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Billy and Teddy will both stop using code names entirely, and will end up going by their real names Jean-Grey-style.
It has been addressed in this comic as well as Young Avengers that the code name "Wiccan" doesn't really fit Billy, and as of issue #4, Billy has abandoned the name in favour of "Demiurge". Fans of the characters have been saying the same thing for some time — and have also been saying that "Hulking" doesn't really fit Teddy either (as he's not connected to the Hulk at all apart from being green and muscular when in combat form). It's very possible that by the time their current story arcs have wrapped up, both will have decided to stop using code names altogether. Especially given that both also have other alternate identities that they're apprehensive about but which seem to be becoming more important soon: Billy as the Demiurge and Teddy as Dorrek VIII, emperor of the Kree-Skrull hybrids.
  • Well in the Avengers 20XX future (issue #5) Billy still goes by Demiurge, and may-or-may-not be dead, and Teddy changed codename to King Hulk.
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  • By issue 8, Billy still has not picked up a new codename. Which is mocked by the narration boxes

A few people who were originally from alternate worlds but are now on the main earth will end up joining the team
Well the team's archenemy is The Maker so it kinda makes sense.

Ava will not regain her White Tiger powers
However she will gain powers from a new source and take up a new Code Name
  • Alternatively

Ava will not regain powers of any kind
However she will continue to operate as Badass Normal! White Tiger
  • Confirmed and Jossed respectively - Ava Ayala takes her mask off in the final issue, revealing that she's retiring from superheroics.

Billy will become the Scarlet Witch
He needs a new Code Name and Kate's already doing it, so so long as Wanda is fine with it...

Post-Standoff, the book will become Young Avengers in all-but name
Since the Young Avengers are all young adults now, giving them a name-promotion is something of an eventuality. New Avengers probably makes the most sense, and since Billy and Teddy are two of the only members left, while Squirrel Girl is young enough to fit with them, all it would mean would be Kate, America, Tommy, and David jumping onto the book, and maybe Eli too if he's no longer Exiled from Continuity. Maybe Ava and Victor can come back too since they'd fit with the group.
  • Don't forget Stinger, formerly known as Stature...
  • It does seem appropriate to rename the Young Avengers now that about half of the actual official Avengers are younger than them...
    • The Young Avengers team has probably actually disbanded, along with Avengers Academy and the pre-Secret Wars main Avengers team, as a result of the withdrawal of government funding. Kate Bishop, in the All-New Hawkeye book, has mentioned that she's no longer an Avenger.

Also Post-Standoff, one of the other Avenger books will take Avengers Island
Either All-New, All-Different Avengers or Uncanny Avengers, or even a new Mighty Avengers book would work. Maybe one of the 'legit' teams decides to keep the base in-tact in order to avoid all the support staff losing their jobs, and decides an Island Base would be useful.

There are multiple Makers running around
The "he comes in slices" gag has been used twice now. First time it seemed like a joke, but the second time, it's explicitly referred to as "his power". What if, when he was "sliced up" back in Secret Wars, each "slice" became a separate Maker? Ultimate Reed was a full-on shapeshifter capable of creating bodies out of flesh-tendrils by the end. Even if Roberto or the team kill the Maker during their confrontation, this would mean he'd still be around for other authors to use.
  • Confirmed! The Maker has planted a slice of himself in every universe, so there is indeed multiple copies of him. He'll appear next in The Ultimates Squared

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