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  • In Mega Man Legends 2, a TV in a bar displays a short looped animation with Guts Man, Proto Man, and the original Mega Man. A poster in the same city displays Zero prominently.
    • The Zetsabre (Z-Saber), a part necessary to complete one of the game's strongest weapons is referred to as "A weapon of a legendary hero". To get it you must ether pass a 100-question exam or hand over 3 million Zenni, but it's worth it due to the Gamebreaker damage levels of the Blade Arm.
    • The X Buster is a part necessary to make the other Infinity +1 Sword.
  • Mega Man Battle Network, like Legends before it, is actually rife with Mythology Gags. Zero (the one from the X series) is featured on posters, there's a ServBot rug, a Show Within a Show (or game, as the case may be) whose main characters suspiciously resemble the Bonne clan, and countless others.
    • Final Transmission in BN 3 is a remixed version of Wily Stage 2 in Mega Man 8.
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    • If you listen to Blues's theme in the Gaiden Game Rockman.EXE 4.5: Real Operation, the opening tones sound exactly like Blues/Protoman's whistle from the original Mega Man series.
    • The 4.5 PET theme of every Navi based on a Robot Master is a remix that Robot Master's original Empire Theme. Blues' is the Blues Whistle in its entirety, and Forte's BGM is the Forte riff from Mega Man 7.
    • In a reference to the mistranslation of Dr. Light as Dr. Right in some early Mega Man games, the equivalent doctor in Battle Network is named Tadashi Hikari, which means Right Light in Japanese.
    • Don't forget that about half the characters are inspired by the original Robot Masters. Guts Man comes to mind.
  • Mega Man ZX Advent is crawling with these. Two items you can find are a manga starring Konroman, a stove robot master from the highly unpopular Mega Man & Bass game for the Wonderswan, & a picture of the hated US boxart of Mega Man.
    • Some quest items you can find in the Floating Ruins area are an L-Tank, an Energy Balancer, and a Pinwheel (Yashichi), all items from Mega Man (Classic).
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    • Utuboros, the miniboss from Launch Octopus' stage in Mega Man X1 appears as an old relic in the Oil Fields.

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