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Predicting the new publishing slate...
There's going to be around 55-60 new #1s launching at the start of ANADM — some new and some returning. Guesses?


Confirmed (in alphabetical order)

    Possibly Returning 

Possibly returning


    Possibly Launching 

Possibly launching

The state of the multiverse.
Now that Earth-65 has been confirmed to exist after Secret Wars, what does that mean for the Marvel multiverse? Especially since it seems Spider-Gwen will have the ability to hop between realities from time to time.
  • The multiverse still exists, but ANADM will mostly focus on one.

The Totally Awesome Hulk's identity.
Who is the character centric to that title, and what makes him (or her?) so apparently "controversial," if the Word of God is to be believed?
  • Amadeus Cho is a popular theory, if only because Greg Pak created him. Plus, having an all-Korean creative team (Pak and Frank Cho) creating a book around a Korean-American character would be quite the PR hook.
    • There is also the fact that Frank Cho seems to like Amadeus.
    • Amadeus Cho has now been confirmed at the Totally Awesome Hulk.

The original Wolverine and the original Thor will return in 2017
...Because they'll be getting new movies by then. It worked for Spider-Man in 2014 and for Deadpool in 2016.
  • Thor confirmed - and we won't even have to wait that long. The Unworthy Thor will launch as part of 'Marvel NOW! (2016).

Due to Fantastic Four (2015) being a Box Office Bomb, any new comic with a similar team will be titled Future Foundation to disassociate Marvel with the movie

The Maker will replace 616 Reed Richards
There is no sign of the original Reed Richards post-Secret Wars, whereas his Ultimate Universe counterpart is confirmed to be appearing in All-New, All-Different Marvel. Furthermore, having two Reed Richards might prove confusing for the uninformed audience this relaunch supposedly wants to attract, and removing the original, heroic version fits Marvel's intention of phasing out Fox-Owned characters.

The Invaders will return alongside the other teams.
Hopefully with most of the original members returning.

Sue Storm will be working with SHIELD
Ben is with the Guardians, Johnny is with the Inhumans and Avengers, and as an above guess said it's very likely that The Maker will replace 616 Reed. That only leaves Sue, who —prior to Secret Wars— occasionally went on missions for them, according to SHIELD #4. In the ANAD universe, that will be expanded into a full-time partnership.
  • Jossed. The Richards family are rebuilding the multiverse.

There are going to be more comics set on Earth 65.
AKA the earth where Spider Gwen takes place.

Reed and Sue aren't actually dead.
Assuming their notable absence is due to their untimely death seems a bit easy — there could be some other explanation for it.
  • Well, given that Doctor Doom is still around, it's likely.
  • Due to Hickman's recent interview, 616-Sue, Valeria and Franklin are dead. Reed is possibly off with the Council of Reeds trying to find his family elsewhere. Or mowing down all the Dooms he can find.
  • Confirmed. The Richards family are not only alive and well, but basically gods of the multiverse now.

A crossover with DC Rebirth can happen
Sometime. In the future. We wish. At least, all things seem to be finally set as they should be, in both Multiverses (or in DC's case, their Multi-Multiverse). Besides, not only the worlds are gonna be finally cooled and formed mid-2016, the major stories are taking the same approaches, philosophies and morals as their center: like Free Will vs. Determination (or Determinators vs. Can't Fight Fate), defining What Really Matters (both personally and at all) and, finally, getting to the point that Anti-Nihilism outlook and attitude are vital in modern world. I mean, how cool is that? Well, if it'd be a thing, I called it.

The original Nick Fury will appear as the Unseen
'Cause we miss him.
  • Confirmed, happens in Silver Surfer.

The original Fantastic Four will be back
When the time is right and their job is done. Or when something will threaten the Main Universe or the Multiverse. The point is they'll be back someday in a big way. With redesigned costumes no less.

More characters and elements from destroyed universes will appear
We still hope for more Ultimate Marvel character elements:
  • Steve Rogers' power levels.
  • Clint Barton's military background and family (and subsequent tragedy).
  • Sam Wilson's scientific background.
  • Jim Rhodes' mecha-armor.
  • Ben Grimm's ability to turn back into human form (I don't even mention his Wonder Man-like powers in human form).
There are some other guys and girls whom we hope to see again:
  • Jean Grey, Blink and Prophet from the Age of Apocalypse.
  • Rachel Grey from the Days of Future Past.
  • Arcanna Jones from the Supreme Power.

Current All-New, All-Different Multiverse includes/will include
  • Hit Video Game Universe: X-Men Legends.
  • Hit Animated Universes: Marvel Animated Main Universe (90's animated series), X-Men: Evolution, Yost Universe (Hulk Vs., Wolverine and the X-Men, the Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes), X-Men Anime, Marvel Animation Main Universe (current), Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the Spectacular Spider-Man, Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Marvel Anime (Iron Man, Wolverine, Blade), Madhouse Animated Universe (Iron Man, Avengers Confidential), Marvel Disk Wars: the Avengers (but... Let's hope the last one didn't/won't make it).
  • Hit Film Universes: Marvel Cinematic Universe, X-Men Film Series.
    • MCU is confirmed by the fact that it wasn't even destroyed by the incursions. Evidence suggests that Earth-1218 is back too.

Captain America isn't really a Hydra plant, he's...
  • ...a Double Reverse Quadruple Agent
  • ...Not Himself
  • imposter
    • Like a Skrull or a Dire Wraith
      • And this will lead to Secret Invasion II. This came halfway true, the plotline lead to an even called Secret Empire.
      • Please, no. It even sounds horrible.
    • Or William Burnside, the 1950s Captain America who had surgey to look like and sound like Steve Rogers.
  • ...under mind control
    • This one is closest to the truth. Reality was rewritten by sentient cosmic cube Kobik when she restored his youth at the end of Avengers Standoff.


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