  • When Kamala first meets with Bruce, his soft whispering and his admission he has been living as the Hulk, along with growing a large beard for a few years is straight out of Thor: Ragnarok.
  • The human AIM mooks are named Keepers, referencing the classic "beekeeper" suits of their comic book counterparts.
    • In another reference to the beekeper aesthetic, AIM's logo is a hexagon, rather than a target as it is in the comics.
    • Additionally, some endgame missions involve raiding special AIM facilities called "Hives", not unlike beehives.
  • Hank Pym and Pym Technologies are based out of San Francisco, as in Ant-Man.
  • The game's depiction of the Watchdogs, as an Anti-Inhuman hate group, comes from Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D..
  • One of the lines Captain America can shout out when defeating an enemy is "So, you got your butt whooped"
  • Black Widow using "Tiny Dancer" as a codename is not only a Shout-Out but also a reference to her (alleged) backstory of being a Russian ballerina.
  • One of Black Panther's alternate costumes, "WAKANDA'S CLAWS", resembles an unused preliminary design of the character named 'Coal Tiger', which has occasionally appeared as a Development Gag over the years.
  • One possible dialogue between Kate Bishop and Captain America when they see each other in a hub area makes mention of official Avengers leather jackets, which Kate suggests and Cap says wouldn't be a bad idea. This was a thing in the 90s, when some team members would wear jackets with the Avengers symbol on the shoulders over their costumes.