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This is WMG page for The Avengers comic books. For theories on The Avengers 2012 film, go here.

Uatu is dreaming everything
After seeing a crew of human astronauts die pointlessly, Uatu has constructed an elaborate fantasy world. Unfortunately, he can't keep everything straight and keeps involving characters who are already dead in his imagination. This leads him to continual revisions, which become more complex, requiring further revisions.
  • You know, this type of theory is really lazy. And it's gotten rather annoying to see it everywhere. It's not clever, it's not dark, it's lame. Can you really not try harder?
  • Following Uatu's death in Original Sin, this seems to be jossed
  • There's a better option: the Avengers live in a fantasy world, which was created by a powerless human. But he couldn't do it forever, and asked a new guy to keep on the job so that the world does not fade into oblivion. And this guy asked another guy, and so on... but each one gave the world his own spin, and so we constantly get those things that don't make sense.
    • Confirmed. xD

Captain America's death will be changed to that of someone else through Retcon.
In a few years, the Captain who died will be posthumously revealed as a low-level mutant who used the identity. Around the same time, the real Captain America will be thawed out, and the mess of his life and death before will be given an unsatisfying Hand Wave.
  • Nope. This is very similar to an earlier explanation of how Captain America was active after his apparent death near the end of WW2, but they went a different route with his most recent death.

Captain America will be resurrected by Uatu the Watcher.
This is unlikely to be confirmed, but it should happen this way.

It's never been done before. The Watchers have a strict non-interference policy that Uatu has bent in the past, but not on this scale. It's easy, and it won't require anyone to go digging through back issues to see how it was totally all "set up" before Civil War even started. And Cap deserves a to be a bit of a Christ figure.

  • Nope.

Captain America will be resurrected by use of a Cosmic Cube.
It makes sense to end it as it started. And it will make it have all the good things about being "set up" while avoiding all the pitfalls.
  • Nope.

The Captain America who died was a Skrull sleeper agent.
Seriously guys, with the Secret Invasion thing, what else do you expect?
  • Jossed.
    • Oddly enough, The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes seems like they're going to be using this as a plot point for Season 2. We even see Cap appearing to be dead (or knocked out...) as he's replaced by the Skrull!Cap.

Iron Man never left the Skrull ship in New Avengers: Illuminati.
Civil War and Secret Invasion have all happened in his head.

Cap's Shield is the result of Time Travel

The shield's unique composition is because of a Freak Lab Accident; the "Lab Rat" monitoring the shield fell asleep, and an "unknown factor" caused it to become indestructible. Trying to re-create this led to the development of Adamantium by Myron Mclain. Lady Deathstrike goes back in time to try to stop the Shield from being made so that no Westerner has the means to create Adamantium, leaving her father the true inventor. Wolverine, or another Adamantium-using individual, stops her, and while doing so dips his claws (or Deathstrike's) into the shield mix, adding Adamantium, thus ensuring that the Shield is invulnerable and that Adamantium is invented right on schedule.

Cap's Shield is an Empathic Weapon
The reason only Cap can throw it like he does, and the reason its molecules are "the weirdest of all".

Johnny Storm will eventually join the Avengers.
Reed, Sue and Ben have already been members, and that sort of jealousy can't last too long without being acted upon.
  • Much as I would enjoy seeing a mildly darker Johnny Storm (as he is depressed about being the only non-avenger member of the Fantastic Four), he's kinda dead.
    • He got better.

The Sentry is...
  • An aspect of The Living Tribunal/The One Above All.
  • A Time Lord.
  • An Angel of some sort.
  • Balder. (The two have light based power sets).
  • A dream of the Scarlet Witch.
  • A sentient cosmic cube.
  • A construct created by the Void.
  • An incarnation of the Phoenix Force, which would explain a lot (the insanely powerful telepathy, the inability to die unless he wants to, the energy projection, the occasional bouts of batshit insanity, the costume colouring which just so happens to mirror that of one of Jean Grey's costumes...)
  • From Earth-Prime. Like Superboy Prime, he was a fan of comics (in this case the Avengers instead of Superman) and somehow entered the comic book world he loves. As stories of Earth-Prime show that when a real person enters a fictional universe, they become a god. Like Superboy Prime, the power went to his head. Unlike Superboy-Prime, he's completely aware Earth-Prime still exists, the effects he'd have on fictional universes, and entered the Marvel universe willingly. This knowledge allows Sentry to ignore any writer's attempt to make him anything but a god(unlike Superboy-Prime, who's written as a stress ball against the complaining fanbase), though the writers loving Sentry certainly helped make him so beloved.
  • The Anthropomorphic Personification of the Mary Sue trope.

Avengers: Disassembled was a shattering event that almost destroyed Earth's mightiest heroes. So was publication of “Seduction Of The Innocent”. Scarlet Witch went mad, just as Wertham was claiming kids reading comics may. This was the end of Golden Age of Avengers.New Avengers was beginning of the Silver Age. Looks at first Avengers rooster (after adding Cap) – four greatest heroes of that days – Captain America, Iron Man, The Mighty Thor, The Incredible Hulk, and two additional heroes – Ant-Man and Wasp. New Avengers? Captain America, Iron Man, Wolverine, Spider-Man – four most popular heroes, Luke Cage and Spider-Woman – additional male and female members. Next upgrade of classic Avengers were Hawkeye, Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch – Badass Normal and at last one very powerful person. New Avengers got Ronin and Sentry.Everything that happened from Civil War to Secret Invasion was a metaphor of the Bronze Age, where far more serious themes were introduced in comics, including political commentary. So we got commentary on 9/11, the Patriot Act, and terrorism. Sure, it was done poorly, but still.Dark Reign is Dark Age in this equation. Suddenly people starts to love the villain and wants to give their safety in his hands, just like comics fans wanted more “dark” and “edgy” superheroes in the '90s. The Dark Avengers roster contains Sentry, who serves as a Deconstruction of classic superheo and symbol of superheroes taking darker routes, four psychopaths in heroes' costumes, as symbol of very much loved back then Anti-Hero Substitute, Ares, who shares many traits of '90s Anti-Hero, and Noh-Varr – who is a symbol of all those naïve, young superheroes who were hanging out with all those jerks and run away, when they realized who's they're dealing with. Siege and Osborn's downfall is an end of Dark Age and start of the Modern Age, which will be Heroic Age.

Madeline Berry is a mutant.
Her powers first appear when she's a teenager and under great stress, and she has no conscious control over them at first. There's also no explanation, even in comic book logic, for why she has them. Obviously she's a mutant, with almost the same power as Dust from the X-Men. This raises the question of why none of the people who were hunting for mutants ever found her. But Norman Osbourne had a obvious motivation to keep her secret from both the X-Men and the mutant haters, and the resources to do it.

Eric O'Grady/Ant-Man isn't really dead and will become the Black Ant
At the end of the Descendants arc of Secret Avengers O'Grady is shown taking orders from Father, implying he's been replaced by a Descendant. However in SA #29 he's shown talking to the Wasp Descendant who says "You sound hesitant. I'd hate to think you were doing this against your wishes." He claims it's nothing like that. She then tells him how wonderful the future she comes from is and that what O'Grady does will shape the future of humanity. O'Grady later tells Venom "We all make mistakes", which might not only refer to his checkered past but his current role as a double agent. As for Black Ant, future solicits show that a character named "Black Ant" will be appearing in the book, allegedly as a villain. Also, an Ant-Man is getting a feature story in the Marvel Now! Point One comic, and since Hank Pym is currently Giant Man and Scott Lang is going to be appearing in Defenders, I suspect it's O'Grady, and that the story might actually be about Black Ant. Therefore, I predict that the O'Grady in the book is currently the real one, and for one reason or another, will become the Black Ant, maybe as a way to make people think he's a villain while actually being a good guy.

Rabum Alal from Jonathan Hickman's run is The Beyonder.
Jossed. It's Doctor Doom.

Ultron will join the Avengers post-Secret Wars (2015)
Or rather, the merged Hank Pym/Ultron created at the end of Rage Of Ultron

Al Ewing will helm the main comic after Jason Aaron's run wraps up
Aaron's run focuses on the multiverse, hinting at a grand battle between the Avengers from every universe and Mephisto's Council of Red. Meanwhile, Ewing has been expanding what we know about the Marvel Universe via his Defenders comics. As the scope increases, Ewing may be the best option to raise the bar after Aaron concludes his story.