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Character sheets for Marvel Comics' The Avengers.

This character sheet is for the Marvel Comics comic books The Avengers.

For the 2010 animated series The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes versions of the characters, see here.

For the film versions of the characters, see here.

If you're looking for the character sheet for the 1960s British series The Avengers (which has nothing to do with Marvel), see here.

Remember, this page is for characters and examples from the Prime Marvel Universe Avengers series only. Please do not list characters, or examples from other shows, movies or alternate universes here. If you have thought of a trope that fits The Avengers from another universe please take that example to its respective page.

WARNING: There are unmarked spoilers on these pages for all but the most recent comics.

Prime Marvel Universenote 

The Avengers

  • The Avengers: Swordsman, Tigra, Doctor Druid, Firebird, Rage, Living Lightning, Triathlon, Silverclaw, Jack of Hearts, Jocasta, Smasher, Hyperion, Abyss, Ex Nihilo, Nightmask, Starbrand, Alexis the Protector, Synapse, Star Brand II, Impossible City, Moira Brandon, Swordsman (Earth-921), Magdalene, Masque, Flux
  • Unsanctioned Teams Members: note 
  • Infiltratorsnote 
  • Other Teamsnote 

Supporting Characters

  • Support Staffnote 

Heroic Organizations


Villainous Organizations

Other Enemies

  • Other Enemiesnote 

Alternate Universes

Ultimate Marvel Universenote 

Other Media


Animated Series

Alternative Title(s): The Avengers Jason Aaron, The Avengers Mark Waid, The Avengers Kurt Busiek, The Avengers Lee And Kirby, The Avengers Jonathan Hickman, Avengers Founding Members, Avengers60s Members, Avengers70s Members, Avengers80s Members, Avengers90s Members, Avengers2000s Members, Avengers2010s Members, Avengers2020s Members, Avengers Honorary Members